Goddess of Marriage Episode 10 Recap

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After having a very heated argument with Tae Wook, Ji Hye now has to face her family who’s upset the dinner was abruptly cancelled. Ji Hye & Tae Wook didn’t turn up although dad & Ji Sun waited at the restaurant for hours. Ji Sun is really furious, she’s now asking explanations for Ji Hye’s rude behavior. Ji Hye tells her it’s because she did something wrong, she told Tae Wook that she can’t get married. Her family is in a very deep shock, Dad can’t even accept Ji Hye’s confession, he pretends he didn’t hear anything.

She runs to her bedroom as she can’t face her family & answer their questions. She hides there, in tears.

Jang Soo, Ji Sun’s husband arrives home, but nobody pays attention to his greetings. Dad and Ji Sun wait outside Ji Hye’s room, as Ji Hye can’t stop crying. They are very quiet, and upset, probably disappointed too. Dad decides to call it a day and he’ll talk about this tomorrow. Ji Sun finally gives up and shouts to Ji Hye don’t get married if she doesn’t want to. Who is she? Is she the only one who gets married in this world. She’s too emotional, so don’t get married then.

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Eun Hee has been patiently waiting for Seung Soo at home, and as soon as he arrives, she starts asking the same question: today is Saturday so she’s wondering where did he go from morning til now (of course she knew where he was, thanks to the location tracking, but she wants him to be honest). But he’s tired and the last thing he wants to do is to talk & argue with his wife. Their son is in his room and overhears their arguments.

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Eun Hee then starts hitting Seung Soo, calling him a bastard. Yes, I’m crazy, yes I’m out of my mind, Seung Soo. She screams and asks why he went to that kind of place as if it’s his own home. Seung Soo is confused, but Eun Hee keeps hitting him and repeating the same questions. He grabs her hands probably scared she will leave another finger nail marks on his face.

Jang Woo runs from his bedroom and begs Dad to let mom’s hand go. And he also starts hitting him.

Eun Hee escapes from her suffocating home to get fresh air with Ji Sun. Ji Sun is going crazy surrounded with two crying women, one because she can’t get married and the other because she wants to get divorced. But Eun Hee is determined she won’t get divorced. She doesn’t know how she’ll survive though.


Ji Sun still doesn’t understand the reason Ji Hye wanted to cancel her wedding. Ji Hye keeps crying and hasn’t said anything else. Words of advice from Eun Hee, if Ji Hye doesn’t want to get married, then tell her don’t get married. She got married because she really loved Seung Soo. She only has him in her life, she’s really happy with him. And even until now, her heart still jumps every time she sees him. She’s crazily in love with Seung Soo.  But look at her now, her husband is having an affair, and her love for him is meaningless. There must be a very good reason why Ji Hye acts like this.

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Hye Jung informs mom-in-law that a corporate credit card was not meant to pay for her personal expenses. She becomes really bold as the first thing she did when she starte working was blocking her mom-in-law friends’ membership cards. To make things worse, she also dares to tell her mom-in-law to use her own money for her own expenses.

Mom-in-law calls her a devious woman, but Ji Hye calmly tells mom she never intends her to think that way, so she apologizes. Dad comes to the rescue after hearing loud commotion in the morning. He tells mom that even if she discontinues doing all these, the hotel will still be in the red. He praises Hye Jung for doing a great job, how could there be rules which favor their own family members. “A new broom sweeps clean” – meaning that as Hye Jung embarks on a new journey in the company, she must show how competent she is by re-organizing everything and proof that she can do a great job. So as far as Dad can see, Hye Jung is doing well. There’s nothing free for the family members. As of now, she must use her own money. Anyway, it’s not even her money, her husband is the one who works hard for it.

Hye Jung punish Secretary Yoon for looking down on her. Although she’s been warned to stop being a spy, yet she still did it. Yoon was in dilemma, Madam kept asking her so she didn’t have any other choice. Hye Jung asks if she looks like a trash who not knowing how to survive, like Secretary Yoon. Hye Jung knows that Yoon loves to gossip about others , she’s also very quick to start rumors. She climbed up the ladder by spreading gossip she found on the internet. Hye Jung scolds her that no medicine can’t cure Yoon’s stupidity, she’s been warned several times, yet she couldn’t even use her brain and think that Hye Jung’s proposition is her best way to survive. Starting from today, every benefit that she milks from Madam will end.

