Goddess of Marriage Episode 11 Recap

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Tae Wook & Ji Hye’s wedding party has finished but Min Jung who believes that it’s such a waste to throw away the gorgeous flower decorations ask if she can take one bouquet home. The hotel’s staff gladly wraps up one bouquet for her.

She’s surprised to see Kim Yeol Soo there, he explains that he’s here to attend his cousin’s wedding. Unable to hide his excitement, he grabs her hand and invites her for a cup of coffee. She screams and asks him to let her hand go. She also doesn’t understand why he wanted to have hot drink in such a hot weather. But she accepts his invitation and joins a very frightened Yeol Soo for a drink.

She tells him that her whole family just attended her pretty, intelligent aunt’s wedding. She married a guy from a rich family. And she goes straight to the point, informing him that she plans to get married in the same venue. That’s the reason why she’s observing the hotel when Yeol Soo saw her earlier.

She keeps bragging about aunt’s husband family, that he’s from Dae Sin Young group. He smiles, then asks if she’s a Cosmos graduate and where she plans to work. She took SBC’s announcer exam and has already passed the paperwork so she plans to work in a broadcasting station.

He wants to celebrate her graduation and invites her for dinner tonight. But Min Jung is already fed up looking at him, staring at him wearing that ridiculous suit. She doesn’t care that he has money, so she hastily leaves.


Today is a very hot day. Ji Sun’s family and Eun Hee’s family (minus Seung Soo) complains about it on their way home. Wearing suits and hanbok on this sweltering drive them crazy.

Jang Soo kindly offered Ji Hye and Ji Sun’s dad to stay overnight in Seoul, but he went back to his ranch straight after the ceremony. He’s wondering if dad will cry his heart out at the orchard because he’s married off his youngest daughter. Ji Sun believe he’s crying at the moment as Ji Hye is his precious youngest daughter.

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They’re relieved that they almost reach their apartment building. But unfortunately, they have to deal with two policemen who want to summon Ji Sun & Eun Hee to the station because they received a report (presumably, the report about what they did to Cynthia and Seung Soo’s cars). Jang Soo asks Ji Sun what’s going on, both Ji Sun and Eun Hee insist it’s nothing serious. The police officers drag them to their car so off they go to the police station. Jang Soo is wondering if they were involved in a pyramid scheme. 😀

On the way to the station, Ji Sun confidently tells a very panicked Eun Hee to keep her calm. They haven’t done anything wrong, so don’t worry. Ji Sun calmly asks the police officer who reported them.

Cue to….

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Astounded Seung Soo at the police station, surprised to see his sister-in-law and his … wife on the cctv camera.

At the station, Ji Sun expresses her frustration and asks if the police can drag any innocent people to the station. The police advises her that they didn’t do it out of vain, they did it because they have evidence.

Anyway, Ji Sun pretends that the two women captured in the cctv camera are not them, how did the police officers concluded that these women are them? They might not be the only pair of women who wear hats at  midnight. There’re countless o women wearing similar hats and sweaters that day.

They’re trying to convince the policemen that they’re just an average Korean woman. Eun Hee gained 3kg because she’s so stressed dealing with her husband’s infidelity, but her height & weight are still within the average size for Korean women. Ji Sun believes that a crazy guy reported them just based on the hat and sweater. She threats the police that she should kill him when he was still in high school.

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The next morning, Tae Wook and Ji Hye arrive at their honeymoon resort; the staffs have lined up, ready to welcome the newlyweds. Secretary Yoon politely greets their newest little Madame. Inside their suite, champagne, rose petals, fruit basket, beautiful flower bouquet have already been prepared. Tae Wook who is still in a very happy mood wants open the champagne right away, but he gives Ji Hye’s time to confer her apology for the unfair treatment her best friend Yeon Soo received at the wedding yesterday.

