Goddess of Marriage Episode 17 Recap

After spending a very short quality time with her sister & her family, Ji Hye drives to her favorite cafe.

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Feeling very stuffy at work, Hyun Woo escapes from his office to grab a cup of coffee from the same cafe. Of course in the dramaland, the writer prefer to keep them apart to prolong the story, so they don’t bump into each other here. Ji Hye arrives first, and leaves as soon as her husband calls her. Tae Wook doesn’t force her to go home immediately, he wants her to enjoy her well deserved break, but Ji Hye chooses to go home although she hasn’t finished her drink. As Ji Hye drives away from the cafe, Hyun Woo arrives after enjoying a long slow walk in the same footpath where Ji Hye let go his hand and decided to walk away from his life. He then sits at the same table where Ji Hye previously sat and looked at the cup of coffee with pink lipstick mark on it.

This coffee shop held an unforgettable painful memory for this couple, the place where Hyun Woo painfully pushed her away from his life because he didn’t want her to break her father’s heart. It’s poignant that both Ji Hye & Tae Wook sit at the same chair where they sat last time. It feels like Hyun Woo is sitting in front of Ji Hye and vice-versa. Both of them reminisce the conversation they had last time they sat in the exact same chair.

Ji Hye arrives at the mansion as her mom-in-law friends leave after playing golf with Tae Wook’s mom. They greet Shinyang Group’s youngest daughter-in-law who is incredibly busy although today is Sunday. They assume her mom-in-law let her to go out. They then invite her to have dinner with their daughters-in-law sometimes in the future.

Tae Wook is having a very hard time convincing & persuading his stubborn mom who demands him to do whatever she asked him to do. No more arguments, no more discussions.

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As soon as she sees Ji Hye’s standing behind her, she asks her to sit down. Tae Wook tries to protect his sweetheart so he orders her to leave and stay at their house while he talks with his mother. He tells her to go. Mom is hurt watching her own son & daughter-in-law disobey and disrespect her. She curses at Ji Hye & Tae Wook then she hits her youngest son. She blames Ji Hye for coaching & turning her husband into someone who rebels against his own mother. No longer able to take all these harsh treatments & words from her mom-in-law, Ji Hye runs to her house and cries her heart out. Tae Wook follows her and silently he’s standing in front of their room, unable to do anything to comfort his wife.

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At Ji Sun’s place, while everyone else is enjoying their Sunday, she’s busy working on a dough for handmade Kal-noodle. Her mom-in-law whines that she’s starving and is about to collapsed from hunger (although she’s currently eating a boiled corn). Her son comes home and complains that Ji Sun called him in the middle of his class just to buy pumpkin & clam. Ji Sun explodes that nobody in this house helped her. So who else could she call for help?

Then, the troublemaker Seung Soo shows up. Mom-in-law invites him to have lunch here as Ji Sun is making Kal-noodle. Ji Sun is rolling the dough with her super speed power, Seung Soo demands his sister-in-law to tell Eun Hee’s whereabouts as he believes she’s the only one who knows it.  He shouts at Ji Sun who finally explodes with anger. Ji Sun screams back at him. Mom-in-law defends her favorite son and is upset that Ji Sun yells at him. Ji Sun doesn’t want him to scream & shout at her house, if he wants to do that, do it at his own home.

But Eun Hee has put that house on sale. Seung Soo who believes it’s HIS house is dismayed that Eun Hee sold the house without discussing it with him. It’s very inconsiderate of her. Ji Sun laughs when he mentioned “considerate” and then asks if he discussed it with Eun Hee before he had any affair with Cynthia.

Did he even stop for a moment and think what’s the reason behind Eun Hee’s decision to sell this house? How bad she felt that she chose to take this drastic decision. Btw, why did Seung Soo come back home? He should live a long life with Cynthia.

Seung Soo doesn’t want to answer all these questions, he only wants to know her whereabouts and the reason why she didn’t pick up her phone. Of course nobody knows why she did that, but Ji Sun believes she’s not picking up the phone for a very simple reason: she just doesn’t want to pick it up. By saying this, Ji Sun just adds fuel to this burning fire. Anyway, Seung Soo is fed up with everything and leaves. Thank you! But his kind-hearted brother still asks him to stay for Kal-noodle. Dad is stunned listening to all this argument because he didn’t know that Eun Hee has put the house for sale.

