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Episode 12 Recap

Han Se Kyung is a very fit mountaineer, who claims that she climbs mountains to find her soulmate. Unfortunately, she hasn’t found one yet. She returns to Korea because of these two men who raised her spirits: the unattractive talkative man who got married last week and just recently returned from his honeymoon (aka President Kang Kyung Min) and the attractive & dashing single man (aka Hyun Woo). She’s happy that she met them at Cheol Seo’s wedding so she can catch up with them as soon as she arrived in Korea.

The last mountain she climbed was Annapurna (in Nepal), although she’s very fit & healthy, she still suffered from altitude sickness (headache, dizziness, nauseous and she felt like her body was being pulled down to the ground). She thought she would die, she couldn’t even sleep because of her headache. So that night, she seek help from her guide who gave her a via*ra. He said that it’s the best remedy for altitude sickness. She got better but experienced some side effects – every time she remembered that she took a via*ra, she forgot about her sickness. 😀

Kyung Min knows that she’s just bluffing so he leaves. Se Kyung is really happy that he left, as she doesn’t like him. Whether it’s now or 10 years ago, he’s always by Hyun Woo’s side, like an intruder who never gives Se Kyung & Hyun Woo a moment alone.

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Se Kyung wants explanation why Hyun Woo never answers her mails. She’s very angry with him for the past 5 years, up to the point she told herself that she would never contact him again. She lasted 5 years, and now she asks him to apologize to her.

Kyung Min and Hyun Woo escort a very drunk Se Kyung home. Kyun Min believes Se Kyung still has a feeling for Hyun Woo, ever since she followed him around at school. There’s nothing wrong with Se Kyung. Her family is very wealthy. Kyun Min had done his research about her family, he knew all about Se Kyung’s parents love story. He wanted to “seduce” Se Kyung in the past, that’s why he did all this research. Kyung Min tells Hyun Woo to get married, but he’s not sure if it’s possible for him to marry someone.

Eun Hee finally steps out of her hiding place. Slowly, very quietly she tries to avoid the security guard who’s doing his night shift.

Where is she going? And what is she going to do?

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Ah, she’s brave. She wants to cover the wall with the printed text messages between Seung Soo & Cynthia.

Mission successful!

But… she drops the tape dispenser, ups…. The security guard hears a very suspicious sound, and he’s almost caught Eun Hee who is trying to cover the ground floor’s windows with that printed text messages. She runs away from him from the ground floor to the top floor, but unfortunately, is caught because the doors are locked. She surrenders.  The security guard in the control room who just woke up from his night nap (fortunately) doesn’t see anything.

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Thankfully, the security guard is a compassionate guy, he understands her heartbreak, but truthfully she can’t post those messages on the wall. Eun Hee tells him she doesn’t know what else she could do. Her family is falling apart. Her son who’s in the 5th grade will start his middle school soon and enter puberty. She doesn’t want him to be exposed and live in this unhealthy family life. She’s already worried he would lose his respect for his father and she doesn’t want him to become a rebellious young man. She begs him to help her, as this is her only way to save her family. Her husband is the head of her family and father of her son.

The security guard understands her feeling as his daughter’s ex-husband had an affair too so they decided to get divorced. He is puzzled why that man had an affair, they were in so much love at their wedding. Why people got married if they would commit infidelity later on?

The employees & the guard have already know about Seung Soo & Cynthia’s relationship, so he’s more than happy to help Eun Hee posting the rest of the papers on the wall. He asks her to act like she did this alone and nobody knows about this. He believes it’s much better to resolve this issue in person, it’s really shameful to expose his affair like this. But Eun Hee doesn’t have any other choice, doesn’t she?

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5.30AM – Ji Hye is woken up by a phone call. It’s Hye Jung, her sister-in-law. It’s time to prepare breakfast for the family. She runs to her parents-in-law’s house and pretends that she already woke up when she called. Hye Jung expresses her regret that she was not able to meet her regularly before her wedding, they should have become acquaintance earlier.