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Yeon Soo, her husband and Ji Hye’s work colleagues are enjoying meals together when Ji Hye called. Yeon Soo is still upset that they couldn’t enter the wedding hall just because they arrived 5 minutes late. At least the security guys should allow them to enter and take picture with Ji Hye after the ceremony & party finished. It doesn’t make sense that she couldn’t even see her face nor take picture with her best friend. And she couldn’t even see her after the wedding. Did they take her away secretly in a midnight black sedan? Why did Tae Wook take Ji Hye away like she’s being smuggled? Is she a drug dealer?

She hands over her phone to her rock legend husband and tells him to sing the congratulatory song. He refuses, but her drunk wife insists so he sings “Congratulations”  in a very sweet voice.

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Tae Wook is surprised that Yeon Soo couldn’t enter the wedding hall and he now understand why Ji Hye looks really peeved since yesterday.

He gives a glass of champagne to Ji Hye, and they toast together to signify and cheer for their brand new wedded life. Ji Hye explains that she feels sorry towards her best friend and work colleagues. Tae Wook offers a solution, just buy them a meal, but Ji Hye tells him that this isn’t something you can resolve just through a meal. As this is a clear case of faux pas, a tactless act.

So what can I do then, asks Tae Wook.

Should I do this then?

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He believes the groom is supposed to carry his bride into the room. He’ll do it even if Ji Hye hates it, as he’s been wanting to do this for a very long time. He doesn’t listen to Ji Hye’s plead to let her down.

He teases Ji Hye that she is heavier than he thought. Guys in dramas who act like their partner is not heavy, are big liars. He takes her to their room to enjoy their sweet moments as husband and wife.

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Eun Hee & Ji Sun have been released and on their way home, Eun Hee asks what the meaning of marriage. Ji Sun doesn’t know. Eun Hee then blushes as she talks about how pretty Ji Hye was. Ji Sun tells her that everyone is pretty on their big day; Eun Hee was also really beautiful on their wedding day. Eun Hee is aware about this fact, so she wonders why they look like this as they get older and the time goes by. They even got dragged to the police station, arguing about the evidence recorded in the cctv camera.

Ji Sun: It’s because we got married without clear evidence, we got married based on our feelings instead of clear evidence that the other person loves us.

Eun Hee insists that the evidence was really clear back then, Seung Soo loved her and she also loved him. She gazes to the clear blue sky as she tells Ji Sung that the world was really beautiful, she believed they would love each other forever, have children and live together forever. Ji Sun asks her to stop chanting poems and let’s go home.

Jang Soo waited for his wife outside their apartment’s building. As soon as they arrive, he’s yelling, wanting to know what they did and why they didn’t call. He’s angry, upset that his wife and sister-in-law were dragged away by the police in front of their children. He doesn’t know anything, and nobody picked up his calls.

Ji Sun yells back that the one who cheated is your brother-in-law. Eun Hee screams out loud in agreement. In utter disbelief, he asks who cheated. The secret is now out.

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Hye Jung is addressing the hotel’s management about their mismanagement. She believes that they must change their perception that a hotel is merely just a place for food and sleep. They must throw away the mindset that a hotel is just a shelter. She challenges them to think of a hotel as a space of culture and life where customers come to rest & recharge themselves.

A change is badly needed in Sin Young hotel. She wants to start from administrative inquiry on management who ignored and neglected this mismanagement for a long time.

The board of directors troop off the meeting hall, furious that a woman who used to just shuffle tea when they visited the Chairman’s home trumped them like this. One director believes she’s not that smart, let’s see how far she can go. But the other director keeps defending her, saying that she’s smart and even her Shanghwa tea making skill was unbeatable.

Hye Jung overhears all their conversation, but she’s not worried. She believes she’s done the right thing and confidently she starts doing room inspection.

She instructs her assistant Secretary Kim to tear down any sample guest rooms starting from today . The new furniture and fabric will be here tomorrow morning. Hye Jung wants to double the refurbishing cost from the estimated $10Millions to $20Millions so they can have the highest-grade quality furniture and fabric.

