Goddess of Marriage Episode 16 Recap

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Coincidentally, Kyung Min has made dinner appointment at the same restaurant where Tae Wook and Ji Hye are having their dinner tonight. Hyun Woo is stunned as he watches Ji Hye with her husband, until Se Kyung notices that he’s arrived, and calls him to join her.

Ji Hye hears something, but brushes it off. Tae Wook mentions that this is a famous restaurant in Cheongdamdong area, so it’s crowded & noisy. She still looks really upsets and doesn’t really want to eat, but Tae Wook asks her to suppress her anger, they’ll talk about Hye Jung’s objectives and perspectives after they finish their dinner.

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Se Kyung passes on Kyung Min’s message that he will be late. He asks Hyun Woo how he’s doing, has he finally able to move on and forget about that woman? Hyun Woo tells her he’s not sure. She stares at him, in which he asks her please don’t do it. He’s not in the mood of doing anything tonight, let alone having dinner with her. But he’s trying to be polite so he asks her to order the meal for him.

From their table, he can clearly see Ji Hye. He’s pondering about Ji Hye and her husband, what are they talking about? Ji Hye doesn’t look happy.

Kyung Min then calls explaining that he can’t make it tonight. He asks them to enjoy tonight’s dinner and he’ll pay the bill.

Se Kyung is curious why Hyun Woo keeps looking at a particular direction, is there someone he knows?

Anyway, Hyun Woo is able to convince Se Kyung to leave. Because Hyun Woo didn’t bring his car, Se Kyung gladly will take him home. (Very sweet of her as the restaurant is in Cheongdamdong area, where Se Kyung lives. And Hyun Woo lives quite far away from this area).

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Ji Hye is not enjoying her meal, she wants to talk and discuss her point-of-view with her husband. Tae Wook promises Ji Hye that he will do anything so she can keep working at the broadcasting station. She whinges about her sister-in-law, she doesn’t understand why a very educated woman said something like what she said last night, as if like nothing was wrong. She can understand if it’s her mother-in-law since elders can be old-fashioned, but it’s her sister-in-law, someone was born in the same generation as her. Hye Jung makes her really miserable, as she believes that in order to carry expensive bags, wear luxurious clothes and drive foreign car means that she must serve & be devoted to her husband’s family. And if she faithfully “serve” her in-laws, she will receive much greater things.

Did Tae Wook forget that Ji Hye almost broke off their engagement because of the 1million dollar he gave her? His family really hurt her pride.

Tae Wook defends Hye Jung, explaining that everything Hye Jung said was her own perspective, things she believed in after serving & observing the family for the past 7 years. But of course, Ji Hye is unique & different. She’s not like her sister-in-law. She’ll be distressed and feel degraded. She has a very different perspective about individual’s values. For Ji Hye, family means everyone must understand and acknowledge each other.

When Hye Jung bought her foreign car, clothes, bags, she was really flustered. She admits based on her salary, she would not be able to touch these expensive stuffs, things she could only see in magazines. Because they were expensive gifts from her elder, she convinced herself that she had to receive them with her deepest gratitude. Although she didn’t want any of those stuffs, she accepted them, she was trying to like these stuffs. However, she felt like that she’s too unfit for her husband’s family that she had to be adorned with all luxury items & foreign car.

She doesn’t want to receive all these expensive stuffs. What she needs is their understanding. She wants her in-laws to understand her, her work’s scope, and to support her. And in the midst of this, she will learn new things and ready to be scolded for things she needs to be scolded for.

She dislikes giving and receiving among family members which lead to abject submission. And her work is not something that can be exchanged for those things.

Ji Hye has gone through so much troubles already, she doesn’t want to stop learning the ropes in her new family. She wants to try harder. Preparing breakfast, serving her mother-in-law, spending time with his family after work, she can do it. But if she has no life of her own and spending all day like that, she doesn’t want it. Even if they give her millions dollar, she would still hate it. She wants to live her life the way she wants, she wants to do things that she wants to do, things she’s good at. Not that she doesn’t want to carry out duties as daughter-in-law. She just doesn’t want to throw her life and dedicate herself as a chaebol’s daughter-in-law. This put Tae Wook in a very difficult situation. He can’t defend his family but he also know that he can’t change Ji Hye’s perspectives. She’s a very strong-determined woman.

