Goddess of Marriage Episode 18 Recap

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Exhausted senior prosecutor Tae Wook arrives home carrying piles of documents. He thought he was unable to go home due to his work, but he decided to bring all documents home. He glances at the box and Ji Hye’s handbag; then he hears Ji Hye’s cries from their bedroom.

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Ji Hye reveals that she quit her job, she couldn’t continue working with all these pressures. She hates Tae Wook, she hates his family, she feels like she’s dying now. Like one part of her died when she left the job that she really loved & treasured in the last 10 years. Because of this job, she was able to finish her study. She was able to give money to her father & nieces, nephew. This job was everything for her. But everything was over in one morning.

Tae Wook tries to calm her down, he promises he’ll make this work. (But how, Tae Wook?) She asks if he feels better that he’s turning her into an obedient daughter-in-law for his family. Ji Hye wants to be alone, she asks him to leave their bedroom. Then Tae Wook glances over to the big mansion across the road, his eyes are brimming with tears. He’s unable to do anything for the woman he really loves.

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The next morning, a sleepy Tae Wook wakes up as Ji Hye is getting ready for the breakfast preparation at the mansion.

Sister-in-law Hye Jung is giving Ji Hye another hard time, like everything Ji Hye is doing is all wrong in front of her eyes. The news spread really fast as Hye Jung knew that Ji Hye quit her job. She advises Ji Hye that the amount of work she needs to learn is huge, she needs to learn about this household’s living matters & attending to her in-laws’ taste preferences. Moreover, she also needs to learn controlling her facial expressions & emotions.


Tae Jin is missing, so Man Ho asks Hye Jung about his whereabouts. Mom tells Dad that Tae Jin didn’t come home yesterday. Hye Jung defends him that he’s really busy because the election is just around the corner. Dad is wondering if he’s doing something else, but Mom asks him to stop talking about it as the kids are here. Dad asks Hye Jung to ensure he’ll be there tomorrow morning.

Privately, Dad asks Mom why Ji Hye’s expression is like a corpse. He knew she quit her job. And he’s going to appoint her as the newsletter team leader. It’s his present fo her. Tae Wook is a prosecutor, Tae Jin is in politic; he needs to balance the stockholders by involving his family members in the company.

Mom dislikes the idea of Ji Hye’s going to work, even if it’s at Shinyang Group. There are lots of things she wants to teach to Ji Hye, to shape her into the perfect Cheongdamdong’s daughter-in-law. Mom wants to show her off to the other chaebol families. Dad reassures her that Ji Hye is a team leader in the name only, she only needs to show her face two days a week. Mom can call her anytime she likes. And if she gets pregnant, they’ll keep her home anyway. Mom loves the new arrangement!


Ji Hye re-organizes her work stuff. Her friend calls and questions her decision. Ji Hye tells her that the money she earns couldn’t even pay for a month’s wage of the family’s maid, and she’s told she can carry something more prestigious if she’ll do whatever her in-laws ask her to do. Money is not everything which can be valued, but for her in-laws, they measure value & utility through money. On top of that, no matter how hard she tries, she just couldn’t do anything else. So quitting her job was the best choice she made.

She looks at the box and silently cries.

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Tae Wook breaks the news to Ji Sun, who is surprised because she knew Ji Hye truly loved her job. Tae Wook feels like he made sin against Ji Sun who thought he planned it all along with his parents. Ji Sun has already warned him prior to his marriage, but he’s not able to prevent Ji Hye from having to quit her job. Remember that Ji Hye doesn’t have to eat, but she needs to read, even if she can’t sleep, she needs to write. She already told him that Ji Hye is like a glass egg, if she gets broken daily & sticks him with those sharp edges, what will he do?

Tae Wook told her he was confident back then.

Ji Hye watched her sister for 25 years, through her ups and downs until she finally succeeded to become the Director. Ji Hye can’t live without working. She needs to work her whole life, raise her children well, just like her sister.

Jang Soo asks Ji Sun to hang up and stop showing off to Tae Wook.