The hotel is currently still in the red, Secretary Kim worries Hye Jung’s strategy will put the company in more loss. But she’s confident with her tactics.

Her mom-in-law is disgruntled to her husband that Hye Jung is throwing away all the strategies the hotel has had since it started, she even spends lots of money to change hotel rooms that are fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Her husband tells her the story about a millionaire who lived in a town and needed a daughter-in-law. He ran to the village 40km away, to announce that he’s going to select a daughter-in-law. He wanted a daughter-in-law who could preserve her life. The woman who could last a month with only 1 Mal rice (16kg – 8ibs bag) will be selected as his daughter-in-law. While the majority of the candidates starved so they could survive on that little rice, the woman who used the entire bag to make rice and cake, won. She used the energy she gained from eating the entire portion. She worked as a seamstress and 3 months later, she made 2 more Mal. That’s why the millionaire picked her.

Dad explains that this is exactly what Hye Jung’s doing now. Mom is lucky because even if she doesn’t have any luck from her son, her daughter-in-law is her lucky charm. Dad doesn’t want Mom to talk about Hye Jung again, she’s doing well. He keeps praising her and Mom challenges Dad to spend time believing his own son as apparently he has enough time to praise his daughter-in-law. But no, Dad still doesn’t believe him and he demands mom to stop talking about Tae Jin in front of him.

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Tae Jin starts his election campaign as the candidate for the New People’s Party. he addresses the citizens, his speech is actually pretty good, pretty convincing.

The newlyweds are enjoying their afternoon walk. Tae Wook notices Ji Hye couldn’t sleep well last night. Ji Hye asks if he couldn’t sleep too, because if he slept well, how could he know that she couldn’t sleep?

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Last night was the first night Tae Wook had someone sleeping next to him. He never slept with his mom, his father forbid him sleeping with her. He believed that parents cannot spoil kids, especially when  they’re young, as if they do this, the kids won’t turn into anything great later on. So he made Tae Wook sleep, study and do everything by himself. He doesn’t want Ji Hye to look at him with pity though, as now he’s married so he can sleep with her. He loves it that he can simply stretch his hands a bit to touch something soft & warm. This thing truly makes him happy.

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Tae Wook can’t keep his eyes off Ji Hye as he discovers new things about his wife. He now knows that Ji Hye has been wearing glasses since middle school. He keeps staring at her and it makes her uncomfortable. But he tells her that because it feels amazing to him that Ji Hye is really next to him now. She’s mine now, declares Tae Wook.


Ji Hye congratulates him that he has won. This prompts Tae Wook to ask if Ji Hye think this marriage is a war for her. Ji Hye honestly tells him that it made her struggle to breathe and she’s tired like she’s in a war. But now, she’s going to do the best she can since she chose him, this life and this marriage. She’ll do her best so she doesn’t feel ashamed.

She reassures him that being happy is something she chooses to be and she’s decided to be happy now.

She warns him if he cheat, she’ll forgive him… once only. Since he forgave her once.

Infidelity could happen, as guys are surrounded with temptations. Tae Wook doesn’t want to discuss about this as it spoils the mood.

He promises that from this moment until he dies, he wants nothing more / less than Song Ji Hye. He’s going to live only with Ji Hye on his eyes. He’s going to only focus on Ji Hye by his side, and raise their children together. And if he gets another sleepless night, he’ll spend all night holding his warm & soft wife. She’d better be prepared.

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He seals his oath with a passionate kiss.

Later that night, Ji Hye has another sleepless night but Tae Wook sleeps really soundly. She looks up to the sky and gazes at the beautiful moon.

The next morning, Ji Sun is organizing Yibaji (food post honeymoon) to be sent to Tae Wook’s house tomorrow morning.