Jang Woo chases Dad who prefer to die out of starvation than eating the food that Ji Sun makes. But Jang Woo begs him not to make any hasty decision. He goes back to his Aunt’s house and tells dad don’t even regret his decision. Seung Soo grabs his phone and calls Eun Hee.

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Meanwhile, Eun Hee is ecstatic, jumping up & down, that her husband calls her. She’s contemplating to answer it as this is the first time her husband calls her after she left 2 months ago. The chairwoman grabs her phone and cynically read out loud the caller’s name (“the most fabulous husband”). She removes Eun Hee’s handphone’s battery and throws it to the floor. She then throws the handphone to the floor as well. Eun Hee is wondering the reason why her husband’s calling her, maybe because of Jang Woo or maybe he reflected his behavior & wants to apologize to her (hmm, this won’t happen in million years, Eun Hee!).

The chairwoman wants her to come to her sense, and cut off all communication with her husband as she’s previously told her. It’s okay to talk with her son, but not to her husband. She needs to find the time & the self that she lost when she dedicated her life to Seung Soo, and then focusing herself to transform and grow as a mature woman.

But what is she doing now? She’s peeling garlic!

Eun Hee is too happy when she finally receives the call she’s been waiting for since she left home 2 months ago. The chairwoman compares her to a puppy, when a puppy is missing, the owner will frantically search for it all day long. But, her husband, didn’t even care about her until 2 months later.

Eun Hee believes he calls because of Jang Woo. And then she tries to fix her handphone.

Meanwhile, the chairwoman is calling her niece, who is coincidentally, the wife of Seung Soo & Cynthia’s CEO (I will call her “Madame”).

Cynthia is currently at her CEO’s house, enjoying a cup of tea with him and his wife (Madame). Cynthia’s husband is coming to Korea soon. The CEO asks if Seung Soo is bothering her, in which she replies she’s having a really hard time because of him. He shakes his head.

The Chairwoman asks her niece if Noh Seung Soo works at their broadcasting station and when she says yes, the Chairwoman demands her to tell her husband to fire him as he’s a really bad guy. Madame is stunned as her husband & Cynthia are just talking about this same person just then. Is he really that bad?

Eun Hee is waiting in anticipation for her husband to call her again. But he doesn’t call again, instead, he sent her a threatening text message. He wants her to cancel the property transaction and to call him as they need to talk. Otherwise, he won’t leave her alone and he won’t forgive her for selling the house.

Trembling Tae Jin is at his dad’s office after hiding at Mi Ra’s house. His curses at him again. He then asks Dad to hit him, just like what he did last time at their mansion. But Dad tells him he’ll prepare the election funds and establish official campaign funds, with the catch: he’ll have to come home and never conduct any shady business again. Man Ho will do everything according to the rule as he blames himself he didn’t notice his son’s political ambitions and dreams. He orders his son follow the rules and win the election. Dad demands him to come home immediately and to spend time with his family. Be there during breakfast, accompany his wife & daughters.

Man Ho wants his son to co-operate with Hye Jung and to conceive a son, their third child. Dad pushes him to give him the first grandson so they can establish Shinyang Group’s line of succession. Dad is aware that Ji Hye will be able to give him a grandson he’s been longing to have too. But he wants the first grandson comes from Tae Jin and Hye Jung. Tae Jin is annoyed that his dad now meddles with his marital affairs. Anyway, because he needs the money, he tries to oblige to his father’s demand and decides to go home. On the way home, he recalls the moment where Hye Jung tried to “seduce” him. Now he knows the reason behind it.

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Hye Jung arrives home to an unexpected pleasant surprise – her husband is home (dressed in bathrobe) and is singing Gwiyomi with their cute daughters.

Coldly, Hye Jung asks why he’s here because he returned earlier than what she expected. He replies that he made a deal with his dad, just like Hye Jung did (a deal to conceive a son). He concludes that Hye Jung is a scary woman. Tae Jin thought if Hye Jung has shared her ovulation dates with her father-in-law. If she did that, then, she’s really amazing. How could she plan on something that intimate? Tae Jin totally doesn’t understand her. He starts to undress her as he explains that he can’t touch any woman if he doesn’t have any desire for her. He sarcastically compliments her as a very amazing woman. Then, Hye Jung asks him to back off. Of course he won’t do that, Hye Jung pursued him to go back home. He’s now home, so she can’t be fussy.

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Tae Jin knows exactly about the deal although his dad didn’t tell him. He knows that after Hye Jung is able to produce an heir for the company, then his dad will give her the company’s stocks and make Hye Jung a powerful shareholder.