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Se Kyung & Hyun Woo arrive at Se Kyung’s place and she randomly picked expensive wine and explains about this wine to him to impress him.

Se Kyung talks about the huge disparities / differences between Kyung Min & Hyun Woo and wonders why they are always together. Hyun Woo tells her because Kyun Min tolerates him, but she believes it’s Hyun Woo who tolerates him. She advises him to be cautious around Kyung Min as he may hurt him in the future. Kyung Min once intentionally bankrupted a construction job & disappeared. And obviously, he can repeat the same scenario later in the future.

But Hyun Woo doesn’t want to badmouthing someone who’s not here.

He stares at her and asks why she laughs like whohehehe…. Like she’s a protagonist in anime. She offers to smile more and he cracks a smile. She’s happy that at least he thinks of her as a woman.

Now she raises a very important question, why did he come into the tiger’s cave on his own? He didn’t refuse Se Kyung’s kind invitation to drive him home and to visit her place.

Then, she takes action and kisses him.

After 10 years liking and loving this man, she finally kisses him. But Hyun Woo still misses Ji Hye. When she grabs his hand, he pushes her away. He apologize that he’s not ready yet, and he leaves. Leaving the tearful Se Kyung alone.

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Tearfully, Ji Hye tells her husband that she never even dreamed something like this would happen. She feels like she’s really naive that she didn’t know how women in his circle live. She entered this marriage without proper plans & ideas. She didn’t do her research But he assures her that they’ll have plan, as he’s her husband.

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Eun Hee wakes up in Chairwoman’s house. She then looks at the pictures of the chairwoman’s achievements and her employees. Through these pictures, it’s clearly shown that she really adores her company & employees, she looks like a great CEO.

One of the maid greets Eun Hee and Eun Hee politely & formally greets her back. She offers to prepare breakfast. Although the maid keeps asking her to stay still. As Eun Hee insists to help, the maid then asks her to prepare tea for the chairwoman and to bring the tea to her.

The chairwoman asks if she slept well, and don’t lie to her. How Eun Hee could sleep well after leaving her home & son. Understandably she feels upset leaving her baby at home. The chairwoman asks why she left a good job to get married. And did she leave her own son to sink or swim?

Tearfully, Eun Hee can’t say anything.

The chairwoman tells her that’s the reason she was against that marriage because she knew that man is not a good man. Why didn’t Eun Hee listen to this old woman’s advice?

Eun Hee was working to death to finance his English lesson and send him to USA to study; yet he never showed his gratitude to her.

As Eun Hee keeps apologizing, the chairwoman tells her that she shouldn’t apologize, but she should be thinking about her own life now. She made the wrong decision marrying this man. But she must not beat herself like this.

The chairwoman has repeatedly told her that although she got married, she should have worked, she should be financially independent. If a woman is not economically independent of a man, she can never be equal in their marriage. But Eun Hee didn’t listen to the chairwoman’s advice.

Eun Hee was the best manager at Hansang Bank’s VIP section. However after meeting him, she threw away her good job, her life and became a full time housewife. But now, there is a homeless woman at the back of a ribs restaurant. It’s a shame. Why she threw away her life like this?

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Seung Soo’s mother is wondering why there are property agent and prospective buyer inspecting her apartment. The agent confirms the address. And tells her that the owner, Kwon Eun Hee, is selling this apartment


Seung Soo arrives at Cynthia’s apartment after sleeping overnight in a public bath. But then, he sees his bags outside. Cynthia has kicked him out.

Eun Hee finally calls Ji Sun advising that she’s safe & currently she’s staying at her relative house. Ji Sun scolds her for not contacting her. She insists to know where she’s at the moment, but Eun Hee tells her she’s doing well so don’t worry. She tearfully asks about her son, Ji Sun tells her he’s doing well. She wants Eun Hee to succeed then come back triumphantly.

Seung Soo finally comes home dragging his luggage. The property agent is showing Seung Soo’s apartment to another prospective buyer. As the owner of both properties, Eun Hee has put her house and her in-laws’ house for sale. Jang Woo asks what his dad’s doing here, as this house doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to his mom.

The real estate agent advises that the owner has asked him to sell both properties quickly.

Eun Hee’s mom-in-law is crying her heart out to Ji Sun and Jang Soo. Where will she live now? Her daughter-in-law just kicked her out. She complains that Eun Hee betrays them, because of this, she promises she won’t forgive Eun Hee. Because she has nowhere to live, she wants to move in with Ji Sun and Jang Soo.