Hye Jung explains the household rules: 1) The daughters-in-law start preparing breakfast at 5 in the morning and 2) The family eat breakfast at 7AM 3) Parents-in-law wake up at 6AM & they must give their fruit juices before the meal

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Breakfast is ready, Ji Hye and Hye Jung wait for their parents-in-law to enter the dining room.

Tae Wook woke up late and he runs to the mansion to have breakfast together with his family. Dad teases if he had so much fun with his newly-wed life. Mom scolds Ji Hye that she didn’t wake her husband up. Although she needs to prepare  breakfast, but she needs to take care her husband too. Ji Hye understands mom-in-law’s order perfectly, Dad defends her that nobody can be perfect from day one, mom wasn’t perfect on day one too. Mom confidently tells the family that she’s the living proof that people could be perfect from the start. But no, Mom, dad is the living witness that you weren’t perfect. The banter continues until Tae Jin changes the topic. He welcomes his youngest sister-in-law. He apologizes for the late greetings & that he wasn’t present when they came back from their honeymoon. He’s really busy with his election campaign. Dad cuts to the chase, are you worried you’ll lose the election, Tae Jin?

Tae Jin believes he won’t lose against the other party’s representative. He’s currently leading the current surveys, although he only won by a narrow margin. Mom demands Dad to support Tae Jin with their corporate influence & money. If Dad gives financial support (ie. $10million), he will be able to widen the gap to win. Election usually is a fight between money or organization. Dad can support Tae Jin through financial support / corporate influence. But Dad insists that he won’t help him in anything. If they have extra funds, they will put it in the hotel that Hye Jung’s currently in charge of. The hotel’s past 5 years total loss is about $25million.

Tae Wook advises Dad to contribute no more than 500,000,000 won (around $450,000) for Tae Jin’s election campaign. If he gives more than that, he can get caught by the election law. Mom knows that election is all about money. If the party has money, they can win over people and the corporate world. Money can also move public opinions. Money talks, there’s nothing money can’t do. Don’t be such a petty man, Dad, just give Tae Jin $10million. But Dad persists that he won’t help Tae Jin.

During breakfast, Ji Hye notices that sister-in-law Hye Jung doesn’t meddle-in with her husband and his parents’ conversation. She only speaks when someone asks her a question.

Breakfast preparation in Ji Sun’s house is almost 180degree different with the one in Tae Wook’s house. Ji Sun is doing all the preparation alone since Ji Hye no longer lives here and her children never help her.

Min Jung has an announcer exam (her first round interview for the announcer position at a broadcasting station) at 11 this morning. She promises that she’ll become a successful announcer and will treat her parents to live in luxury. Dad is happy and proud. Mom is a bit sarcastic and tells her don’t fail & cry at home if she’s unsuccessful. She doesn’t want to give her a false hope. But Min Jung tells mom that nobody knows if this is a false hope or if she will really become an announcer. So just wait and see. She’ll do her best.

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Yeol Soo is still trying hard to win Min Jung’s heart. He wants to meet her at the broadcasting station to give her a taffy candy as her lucky charms. But she doesn’t want to meet him. So he makes another proposition, he’ll go to her Cosmo class and mark her attendance. But Min Jung has already told her professor that she has interview today, hence she won’t attend today’s class. So no, thank you Yeol Soo.

Ji Sun wakes up Eun Hee, wanting to know if everything went well last night. Yes, it went well. But why there’s no phone calls yet. If people have already seen the posted message, it would have caused a ruckus.

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In the broadcasting station (Seung Soo’s office), the employees are reading & acting out the text messages that’s posted on Seung Soo & Cynthia’s life-size poster. Seung Soo comes to the office, not aware that everyone now knows about his infidelity.

He chokes and unable to say anything when he sees those text messages. His work colleagues have started ignoring him. Cynthia is having a hard time defending herself & acting like she never had any relationship with Seung Soo (aka Michael No). Her work colleagues are also ignoring her.

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Seung Soo begs the PD, cameraman, writer to help him; but the PD tells him that he should have been more careful. So this is the reason why Seung Soo and Cynthia always stick together. Seung Soo causes chaos and he almost beat the production crew. Things get worse when the CEO calls both of them to his office.