But, he has made his decision. From this moment on, he will not touch Hye Jung. She will sleep alone and live all alone. He’s just going to be Yoo Jin & Yoo Ri’s dad because Hye Jung doesn’t love him. And he’s not the type who loves the same woman for long time anyway, he’s spontaneous, changeable and impulsive at times. He might made mistakes when he’s drunk, but he never planned things like what Hye Jung is doing at the moment. If he actually “planned” it, he would never marry her.

People who grew up without much hardship have built a strong foundation & beliefs that when they care for the other person, this person will care for them too. But he becomes a victim now. Perhaps woman only likes him because of his money. People who lacks money, they think too much. They think from different angle and do things differently. This made many rich people became lonely.

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Tae Jin changes his clothes, getting ready to leave as he tells Hye Jung that all he has to do is to be present at the breakfast table. He’ll do that, so please don’t ask for anything else. She pleads him not to do that. But Tae Jin tells her that from this moment, they’re divorced. Nobody else should know about this fact. He has never taken a greed woman who tattled on her husband and took his seed to become a successful person, as his wife. He wishes her luck and leaves.

Tae Wook decides to eat his simple breakfast at home as Ji Hye pleads to him to put his act together because it puts her in more difficult position. He’s been avoiding his mom. He instructs Ji Hye to stop interfering as this is between him and his mother. It’s not her problem. If he can’t keep his promise to his own wife, then Ji Hye won’t be able to trust him. He doesn’t want to receive this kind of judgement from the person he loves and he’d rather be in 3 years confrontation with his mother.

Mom tells dad it’s no use to raise up sons, their eldest runs away to USA, and their youngest didn’t turn up at breakfast. Ji Hye is the same as her husband. Dad tells mom he recently talked to Ji Hye about it and reassures mom that money is really good. People change after they receive money.

Ji Hye’s PD is agitated that she hasn’t met her deadline. Her segment will start soon, but she hasn’t finished her manuscript. She promises to finish it up as soon as possible. Busy and hectic work as Ji Hye is piling up with work. Ji Hye finally finishes her manuscript just in a nick of time. But trouble trouble. She mixed up the song list and they can’t take it off the air as the song is currently being played on-air. Ji Hye’s work quality declines as she has to deal with lots of troubles at home.

Se Kyung calls Hyun Woo, cries but unable to say anything. Then she hang up, cries her heart out. James comforts her.

Yeong Joo calls Ji Hye about the broadcast error and asks if it’s her mistake. Ji Hye tells her that it feels like everything she’s doing is a mess, she’s doing more harm than good nowadays.

Early morning chaos at Ji Sun’s place as she prepares breakfast for everyone who’s still sleeping. Mom-in-law is upset that Ji Sun screams her lung as she yells to wake them up in the early morning. Dad is folding the blanket as he is aware they must help when they stay at other people’s house. But Mom tells him it’s their son’s house. Dad explains this house is under Ji Sun & Jang Soo’s names, so if Ji Sun hates them and kicks them out, they can’t do anything else. Mom, just be considerate to your son & daughter-in-law, okay?

Ji Sun is still yelling that nobody helps her. Min Jung is ready to go as she has an announcer test and she’ll try her best until she gets accepted.

Ji Sun slips on Min Joo’s homework art and hurt her leg. Min Joo is really upset that Mom ruins it.

Min Jung arrives at the broadcasting station. She looks around the room as the others practice hard and the insecure Min Jung compares herself with them, especially with the one who had plastic surgery.

She takes the test confidently. When asked when she wanted to become an announcer, she explains it’s her childhood dream and she’s greatly influenced by her uncle Announcer No Seung Soo.

Meanwhile, Seung Soo’s manager forces him to resign, it’s an order from the President. He must resign quietly. His CEO is more conservative & sensitive to rumors (his scandal with Cynthia). He defends himself explaining that strange rumors usually surfaced when men & women work together. It’s not proven yet. They’re all lies. But Cynthia has already confessed everything to the President. According to her, Seung Soo inappropriately treated her and obsessed with her. It’s a sexual harassment.

Seung Soo marches to Cynthia’s house, bang the door. But instead of meeting Cynthia, he’s escorted out by the security guards.

Ji Sun works hard again preparing dinner as her mom-in-law whines and whinges that she only ate bread this morning and she was starved all day. Ji Sun tells her that she hasn’t even changed her work cloth and is really hot & uncomfortable, so please leave the kitchen.