He wants to know what she will do about Seung Soo. Is she going to stay like this forever? Ji Sun tells him that it’s her responsibility to be a good daughter-in-law for her parents-in-law. But she doesn’t want to take any responsibility and take care Jang Soo’s whinging little brother. It’s outside her boundary.

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Seung Soo and Jang Woo can only silently watch as the new owner is moving their stuffs to their house. Jang Woo tells him that the new owner has a daughter his age, she must be so happy since she has a house now. He’s saying this not to make fun of his father, but it’s just because life is so lonely sometimes. He’s going to leave all his thoughts here and go, move on with his life.

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Seung Soo drags his luggage and stop in front of Ji Sun’s apartment building. He insists that he won’t step into her house. Hi son is going to live with them. When asked if he has somewhere to live, he says yes. He’ll pick his son soon, and tells him to follow his aunt’s order. Jang Woo asks if he can stay here as well and listen to Ji Sun. But no, he is too prideful to do that.  He wishes his son well, be confident. And then he leaves.

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Meanwhile, the Chairwoman and Eun Hee are inspecting the factory and the machine which makes the pressure cookers’ lids. She praised one manager who gave her this cool idea.

She asks Eun Hee’s opinion about the factory and informs her she’s going to work here from now on as a section chief to replace the preview section chief who quit because of his diabetes. She needs someone she can trust.

But it’s her principle to not trust just anyone with her money and to always suspect those who she trusts. Can Eun Hee accept her principle?

If she can, then she got herself a great job. During the day, she works here and she’ll go to study & go to the supplemental school at night. And maybe she’ll find a man she can marry. She should take this chance to rebuild her life. Eun Hee is grateful with the opportunity, but she insists she won’t remarry. Her heart still belongs to Seung Soo. She will work hard, and come back to her family as a stronger woman.


Eun Hee finally has the guts to call her beloved son, Jang Woo. She calls him while the family is having dinner, and all eyes are onto him as he picks up the call from his mum.Grandma wants to talk to Eun Hee, smart Jang Woo decides to talk to his mum in his bedroom.

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Jang Woo assures his worried mum that he’s doing well, eating well and studying well. He has his own room at Aunt’s place, Ji Sun cleaned up the storage room and turned it into a bedroom for him.

Eun Hee asks about Seung Soo, and if he’s with Jang Woo now. No, his father is not with him, he doesn’t even know where he is now. But one thing he knows for sure, he’ll go back to pick Jang Woo and one day, they will live together again.

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The grandma storms into the room and finally unleashes the anger she’s been suppressing in the last few days.

“You sold your in-law’s apartment & your own apartment? You dare to make your son & husband homeless? You call yourself a human being after doing all these and without expressing any remorse, you are now calling your family? As you left on her own accord, don’t ever come back!”

Jang Soo calms his mom down. But she can’t bear watching her son living in the street. She can’t stop complaining, whinging, yelling at Eun Hee. Then Eun Hee hang up! Much to her mom-in-law’s dismay who then cries out for her beloved baby son who didn’t marry the right woman.

Eun Hee decides to forget about everything her mom-in-law said by working extra harder.


Seung Soo is now living in a very small unit, calling his friends to find anchorman job for him. He just want to live clean now.

He’s doing his laundry inside his unit. But because he didn’t set-up the clothesline properly, every time he tries to hang more clothes, the clothes fall to the floor. He tries to do it all over again, until he gives up.

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Ji Sun asks how Ji Hye’s feeling who tells her coolly that it’s like she’s starting a brand new life. She’s brainwashing herself. Otherwise, she might ask for a divorce from Tae Wook. Whoa… Her dad will collapse from shock if he hears this “divorce” word.

Ji Hye is on the way to a famous cooking class in Cheongdamdong. All the newlyweds daughters-in-law meet there. Her mom-in-law asks her to go there to learn new thing and come back with newly refined poise. Ji Hye is not into these kind of things so she’s thinking where she can run away to. She’s not a great cook. What will happen if she go to the cooking class and make a fool of herself & her in-law’s family?

