Goddess of Marriage Episode 1 Recap


Goddess of Marriage pilot episode is pretty good; they spend the majority of the episode with Kim Hyun Woo (Lee Sang Woo) and Song Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi) first meeting, first hug, first kiss and first separation. They also touch the other three couples’ lives and their marriage turmoils, as well Ji Hye’s fiancé Kang Tae Wook (Kim Ji Hoon). I’m in for the rocky ride! =)

Tae Wook and Ji Hye’s relationship looks like a forced relationship, not a relationship based on love. So I’m interested to see how they met in the first place and how did they start their relationship and why their relationship went astray like this.

The other three couples are entertaining in their own ways; so hopefully this drama will explore and dig deeper into their marriage lives. 2 husbands are cheaters; and one wife is aware about her husband’s infidelity, but she just acts coolly without saying anything to anyone. I think the other wife realizes something’s going on with her husband, as her husband clearly calls the other woman in front of her (but he speaks English and she doesn’t speak English), so obviously her husband is using their language barrier to cheat on her. I don’t really like these husbands who treat their house-maker wives like that. I hope the wives will stand up to their husbands and do everything they can to repair their failing marriage.

Goddess of Marriage Characters

Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc1 Song Ji Hye [30]

 Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc5 Kang Tae Wook [30]  Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc6 Kim Hyun Woo [30]

Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc2 Hong Hye Jung [34]  Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc7 Kang Tae Jin [38] (Tae Wook’s brother)

Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc3  Song Ji Sun [46] (Song Ji Hye’s sister)  Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc8 No Jang Soo [48]


Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc4  Kwon Eun Hee [36] Goddess_of_marriage_Character_bc9 No Seung Soo [36] (Jang Soo’s brother)


Episode 1 Recap

Ji Hye boards the plane and she places her yellow handbag and blue suitcase in the overhead compartment. Hyun Woo also boards the plane and re-arrange the compartment so he can put his handbag there. Then he sits beside Ji Hye.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc3 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc5

Sleepy Ji Hye drops the book that she was reading to the floor, Hyun Woo picks it up, opens the book and starts to read it.

“Spring 2013 – At a bookstore in Yeuido…”

He looks at the front cover and sees the name “Lee Jung Seob“. || Lee Jung Seob (Lee Joong Sup) was a famous Korean Oil Painter. His art gallery is in Jejudo. 

He flips through the book and smiles looking at all the cute pictures that Ji Hye drew. She also highlights, underline several paragraphs / sentences and writes notes / draw pictures beside the highlighted sentences.

Hyun Woo is intrigued with this one: “While living, at least once, can one receive this kind of love and also able to give it?”  Hmmm… why did she write this kind of note? And  why did she write that “this is not right? That Lee Jung Seob is a wicked man?” 😀

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc6 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc7

Suddenly, Ji Hye (who’s in a deep sleep), rests her head on Hyun Woo’s shoulder. Hyun Woo seems like a great guy because when he sees that her head’s position may hurt her neck, he helps to put her head on his shoulder and then he continues reading the book.

The plane arrives in Jejudo. Hyun Woo helps Ji Hye with her bag and she hurriedly leaves the plane. Hyun Woo sees her book on the floor and run as fast as he can to give it back to her. He sees her outside, but she doesn’t see him and enters the taxi to go to her friend’s (Yeon Joo) house.


On the way toYeon Joo’s house, Ji Hye meets with Yeon Joo. They haven’t met each other for 3 years so they really missed each other. They hug each other tightly.

Hyun Woo is still at the airport. His friend calls him and ah so he’s actually on an impromptu vacation and he proudly tells his friend that he’s already got something good (Ji Hye’s book) on this vacation.

At Yeon Joo’s place, she whinges about her husband (Dae Han), a musician who looks like he doesn’t care about anything except music and his guitar. Yeon Joo feels like she does everything alone. She tells Ji Hye that she bought a small citrus farm and Ji Hye tells her that it’s romantic.

Ji Hye asks if it’s certain that he won’t go to her program and she says that all other music shows PD have tried really hard to convince him to be on their programs, but he refuses to be on any digital multimedia broadcasting. So just forget about him.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc10 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc9

Ji Hye walks on the beach with a somber expression. Like she’s trying to find an answers and trying to break through from her current situation.