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Eun Hee offers to make Japchae for their mother-in-law’s birthday. It’s her birthday today and she loves the fat noodles which melt in her mouth. Managing Director Song Ji Sun (who has just settled in her new office) praises Eun Hee’s kindness for planning a birthday feast for her cheating husband’s mom. It’s her duty as a wife and daughter-in-law. She also wants to celebrate Ji Sun’s promotion, she has made rice cake. Ji Sun now climbed to the highest position among the women in her workplace, she really respects her. Ji Sun really appreciates Eun Hee’s unending praises, but she has enough.

What about Seung Soo? Has he contacted his own family? And will he come to his mother’s birthday part? She think he won’t be there, but she will scold him if he comes tonight. Eun Hee doesn’t want to hear anything about her husband, so she ends the call tearfully.

Jang Soo is enraged that Seung Soo didn’t come to Ji Hye’s wedding. He also wants to confirm if he’s really cheated. Of course Seung Soo defends himself well, he doesn’t even have any spare time to cheat, he can’t even live these days because of his wife’s suspicion.

If he didn’t cheat, then why is he living in an apartment by himself without discussing and letting him / their parents know.

Seung Soo explains that Eun Hee believes he’s cheated with his fellow newsanchor, Cynthia. He couldn’t stand her nagging so he’s living outside for a while. He blamed it to Eun Hee who’s so obsessed with him that she keeps saying he’s cheated with Cynthia. He just moved out during this cold war. Jang Soo asks if he’s coming back for mother’s birthday. He promises he’ll be there. Jang Soo still wants to talk to his brother, but he’s too pre-occupied with Cynthia. So bye bye hyung.

Coincidentally today is Cynthia and Seung Soo’s first anniversary; she’s prepared a cake and wine to celebrate their milestone. Seung Soo totally forgot about it though, he think the gifts are for his mother. He hasn’t prepared presents for his mother so he’s really touched that Cynthia has gone extra miles preparing gifts for his mother.

Eun Hee and Ji Sun’s family are celebrating their mother-in-law’s birthday at Eun Hee’s house. Meanwhile, Ji Hye and Tae Wook are on the way home. They spent the night at her father’s place, had lunch there before leaving for Seoul few hours ago.


Seung Soo “surprises” his family by attending the birthday feast. Except his parents who know nothing about his “little secret”, nobody else expected him to be there. So they’re surprised, stunned and it almost ruins the cheerful party mood.

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Everyone keeps staring at Seung Soo.

Mom asks why it’s so hard to see him although they live in the same apartment building. Dad defends it’s because he’s really busy. The house’s atmosphere becomes really cold when Seung Soo is in the house, Ji Sun, Eun Hee and Jang Woo look at him with a very annoyed expression.

Min Joo proudly tells the family that beside celebrating grandma’s birthday, they’re also celebrating Ji Sun’s promotion. Seung Soo sarcastically asks if she’s been promoted as a director. Yes, of course.

The atmosphere is still really cold so he quickly changes the subject. Proudly he shows off the birthday cake he brought, mom is overjoyed. She wants to blow the candles on the cake Seung Soo brought. He gives the wine to Ji Sun. She thanks him in a very sarcastic voice. Then she imagines scolding him, hitting him in the heads; Seung Soo keeps apologiing ato her. He kisses her hands, apologizing for all his wrongdoings.

Back to the reality.

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Min Jung takes the cake from the box and surprise surprise. Cynthia wrote a very lovely message on the cake. “LOVE. My night is more beautiful than your day. Cynthia ❤” She also wrote initial “S” on the cake.

Careless Seung Soo didn’t even bother checking the cake’s message. Now his whole family knows about his infidelity, the evidence is crystal clear.

Mom doesn’t understand why Cynthia wrote that kind of message to her. And what does “S” mean? Min Jung asks if he’s having an affair.

Infuriated Seung Soo wants the cake back. Ji Sun is enraged that he dared to bring this cake to his family home. Jang Woo yells to dad for hurting his mom’s feelings.  He hit him defending his action because he believes Jang Woo’s talking nonsense.