As Jang Soo knows that his wife is cooking Monkfish stew, he bought soju. Her son is also whinged that he’s really hungry. The mom-in-law asks if Ji Sun bought shrimp, mini conch and mountain herb. Don’t worry, mom, Ji Sun bought all these ingredients already. So stop, nagging, please.

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Seung Soo sits outside Ji Sun’s apartment building, depleted, upset, depressed. Cynthia sent him a text message, apologizing. She explains that both of them can’t fall together at the same time. She really loves him but it’s impossible for them to continue this relationship. Her husband and their work colleagues already discovered their secret and she can’t give them up for him. She’s a woman who takes a pleasure in love, not a woman who believes in love. Is love forever? It’s not. So let’s go on their separate ways now. She thanks him for giving her good memories, she won’t forget all these memories, and she bids him goodbye.

It seems like the Heaven also agrees with Cynthia as it opens up with pouring rain.

Jang Woo is surprised to see Dad is sitting like a loser there, and he asks him to come to Aunt’s house. Jang Woo is going there to eat monkfish stew. But Seung Soo stays still. He doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Eun Hee glances at the pouring rain then she looks at Jang Woo’s pictures on her phone. She now that it’s time for her to rebuild her life.

Breakfast at Kang’s household. A very intense atmosphere. Man Ho asks Ji Hye when she’s going to start working at Shinyang’s Group. Everyone is stunned.

At work, Ji Hye is not joining her work colleagues for lunch and prefer to stay at the station. She reflects what her dad-in-law said during breakfast, she think and finally makes a very hard decision.

Hyun Woo is curious about the mysterious caller who called him the other day.

Se Kyung is going to work all night long so James is being taken care by one of the guard. A mysterious man comes at her wedding shop.

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Ji Hye’s work colleagues return from their lunch, Ji Hye who thought deeply during lunch break decides to… resign from her job. She firmly believe it’s the best decision that works out the best for everyone, for her family, for her work colleagues, for herself. She believes she did more harm than good lately. She knows that the broadcasting station will be fine, a great writer will come. They ask her to visit frequently. She bids them goodbye, carrying a box of her hard work home.

She cries her heart out in the car as she listens to her last radio program, the announcer plays a beautiful farewell song to her. They wish her the best for her married life and pray she’ll have a child soon. They will never forget how beautiful, pure soul Ji Hye has touched the viewers & viewed the world with a warm heart. Hyun Woo silently listens to segment.

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But then, Hyun Woo receives a frantic call from tearful Se Kyung who asks him to come. Her place is a bit shattered with broken glass everywhere.

That mysterious guy is arrested by the police and Hyun Woo arrives and it’s very shocked to see a very shattered, bruised Se Kyung. That mysterious guy was the man who received stocks from Se Kyung. He came back, to blackmail her. After he drank too much wine, he threatened her he’d kill her if she didn’t date him again. He broke stuffs and threw the wine glasses. She’s so scared so she called the police but that man destroyed her handphone too and hit her before the police came.

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She thought she would die, she was so scared. Then she put her head on Hyun Woo’s chest. Clinging and holding on dearly & tightly like a little child to her mother.

Brief Comment

Tae Wook, I’m glad he kept his promises. But it’s all about him. He doesn’t want to try to understand and dig deep into his wife’s heart. Ji Hye has finally cracked under pressure and she resigned from her beloved, treasured job! The job which made her different from her sisters-in-law. The job which made her, herself. Can we ask Eun Hee’s chairwoman to talk some sense to Ji Hye too? Can we? Please! I love this Chairwoman! In split of seconds, she’s able to turn Eun Hee’s life around, to the better; and Seung Soo’s life to the worst. An amazing woman who uses her power wisely. Both Eun Hee and Seung Soo now have to start re-buiding their lives. And it’s up to them to choose the right path for them. Eun Hee is on the right track, meanwhile her layabout husband is… hmm… hopefully he will soon be on the right track. He needs to swallow his pride and move on.

Cynthia, wow, thank you. She’s honest. And she doesn’t want other man ruining her married life and her career. She’s a very determined strong woman. Not surprise that she doesn’t believe in love. But at least she is aware that her husband loves her and she wants to hold on to his love.

Hyun Woo finally realizes that there’s no turning back. Ji Hye is gone from his life. And he has Se Kyung who really needs him, he needs to save & protect her from that guy. Will he do it? Will he try to accept her love? Will he become her shining armor?

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