Goddess of Marriage Episode 13 Recap


Our heroine, Ji Hye is still trying hard to follow Kang household’s rules. But it’s easier said than done. This morning she wakes up shortly before 5.30AM, runs to the mansion, only to find that Hye Jung and the maids have already started preparing the breakfast. She’s late again.

Hye Jung who initially ignores her, then gives a long lecture to her “sub-ordinate”. From now on, she starts calling her “sister-in-law” instead of Ji Hye. She addresses her attitude explaining that Ji Hye needs to try extra harder. When Hye Jung first entered this house as newlyweds, she turned on the alarm clock at 5AM. In case she couldn’t wake up, she snoozed it in one minute interval. Of course, she woke up before the alarm clock rang. When she thought that she couldn’t wake up, the solution was simple: she didn’t go to sleep. That’s why she didn’t have enough sleep in the first few years of her marriage. Although she’s not a morning person, but because she set her mind to dedicate herself in this household, she’s able to do it.

Even before Ji Hye tied the knot with Tae Wook, she should know that this household is different with the other households. Breakfast is the most important meal in this household, they always have proper breakfast. Breakfast is also the only time the whole family can gather & have meal together because they spend lunches and dinners separately. Hence, breakfast preparation is the most important task for Hye Jung & Ji Hye.

Kang Man Ho is dismayed that his son Tae Jin skips breakfast today. Everything he does really upsets him and he believes that he’ll live 30 years longer if he doesn’t see Tae Jin for 3 years. Although he’s currently leading in the polls, the most important thing is the end result.

Dad asks Tae Wook to go to work with him, as he wants to discuss about something. Tae Wook worries that Ji Hye may get upset because they usually go to work together, but Ji Hye assures him that she’ll be fine.

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Hye Jung expresses her disagreement about Teacher Nam Mi Ra to her mother-in-law, wanting reasons why she picked her over many other art teachers / tutors. Moreover, Yoo Jin and Yoo Ri don’t need an art teacher, but a tutor to help them with their general studies. Of course teacher Nam has told already mom-in-law that she would help the kids with their homework too. Teacher Nam can also fill in the role as a babysitter and mother for the kids.

If Hye Jung is unhappy with mom-in-law’s decision, then quit work and become a full-time-mother like she’s used to be. Her kids really need their mother. But because she’s busy working, then, as a caring grandmother, she’s taking a good care of their education especially their sense of art. She wants her granddaughters to grow up into great women, marry rich men and she will be able to entrust her beloved gallery to them. Moreover, Mom knows Teacher Nam really well; she’s been her painting teacher for the past 5 years so Hye Jung should trust her judgement about people’s characters. If not, then, Hye Jung can stay at home and look after her daughters herself. If she still insists to go to work, then, focus on her own business; and make her father-in-law happy.


Ji Hye comes at the right time. Mom sarcastically asks Hye Jung if she’s leaving for work, in which she says “yes” so she leaves.

Now it’s Ji Hye’s private time with Mom. The first thing she does: scold her fashion sense. Ji Hye explains that it’s more comfortable for her to wear clothes that she wears at work. Mom tells Ji Hye that their family never wear same clothes all day. They always maintain their formality. Tae Wook never even saw her mother wearing pajama. They have to wear proper clothes whether it’s at home or outside.

Ji Hye apologizes, explaining that she didn’t know about this fact. Mom knows that she’s telling a white lie. She asks Ji Hye to start wearing proper clothes from tomorrow morning. Because once she married Tae Wook, people no longer see her as Ji Hye, the individual; but they see her as Shin Young Group’s third son’s wife. So she must always maintains her dignity and be extremely careful with her behavior, as people are watching her every move although they may not seem to pay any attention to her.

Mom then asks if she plays golf, and receives the answer she’d probably guessed already. Ji Hye doesn’t play golf.

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Tae Wook complements Ji Hye for calmly responding and accepting her fate although she’s not comfortable with her in-laws & their household rules. He teases her that he’s calling to check if she had run away or not. He confesses that he thought she would run away so he planned to handcuff her. It’s cute when he thanks Ji Hye for not running away =)

Ji Hye has already promised Tae Wook that she always tries her best in everything she chose. But Tae Wook notices her heavy voice when she said it. So he asks if she’s having a hard time.

Ji Hye tells him what happened this morning: Hye Jung rebuked her because she’s late and her mom-in-law criticized her clothes. But she hasn’t reached to the point where she wants to run away. Tae Wook asks if she wants him to stand up for her. Ji Hye believes it’s not a good idea as they both will definitely be reprimanded by Tae Wook’s family.

On the way to work, Ji Hye is driving her new car. She calls her friend to check if there’re reporters waiting for her at her office building. If there are reporters, she asks her favor to “save” her from the reporters like what she did last time.

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Hyun Woo’s work colleagues are gossiping about Tae Wook’s pretty wife, Ji Hye and what they can do to attract rich guys. They don’t realize Hyun Woo is standing there, listening to their conversation. He reprimands them for surfing the internet instead of working.

