[Spoiler] Goddess of Marriage Ep 5 & 6 Official Stills

Lee Sang Woo and Nam Sang Mi’s explosive emotions and the beginning of a love triangle between Ji Hye, Tae Wook & Hyun Woo. Tae Wook is a sincere man, who really loves Ji Hye; however, I don’t think he’ll be able to protect Ji Hye from his mother’s wrath after their marriage. Ji Hye will be living like a bird in a cage; without any freedom. Tae Wook and his family will kill her over and over again during their marriage.

On the other hand, I really love Hyun Woo’s sweet heartwarming mother, I think she’ll approve Hyun Woo’s girlfriend and accept her as who she is.

Ji Hye needs to make a really hard decision; and who will she choose? A man who she’s known for 3 years, a man who really loves her sincerely but his family has repeatedly hurt her pride or a man who she’s known only for less than 1 month but has left a very huge footprints on her heart just like they’re meant to be together. Ji Hye needs to spend time to  know Hyun Woo much better and to dig deeper into his heart in order to find out about his real intention. I think both men really love Ji Hye wholeheartedly. She’s a lucky woman! =)

GoD_Ep6_bc5 GoD_Ep6_bc6 GoD_Ep6_bc7 GoD_Ep6_bc8 GoD_Ep6_bc9


Lee Tae Ran’s transformation from the obedient perfect chaebol’s daughter-in-law to a boxer. Can’t wait to watch this scene, it will be aired on episode 6.

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