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Unable to suppress her anger, Eun Hee hits him from behind and his face safely lands on the cake. She can’t stand a jerk who cheated with another b***h hit her beloved son. Is Seung Soo a human being? He’s not. He doesn’t even show any remorse. She keeps hitting him. Unfortunately, her mom-in-law can’t stand her beloved son being hit by her daughter-in-laws so she throw cakes to them. Chaos in this “nice” household.

Min Jung,Min Joo and Gyung Woo have enough so they go home. Tae Wook & Ji Hye are waiting for Ji Sun’s family at home. Min Jung then bluntly asks Tae Wook if he’s going to cheat on her aunt later in the future.

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Dad & mom interrogate the three children who’re covered in cakes. Mom doesn’t understand why her family hit, beat, and throw cakes at each other. Arguing, fighting, grabbing each other’s shirts. Seung Soo, Ji Sun apologize, but Eun hee can’t stop crying.

Jang Soo finally speaks up, that Seung Soo has an affair. This is the reason why Ji Sun and Eun hee have lots of mental anguish and can’t stop crying.

Mom still defends her youngest son. It’s possible for anyone to have an affair.  Dad asks mom to think carefully from their children’ perspective. Mom doesn’t like they humilited Seung Soo in front of the kids. Mom, he’s the one who brought humiliation to this house. Mom scolds Ji Sun for being rude because she keeps calling Seung Soo “You” instead of subangnim (brother-in-law). How dare she humiliated and hit the best Korean tv newsanchor in front of the family? Now she even abuses him in front of his mother.

But Ji Sung believes that anyone who has affair and leaves his own spouse and children must be punished. Mom can’t side with him even though he’s her son. She can defend him only when he hasn’t made any mistake and merits with her aid. Will she like it if her husband having an affair with another woman?

Mom blames it to the wife. If she didn’t do anything that was unbearable & suffocating to her own husband, he would never have any affair. The man acts based on how a woman handles and treats him. She believes Eun Hee is slow-witted like a bear, she has no charm no matter how hard one tries to look. So of course her husband would find another woman who can satisfies him. She gives her an advice, if she’s Eun Hee, she’d rather bite her tongue and die rather than telling the world that her husband is having an affair.

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Mom sarcastically tells Ji Sun she has a really smart and amazing daughter-in-law who has just been promoted as a director. But does Ji Sun know that she made Jang Soo suffer just so she could reach her career-goal? Jang Soo has to eat a piece of bread every morning. She doesn’t even have time to prepare proper breakfast for her own husband. She neglect her own children. Mom prefer an average daughter-in-law who takes good care of her sons and grandchildren. She doesn’t care about their work achievements at all.

Tae Wook and Ji Hye visit mom & dad thanking them for their support and their honeymoon gift. Dad totally understand that wedding is such a big event, and the bride & groom would be really tired. Especially when he married Tae Wook’s mother, he was extremely tired because of her. Thankfully both Ji Hye & Tae Wook are well-rested during their one-week honeymoon.

The wedding and honeymoon ended very nicely, all that remains is for Tae Wook and Ji Hye to live a good life together. Live well as one heart & mind. Tae Wook promises to take his dad’s advice and will live beautifully, diligently together.

Dad doesn’t want to spoil the mood, but it’s important for him to let them know that there’s no divorce in their family. Of course there will be many hardship and difficult moments to the point that it’s hard to live together. Tae Wook promises it won’t happen. But dad tells him that you’ll never know what can happen in life.  Dad emphasizes that no matter what will happen, there will be no divorce in Kang’s household.

Tae Wook’s older brother, Tae Yeong who is currently in the United States is an exception, though. Their family was deeply hurt because of his divorce and he doesn’t want to repeat that incident again. Dad asks Ji Hye to be patient, endure well and holds the marriage together. Dad praises Hye Jung for having many positive attributes, for being so patient, focused on her assigned duties. Dad wants Ji Hye to learn from her. Ji Hye promises to do her best.