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At Eun Hee’s house, her in-laws and her family finally learn that she’s left the house. Mom-in-law blames Eun Hee’s cold heart for abandoning her son. Dad-in-law who sees the glass half-full looks from the positive angle and praises Eun Hee’s neat handwriting. =)

Eun Hee left a handwritten note to her husband “Jang Woo’s Dad, I will never ever agree to divorce. Keep that in mind”. Seung Soo is extremely agitated, he crumples that note angrily. Jang Soo starts hitting him and Ji Sun’s pinching him in frustration.

Dad raises the very important question, where did Eun Hee go?

Good question, but this doesn’t sit well with mom who doesn’t even care if Eun Hee’s dying out there. And Ji Sun, you’d better be quiet, otherwise, mom-in-law will kick you out too.

Catch up time for sisters Ji Sun & Ji Hye; both have been really busy lately, so they haven’t got any chance to call each other. Ji Hye sounds really weak and sleepy; she explains to her worried sister that she woke up at 5.30 this morning, but she has to wake up at 4.30 the latest to prepare breakfast. Ji Sun is wondering if she’s able to do that since Ji Hye usually writes all night long and sleeps in the morning. But Ji Hye reassures her she’ll be fine since she’s used to help Ji Sun preparing breakfast.

Ji Hye asks if Ji Sun is having a hard time because she sounds depressed, but she doesn’t want to tell her what happened with Eun Hee and her in-laws’ family. She doesn’t want Ji Hye who’s already having a hard time to worry about her family’s problems. She just hopes Ji Hye will live well. Her answer makes Ji Hye really worries, so she keeps asking. Ji Sun finally tells her that she can no longer stand her mom-in-law. They live in the same apartment building for 21 years and she has enough. No further explanation is given, and she hangs up.

Ji Sun is worried that something might happen to Eun Hee. She hasn’t replied her text messages nor answered her calls.

PD Lee is giving Ji Hye a hard time at work after she refused to be interviewed by the radio chief’s wife.

Han Se Kyung who’s unable to contact Hyun Woo finally decides to call his office. She bluntly talks to the point, she wants to solve the issue between them (she’s drunk and forced him to kiss her) with money. She’s afraid he’ll sue her.

Hyun Woo thinks all this is just a useless stuff and he won’t sue her either. So she teases him that he didn’t hate her for kissing him. =)


Hye Jung privately & secretly meets with Lawyer Yoon Sam Shin who had a long history with Shin Young Group. As an advising counsel, he knew everything about this group, the good and the bad side of it.

Flashback to several years ago, the time when prosecutor Yoon was unable to stop 10 best newspapers publishing the news about the company’s scandal. Kang Man Ho slapped him, his wife asked Hye Jung to get rid the Chuseok present (fresh oysters) for Lawyer Yoon. Ji Hye hesitated, but she decided to secretly give it to him. Hye Jung knew that his wife was sick so she wanted him to make oyster porridge for his wife.

To repay her kindness and what she did in the past, Lawyer Yoon promises he’ll help Hye Jung to the best of his abilities.

Senior prosecutor Tae Wook is buried with his work. Ji Hye tells him a story a bride who waited for her groom who ran away because of silly misunderstanding; for 50 years she sat there & waited for him to come back. Unfortunately, he never came back. She then died & turned to ashes.  Tae Wook promises that he’ll be home before Ji Hye turns into ashes. hahaha.

A maid brought two shopping bags to Ji Hye; Hye Jung bought them earlier today. She wanted Ji Hye to wear these clothes starting from tomorrow morning.

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There’s still one more mission that Hye Jung needs to accomplish: a son. She’s very distressed when the pregnancy test result comes up negative. She tearfully remembers all her father-in-law’s request for a grandson. And his high expectation that Hye Jung will be able to raise his son well with Kang’s family stern value. He keeps asking why there hasn’t been any good news about this baby.

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Her husband only focuses about his election campaign and the fact that he’s losing votes now. So Hye Jung comes to her daughters’ room, apologizes that she’s been really busy lately. Her sweet daughter assures mom that they’re both doing well. Yoo Jin proudly shows mom her beautiful drawing, an art homework from Teacher Nam Mi Ra.

Hye Jung knows that it’s now the right time for her to sort out her issues with Teacher Nam, her husband’s other woman. She never interfered with Tae Jin’s women, but she can no longer tolerate his affair to be seen by their own daughters. Although they seem like they don’t know, but they may realize that something is up. And she knows that her husband cannot let Mi Ra get away from his sight.

But Tae Jin’s only focus at the moment is his election, he’s losing now. He blames it all to Hye Jung. Hye Jung defends herself saying that she never pushed him to run this election campaign. This makes Tae Jin erupts in anger, that’s the reason he loses, his wife never supports him. At least she should pretend to help him, that’s her proper role as a wife. He begs Hye Jung to release some slush funds from his dad’s account. Then he’ll do whatever she asks him to do at home.


She curses him and starts hitting him. Threatens him that if he dares to hurt their daughters and do that kind of things again at home, she’ll bite her tongue until she dies. Tae Jin physically is  more powerful than Hye Jung, so he pushes her to the floor – her head hit the bedside table. He demands her to help him winning the campaign. As a momma’s boy, he will also tell mom about what happened tonight. Still having a tiny bit of compassion left, he throws his handkerchief so she can wipe the blood on her forehead and tells her to sleep.

