Goddess of Marriage Episode 14 Recap

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Drunken Hyun Woo arrives safely at home, thanks to the kind-hearted Se Kyung. His worried mom who has never seen Se Kyung before, asks what’s her relationship with her son. She explains that he was her senior in college. They lost contact when she went to study in Italy. She just returned to Korea and recently got in touch with him again.

Mom was really surprised to see Se Kyung because Hyun Woo never brought any woman to their home. Just like his father, Hyun Woo is very oblivious and has no intention of getting married. Se Kyung tells mom that it’s one of Hyun Woo’s charm – he doesn’t take notice of any woman. She asks Mom to stop speaking formally to her. Mom thanks Se Kyung for looking after her son and taking him home; although she lives in Cheongdamdong, quite far from Hyun Woo’s house.

The next morning, Ji Hye senses that Hye Jung looks really tense; like she’s upset and disappointed with something. But Hye Jung prefer to be the perfect Hye Jung, so she tells her that nothing happened.

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After breakfast, Tae Jin’s nagging is driving his dad’s crazy. He has said it several times already that he wouldn’t help Tae Jin with his election campaign; it was Tae Jin who insisted to enter this ugly political world, so although he’s losing now, dad won’t give him any help / support.

He tries to convince his wife to help him, only to get a cold shoulder from her. Tae Wook even asks his older brother to stop nagging. Tae Jin is agitated that his own family blatantly refused to support him. So he runs to the only person who wants listen to him, his mother. Mom promises that she’ll make sure he won’t lose. She has already made plans to raise money to support his campaign.

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While they’re discussing about this, Ji Hye politely tells them that she’s leaving for work. And mom “politely” asks when she’s going to quit working. Worried and unable to give any reasonable answer to her mom-in-law’s demand, Ji Hye asks Tae Wook’s opinion. Tae Wook reassures Ji Hye that he already raised this issue with his dad prior to their marriage and dad allowed Ji Hye to continue working at the radio station. Tae Wook also knew that for Ji Hye, work is even more important than her life; and if she knew that she could no longer work at the radio station, she would never marry him.

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Ji Hye emphasizes that she would never marry him if he would ask her to stop working. Tae Wook is outraged with her harsh statement, but it’s the truth. Ji Hye is a strong-willed and clever woman. He will try to think the best way out tonight; he promises that he doesn’t say two different things with his one mouth. Ji Hye trusts him and she hopes he’ll help him sorting this thing out.

At work, PD  Lee is still ignoring Ji Hye. So she reluctantly gives in to his demand and agrees to do the interview.

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7.30AM – Hyun Woo’s mom is preparing delicious breakfast. Only to find out that Hyun Woo has already left the house – for a morning run. Hyun Woo shows up at work later than usual. Worried Kyung Min shakes his head when he recalls what happened last night. Why Hyun Woo drank so much. He then reveals that Se Kyung paid for the drinks.

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As he feels sorry for all the troubles he caused her last night, so he calls Se Kyung who tells him that they’re now even. Last time when she’s drunk, she forced him to do something he didn’t want to do. He asks if he made any silly mistake last night. She teases him that he became a totally different person when he’s drunk. That he was really clingy to Se Kyung. Now that he’s sober, he turns back into a nerdy Hyun Woo again, who’s full of self-conscious. She threatens to spread rumor that he stuck to her like a glue when he’s drunk. To keep her mouth shut, let’s go to a movie date tonight. Okay!


Mi Ra is explaining the cruel fairy-tales story behind two paintings she’s trying to sell to Tae Jin and his mother.

“A young 16yo girl lived with her beautiful mother & wealthy father in a house-like-castle. The father was a delusional, jealous man who imprisoned & starved his wife in the house. The dying wife then drew herself in the picture and hung it on a wall in the living room. The young girl grew up while looking at this picture (first painting). So she avenged for her mother, she imprisoned her drunken father and starved him the same way he treated her mother. A picture of him was hung on the wall of the house. And she drew herself looking at her father’s picture (second painting).”

Tae Jin praises the gorgeous artistic colors of these paintings; while mom thinks they’re just too horrifying to look at.

Mi Ra concludes her story that “people often seek the beauty of living in a palace. But once they find this such palace, they realize that sometimes they will be trapped inside a very cruel and heartless place.” Although the fairy-tale is beautiful and cruel, ironically, many buyers prefer to buy this kind of painting other than romantic pictures. High demands raised the price of this painting; it’s 12billion Won (approx. 10million USD) for one painting (24billion won for both paintings). At this time, Hye Jung arrives home. She’s shocked to see Mom bought these paintings! Mi Ra is a very amazing seller.

At the newlyweds’ house, Ji Hye will sleep alone tonight as unfortunately Tae Wook has to stay at work due to his increasing workload. So he won’t be able to solve Ji Hye’s work issue with his mom. She’s still worried and is having a really hard time; but she’s going to try releasing her stress by reading books, something she wasn’t able to do since she married Tae Wook.