As Tae Wook and Ji Hye leaves the house, he puts his arm around her shoulder. Dad is proudly looking at the couple and feels that Tae Wook has finally become a man. But it doesn’t sit well with mom, she actually think he’s turned into an idiot. Usually a daughter-in-law wears hanbok when they formally visit their in-laws after their honeymoon. But Ji Hye wore a white one-piece dress. Dad asks mom to teach her well, Ji Hye will be okay.

Dad is really benevolent to Tae Wook and Ji Hye; because he thought that  he treated Tae Wook stricter and tougher than his older brothers. He made him do everything alone, but he still turned out as a fine man, so from now on, he will treat him even more stern than before. Mom believes the reason he let him married Ji Hye was because of his guilt and sentiment.

Mom threatens dad if he ever rebukes her / yell to her in front of the kids, the next divorce in this family will be for him and her.

Mom wants Hye Jung to address the way Ji Hye’s dressed, help her to shed her unsophisticated image as soon as she can. And don’t let her wearing whatever a radio station writer would wear. Hye Jung took almost one year to fully shed her unrefined image, Mom challenges her to change everything about Ji Hye in three months.

Mom also tells Hye Jung that she fired Yoo Jin & Yoo Ri’s teacher as he only cared about the paycheck, so she has arranged another private tutor for them. The new teacher is none other than Nam Mi Ra.

Hye Jung meets her as she’s on the way to work and Mi Ra is on the way to her house. Mi Ra will be teaching art to the kids twice a week. She couldn’t refuse Madame & Little Madame although she’s extremely busy lately.

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Tae Jin arrives home, whinging that dad summons him home although he’s very busy. He’s shocked to see Hye Jung & Mi Ra there. He caresses her hands and politely asks why she’s here. He believes his daughters will be very happy to have such a pretty teacher. He asks his stunned wife why she hasn’t showed up at her husband election campaigns. Mi Ra then looks at her with a very pitiful, sarcastic expression.

Ji Hye looks around her new house, and she sees the mansion that her parents-in-law live across the road. Tae Wook wants to go for a movie date later tonight as he wants to enjoy their last day of vacation to the fullest. Ji Hye admits that she should’ve listened to her sister and wore hanbok today. She feels like her mother-in-law seemed displeased with the way she’s dressed. She should’ve never listened to Tae Wook.

Tae Wook assures her she looks beautiful no matter what she wears, why does she need to wear hanbok in such a hot day like today.

Somewhere  in a construction place, President Kang who just came back from his honeymoon is looking for someone. He’s none other than ….

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Hyun Woo… *Where have you been? I miss you!*

He’s still fast asleep and he looks like a very pitiful homeless person. He hasn’t shaved for quite a while. His office is very messy with empty bottles of beer, empty cans of drink and ramyeon.

He wakes up & starts drinking. He doesn’t want to go home. So President Kang asks if he’s got dumped. No, Hyun Woo answers. So what, did he lose a winning lotto ticket? Just assume it’s because of that. President Kang wants to give the money that he won, as long as he returns to his old-self.

President Kang is here to let him know that he’s safely returned from his honeymoon and his plans about Cheo Soo’s wedding that’s held today. He utters in disbelief, why there are so many weddings lately and he drinks again.

Anyway, he’s successfully convinced Hyun Woo to go back to the real world to attend their friend’s wedding. He still believe that Hyun Woo’s got dumped and think that she’s very pretty as average woman would not easily rejected him. Or did he have an extramarital affair? Hyun Woo doesn’t want to say anything, let’s just go before he says something he shouldn’t say.

As they witness their friend’s wedding, President Kang asks Hyun Woo if he should get a divorce. His wife’s been nagging him right after they returned from honeymoon. What should he do?

Han Se Kyung (Go Na Eun) comes out off the lift, she’s so happy to attend her sunbae’s wedding and knowing that tonight’s meal is well taken care of.