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With a very assuring footsteps, Ji Hye brought back the two shopping bags. But her steps stop in front of that huge mansion and she hesitates. A tiny Ji Hye versus a very huge unbreakable steep mountain. Everyone knows who’ll win in the end.

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Ji Hye chose Tae Wook and she chose this marriage. She chose to be part of this family so she walks back home. She decides to follow the household’s rules. She will be the obedient daughter-in-law.

Ji Sun is still having a very heated argument with her mom-in-law. She doesn’t understand her mom-in-law’s persistence defending her cheating son. And the fact that she insulted her and threw cakes to her. Anyway, she doesn’t want to see her, if they have to talk about something, they can talk on the phone.

Min Jung breaks the good news that she’s passed the first round and has called to do the second interview this weekend.

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Seung Soo officially moves in with Cynthia, much to her dismay. He brought his clothes and hangs them on Cynthia’s wardrobe. Eun Hee has left home, so everything is good now. Cynthia is still worried with that their work colleagues are currently watching them. Seung Soo assures her everything is under control, he has already talked to their CEO.

By law, if Eun Hee is missing for 3 years, or being a runaway for 6 months, then by default, they’re divorced. Anyway, Cynthia refuses his invitation for dinner and opts to go to gym instead.

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Eun Hee is working at a very busy restaurant. She looks a bit clumsy, but at least she works really hard.

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Beside serving the customer, she also has to wash the dishes. She encourages herself when she sees a pile of oily dishes; but then her spirit dissolves when they bring more dishes to her. She only lives for her son, Jang Woo. She is truly sorry for leaving her son, but she’ll come back stronger than ever.

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Mom-in-law pleads Hye Jung and Ji Hye to help Tae Jin; they’re family not strangers. So off they go, pretending to be a great wife & sister-in-law.

Teacher Nam is with mom-in-law at home and after learning that there has been a turn-around with the pre-election result, she promises she’ll help Tae Jin too.

Tae Jin is over-the-moon when he finds out that his wife & sister-in-law come to support him at his rally. He proudly introduced her as SBC announcer Hong Hye Jung. Using her excellent speaking skill, charismatic Hye Jung encourages Tae Jin’s supporters and the public to vote for him.

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Kyung Min collaborated with Se Kyung, and they tricked Hyun Woo to have lunch at Se Kyung’s workplace. Her father owns this 5 floors building, Se Kyung uses it for her bridal boutique and the remaining floors are for wedding-related shops. Se Kyung is definitely on her way up to be Cheongdamdong’s emerging wedding entrepreneur.

Se Kyung  explains that celebrities and daughters of prestigious family wore the wedding dresses designed by her. She puts her latest designs on the board and Kyung Min notices a picture of the ordinary but pretty girl who wore Se Kyung’s wedding dress, Deborah haute couture dress which costs a whopping one hundred million won. She tells him that this young woman recently married the youngest son of Shin Young’s Group. Her friend went to the wedding and took this picture for her.

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Hyun Woo looks at Ji Hye’s picture blankly. He recalls all the memories he had with Ji Hye, up to the point where Ji Hye told him that she would never travel the road she traveled in Jejudo, ever again. A hint that he will never have another chance to be with Ji Hye.

Late night at the newlywed’s home. Ji Hye who is still working with her script warns Tae Wook that she’s having a really hard time now and is feeling very sensitive. Moreover, she still has lots of work to do and has to get up at 4.30AM tomorrow. She sighs when she looks at the “family uniform” which Hye Jung bought for her.

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Meanwhile, Se Kyung is taking a very drunk Hyun Woo home. She really cares for her sunbae. And then, the moment she’s been waiting for, he put his head on her shoulder (of course, he’s still drunk so he may not remember anything tomorrow). But it still gives Se Kyung a glimmering hope.

Brief Comment

After their wedding, Tae Wook has hit all the right notes (for me). A very understanding and patient husband who knows when to step back and when to support his wife who’s having a hard time adapting into his family. I know nothing good lasts forever in dramaland, Tae Wook will go back to his original self; the selfish & temperamental Tae Wook. But for now, I’m enjoying and cheering for Tae Wook & Ji Hye’s beautiful marriage life.

I really adore Jang Soo and his father, who see things from glass-half-full perspective. They don’t easily get swayed with the current situations / circumstances; unlike their wives who tend to exaggerate and see things negatively. Emotional women usually can’t make any rational decision. But it doesn’t mean Jang Soo & his father don’t care about Seung Soo and Eun Hee’s marital problem. I think they will act as the moderators between Eun Hee and Seung Soo. And hopefully they will help this couple to work on their broken marriage.

It’s not a big surprise that Cynthia is annoyed when Seung Soo moves in with her. I don’t think Cynthia loves him, I think she only “plays” with him. Now that he moves, Cynthia will discover Seung Soo’s “hidden secrets” and I hope this time around, Seung Soo will experience how hurt it is to be abandoned by someone who he really loves. Just like what he did to his own family.

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