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At another office building, a swarm of reporters are waiting for Ji Hye. Today is Ji Hye’s first day back of work from her wedding & honeymoon. They want to get all the juices about the “Cinderella” who married a rich man. Ji Hye is peeved, refused to answer any questions. Thankfully her work colleague saves her & takes her away from these reporters. Her work mate tells her that when she was away on her honeymoon, the office phone never stopped ringing. They wanted to know when writer Song is due to come back from her honeymoon as they wanted to interview her. They also asked the radio station to give Ji Hye’s contact details. The security on her wedding was really tight that no reporters were able to take any pictures. The reporters plead to Ji Hye’s work colleagues to give them one picture, even if the photo is not in a good quality. They even wanted to buy the photo for $5000. They’re hungry for any information about her wedding and her relationship with Tae Wook. Her friend doesn’t even know where the reporters got the info that she would return to work today.

All her work mates congratulate her and she apologizes that they were unable to come to the ceremonial hall. So she’ll treat them for lunch later today. Lobsters? Okay! =)

But she will have to deal with the latest issue first. Her radio’s station director’s wife is the editor-in-chief at a woman’s magazine. She asked a favor as she really wanted to interview Ji Hye. Ji Hye is perplexed, doesn’t know what to do.

Hye Jung who has 7 years experience with food is inspecting and tasting the food in Sin Young’s hotel. She advises the chef to focus on the dressing, because the customer can choose according to their own taste.

She calls Ji Hye, and invites her for lunch today. It’s urgent, family issue and she asks Ji Hye to postpone her lunch appointment. She picks her up in front of the broadcasting station at lunch time.

They arrive at an exquisite exclusive boutique. The staffs have already prepared everything Hye Jung ordered.

Ji Hye’s transformation to reflect her status as Kang’s family – begins now.  Hye Jung explains that Ji Hye doesn’t have much time to adapt into Kang’s family, she needs to try her best adapting into this family as quickly as she can.

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Wardrobe makeover ✓

Expensive bags & shoes ✓

New luxurious car ✓

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Ji Hye is overwhelmed with the “sudden” transformation. She asks Tae Wook to pick her up at the radio station because she doesn’t know how to drive the new car. The car dealer brought the car there. She was to embarrassed to ask the car salesman (who works at that exclusive car dealer). Tae Wook tries to help her, but Ji Hye gives up when she accidentally turns on the windscreen wiper. She’s lonely, upset, and wants Tae Wook to be there for her. Tae Wook promises he’ll be there soon.

Han Se Kyung surprises Hyun Woo at his office and takes him out for dinner. She wants to know if he’s going to get married or if he’s currently dating someone. He can’t answer the first question, but he firmly tells her that at the moment he’s not dating anyone. She teases him if he likes a guy, since he lived in Italy and she was once worried she might  lost him to Italian guys.

Hyun Woo escorts a visibly drunk Se Kyung home and she reminisces the time in college when Hyun Woo always took a good care of her after they had drinks together. But it was all a lie, it was her way to get his attention. She pretended to be drunk in front of him several times and she would lean on his shoulder.

Suddenly, she asks him to pretend that he’s crazy. She begs him to hug the drunk woman who’s standing in front of him. He refuses saying that it’s not the right thing to do.

But then, she leaps to him and kisses him. He freezes.

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She’s disappointed that Hyun Woo hasn’t changed at all. He’s still the same cold, emotionless Hyun Woo. Just like a statue who stays static forever. Even mountains and rivers change, why a man like him never changes at all?  She tried her hardest, but she can’t forget him for the past 10 years. She begs, please don’t push me away again, Hyun Woo.

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On the way home, Hyun Woo listens to Ji Hye’s radio show “All the songs in the world” and the message is coincidentally pertinent with his current situation:

“When starting on a new path, some can flounder…
the trembling of an uneasy & fearful heart,
the trembling of an excited & hopeful heart,
it is so different but isn’t it also so similar?
All the newly starting out people, don’t worry.
An amazing trip will be ahead of you.”