President Kang still whinges about his wife’s homophobic level, she can’t even stand the rumpled towel in the bathroom. She keeps following him around to tidy up. He totally had no idea his wife was that kind of woman. Hyun Woo advises him to put in more effort.

Anyway, Se Kyung stops as she hears familiar voice.

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She runs to them and hugs Hyun Woo from behind. Tearfully confesses that she really missed him. She’s relieved that he didn’t die and he’s alive all this time. Hyun Woo is stunned to see her here.

Meanwhile, Ji Sun and Eun Hee are in another mission. They’re not here to kill someone, but they’re here to protect their children, their precious homes and their future. from the thoughtless and inconsiderate in-laws & from the immature man who threw away his family for another woman. If their in-laws tried to see their point of views, even a little bit, they wouldn’t have come to this point. And even if he’s having an affair but he didn’t hit his own son severely, they also wouldn’t have come to this point.

Eun Hee pledges to provide a better & properly ran household for Jang Woo.

Ji Sun drops Eun Hee in front of Seung Soo’s office, she takes a deep breathe, gathers her courage and enters the building.

The CCTV camera captures her entering the building, but the security guy is asleep. So nobody knows that she’s here. She see her husband as he’s complaining about her to his work colleague, she hides her face with the big brown envelope that she carries and listens to their conversation. As they come closer to where she stands, she decides to hide in the restroom. Cynthia is also in the restroom, but thankfully they don’t meet as Cynthia goes out as Eun Hee enters.

Cynthia meets Seung Soo outside and as they’re getting ready for the next shooting, Seung Soo caresses her hand. After they finish with today’s job, they leave work together.


Eun Hee still hides in the restroom and she’s shocked when the security guard turns off the light. But she covers her mouth with her hand, trying not to make any noise. It works and the security guy leaves.

Brief Comment

I’m really curious, what will Eun Hee do? What’s inside the brown envelope? Will she tell her husband’s work colleagues about his affair with Cynthia? I hope not, because her husband’s career will be on a chopping block if she dares to spill the beans.

Somehow, I really pity Tae Wook. He really loves Ji Hye. He never receives any affection from his own parents since he was young, so he longed for it. This is one of the reason he turned out into such an obsessive man. He doesn’t want to let go the woman he really loves. He longs for affection. He married based on his own feelings. I hate to break it to him, but Ji Hye doesn’t love him as much as he does. Like Ji Sun said to Eun Hee, sometimes people’s biggest  mistake is they got married without clear evidence that the other person love them. I hope their marriage will stay strong though, as Dad will never allow Ji Hye & Tae Wook to get divorce.

Seung Soo’s mom denial about her son’s infidelity doesn’t surprise me. Even Ji Sun has already guessed that this would happen. In most cases, mothers always be mothers, they would rarely look things from their daughter-in-laws’ POV. They would defend their own son until they have no other reason to defend him. I think this is the reason why Eun Hee is “spying” in Seung Soo’s office, she will definitely prove to her mother-in-law that her son is no longer the son she should be proud of.

Ji Sun got a slap in the face when her mother-in-law told her that she “neglected” & sacrificed her family for her career-goal. It’s hard to see an ambitious woman like her sobbing like that, but she knows that everything mom-in-law said is true. She tried her best, but juggling work & family is not easy. Especially now, as a managing director, she will be even busier at work. I hope she’ll be able to juggle and manage her time well.

Dad-in-law has raised Hye Jung into a very firm, strong, smart, wise woman & businesswoman. I think she’ll be successful, but of course she will also have a hard time juggling time between work and household work. I hope Mi Ra won’t become a “substitute” mother for Yoo Ri & Yoo Jin.

Han Se Kyung finally comes back to Hyun Woo’s world. We have no idea who she is, and her relationship with Hyun Woo; although we could see that they had a history. Whether it was a good or bad memory, I think Se Kyung is back to rekindle her friendship / relationship with Hyun Woo. Can’t wait to see the progress of their relationship. Hopefully she’ll be able to heal his broken heart.

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