Hye Jung sends her to Jae Cheon resort in Chungcheong province as her punishment. She couldn’t fire her imminently because she’s done so much work for Madam.  She asks her to work hard there and don’t limit herself to people who only dig other people’s dirt. Yoon begs Hye Jung to give her one more chance. Hye Jung doesn’t know what gifts Yoon received while she’s working as Madam’s pet. But she warns her to be quiet and go to that regional area. She doesn’t want to hear anything else from her. She has made way too many mistakes as section chief. And she doesn’t care if she wants to stay in Seoul only because of her man.


Dad wants to know the reason why the wedding date was moved up and why Ji Hye told the family that she can’t get married so he invited Tae Wook to the ranch. Tae Wook confesses that he’s lacking a lot for Ji Hye. It’s non-sense, says Dad. Tae Wook explains that Ji Hye is having a really hard time because his personality is very different with Ji Hye. And he admits it’s his fault. But dad advises that nobody makes perfect harmony the first time around. Tae Wook mentions that he’s not like Dad who is incredibly warm. Dad agrees, almost nobody in Korea can surpass his kindness and Tae Wook can’t replicate it.

He doesn’t understand why Tae Wook and Ji Hye can’t reconcile their differences. They already made promise to marry each other, so please keep that promise.

Tae Wook asks dad to help him – to convince Ji Hye who’s became overly sensitive and pressured with the wedding. Dad will be the best person to console Ji Hye.

Dad is going back to Seoul with Tae Wook. Ji Hye is still hiding inside her bedroom, but she knows dad is here. Tae Wook tells her that she made him look bad in many different ways, so don’t feel terrible because of a woman like me, says Ji Hye.

Obviously, today is not the first time he felt like this; however, has Ji Hye ever thought about her own dad? Is she a filial daughter? Her dad’s face was pale when Tae Wook came to see him.

Anyway, Tae Wook once again concludes everything by himself. He wants Ji Hye to agree with him that their biggest problem is their character differences. He doesn’t want to admit that Ji Hye had an affair with another man. So he throws a bombshell, does Ji Hye think she’s his only woman? He had many girls before he met her. There were also situations where he couldn’t help it but did it when they were dating. Together with his work colleague, they fabricated the situations. But no other woman could be a sufficient substitute for Ji Hye, this is the reason why he’s marrying her. He chose her because she’s innocent and naive. There’s more than wealth woman craves when she’s born with a silver-spoon. A woman like her, just clings to the idea of love unrealistically. He will let this go now, but he won’t give her a second chance. He will overlook her affair and pretend it never happen. So prepare to get married and as promised, he will live as her dog, forever. It will be a total humiliation if he has to cancel the wedding now.  He tells her he will love her forever and he’ll bring her home.

Mom-in-law warns Hye Jung for not messing around. That director position was a gift from father-in-law to reward her for working really hard in the last 7 years. But it doesn’t mean that their family has completely acknowledged her as part of the family. Ues,, her father-in-law saw her ability, but for mom-in-law, Hye Jung is just their household’s daughter-in-law who took everything given to her to the fullest. Hye Jung has seen everything that happened in this household for the last 7 years, but according to mom–in-law, she didn’t serve and make any sacrifice. Although her daughter has just entered school, and yet she didn’t think through and quickly took the director position.She also displayed such a conceited behavior to her own mom-in-law.

Hye Jung explains that she gave her best effort to the household and as Yoo Ri & Yoo Gi’s mother. Mom is wondering how she’s able to hold everything inside her heart for the last 7 years. It’s true that the role truly makes and shapes a person. She became a totall different person.

Mom once again emphasizes that the director position is a payment of her services, not an acknowledgement of her talent. She’s currently being trained like the first time she walked into their home. It doesn’t mean she gains more wings and she will be in trouble if she mess around again with mom-in-law.


