Goddess of Marriage Episode 15 Recap

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Hyun Woo recalls his argument with Ji Hye outside Lee Joong Sup’s house that pure & genuine love doesn’t exist anymore. But Ji Hye looked at marriage from a different perspective. She believed that that when a man & a woman meet & they share their genuine feelings for each other; they’ll share their feelings forever. They will love each other, forever.

Hyun Woo is trying to shake his beliefs as he’s looking at Shinyang Group’s perfect daughters-in-law media interviews & pictures. He thinks about it all night long, until his mother wakes him up for his 3days 2nights work outing.

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Se Kyung is tagging along with Hyun Woo & Kyung Min; and apparently she didn’t tell her “nagging” mother who’s scared that a man is taking her daughter away for a secret trip. She wants to come along to this trip too. Oh well, mom, if only you know that they’re all going to your resort. Hyun Woo is unhappy with this arrangement, who wants to spend 3days with “stalker” Se Kyung?

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At the mansion, mom-in-law (from hereon, I will call her the “witch”)  is extremely agitated that her youngest daughter-in-law used her husband as her protecting shield. Although she has warned her that in all her weaknesses & strength, she could never hide behind her husband. The “witch” mom-in-law states that any women who married into a chaebol’s family can’t do whatever they want. Although Ji Hye’s father-in-law really favors his youngest son, Tae Wook; but Ji Hye should has her own common-sense & courtesy towards this family. If the “witch” asks her to stop working, then, she should obliges. She should become the obedient daughter-in-law who follows her mom-in-law’s demands. She should apologize that she’s lacking in thoughts. The witch is upset that Ji Hye tattled behind her back and turned to her father-in-law, disregarding her mom-in-law. The witch asks if that’s what her mother taught her. She then realizes that Ji Hye doesn’t have a mother. So she now blames Ji Hye’s sister.

Mom raises up the marriage arrangement’s issues and that she was humiliated.  Things didn’t go according to her plans. But she didn’t want to fight with her son who threw tantrums and kept confessing his love to Ji Hye. She didn’t want to separate two lovebirds as she didn’t want similar story like Romeo & Juliet happened to her son. This was the reason why she let Tae Wook & Ji Hye to marry. Ji Hye should crawl under her, because without her permission, this marriage would never happened. Not any women can become Shinyang Group’s daughter-in-law, Ji Hye is a lucky woman. Is her work that important to her?

Now the “witch” put the blames to Hye Jung who’s in charge of training Ji Hye. She promptly apologizes to her. If this happens again, Hye Jung will be the one who’ll get scolded by the witch.

After escaping from the witch’s wrath, both of them are going to work. Hye Jung tells her young sister-in-law: “Don’t tremble foolishly because there will be lots of things than work that Shinyang Group’s daughters-in-law can’t do in this household”

Hyun Woo, Kyung Min, Se Kyung and the rest of the staffs arrive at the huge resort. Gentleman Hyun Woo carries Se Kyung’s bag.

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He tries to clear his mind by jogging around the resort’s complex. Then he plunges into the pool to refresh his tired body. He’s been avoiding Se Kyung and his work colleagues ever since they arrived at the resort.

Ji Hye tells Tae Wook about what happened this morning, she thought everything was taken care of before the wedding. It’s unreasonable that they have to deal with this issue again now. But she endured it well, she will try to endure it. She knows she’s inexperienced so she just listened to her mom-in-law this morning, without attempting to fight her back. But she’ll talk to her again later this evening. She will personally explains her scopes of work in detail, she’ll believe her mom-in-law will understand. Tae Wook want to face the “witch” together, but no, Ji Hye doesn’t want to hide behind her husband anymore. She knows that if Tae Wook comes with her, the “witch” will say that she brings her husband to fight with his own mother. Tae Wook insists that it will be better for him to talk to his mother. She complains that it’s very tiring, she doesn’t know the best way out. Tae Wook will try to talk to his father & mother; and try to solve it. Because of this issue, his parents are fighting with each other. Ji Hye reluctantly agrees with his idea.

Ji Hye’s work colleagues belatedly congratulate her on her marriage. Then they ask why she’s still working at this broadcasting station. They thought she would stop working after she got married.