Kang Mi Mi, the radio announcer congratulates Writer Ji Hye and praises that she’s getting more beautiful since getting married. And this makes Hyun Woo truly misses her (I believe :D).

Ji Hye is happy that tonight’s broadcast went well. She still hasn’t decided if she’s going to do the interview and will think about it a bit more. She has more urgent things that she needs to do, starting from revamping her wardrobe with the brand new clothes that Hye Jung picked for her. All these clothes are not her styles though. Tae Wook compliments her that she’s really pretty in whatever she wears, so she’ll be fine wearing the clothes that aren’t her style. She promises to wear them gratefully as these clothes are very nice and expensive.

Hye Jung arrives home pretty late tonight. Mi Ra is giving private tutoring to Yoo Ri & Yoo Jin; telling her dad that although she doesn’t need the extra money, but when she needs to crawl, then she’ll crawl. She doesn’t believe in marriage nor love and doesn’t have any plan to get married.


Unaware that Mi Ra is still in his room, Tae Jin comes into the room wearing just a bathrobe. A misunderstanding almost happens when Hye Jung enters the bedroom and sees her husband and Mi Ra there. But both women pretend nothing happened.

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Hye Jung politely thanks Mi Ra for staying up late, but she doesn’t need to do that anymore. Mi Ra informs her that she just follows Madame’s instruction to stay until Hye Jung comes home, how late it will be. She’s acted like Madame’s spy to infiltrate Hye Jung’s personal life. But Mi Ra promises that whatever Hye Jung thought about, would never happen.


Tae Jin asks his daughters who they think will win the election. Both believe Kim Tae Pyung aka the other party’s representative will win.

Seung Soo storms into his home and smashes the television with a golf club. He will never live with Eun Hee again. Jang Woo runs to get uncle Jang Soo and aunty Ji Sun. Seung Soo takes picture of the smashed TV.

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The next day, he threatens Eun Hee’s doctor to release her medical record. 5 years ago, she was diagnosed with a depression which caused by the unfair treatment she received from her own husband. Seung Soo doesn’t care about the reason, he just wants the medical record, now. And he also requests a copy of her epilepsy diagnosis record.

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Seung Soo brings these records to his CEO explaining that his wife has been suffering from depression for the past 5 years and epilepsy since she was young. He also shows the picture of that smashed television and pretends that it’s all his wife’s doings. Whenever she sees her husband presenting the news with Cynthia, she would take the golf club and bash the television. His wife illness drives him crazy, he fakes his tears and acts really well. But the CEO doesn’t care about his fake excuses. He just wants to know if he did it or not (did he have s*x or not with Cynthia). Spot on!

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Seung Soo presents divorce paper to Eun Hee. He wants her to put a legally binding ID stamp on the paper, now. There is nothing else she can do that can repair the humiliation she cost him at work. He doesn’t want to live with her anymore. He then throws the divorce paper right to her face.

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Eun Hee ponders and thinks about the divorce all night long. She looks at the happy family picture then empty bottles of soju that her husband drank.

GoM_Ep12Recap_bc49 GoM_Ep12Recap_bc50

The next morning, she bids her goodbye to Jung Woo who’s in a deep sleep. She promises that in front of Jang Woo, she will never get a divorce. Seung Soo will realize all his wrongdoings & mistakes and will return to his old-self. He’ll return to his own family. Give him time, Jang Woo, you can’t hate dad until he comes back. Eun Hee tells Jang Woo that Dad is an amazing person. He just made a mistake. Jang Woo still has to honor his dad. She apologizes to Jang Woo and tearfully, she takes her belongings and leaves the house. Before she leaves the building, she still throws that empty bottles of soju.

Jang Woo wakes up and is really upset when he can’t find mom at home. He then realizes that mom is gone.

Very Brief Comment

Let’s send Seung Soo and Cynthia to a very exile island. Give them 3 years supplies of spaghetti and spaghetti sauces; plus water. They can stay there forever. Or until Seung Soo realizes all his mistakes and calls the emergency crew to take him back to Eun Hee & Jang Woo.

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