At Yeon Joo’s house, she tries to convince her husband to appear on Ji Hye’s show. She tells him that it’s the show where they first met and if he’s a human, then he should know how to help each other in certain situations. But he ignores her and keeps focusing on writing music. Then he plays around with her, looks at her with a very sweet expression. So sweet =)

Yeon Joo asks if she can sleep with Ji Hye tonight, but Ji Hye asks her to sleep with her man. Yeon Joo smiles and tells her to get a good night sleep.

Ji Hye is looking through her bag and can’t find her book. Cue to Hyun Woo who’s reading her book. ^^


At another place, Hong Hye Jung carries a bag and enters her husband’s room. She sighs when she sees woman’s underwear on the floor and finds her husband’s sleeping with another woman.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc14 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc15

I think this is not the first time she sees this kind of stuff, so she calmly wakes the girl up . Her husband whinges. Again calmly, she puts her husband’s clothes on the bed, and tells him that he needs to be at the company at 10AM. She notices he had fun last  night. And her husband keeps whinging that he’s so sleepy.

Back in Jejudo, Yeon Joo tells Ji Hye that marriage is really scary. Sometimes they have a fight but somehow everything becomes fine after they sleep together at night. Like nothing happens. Her husband doesn’t want kids, and Yeon Joo is okay with her husband’s decision. She’s enjoying life to the fullest.

She asks if Ji Hye’s getting married and Ji Hye sighs, she tells her she’s not sure.

Yeon Joo drops off Ji Hye in the middle of nowhere and she warns her to be careful as there’s murder case happened quite recently so there’s not a lot of tourist there and tells her to call her if something happens.

Ji Hye waves goodbye to her and starts walking…

At another place, Hye Jung is meeting her intimidating mother-in-law who’s busy with her painting. She asks if Hye Jung delivered her husband’s clothes and if he went to work. She nods. Her mom-in-law then asks if he ate breakfast and if he’s feeling okay since he might have a hangover now as he’s drunk last night.

In the washroom, Hye Jung meets with her husband’s ex wife. She lived in that house for 3 years but never felt any attachment. She praises Hye Jung because she’s able to live in that house and deal with his family everyday.

Her mother-in-law sees Seo Yeon (her son’s ex wife). She asks about her grandchildren because her mom doesn’t let them to see their grandparents. Seo Yeon tells her that she doesn’t need to follow her order anymore and it makes the mother-in-law upset and angry. She wants to sue her and get her grandkids back. The kids are currently in America.

Back in Jejudo, somehow, both Hyun Woo and Ji Hye are walking towards the same place. I think Hyun Woo is also going to Lee Jung Seob’s art gallery.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc17 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc18

Hyun Woo is really happy when he finally sees Ji Hye. He opens his bag and wants to give the book back to Ji Hye. But Ji Hye runs away from him (she thinks that he’s one of the killer from the recent murder case).

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc19 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc20

Hyun Woo sees her again and he saves her from falling into a puddle. He grabs her hand and hugs her (unintentionally). She screams probably because she’s in shock.

When she calms down, Hyun Woo gives the book back to her and tells her that he sat next to her yesterday. He asks if he looks like a bad person.

And cue to them sitting comfortably in the park (the editing is a bit choppy here). They discuss about Lee Jung Seob’s book and Hyun Woo tells her that he also likes his book.

He asks Ji Hye the reason why she’s in Jejudo. She tells him that she came to cast a guest for her program but failed, so she decided to take a walk here. But she’s upset that she meets a psycho there and to make things worse, this psycho read her entire book. She doesn’t care that this psycho found and returned her book.

Somehow, Hyun Woo keeps following her and they finally walk together. They openly talk about their jobs, Ji Hye is a radio writer, Hyun Woo is an architect.

They have been really busy with their work. Everyday feels like the same day, days pass without any meaning; and this short vacation is the best way to break through from the routine and to recharge themselves again.

Hyun Woo tells her to forget about what happened in the forest and she laughs.  They are enjoying their walk together, walking on the beach, looking at the horizon, and that’s when Hyun Woo asks if she knows where she’ll stay tonight and if she wants to have dinner with this psycho.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc22 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc23 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc24

She asks if it’s going to be dangerous, he says not really and starts to grab her wrist, quite tightly. Then they continue their journey.

They have dinner looking at the beautiful calm sea. Ji Hye asks his name. She tells him that she’s Song Ji Hye.

The next morning, Hyun Woo waits for Ji Hye to get ready and plans to walk together again. When Ji Hye tells him that it’s bothersome, he tells her that he might be useful for her. He grabs her wrist again and off they go.