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Ji Hye is now adapting well to her new household rules, preparing breakfast for the family. Hye Jung asks both her daughters to sit up uprightly during breakfast. Tae Jin didn’t come home last night either. In fact, he hasn’t been home in the last 3 nights. Hye Jung believes he’ll come back one day.

The “witch” wants Hye Jung to explain the reason she tattled behind her back, but because both daughters are here, Hye Jung tells her to talk about this issue on the phone. Her daughter defends her mom that they can’t quarrel on the dining table, so if they want to talk, do it after they’re done eating.

The witch is amazed that an amazing person like Hye Jung entered her house. Her youngest daughter-in-law won’t quit her lowly job, the other one is too amazing; both rebel against their mother-in-law and disrespect her. Tae Wook tries to calm his mother, but she tells him he just like his wife & sister-in-law.

Hye Jung then asks Ji Hye to stop working. If the reason she entered this family wasn’t too burdensome or uncomfortable, then, quit her job now. She’ll get hurt if she insists to keep working.

Ji Hye complains to her friend about her in-laws’ demands. She asks for her opinion. Her friend asks if she’s very naive. Why didn’t she realize that in the women in wealthy family don’t work. Their only responsibilities are taking care the household, bearing a son / daughter, and raising their children well.

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Ji Hye is having a hard time at work too, as PD Lee is interviewing another writer behind her back. He believed as she married into a wealthy family, she would quit her job. So he prepared it well beforehand, he interviews a new writer before she quit. If Ji Hye is in his shoes, she would do the same thing. After she got married, she left in the middle of broadcasting to attend to her inlaws’ demands. It’s unfair for the company.

Moreover, what will happen if she quit immediately? How do you ever know what will happen in life? And if she’s not lacking anything, she wouldn’t be working, she will dedicate her life taking care her in-laws’ family.

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Kang Man Ho asks Ji Hye to come to his office during lunch time. As he didn’t see her in the morning. He asks if she’s busy, in which she explains yes as she has to write script for a popular radio program every day. Truthfully, Man Ho doesn’t know much about her job, radio, broadcasting, etc. He asks if she earns lots of money as people who work in broadcasting stations do. She explains that only famous writer receives high salary. He then asks how much does she earn.

He teases that that broadcasting station takes away his smart daughter-in-law and works her to death. After Ji Hye discloses her salary, her father-in-law is shocked. He mentions that her company is such a thief. He then offers her to work in the Shinyang group, he offers her triple times her current salary. He’s wondering why she insists to work in that broadcasting station, if she follows her mom-in-law’s demands, then everything won’t be too stressful for her.

Man Ho wants Ji Hye to be like her sister-in-law, but if she still wants to work, then, he’ll give her a special treatment. Give him a grandson / granddaughter. And if Ji Hye is able to give him a grandson, he’ll reward her with 10% (or even more) company stocks.

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PD Lee invites her for a drink, and the madam interviewer (PD Lee2 ^^) who interviewed Hye Jung joined them. Actually the reason why PD Lee decided to interview another writer was because of PD Lee2’s advice. Because she doesn’t want PD Lee to go through the same shock as she was few years ago. Hye Jung suddenly told her she was getting married and gave a very short notice that she would quit from her announcer job. She thought Ji Hye would do the same thing as her sister-in-law.

She complains that Hye Jung didn’t invite her work colleagues to her wedding although they worked together in the same team for 5 long years. PD Lee2 knew Hye Jung’s mysterious past, but she decides it’s best to leave all the bad memories in the past.

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Hye Jung is at her mom’s apartment. She sorts out her stuffs. She smiles as she reads her diary and recalls many happy memories. She then packs her stuffs, all her memories from her broadcasting job, and she buries them away.


Hye Jung pleads her husband to come home, but he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want to meet his dad and be scolded by him. She believes she must be happy revealing that secret money laundering info to his dad. He doesn’t want her to be his wife anymore.

He is currently staying with Mi Ra; who is a very attentive daughter & sister. He’s wondering who she called, in which she explains it’s her family. Everyone has a family, right?

Tae Jin wants to end his marriage, in which Mi Ra tells him she’ll help him.