Ji Hye finally gathers up her courage to see Dad. Dad asks if Tae Wook has a fatal flaw / weaknesses, like he cannot act as a man or have a really terrible personality. No, says Ji Hye. But his thinking, his action, and everything about him doesn’t suit her.

Dad asks if they first met because everything fit. Of course not, says Ji Hye. But it feels like they don’t suit each other the more time they spend together. The way they live and value systems are totally different. Their hobbies, the way they think, the things they like & dislike , things they must do / not before they die; are totally different.

Dad advises her that’s what marriage is. It’s not easy to find couple who gets along perfectly from the start.  Of course it would be nice if everything matched but it’s hard to find someone like Tae Wook. Live together, try to match with each other and have a couple of kids; things will naturally starting to match together after people live like this.  This is the beauty of marriage. That’s how couple still stay together even after they insult each other. But nowadays, young people speak too easily of divorce.

“Marriage is in the process of working together, things don’t come together from the beginning. Do you think marriage is like children’s candy that it would suit your taste from the start?” 

Tae Wook has been really good to Ji Hye for the past 3 years, that’s more than enough.
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Dad gives an illustration that he would rather have someone who hugs him than someone who prefer to discuss /argue about the facts about political and worldwide news. Affection and love in marriage always win over any arguments. This puts a smile on Ji Hye’s face. Dad has successfully convinced Ji Hye.

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Hyun Woo sends her a message saying that he wasn’t going to call her back. And Ji Hye also didn’t think he’d call back. She tells him he never acted cowardly and admits she’s the one who was wrong. Hyun Woo has nothing more to say even if she blames him. But Ji Hye knows that she can’t blame anyone. She’s currently contemplating if she’s making a right decision. But she’s firmly decided that she’s trying to let go her relationship with Hyun Woo.

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Seung Soo has enough, he can no longer live in his own house where his own wife and son beat & hit him. He wishes them well and tells his son to contact him when he’s going to get married. Eun Hee doesn’t want to let her husband go, so she apologizes, she pleads and begs. But Seung Soo tells her he’s sick of her, he doesn’t want to live with her anymore. And he leaves.

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Tae Wook is taking Ji Hye for a nice walk. It’s nice to see Ji Hye finally complements something because she usually nitpicks and criticizes things. Her tired / bored eyes couldn’t lie. Tae Wook holds her hand and he proudly tells her that as a tenacious man, he never miss his target. And his most difficult target to date? Of course, it’s Ji Hye.  But he takes it with stride and believes it’s fate for someone like him who’s born with everything.

Ji Hye can’t promise and doesn’t have the confidence that she’ll love him forever, or if she’ll be a great wife, great daughter-in-law, great mom. But you haven’t tried, says Tae Wook. People don’t change easily, and Ji Hye knows herself really well. She’s very particular, picky and overly sensitive. Tae Wook already knew about all these, though and he accepted her.

Ji Hye then brought up the fact that she had an affair, much to Tae Wook’s dismay. Maybe she wants to torture him or perhaps it’s the only conscience left. Both. After they get married and if they have any issue, maybe they will bring up this affair issue. Then, Tae Wook may resent her and both of them will get hurt. She’s also wrrotied that she’ll act like someone out of a guilt.

But don’t worry Ji Hye, Tae Wook has never seen her acted like Ji Hye throughout their relationship. She mentions she would need to be alone for 5 days a day without anyone disrupting her. It’s great then, she’ll be a perfect wife for a very busy senior prosecutor.

Min Jung, Gyong Woo and Min Ji are surprised to see Tae Wook’s car in front of their apartment’s building. He is dropping Ji Hye home after a nice long walk by the river. They both look really relaxed and happy.

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Tae Wook has prepared a lovely surprise. A gorgeous red roses bouquet that he hides in the back seat. Then Min Ji and Gyong Woo see ribbons from the car’s trunk. So Gyong Woo opens the trunk and surprise, pink & white balloons are flying away into the sky. Attached is a banner with message, “I love you, Will you marry me?”

Tae Wook is definitely surprised that his “planned” proposal didn’t go according to his plan, while the kids are happily trying to grab the balloon.

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Ji Hye laughs, finally the tenacious guy’s plan failed.