But, just as she opens her book, someone rings the house’s door bell. It’s a golf teacher who’s going to train her playing golf in he middle of the night!

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Mi Ra brought her personally marinated seasoned raw crabs, Tae Jin’s mom favorite food. And this doesn’t sit well with Hye Jung. Her blood boils when she sees her husband praises Mi Ra’s skill and that both his mom & him really love the paintings. Then, he blatantly invites her to live together! He throws in reason that because she comes to their house almost every day (tutoring his daughters, selling paintings to his mom, etc) so it’s easier to live together. Urghh…

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Hye Jung needs to stop this! She directly requests Mi Ra to stop coming to this house. Her daughters will stop studying art and they will begin their discipline studies. Mi Ra defending herself, telling Hye Jung that besides teaching them art, she also teaches academic studies.  Hye Jung is wondering why a Director of Art Gallery do this kind of trivial thing. What’s her motive? Obviously, to sell paintings to Hye Jung’s mother-in-law. And she’s done it tonight. 2 paintings worth 24billion Won. Since she has sold the paintings, Hye Jung demands her to stop coming to this house. Unless she has other “hidden” agenda. She’s insulted with her frank question. So let’s deal with this now.

She explains that she is a woman who sells paintings; not her body and she doesn’t have any interest in Tae Jin at all. It’s not her fault that Hye Jung is too paranoid.

Unable to hear more indiscreet words coming out of her mouth, Hye Jung slaps her.

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The crazy Mi Ra screams at Hye Jung and threatens that she would do everything  Hye Jung dreads to happen. To make things worse for Hye Jung, her brother is now working for Mi Ra as her driver aka assistant. Of course Hye Jung doesn’t know about this. So, what’s Mi Ra’s “hidden” motives?

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Cut to Ji Hye who’s learning golf in the  middle of the night. Thankfully her golf teacher understands that Ji Hye is tired, so he stops tonight’s lesson. Yeaahh..

With heavy footsteps, Ji Hye walks back home and as she looks at the mansion in front of her, she sighs. She then sees her sister-in-law’s walking to the mansion.


Movie date night for Hyun Woo and Se Kyung. She really uses tonight’s date to her own advantages; which makes Hyun Woo really uncomfortable. She then tells him about her last relationship which didn’t last long. Once he knew her family stock’s value, everything changed. On his birthday, she tested him by giving him 10 shares from her stock and ended the relationship. If he really loved her, he would give the stock back to her but he never came back. She learned the hard lesson from this relationship and decided not to love nor date. It’s more than enough for her to spend her evenings with drunk guys who made mistakes.

She tells him that she really enjoyed tonight’s date and asking when he’s going to get drunk & make mistakes again. Hyun Woo reassures her he won’t do it again, he has to stop it. Whining after drinking, he wants to stop it too.

Because of his whining, Se Kyung realized that he had a woman, who gave him such a hard time. She’s curious about this woman. Hyun Woo tells her it’s all over, everything is in the past. Se Kyung promises she’ll wait for him. She has waited for 10 years, she doesn’t mind to wait more.

Ji Sun’s family and Jang Woo are camping. Ji Hye confesses to her brother-in-law that Tae Wook hasn’t come home in over one week. He’s surprised hearing about this. Ji Sun is not happy that Tae Wook who took Ji Hye away, now leaving his wife at home alone. To make things worse, she still has to wake up at 4.30 every morning. So she asks Ji Hye to sneak out and stay overnight at her home. Of course Ji Hye can’t do this. She mentions that she also might have to stop working. Tae Wook has promised to help, but he hasn’t come home yet so she feels like there’s a laser beam hitting the back of her head everytime she leaves for work.

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Cynthia is avoiding clingy Seung Soo, it’s clear that she’s getting tired with his antic behavior.

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Meanwhile, Eun Hee has made some new friends. She’s  a math whiz and has a very great memory!  When her boss noticed that the money in the cash register & the bills didn’t match up, she recalculates it for him, explaining that he excluded one additional steamed rice from table 10 and cold noodle from table 7. Her boss is in awe with her skills.

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She puts her math skill to a good use again when one ahjumma in her group telling lies about the insurance product she’s trying to sell. She secretly gives “no” sign to the other ahjummas. The ahjummas praise her knowledge which lead them to think that she worked at a private lending company before she came here. Glad to see Eun Hee receiving so much love from her new friends. They sleep together in the same room. While her friends are sleeping, Eun Hee who misses her son, looks at her son’s cute pictures on her son. It brings her to tears, but she knows she made this hard choice for her family’s sake so she wipes her tears, then go to sleep. Recharge her energy for another working day tomorrow.

The next morning, while Ji Sun and her children are packing their camping equipment, Jang Soo still insists to feed Jang Woo with more food, this time, it’s peaches. He preaches that although he’s not happy because his parents are not here, but he still needs to fill his belly to make him happier. But Jang Woo doesn’t want to eat more food. He’s full. And instead of being a full bellied pig, he’d rather be a starving Socrates.