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Moonlight golf lesson by romantic husband, Tae Wook. He teaches her to lower her shoulder, to tighten her grip. But Ji Hye is not in a mood to learn golf. She’s tired. Tae Wook understands, so no more lesson for tonight. Anyway, he promises to talk to his mother again.

Ji Hye then asks if she can visit her sister’s house because she misses her sister & her nieces. But she wants to go alone, without Tae Wook.

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Ji Hye calls her sister that she’s coming to their house. Min Joo is so excited that aunt is coming. When Ji Sun’s trying to ask if she’s coming with Tae Wook, Ji Hye was already hung up.

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But their happiness don’t last long, as Jang Soo comes home carrying a huge bag on his back. Ji Sun’s in-laws are moving in, today. They’ll stay in Ji Hye’s room.

Ji Sun tells him, they can’t move in now as Tae Wook is coming. Then, her in-laws arrive with their luggage. There’s no turning back. They’re here. If Ji Sun is unhappy with the new living arrangement, then, she can talk to Eun Hee. Her mom-in-law is sick of her daughters-in-law and doesn’t want to listen to Ji Sun’s argument.

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Hyun Woo is still working on Sunday, Kyung Min is really grateful for his hardworking partner. When he asks about one particular project (Shinyang’s group propject), Kyung Min brushes it off. He didn’t tell Hyun Woo because he knew he dislikes Shinyang’s group. This time, he promises he got this project without receiving any bribes.

Kyung Min is wondering why Se Kyung refused to have meal with him.She told him she’s buried with work. Did Hyun Woo and Se Kyung have a fight? Are they still fighting now?

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Ji Hye is relaxing and enjoying her time with her family. Min Joo is incredibly happy to see her Aunt again.

Min Jung is shocked that her Aunt carries a 5million won handbag and she begs Aunt to lend it for her. She’s surprised that Ji Hye doesn’t even know the brand name of the handbag she carries. Ji Sun orders Min Jung to give the bag back to Aunt, but no, she wants to carry it, even if it’s only for one day. Min Jung then brings up the jaw surgery again, much to Ji Sun’s dismay. 😀

While Ji Sun is “dealing” with her daughter’s obsession with this surgery and to get her to return the bag back to her aunt, her mom-in-law asks a naive question, what kind of bag is 5million won? For that kind of money, if they lived off of Ji Sun’s money, they can buy a tiny basement room.

Ji Hye leaves after a very quick visit, Ji Sun tells her it’s still her family home so feel free to come anytime she wants. And please come with Tae Wook too.

Ji Sun explains that they’re having this kind of hard situation as her brother-in-law is having an affair, her sister-in-law left home and their houses are being sold. When Ji Sun notices Ji Hye’s foreign car, she wants to borrow this car.


Ji Hye arrives at her favorite coffee shop. At the same time, Hyun Woo is walking past the shop. Another coincidence?

Brief Comment

Awww Ji Hye, our heroine who turned her family upside-down before her marriage and now she’s turning her in-laws family’s upside-down with her stubbornness. She hasn’t done any research about the family she’s married into; now she complains that she never even dreamed that all this no-work-issue would drive everyone crazy. I admire her persistence to keep working in her area of expertise, but in the world of wealthy families, unfortunately, she can’t live her own life like she used to live. They will control their family member and suppress them like birds in a cage. This reminds me of one actress who married into a wealthy family at the peak of her career. After her marriage, she quit the entertainment world. Unfortunately, her marriage didn’t last long. She went through a very messy divorce and had to renounce the custody of her children to her in-laws. Marrying into a wealthy family, especially the powerful family has its own benefits and obstacles. Ji Hye is too prideful to transform herself as Shinyang’s group perfect daughter-in-law and Tae Wook is not brave enough to stand up for his wife. He kept saying that he’d talk to his mother, but he hasn’t done it.

I love the Chairwoman! I’m glad she’s able to talk some senses to Eun Hee. I think Eun Hee will start rebuilding her life by working with the Chairwoman or use the money from her apartments to start new business. I can’t wait to see Seung Soo’s shocked expression when his wife comes back as a very stronger woman and begs for her to accept him back. Knowing Eun Hee, I think she will definitely accept him back with open arms. She’s too kind. She’s too sweet. She’s a great wife & mom. And as she’s the owner of her parents-in-law’s apartment, it’s proven that she’s a great daughter-in-law too.


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