Ji Sun advises her to go, don’t run away from her responsibility as Shinyang Group’s youngest daughter’s in law. Ji Hye  knows there will be huge consequences waiting for her if she decides to avoid her responsibility, there’s no other way, she has to go. It will get better as time goes, says Ji Sun.

But when we look at Ji Sun’s family current situation, things definitely do NOT get better as time goes. She’s now questioning why women (her, her sister-in-law, her sister) get married and live like this? Who invented marriage in the first place?  Whoever invented marriage probably was a man, because according to Ji Sun, marriage is disadvantages to woman. Then Ji Sun’s light-bulb moment! If they can turn back time, and unite all women together, they can make the Earth in the beginning for their advantages! That will be cool.

Anyway, Ji Sun tells her sister not to get discourage. As a writer, she doesn’t need to build her work experience so she can easily return to work. For now, just play along with her in-laws’ demands and when opportunity arise, she can go back to workforce.


Hyun Woo receives a call from Se Kyung who is waiting in front of his office.

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Se Kyung is happy to meet her shining armor who saved & protected her from that man who blackmailed her. She’s here to treat him lunch.

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Se Kyung brought 4 lunch boxes, beautifully presented lunch boxes. It’s delicious, says Hyun Woo. She gives him lotus root, unaware that it’s Hyun Woo’s favorite food. His mum used to pack this on his lunch boxes. Just then, his mom calls. It’s her day off and she wants to have lunch with her son.

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He tells her she’s in the coffee shop close to his office. So mom goes there and finds Hyun Woo with Se Kyung. Hyun Woo invites mum to join their lunch. Mom agrees and tastes Se Kyung’s food and complements her. Se Kyung actually didn’t make all the food, her maid helped her. But it’s her thought that counts, and it’s nice to see the three of them enjoying lunch together, getting to know each other more.

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In the cooking class, Ji Hye with the other daughters-in-law are learning about healthy course meal. Ji Hye looks really frightened she’ll make mistakes and make a fool of herself.

One of the woman greets her and asks what took her so long to join this class as everyone’s been waiting to meet her. Let’s be friends as they’ll definitely meet each other often, not only in this cooking class.


A big success for the Shinyang Group. Their stocks value has been re-valuated & increased from $70 to $150 per share. Man Ho proudly glances at his capable smart daughter-in-law. Their half yearly revenue increased by 25.9%. The renewal sales of their hotel and the increase in sales will recover the group’s finance by the third quarter. They forecast record high increase from the third quarter to second quarter next year. The board of directors praise Man Ho & Hye Jung, he has a great daughter-in-law.

Hye Jung looks at the directors sharply. Man Ho is in a very good spirit, which is rare.

She then calls her young sister-in-law who just finished her cooking class. As she has to accompany Man Ho for dinner appointment tonight, she asks Ji Hye a favor to buy a new sandal for Yoo Ri on her way home. She’ll call the store to get it ready for Ji Hye. Moreover, as Hye Jung fired the kids’ art tutor (Mi Ra), she also asks Ji Hye to help her daughters’ studies. Let’s help each other. She’ll treat her for dinner later.

On the way home, her mom-in-law is calling her to ask her to stop by at one coffee shop to buy a particular brand of coffee. It’s supposed to be Hye Jung’s job but because she’s too busy lately, she didn’t realize they’re running out of coffee. Mom already called the store to prepare it for Ji Hye. Mom then orders her to show a brighter expression.

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Ji Sun is going crazy, preparing dinner all by herself. Her husband gets up, wanting to help his wife, but mom asks him to sit down, let Ji Sun do all the work. But Jang Soo is a really supportive husband, so he ignores his mom’s advice.

Today is the grandpa’s birthday, there’s no cakes. He recalls the birthday cake incident on his wife’s birthday, so he doesn’t want a cake on his birthday. It’s too traumatic, says mom.