Few hours later, Ji Hye calls her friend in Jejudo and asks the real meaning of marriage. She tells her she’s just received Tae Wook’s marriage proposal. Although she cheated on him, but Tae Wook still says he loves her and he forgave her.

For now, the marriage seems to be just about balloons, flowers and the proposal.  But she’s completely relaxed, happy and relieved though.

About the balloons, thankfully, it’s caught somewhere in Ji Hye’s apartment building (precisely, it’s caught just outside Eun Hee’s house). The maintenance guy will fetch it tomorrow. Tae Wook attached the diamond ring to that balloons, that’s why he was really panicked and despised the person who opened the trunk.

As the balloons and the news have already spread in her neighborhood, now she really has to marry him.

At home, Eun Hee has to face the reality that her husband left her while looking at the balloons. So where is her husband now? Of course, he escaped to Cynthia’s house.

The next morning, Mom-in-law is upset that secretary Yoon is in Jae Cheon. Sjhe’s been helping her organizing Tae Wook’s wedding. She demands an explanation. Hye Jung informs her that the wedding preparation is handled by secretary Kim and herself. E

Tae Jin officially enters the political world as he is receiving his party nomination.

Meanwhile, Hye Jin is delivering Mi Ra’s painting to a client and is surprised that most of the paintings are stored in the storage room.

Tae Jin complains mom called in the middle of his party’s nomination. Mom asks about Secretary Yoon and Lee Hang Young’s relationship and he’s obviously surprised mom found out. So mom wants to ask Hye Jung the reason she kept quiet, but Hye Jung has already left as she has a very important meeting in the company.

Anyway, mom finally finds out about her right hand’s dirty secret.

Hye Jin tells Hye Jung that he’s got a new job; but doesn’t want to say anything about this job.

Tae Jin proudly shows off his nomination paper to Hye Jung and he believes that he’ll win. The other party’s representative is Kim Tae Pyong – his name means carefree, he won’t win as he will just stay free and lost.

Hye Jung reminds him that their company will not give any support nor involve in his election campaign. And Hye Jung doesn’t want to be involved either. He is agitated to receive that kind of response from someone who wants to become Jacqueline Kennedy. But Hye Jung never said she wanted to become like Jacqueline. It’s all what he wanted her to be. He expects her to support him running this election by raising financial fund, but Hye Jung can’t guarantee she’ll do it as she only follows her father-in-law’s commands.

Like mom, Tae Jin notices that Hye Jung becomes more daring after she received more favor from her father-in-law. She fired Secretary Yoon (sending her to regional area is the same thing as firing her). Does she think she will be safe after firing her mom-in-law’s spy?

Tae Jin wants her to shrink down like she was before she’s appointed as a director. Hye Jung is offended, and he realizes what he did so he begs her to help him. He can only succeed if she helps him out.

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Detectives Eun Hee and Ji Sun are working hard trailing Seung Soo and Cynthia. They waited at the parking lot of their office and as soon as they’re off together, these two detectives trail them closely.

Outside Cynthia’s apartment building, they are discussing their strategy. Ji Sun wants to set the building on fire, but Eun Hee knows that it wouldn’t be fair for the other residents. So, they decided to puncture Seung Soo and Cynthia cars’ tires.

Eun Hee is battling her conscience, it will be much better to tell Seung Soo’s parents and ask them to talk to Seung Soo so he’ll come home. But Ji Sun knows her parents-in-law well, they would never listen to them, especially Seung Soo is their golden son. Although he’s in fault here, but his parents may blame everything back to Eun Hee. Like her inferiority may be the reason why Seung Soo is having an affair. If she’s good enough for him, he wouldn’t run to another woman.

Eun Hee accidentally sets off the car’s alarm. Mission failed, as they must run and escape from the security guy who is chasing them. Thankfully, they arrive at the park where people are exercising and wearing similar shirts, so they’re safe.

Next morning, Tae Wook’s mom tells her friend that Tae Wook has lost his mind over his fiancee. Ji Hye is everything for him and he won’t be able to focus on his work if she’s not with him. And she doesn’t want to talk about Hye Jung’s managerial position. She declares she’ll deal with Hye Jung soon.