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Another hectic day for Director Ji Sun. She’s trying to manage her children’s (plus Jang Woo) schedules ensuring they are well taken care of. One of her kid (I think it’s Min Jung) is having a fever, but she asks her to endure it because she doesn’t have time to take her to hospital. As she’s not unwell, she tells mom that she won’t go to hagwon (academy). But Ji Sun orders her to go, if she’s going to die, then die at the academy. Then she calls her son, Gyung Woo. He can’t tell mom where he is at the moment, but his smart mom knows that he’s currently at the internet cafe. Anyway, Ji Sun also orders him to go to hagwon.

Min Jung arrives at her mom’s office building, and she calls mom to meet her at the lobby. The reason of her visit? To obtain mom’s permission & financial support for a bimaxillary operation. She believes the reason she failed at her last announcer interview was because she didn’t have this operation. She begs Ji Sun to lend her credit card. She doesn’t want to argue with mom, she just wants to shave her jawbones.

Ji Sun spanks her with an umbrella repeatedly, it’s embarrassing for Director Ji Sun to do this kind of punishment in the office’s lobby. Min Jung tries to escape, Ji Sun chases her with an umbrella. Hahaha. She threatens Min Jung that she’ll turn her life upside down if she dares talking about this surgery again. She screams that she regrets giving birth to her.

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While Min Jung is causing ruckus at mom’s work, Ji Sun’s President is watching them. Ji Sun politely greets him and when he asks why she’s holding an umbrella, she tells him sheepishly because the sun comes out. Anyway, she changes the topic, and uses the umbrella to protect him from the blistering sun.

Min Jung whinges to Yeol Soo that her mother didn’t want to help her. He talks some sense to her that she went a bit overboard going to her mother’s company just to borrow her credit card. Min Jung knows exactly why she failed the test, it’s because her face is too large to be on camera. But every cloud has a silver lining, she will try to learn about the interview’s tips and tricks from her aunt’s sister-in-law, Announcer Hye Jung and she’ll have this surgery. She believes she’ll pass KBC’s announcer test. Now she begs him to give her the money for the surgery. This girl’s persistence is amazing.

Kang Man Ho complements Hye Jung who has done an amazing job recovering the hotel’s deficit in less than 3 months. If Hye Jung is able to bring it to black as soon as she can, he will give 10% of the group’s stocks to her. He asks about the other “mission” he asked her to do (a son), he asks her to take her time and don’t get too stressed-out. But if she’s able to give birth to a son, he’ll give her 5% bonus. When she holds 15% stocks, she’ll become a major shareholder of this group and will have exercisable rights. Moreover, she will be the group’s heir’s mother so nobody will be discourteous to her.

Apparently, the “witch” called complaining about Ji Hye’s attitude, so he asks Hye Jung what happened. Man Ho is wondering why Ji Hye has to stay at home as she doesn’t seem to know how to do anything at home. Hye Jung tells him that it’s because mom-in-law has things she wants to teach Ji Hye, and most of daughters-in-law who enter chaebol’s families are receiving lessons about running a household. Hye Jung is in total agreement with her mom-in-law, she believes once Ji Hye got married, she should learn about the culture & principles of her new household. It’s her duty to learn about this. She feels like Ji Hye is still immature.

About Tae Jin, Hye Jung finally confesses about her mom-in-law money laundry “hidden secret”. That mom uses the slush fund for Tae Jin’s election campaign.

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Man Ho throws the two paintings to the floor and demands his wife to return & get refund now. He’s furious that Tae Jin received his political funds through money laundering.  He almost steps on Tae Jin who’s trying to protect that expensive painting. Dad blames him for wasting the family’s fortune and he’s trying to kill him.

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At the newlyweds’ home, Tae Wook back-hugs Ji Hye and thanks her for enduring well.  Together, they will face his parents. He was worried the whole day that she would run away. He always gets anxious every time he thinks about her, he feels like she’ll go somewhere or run away from him. He feels like he’s like a child who holds on to his mom’s coat very tightly with all his might because he’s scared she might run away while he’s working outside. He can’t come back early although he really wanted to.

Ji Hye reassures him that she’s not the kind of woman who needs her husband all day long.  She just needs to work, to write, to have break time reading her favorite books.

Tae Wook understands and is aware about these facts; so he’ll try to sort out this issue tonight. They walk to the mansion, holding hands; Tae Wook is in good mood, singing & dancing a cute song.