It’s a windy day in Jejudo and he teases her to be careful otherwise she’ll blown away by the wind. *Cute* 😀

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc25 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc27 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc28


They enjoy ramen for lunch, and when the weather’s too hot, Hyun Woo gives her a pink ice cream. Hyun Woo is a really sweet man, a true gentleman. It just feels like a sweet date for Ji Hye and Hyun Woo. They enjoy each other’s company.

So let’s give them a moment and let’s go to Kwon Eun Hee’s house.


Eun Hee is a housewife and she’s enjoying her break by watching a romantic drama. She’s upset that she’ll have to wait until next week to see the main couple’s kiss.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc31 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc32

Then she looks at the time and switches to the other channel. That’s her husband there, English’s news anchor, No Seung Soo. The female presenter is Cynthia Jung (Clara). This won’t be the last time we’ll see Cynthia.

Eun Hee puts her thumbs up and blows a kiss to her husband. She also sends a text message to him. But he’s not happy with her sweet gesture. As he’s already told her for not sending any text messages while he’s on air. And the text message ringtone annoys him (I wonder why he doesn’t turn off his mobile phone while he’s on air). Eun hee tells him that she just want to cheer him up as he looks really tired. He screams that he’s going crazy because of her and starts talking in English. Looks like she doesn’t understand English at all and asks him to talk in Korean.

At home, Seung Soo is upset that nobody was home when he arrived. Eun Hee arrives home with their son Jang Ho and their niece Min Joo.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc33 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc34

He starts to ask question to the kids in English, and their expressions are priceless. When ask what did they do today, both Jang Ho and Min Joo tremble in fear before giving the same answer “I’m fine”.

He yells at them and asks his wife if she’s teaching them English. She’s making them to learn English and they just got back from English tutoring.

He tells them to listen to him very carefully.

“You know what these times are? It’s a world where you’re an idiot and a fool if you can’t speak and communicate in English. Dreams? Don’t make me laugh. Getting a job? No way. Everything is impossible. If you don’t speak fluent English, you got it? Study hard . English is the only way to survive”

He gets angry and asks why everyone is quiet. So the kids reply in Korean, that they understand. But he asks them to give their answer in English, in which they say in perfect harmony “Yes, I do”. And Eun Hee also gives the same answer “Yes, I do”. Huahaha. They have a long way to go.

While the kids are enjoying their dinner, Seung Soo is on the phone with someone. I think he’s on the phone with Cynthia as he’s flirting in English.

In Jejudo, Ji Hye and Hyun Woo are currently in Lee Jung Seob’s art gallery . Hyun Woo reads one of the love letter displayed in that gallery

“How have you been?

I’m full of thought of you.

Don’t torment yourself about not being able to write the book. You will get helpful inspiration as soon as the outing is over.

I hope that your beautiful heart is not agitated.”


Then they visit Lee Jung Seob’s house. Ji Hye’s wondering how can a family of 4 can live in that small place. Hyun Woo tells her that maybe it’s one of the reason why he could see his wife in so much detail.

Ji Hye: “If you really love each other, living somewhere like this is fine”. But Hyun Woo’s not too sure about this. He believe that it would be hard for women these days to live like this, to bear a married life like this. Women these days carefully consider their future husbands’ jobs and educations. They also weigh in the men’s abilities and the apartment’s size. It’s rare to find innocent couple like Lee Jung Seob and his wife. Lee Jung Seob and his wife’s love was recorded and thought as the best love? It’s because nowadays, this kind of love doesn’t exist.

Ji Hye blasts his philosophy and tells him that from her point of view, marriage isn’t something that materialistic. For her, when a man & a woman meet each other & have mutual feelings and their spirits connected, then they combine forever & live together until death. That’s the meaning of marriage for Ji Hye. When asked if they love each other, Ji Hye confirms they do love each other.

Hyun Woo smiles and he hopes that Ji Hye’s pure heart will last for a long time.

Ji Hye is upset and she leaves him. When asked why she becomes sensitive, Ji Hye lets go of his hand and leaves him again.

Hyun Woo invites her to visit another village tomorrow but she tells him that she has to go back to Seoul tomorrow.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc37 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc38

They continue their journey to find the place where they can stay tonight.

In Seoul, weather announcer No Min Jung (Lee Se Young), Ji Hye’s niece, receives a sudden proposal from a very rich man. He escorts her to his limousine and he tells her that she’s prettier in person. Min Jung asks his name, and he tells her that he’s a lawyer and he gives his business card to her.