Kim In Seol breaks the news to Min Jung that she failed the second round of SBC announcer test. One of his family member worked at the station, so he knew the result although it’s only supposed to be released tomorrow. Min Jung is distressed and warned him to stop calling her. Then she breaks down in tears. She keeps crying even until they arrive at home. Supportive Dad is trying to cheer her up. Mom who knows the harsh reality about working world asks her to stop crying. And move on, study harder. Try again at another broadcasting station. There are many people who have failed hundreds, even thousands times; but they don’t cry, they rise up and try even harder.

Min Jung is aware about this fact too. She asks Aunt Ji Hye to help her to meet Hye Jung, who was once one of the best announcer in the country. Probably Hye Jung can give her some tricks and tips about broadcasting world so she can do better when she attempts another test at another broadcasting station.

Meanwhile, Hye Jung receives an “insider” information from Lawyer Yoon. Her mother-in-law involved in illegal money laundry using paintings; she inflated the price of the paintings and used this slush fund to support Tae Jin’s election campaign. Lawyer Yoon warns Hye Jung to keep this a secret as the day the public finds out about this money laundry issue, Shin Young Group’s reputation will be on stake.

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Mom-in-law called her daughters-in-law in the middle of the day, so they had to go home in the middle of their busy work. Reporter Kim  Ga Rin is here to interview chaebol’s housewives (most of chaebol’s wives & daughters-in-law are housewives) and is surprised to find out both Shin Young Group’s daughters-in-law Ji Hye & Hye Jung are working women. Mom invited Reporter Kim to write a nice article which will help Tae Jin’s election campaign. In front of the reporter, she’s working hard to show that she’s a nice, understanding mother-in-law who supports her daughters-in-law in their chosen careers. She believes it’s a waste for women giving up their exceptional skills to do a mere housework duty. She felt distressed when her second daughter-in-law, Hye Jung, who on her own accord, quit her announcer job once she got married to Tae Jin.  Thankfully her husband sees the potential in Hye Jung and hired her as a Director. She also doesn’t forget to praise Ji Hye and her exceptional writing skill. She doesn’t meddle in her sons’ marriage affairs and gives freedom for her children to do whatever they want to do. She holds Ji Hye’s hands, giving positive vibe that she’s a very nice kind-hearted mother-in-law.


Tae Wook (who finally came home tonight), states that Ji Hye doesn’t have to worry about her mother-in-law; she should only has to believe in her husband’s words. Now he’s going to put a fight for her, he’ll defend her, he’ll talk to his dad and promises that Ji Hye can keep continue doing what she loves and what makes her happy.

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Tae Wook brings up this issue with Dad, who is surprised because they’ve already settled this matter before Tae Wook’s wedding. Hye Jung has planned everything meticulously so the household doesn’t really need Ji Hye to do any housework duties except helping Hye Jung during breakfast preparation. Ji Hye can continue working at the broadcasting station. Tae Wook mentions that it’s his mother who told Ji Hye to stop working. So please talk to her, Dad.

As Aunt Ji Hye still hasn’t given Min Jung any reply, she’s now begging her mom to call Ji Hye. She’s not picking up the call though.

Seung Soo calls his son, Jang Woo, who honestly tells him that he doesn’t miss his Dad. Dad tells him to bear it until this weekend, he promises he’ll bring him some pizza and meet him this weekend. Jang Woo doesn’t want to see him; but Dad insists he’ll be there.

Cynthia finally arrives home, and Seung Soo nags that Cynthia exercises and spends time at the gym too much. He accuses her of cheating behind his back; she left him alone at home. He’s bored. So Cynthia tells him to go home if he’s that bored.

When Seung Soo asks about their upcoming vacation to Japan; Cynthia reveals that she has to go to the USA because her husband has asked her to come during her vacation. She can’t get a divorce (and obviously doesn’t want to divorce her husband). By now Seung Soo should now that Cynthia is just “playing” with him.

Seung Soo nags like a little boy that his house is a mess now. As he left the house because he wants to get a divorce and his wife left the house because she doesn’t want to divorce him. But Cynthia doesn’t care, she’s tired and prefer to go to sleep.

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Full house at the restaurant where Eun Hee works. One company is celebrating their achievement there. Their boss aka the Chief (Ban Hyo Jung) is a very kind boss and surprise, surprise; she knows Eun Hee!

Hyun Woo is still following Ji Hye’s personal lives; he reads all her latest articles & news. He still can’t move on with his life.

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The next morning, he’s ready to leave for a 3days 2nights work outing. Kyung Min greets Mom politely, cutely explaining (in sageuk tone) the reason why they have to go for this work outing. Surprise, Se Kyung is here! Coincidentally, she sponsored the resort for this work outing. Hyun Woo doesn’t look comfortable he’s going to spend 3days with clingy Se Kyung.

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At the mansion, mom-in-law is enraged that Ji Hye disrespects her and used her husband as her protecting shield. She wants Ji Hye to quit working and stop hiding behind her husband. She doesn’t want to let Ji Hye off that easily. She even calls her a “bitch”. OMG.


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