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But things are not going well at the mansion. They’re still having a very heated argument. Tae Jin is agitated that his dad never believed and supported him; he only trusted his older brother & Tae Wook. He even asked if he’s not his real son.

Man Ho tells him that he needs to be credible in order to earn his respect and trust. He hasn’t done any thing right; in which Tae Jin blames it all to his dad’s negative perception. Everything Tae Jin did, in front of his dad, was all a failure. But Dad is fed up with his childish and immature behavior. When Dad told him to do business, he gave up on it. And now he’s wasting the family’s money for his political ambition. Tae Jin then tells Dad that he doesn’t want to be his son, whoa that’s a very bold statement. He’s now losing in polls and he asks Dad what he’s going to do with his money after he dies. He warns Dad that he’ll regret this after he dies. He’s supposed to help his son.

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Dad slaps his cocky & impulsive son. His wife is defending her son (as usual). She trembles as she utters same words over & over again, asking if her husband is crazy. Tae Wook is covering Ji Hye’s face so she won’t see any of this. Then he escorts her out of the mansion. And he hurriedly leaves the house.

Hye Jung listens to this argument from her bedroom. As they throw things and Tae Jin still insists to do politics, Hye Jung’s mom calls to thank her for the great new apartment she bought for her family. Mom informs her that her brother has a new job and is doing well. She also tells her that they took all her stuffs from her room and the storage room; so she has to come to the new apartment to sort through these stuffs.

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Tae Jin is finally looking for his wife, knowing that she’s the culprit who spill the beans to his dad. Without saying any words, he slaps her. He asks if victory & money that important for her. Because Man Ho now favors her, she’s selling her own husband & mother-in-law. He’s wondering what promises Dad gave to her that she dares to betray her own husband. It seems like Hye Jung and Dad are playing a Go Stop game and are planning to ruin this household. He warns her that he won’t leave her alone if she keeps this up. She’ll regret this. Hye Jung then notices dripping blood from her nose.

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Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin heard everything; they were so scared that Mom is hurt. Hye Jung reassures them that she’s okay as she wipes the blood in the bathroom.  They both are crying, keep knocking the bathroom’s door; wanting to see their mom.

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It’s been only 6 weeks since Ji Hye entered this household and Tae Wook has tried his best so Ji Hye won’t see his family’s darkest days, his family’s disgrace. That’s why he’s always been really careful yet anxious. And it only took 6 weeks for everything to fall crushing down like this. Ji Hye reassures him that every family has problems.

But Tae Wook can’t take it any longer, he’d rather live without his parents & his older brother. He doesn’t want Ji Hye to console him. As he knows that revealing his family’s situation is like a rat poison for her. He feels like she’s only pretending that nothing is wrong. She’s just pretending to comfort him. But maybe she’s disturbed like she ate a rat poison. This is such a big problem, he feels like Ji Hye is going to blame him for hiding his family’s ugly side.

But Ji Hye promises she won’t do this. She’s told him repeatedly, that she’ll do her best for all the choices she’s made. But it doesn’t sit well with Tae Wook. He feels like Ji Hye is not happy with her choices, he feels like she’s just making an effort to be happy.

Ji Hye: “Once you put in an effort, you become happy. Once we put effort into it, they ‘ll all be sorted out, because we are family.”

This was what her family taught her. Everything will be sorted out, although it seems like there’s no way out, but once they put effort into it, everything will be all right. Family with blood ties will not be easily broken apart.

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Tae Wook then hugs her. He finds comfort in her assurance. He feels like whenever his family act up, he’s going insane & crazy. But Ji Hye reassures him that once everything passes, it will turn out well. The storm will pass. It will all be fine in the end. Don’t worry.

At the resort, Hyun Woo is playing basketball while the others are gossiping about Hyun Woo’s obsession with exercise and trying to look cool all day long. Like he’s trying to show off his muscular & great body; in which Se Kyung agrees.

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Kyung Min then asks if Hyun Woo’s got rejected by a woman. He knows it! As he’s been really strange these days. Se Kyung talks him out of it, defending her sunbae. But Kyung Min keeps interrogating him, much to Hyun Woo’s dismay.

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Hyun Woo prefer to spend time alone in the pool. He’s in deep thought all day long.