Filial son Jang Woo calls his dad who’s eating a ramen at his small unit, asking if he’s coming over as today is his grandfather’s birthday. He totally forgot about his own dad’s birthday!

Everyone is enjoying the food Ji Sun made. Then, Seung Soo arrives. Ji Sun is definitely not happy to see the trouble-maker Seung Soo at her house. But as it’s the dad’s birthday, so they try to reconcile their differences, for today.

Mom is very happy to see her beloved son, Anchor No, who hugs his mom faking his crocodile tears. Mom whines he’s getting so much thinner. She asks her grandchildren to greet their uncle / Jang Woo to greet his dad. He compliments the kids (fakely). Jang Soo invites him to join their dinner, to taste the seaweed soup, but Ji Sun pull his ears and scolds him (secretly).

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Then Min Jung arrives home, crying. She failed another announcer test, her last chance this year. Everyone in the living room overhears her cries, and pity her. But her uncle, who’s enjoying a seaweed soup proudly exclaims that she still has her uncle who’ll give her lessons so she can ace her next test.

Ji Sun is really upset and can’t stop crying because it felt like she’s the one who failed. She should let her daughter do the plastic surgery. As her parents, they should support their daughter. Now, all doors have closed for her this year, no more tests she can take.

Jang Soo motivates his wife, questioning where would people find parents like them who really support their children.

Should they work at the broadcasting station so she can has connection? Many daughters with “right” connection got in.  But Jang Soo believes without any connection, Min Jung will also get accepted.

Seung Soo is looking at Jang Woo’s room and says it’s large. Of course it’s larger than his small flat. He tells his son there’s someone / family who live in a flat smaller than his room. So be grateful.


Seung Soo actually brought his luggage and left it outside. When everyone is in their room, quietly, he drags his luggage to Ji Sun’s house. But Ji Sun finds out about it. He said he’s leaving, but he’s moving in! He holds his luggage dearly, begging Ji Sun to let him stay at her house.

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Ji Hye is teaching Yoo Ri & Yoo Jin with their writing. She compliments them. They knew Aunt was a writer, so Yoo Ri who wants to be a writer asks Aunt, what will she need to do in order to become a writer. She initially wanted to be a painter but she’s now changed her mind. Ji Hye advises her to read a lot of books. Yoo Jin asks if she can wear glasses just like Aunt Ji Hye. She wants to try wearing Ji Hye’s glasses, at least once. Ji Hye tells her she can’t. As her eyes will get bad, she’s beautiful as the way she is now.

Late at night, Tae Wook arrives home, exhausted. The kids are going home from the newlyweds’ home.

Tae Wook asks what happened, why the girls were at his home.

Ji Hye tells him that Hye Jung asked her to baby-sit their kids. She’s way too exhausted tonight, she apologizes that she can’t be a great companion tonight. She has to serve the household from early morning ’till late night. And today, her sister-in-law & mother-in-law asked her to run errands for them.

When Tae Wook offers to talk to his sister-in-law, Ji Hye puts a stop to it. As it’s all useless. And she asks him to leave, as she wants to be alone.

Hye Jung is trying to persuade his husband to come home. But he says that he promised his dad that his presence is only required during breakfast. He doesn’t need to be there and sleep with his wife. He asks Hye Jung to come to the polling station tomorrow. It’s election day – big day for him.

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At the polling station the next day, Tae Jin & Hye Jung are posing like a sweet married couple.

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Later that night, Kang’s family is waiting anxiously for the result. And great news! Kang Tae Jin won. The parents are very happy, dad proudly proclaims his son has found his calling.

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They’re in very great spirit, except Hye Jung. Senator Tae Jin is definitely in a very great mood too, splashing bonus to his driver and asks him to drop him in front of Mi Ra’s gallery.


But someone else has already waited for him outside the gallery. It’s his wife. Who congratulates him, and asks him to go home if he doesn’t want to end his political career in the blink of an eye. Then she opens the car’s door, asking him to follow her home. Many media will follow him around after this, so it’s better for him to have his self-restraint. Come home, become a family man to avoid scandals & unpleasant rumors.