Meanwhile, Ji Sun looks incredibly exhausted – almost passed out, but she wants to accompany Ji Hye & help her with her wedding preparation. Ji Hye reassures her sister that she has everything under control, so she’ll manage. She can go alone.

Ji Sun tries to go back to sleep; but before that, she calls her Vice President notifying him that she’s taking vacation days for taking care her “executive director aka vice president” and planning her sister’s wedding. She mentions she spent the whole day yesterday playing as detective and now she’s passed out. He teases her if she opens an errand center, in which she tells him that she will have to start something after she quits her job.

Vice President begs her to come back to work, but she curses him. He tells her he will make a way for her to get a promotion – revealing Vice President Ahn’s dirty secret. If public knows about his bribe secret, he’ll definitely get sacked. And when he’s got fired, his position would definitely go to Ji Sun. She’s ecstatic, finally her dream will come true.


Ji Hye arrives at a jewelry store to find a wedding gift for Tae Wook. At the same time, Hyun Woo arrives at the same store to pick a wedding gift for his friend’s fiancee.They decide to catch up and Ji Hye teases him if he’s getting married too. He tells her that his business partner who is getting married next Saturday. Ji Hye will also get married next Saturday. He seems surprised (disappointed), but he won’t congratulate her and Ji Hye also doesn’t want / wish to receive his congratulatory words.

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She’s the one who decided to get married. She realizes that choosing that person or the other doesn’t make any difference; because what’s truly important is her, not who that person is. She discusses about her parents, that they were great match for each other and lived a happy long life together. She just want to be nice to that person (Tae Wook). They both have decided to be good to each other and most importantly, Tae Wook forgave her although he knows about her affair with Hyun Woo. She will live well with him.

Moreover, she hopes that she won’t have to meet again with Hyun Woo in any circumstances / situations. The last 6 weeks (since the first time they met in Jejudo) has been really suffocating for her, she wants to forget everything related to Hyun Woo. She now wants to live life to the fullest, without any worry. She wishes him well too. She promises that she will never go and take the road like the ones she took in Jejudo. Tears  falling, but Ji Hye has firmly made her decision and she knows now it’s the right time to say goodbye to Hyun Woo and all his memories.


The wedding day. No turning back, Ji Hye. Today, you will officially become Tae Wook’s wife and enter Kang’s household.

Ji Hye’s friend Yeon Joo and her husband Jeong Dae Woo are having a really hard time with the security doesn’t allow them to enter the wedding hall because 1) they came in late and 2) her husband doesn’t dress appropriately (he’s a musician and is dressed like a musician – blank tank, black vest, blank pants, glasses). Dae Woo is humiliated and upset; as it looks like they’re discriminating against them. They’re Ji Hye’s friends who came from Jejudo.

Ji Hye and Tae Wook are minutes away from becoming husband and wife.

Ji Hye’s work colleagues also come late because they had to finish up the recording. Dae Woo begs the security to let them in, especially because he’s the one who’ll sing the congratulatory song. But the security refrains him from entering the hall, so he decides to sing (in a very loud voice) the congratulatory song there.

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Tae Wook is really anxious if Ji Hye will say “yes”. Especially because she looks like she carries very heavy burden on her shoulder. He breathes a sigh of relief when Ji Hye say the word he really wanted to hear. Congratulations, Ji Hye and Tae Wook.

Hyun Woo finally decides to let Ji Hye go, he knows it’s the best thing he can do for the woman who has left a footprint on his life. He wishes her well but he also expresses his regret that they didn’t meet sooner. Fate, and if they are each other’s soulmate, maybe in the next life they can be together.


“Ji Hye, congratulations on your wedding. Forgive me who can only say this. If only I had known you sooner, I would have, without any doubt, chosen you in the end. I am sorry for holding you in such an unkempt way as on a travelling road. I am really sorry. I don’t know whether I will meet you again in this life, but after we leave this world, let’s be sure to remember each other. Engrave on each other’s memory so in our next life, let’s meet again on the road we met before. I will never let you go then. I will go there first and wait for you. In the next life, let us definitely meet.” 

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