Se Kyung joins him in the poolside and tells him to stop doing whatever he’s doing now. Everyone notices and knows that he’s having a hard time. She asks if forgetting that girl is really hard for him. She’s really jealous of this girl. Hyun Woo can’t move on and doesn’t want to let her go. Life is really futile and cruel.

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Finally he tells Se Kyung that this girl wanted him to hold on to her, but he told her to go. This foolish obsession is laughable. That girl wanted to be with him, desperately wanted him to hold on to her, and he wanted to reciprocate it but it didn’t happen. He regrets it, he regrets it million times every day. He confesses that he got really jealous when he stole a glance at that girl smiling at another man. He hates it that she left him because he told her to go. He still hasn’t forgotten her, so how come she lives well? He knows he’s a vile, a louse. So he’ll stop it now. He has to stop obsessing over her. Se Kyung believes he’ll able to do it. He’ll be able to forget about this girl. And then she holds his hand sweetly.

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Ji Hye is thinking very deeply as she watches her sleeping husband. She then takes a long walk and probably thinking if she’s made the right choice marrying into this family.

Meanwhile, Eun Hee receives a call from the chief (chairwoman) who she met at the restaurant. She’s waiting for her outside the restaurant. She calls her Section Chief Go, and threatens that she won’t move until she comes out and leaves with her.

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The chairwoman recalls the first time she saw Eun Hee. Eun Hee was working in a bank , dealing with VIP customers. The security didn’t let her in because that area was reserved for VIP customers. She looked like a regular customer and pretended that the regular counter had a long queue so she went up to this VIP area. She asked the security if human came after money? And if it’s okay for bank to discriminate their customers based on their finances?

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Eun Hee who heard the argument, came and took her to her office. She politely served her and was shocked when this so called grandma asked her to take 5billion won from her bank account as she had to pay her employees’ salaries today.

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Soon afterwards, Eun Hee became her loyal and trusted adviser as every time the bank employees offered her a product, she would tell her opinion by giving a “no” or “yes” sign to her.

She once gave the grandma a shampoo and conditioner pack as well as olive oil as gifts for their VIP customers. She also secretly packed a shopping bag made of cloth. and calendar. But she didn’t accept the “gifts” and instead, she treated her for lunch. Telling her it was the first time she bought lunch for someone.

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She took her out and enjoyed a nice lunch break outside. Eun Hee showed her couple picture. She told her that this was a person that she would marry. The chairwoman took a glance and then told her that he’s not the one, if she married that sleazy guy, he’s going to cheat on her. But Eun Hee believed this man *aka Seung Soo* will never cheat on her and praised his intelligent sparking eyes. He didn’t know and love anyone else, he only loved her.

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Eun Hee brings her bags and politely follows the chairwoman as she takes her to her big house.

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Cynthia is fed up with Seung Soo’s obsession. She keeps avoiding him, doesn’t want to divorce her husband and asks Seung Soo to leave because her husband is coming.

She asks if love is forever? Their company is currently monitoring them closely and the rumor has already spread to USA. Her husband wants her to go back to USA immediately or he will come to Korea. What must she do now?

Seung Soo tells her to follow his advice. Divorce her husband. Just like what he did to his wife. But Cynthia can’t do this. If she lives with him, she will have to give up her career. And she doesn’t want to sacrifice her career for him. She asks him to go away from her. She’s changed her apartment’s passcode so Seung Soo can’t enter the apartment.


Tae Jin has totally lost his mind, he’s not coming home tonight and prefer to spend time with Mi Ra. He wishes Hye Jung to have an amazing life with her father-in-law and tells her she’s no longer his wife. He doesn’t want to go home and hang up.

Mi Ra asks if he needs more painting, in which he tells her he needs a little bit more money. She asks what will happen if his right lips get beaten in the future. He’ll take care of it well, he says while hugging her.

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Ji Hye tells Hye Jung that she hasn’t thought about quitting her work at the broadcasting station. Tae Wook hasn’t come home yet, once he does, they’ll talk with mom-in-law. She’ll continue working.

Hye Jung asks when she’ll stop being immature. She compares it with herself, before she got married, she was a successful anchorwoman. She even completed Public Relation PHD at a graduate school. However, she decided to get married and she left everything without any lingering regret. It’s because she decided to go “all in” in this family.