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Mi Ra is witnessing all this, she can’t believe Tae Jin would betray her. Tae Jin then glances over at Mi Ra, then he follows his wife’s wise advice. He’s coming home. Hye Jung has successfully defeated her biggest opponent.

1 Year Later

Ji Hye receives a call from her best friend in Jejudo, who asks if she’s still alive. Yes, she is, and she’s on the way to work. For the past year, she’s working twice a week as Shinyang’s group’s office team leader.  It’s not fun though. Her friend understands her point-of-view. Ji Hye never said work is no fun when she was working as a radio writer and for sure she will say life is fun if she’s still working as a radio writer / climbs the ladder as the head writer.

Ji Hye’s life is very complicated and even after one year, she is still not in her right mind. That’s why Ji Hye has never called her friend / picked up her call.

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Se Kyung calls her honey, Hyun Woo, who has just finished overseeing one construction site. He’s on the way to meet Se Kyung’s parents, Se Kyung and his mom. Se Kyung offers to pick up his mum from the hospital.

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At the traffic light, both Ji Hye & Hyun Woo’s cars stop. And…


Ji Hye looks to the right…

Hyun Woo glances over to the left…

They both can’t believe their eyes…

After one year, they finally meet again. At the traffic light.

Hyun Woo & Ji Hye’s beautiful encounter…

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Ji Hye speeds up, Hyun Woo tailgates her car.

To prevent accident, Hyun Woo then calls her. He will not follow her anymore. So please take it easy. He just wants to know if she’s doing well, he’s doing well himself.

Hyun Woo has already parked his car. Then Ji Hye also parks her car.

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She steps out of her car and stares at Hyun Woo lovingly. A beautiful encounter on the bridge.

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Brief Comment

One year time jump, finally things are moving in faster pace.

Now we have two annoying mothers-in-law; a sly father-in-law and two adorable fathers-in-law (SS & JS’ father and JS & JH’s father). I really miss Ji Sun & Ji Hye’s father! I hope the writer will bring him back. He’s the only wise, understanding, supportive father in this drama.

Hye Jung is a brave woman, I admire her courage and determination. She confronted her husband in front of his mistress’ place, threatened him and took him home! Can’t wait to see Hye Jung slowly makes her move and unveil her hidden agenda.

Eun Hee is finally rebuilding her life with the Chairwoman’s help. Ah so good. The writer should spend more time developing Eun Hee’s character. She gives a glimmering hope for women who had / is currently having a hard time dealing with their husbands’ infidelity.

Ji Hye and Tae Wook marriage is not built on a strong rock & solid foundation. They both lied to each other. Tae Wook lied about his family, and Ji Hye lied about her fling with Hyun Woo. Tae Wook is too obsessed with Ji Hye that he treated her like (pls forgive me), a trash, prior to their marriage. He pressured her to marry him, disregarded her own feeling & heart. He promised Ji Sun he would protect Ji Hye, but the fact is he’s powerless. His family may be rich and powerful, but he’s just a powerless man. Maybe this is the reason why he chose to be a prosecutor, not working at his parents’ company. At least he can live his life to the fullest, not trapped inside his family’s fortune & influence.

On the other hand, Ji Hye also made mistakes. And yet, she chose to marry Tae Wook. She chose to enter his family’s lives although she didn’t know anything about them, their culture and their awful behavior. She didn’t do any research about wealthy family and how they treat their daughters-in-law. Fortunately, unlike Hye Jung, she’s not a gold digger & power hunger woman.

So, what will happen next? Will Ji Hye leave Tae Wook and his family to pursue her heart’s desire? Will she betray her own husband to be with her soulmate? Will she break Se Kyung’s heart so he can be with Hyun Woo?

Honestly, I hope the writer will not turn her into a cheater wife. I can’t forgive any cheater wife and husband. This will make Ji Hye as bad as Tae Jin and Seung Soo. Unless Tae Wook really changed in the past year and he did something unforgivable to his wife.

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