But suddenly, her parents Ji Sun & Jang Soo are frantically knocking the car’s window and asking her that she can’t do this.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc41 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc42 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc43

Cue to Min Jung’s laying in the hospital bed, unconscious. Her angry mom asking (threatening) the poor doctor to do something for her daughter.

Min Jung’s younger brother is the first one who finds out that she regains her consciousness. Calmly, she asks if her nose turned out okay.

Her mom now is trying to strangle her own daughter. Hahaha. So far, I love this family. They’re unpredictable and their reactions are priceless.

Back in Jejudo, they find a place to stay overnight. However, this place can’t take any customers because they’re in the middle of renovation. As it’s still raining, Hyun Woo begs the owner to let them stay for just few hours and they will leave after the rain passes.

The owner gives them the room and cue to Min Jung’s little sister whinging about her eonni to Ji Hye. “She fixed her face again, auntie”. Hahaha. So apparently because her mom is angry to Min Jung, she doesn’t prepare any meals for all her kids. She winges that she’s hungry. In the background, her mom is chasing Min Jung all around the house. Chaos in the house. But her husband is calm, cool and collected 😀

The little sister asks her auntie when she’s coming back and asks why her trip is so long. Ji Hye tells her to stop crying, that she’ll be home tomorrow. When she tells her that she loves her, this little sister tells her aunt that if she loves her, then please come back and make her some food. Her mom takes the phone from her and tells Ji Hye,  to think straight. Ji Hye tells her sister that she’s going home tomorrow.

Both Ji Hye and Hyun Woo sleep in the same room, with Ji Hye sleeps on the bed and Hyun Woo, the gentleman, sleeps on the floor.

She can’t sleep, she keeps going back and forth to the bathroom to wash her hands. Seems like she’s nervous to go back to Seoul.

Hyun Woo grabs his bag and prepares to leave. He feels like she’s not comfortable sleeping in the same room with him, so he’ll sleep in the lobby. He doesn’t want her to   lack sleep because of him, especially because she’s going back to Seoul tomorrow. He tells her to sleep well and comfortably.

But Ji Hye tells him that he’s not the reason she can’t sleep.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc44 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc45

Hyun Woo drops his bags and kisses her. Ji Hye is surprised.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc45-1 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc46

Then their eyes meet, Hyun Woo gently grabs her wrist, pulls her, embraces her and hugs her. Initially she’s reluctant, but then she reciprocates and she closes her eyes in his embrace.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc47 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc48

She then passionately kisses him and he kisses her back. Ah beautiful =)

In the morning, Ji Hye is in the room, her expression is somber. Hyun Woo is outside, looking at the sea. Then he sees Ji Hye’s walking out from the guest house. He offers to go back to Seoul with her, but Ji Hye tells him that this is crazy. That she’s crazy. They met 3 days ago, they barely know each other.

So Hyun Woo asks her to leave in the afternoon so today, for one day, both of them can think about what has happened and think the best way out. Hyun Woo thought about this all night long and realizes that they can’t miss each other like this. If Jin Hye has the same thought, then, he asks her to meet at the first beach when they first met. This evening, he’ll be waiting for her there.

He lets go of his hand, and Ji Hye leaves.

In Seoul, Kang Tae Wook, a prosecutor, finds out that Ji Hye is not on the list of passengers who’ll be flying from Jejudo to Seoul today.

Yeon Joo is worried that Ji Hye hasn’t called yet. She’s promised to call her early this morning.


Ji Hye spends the whole day trying to think the best way out, she runs until she can’t run anymore, she cries, she gathers her thought and as she’s walking towards the beach, she looks at the sea and smiles. Then, she’s confidently walks away and returns to Yeon Joo’s place.

Yeon Joo is arguing with her husband, but you can feel the love between them =) Ji Hye looks at them and when asked if she’s okay, she tells them she’s fine.


In Seoul, Tae Wook’s father asks about Tae Wook’s marriage plan and if he’s going to marry soon. Kang Tae Jin, his brother, asks what’s going on. Their father asks about Ji Hye’s whereabouts and Tae Wook says that she’s on a business trip. Their mom is unhappy hearing about Ji Hye’s business trip. She’s wondering why a woman who has a confirmed marriage date goes on a business trip.

His brother asks if they broke up. He can’t say anything.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc56 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc54 Goddess_of_marriage_ep1_bc55

Ji Hye is now back in Seoul. Tae Wook’s been waiting for her. He wants to discuss about this but Ji Hye tells him that she doesn’t have anything to say to him.


Upset and angry, he grabs her wrist and screams “Is marriage a joke to you?”

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