She doesn’t understand what Ji Hye is looking for in this marriage, other than reasonably following the family’s customs. This family has everything, so why does she look for things outside this family? If she wants fame, she already has it as Shin Yang’s Group youngest daughter-in-law. They have more money than the salary she earned in that lowly company. She only needs to follow the household’s custom, serve her in-laws and she can get everything she wants. Lots of women are jealous of Ji Hye. They admire her clothes, bags, car.

Shin Yang’s Group is Korea’s top 1% group, they have power, fame & money, as well as responsibility. Whether Ji Hye wants it or not, she has power, fame & money too, but she also has to bear the responsibility. One of her responsibility is to quit her job. And if it’s too hard for her to do that, just think that she gets another job at this household.

So waking up early in the morning won’t be too hard for her, she can take all the family events as her job. She won’t be too stressful.

Ji Hye informs Hye Jung that it’s not the reason why she married Tae Wook. She’s not employed in this household. She chose Tae Wook as her husband and her parents in-laws are not benevolent bosses, they are her husband’s  parents. So she thought that when she talks to them, they would treat her as their own daughter. They would love & understand her like she’s their own daughter. She never thought they would give her money & fame if she sucked up to them.

Hye Jung tells Ji Hye that her arrogance is through the roof. She wants Ji Hye to work in this household, follow their rules like what she did in the last 7 years. But no, it’s not black & white for Ji Hye. They have different priorities. Hye Jung doesn’t want to talk about this anymore, and asks Ji Hye to stop being arrogant, otherwise, she won’t survive long in this family.

Tae Wook hasn’t came home in 3 days, but he came out to her office to have dinner together. When he’s trying to buckle up her seat-belt, she wants to do it herself. Tae Wook asks her to stop thinking & stressing-out about Hye Jung’s words; but Ji Hye doesn’t want to talk about this.

Kyung Min is arranging a secret date for Se Kyung & Hyun Woo. He wants him to have fun with her and returning her gesture of lending an expensive condo for their work outing. He promises he’ll be there to join them soon. But he won’t be able to make it as Tae Jin wants to discuss about their hotel’s project now.

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At the restaurant, surprisingly (coincidentally), Tae Wook & Ji Hye are having dinner there too. So Hyun Woo who is trying to let Ji Hye go from his mind, can’t do anything except staring at the happy couple with jealous look.

Brief Comment

As we’re going towards the halfway mark, this drama has lost its steam. I’m loss for words because I don’t even want to support Hyun Woo to get back to Ji Hye. Ji Hye is making a lot of effort & sacrifices to be a faithful, loving, caring wife for Tae Wook; supporting him through thick and thin. She didn’t run away from his family although she discovered ugly side of this household. She stayed with Tae Wook. She was there to comfort him when he’s in the valley of lows. Ji Hye knows the true meaning of marriage, she knows the consequences of her choices. She married Tae Wook because of love, not because of fame nor money. And although Tae Wook may be too temperamental, but he also really loves her. He’s doing everything he can to protect Ji Hye. When he broke down out of embarrassment because Ji Hye finally discovered his family’s ugly side, I love it that Ji Hye reassured him that everything will be okay. There’s always lights at the end of dark tunnel. Tae Wook never receive this kind of pure love from his family; so I really hope that the writer won’t ruin their marriage just for the sake for Hyun Woo. Hope Hyun Woo can let her go, move on with his life. Honestly, Se Kyung is not too bad. She cares for him. She loves him. Maybe now it’s the right time for him to reciprocate her love.

I believe Hye Jung entered Shin Yang’s household for the sake of money; she was willing to be the obedient perfect daughter-in-law for 7 long years, so she can give the best possible life for her own family, for her mother & sister. Now, after enduring that hard times, she reaps all the benefits. I believe she’s a very smart woman who will be able to ruin her in-laws when she becomes the group’s major shareholders. I never feel the love between Hye Jung and Tae Jin.

Tae Jin is a pitiful man, he never receives any love from his own father; his mother spoils him so much that he grows up as immature man and the two women in his life don’t love him. Both women use him for their own hidden agenda.

So we finally discovered Eun Hee’s past, a tenacious smart bank employee who treated her customers regardless of their status fairly. What you sow is what you reap. The chairwoman knew all along that Seung Soo would cheat on her, but love is blind and Eun Hee didn’t listen to her advice. She learned the hard way, but it’s not too late for her to get her life back. I think the chairwoman will help her to regain her confidence so she can reclaim back her life.

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