Goddess of Marriage Episode 19 Recap

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Hyun Woo and Ji Hye finally have a rare chance to catch up at their favorite coffee shop. They swallow their pride & hide their true feeling. With their poker face, they tell their soulmate that they’re doing well. It’s an unbelievable fate that they could meet again like this.

Hyun Woo glances at Ji Hye’s radiant smiles, like she’s enjoying her marriage. Somehow Ji Hye notices Hyun Woo’s somber expression. Nothing has changed much for him in the past year, unlike Ji Hye’s life which has been turned upside-down. As she’s been incredibly busy with house matters, she didn’t even know that a day, a month, a year has passed. She thought she would become an ahjumma with plenty free time after she got married, but she couldn’t think of anything else because she’s really busy.

He asks her the reason she quit her job because he knew she really loved that job. She tells him it’s perfectly normal she got tired doing the same job for 10 years. Now she’s working as a newsletter team leader at her in-law’s company, everyone treats her well, it’s a good position with great salary. About that radio work, it’s all in the past. When she chooses something, she doesn’t have any regret about the past.

Hyun Woo is relieved knowing that Ji Hye is happy with her life and she does look happy. She emphasizes that she is indeed happy, she’s a happily married woman.


Unfortunately time is their enemy as they have another appointment they need to go to. Tae Wook is waiting for Ji Hye at the hospital and Hyun Woo needs to get ready to meet Se Kyung’s parents. He tells her to be healthy & be happy, he’ll cheer for her from his deepest heart.

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Tae Wook is worried that Ji Hye would not come for their appointment with gynecologists (set-up by Tae Wook’s mother). But Ji Hye knew that she couldn’t escape from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, so there’s no use to run away. Honestly, she understands her mom-in-law as she’s an elder and is much older than her; but her sister-in-law is driving her crazy now. She keeps interfering with her business & private life.

Ji Hye doesn’t like doing these kind of tests, because she prefer to do it naturally. Tae Wook feels the same too, but it’s his parents’ command, so they have to do it. The gynecologists are his family doctors. Tae Wook believes both of them don’t have any problems, but let’s do the tests just in case. It’s not bad to get prepared in case something is wrong.

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Ji Hye meets with gynecologist Park Soo Gyung who has a noona-dongsaeng relationship with Tae Wook. Her mother who is also an obstetrician, is in charge with Tae Wook’s test.

She’s shocked that Ji Hye frequently missed her monthly period. After she got married, she didn’t have it for 6 months. She explained that before she got married, she used to miss her period when she was too stressed out from writing. That’s why she thought it’s not a big problem. She even thought that she was pregnant when she didn’t get her period for months after she got married, but the result was negative. Soo Gyung asks about the dark circles under Ji Hye’s eyes and if she had it before she married Tae Wook. No, it happened after. Doctor Soo Gyung who knows Tae Wook’s family for as long as she remember can already guess that Ji Hye’s having a hard time with Tae Wook’s mother & Hye Jung.

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Hyun Woo is running late for the dinner meeting, Se Kyung’s parents & his mom are already waiting for him at the restaurant. When he arrives, Se Kyung runs & clings to him, as her annoyed mum murmurs that her daughter is a mess. She told her daugther repeatedly that she should never be too nice to that kind of guy, but Se Kyung never listened. Hyun Woo apologizes for coming late, Se Kyung’s mom who has straight-forward personality sarcastically tells him he’s always late. Se Kyung defends him that he came late because he’s always busy with work. He makes up excuses that something came up on his way here.

Se Kyung’s dad, Han Jin Gee breaks the cold atmosphere and he introduces himself to his future son-in-law. Jin Gee is a famous architect too, so Hyun Woo calls him “sunbae”. It doesn’t sit well with his irritated wife, who orders Hyun Woo to call him “father”. Jin Gee praises Hyun Woo’s skill and is very proud of him.

Se Kyung’s mum doesn’t like these men discussing about work & business while they’re in a meeting to discuss about their children’s marriage. She’s still bitter that her husband left her alone for 2 whole years to build a cathedral in France. He only came back to Korea for Se Kyung’s engagement, and he’ll definitely go back to France as soon as the engagement ceremony is over. And he will only return to Korea for his daughter’s wedding party. She doesn’t understand workaholic men who leave their women alone. She demands Hyun Woo that he should never put Se Kyung in the same position as her mom. He should never be a workaholic man who leaves his wife alone.


The topic moves on to Hyun Woo & Se Kyung’s engagement ceremony. The couple has decided to skip this ceremony because they’re going to get married in 6 months. Holding two parties within such short timespan is wasting money. Jin Gee and Hyun Woo’s mom agree with their kids’ plan. But Se Kyung’s mom insists they have to hold the engagement party because they want to show off their household’s face. Sarcastically, she tells Hyun Woo’s mom and Hyun Woo that if they decided to skip it because of expenses, then, don’t worry. They will pay for everything.

At home, Se Kyung’s mom is very upset that Se Kyung decided to marry that nurse’s on. And if her husband wants to take side with Se Kyung which love has blinded and turned her into a crazy woman, then, he can just go back to France or sleep in the tiny room.

She doesn’t want Se Kyung to go the same path as hers. She clung to her husband who left her lonely & alone. And she feels like Hyun Woo doesn’t love her daughter. She feels like that Hyun Woo’s mind is somewhere else, although he treats her well, but he’s not like that on the inside. Her intuition always right.

Her husband practically lived in France for 2 years, if he loves her, he would make effort to visit his wife. She senses that he has a woman in France. Jin Gee can’t say anything, and prefer to rest. Of course he has another woman, right?

Mom insists to hold the engagement this week, and wonders why Se Kyung didn’t want to be blessed before getting married to a guy she really loves. Se Kyung is not lacking anything, so why she puts her fingers around the guy who’s so lucky to be loved by her.

Se Kyung doesn’t want to argue more, but if her mom keeps whinging, whining like this, she will live with Hyun Woo & his mum at their home instead of living in the villa next door that her mum has prepared for her & Hyun Woo.

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He knew mum’s pride was badly hurt by Se Kyung’s mum. She pretends nothing is wrong, the food & drink were nice.

She then asks one very important question, what her son really likes about Se Kyung? People who decide to marry usually believe that it should be okay to live with this person forever. There must be part of her that fits his heart perfectly. Now what’s Se Kyung’s part which makes him want to marry her?

He’s speechless, stuttered. And tells mum that Se Kyung is pretty & kind. Mum is a bit surprised because it’s a very general answer. Whether mum likes Se Kyung or not, Hyun Woo is the one who will spend his life & live with her. So she wants her son to be certain with his own feeling. Mom repeats her question, in which Hyun Woo replies with the exact same answer.

She teases her son that she’s also kind & pretty, although she’s older than Se Kyung. So please tell her another (awesome) reason.

He explains that Se Kyung was by his side for a long time. Mom teases him again that she’s by her son’s side much longer than Se Kyung.

Hyun Woo makes another attempt to answer this difficult question. He knows Se Kyung really likes him. And he likes her too, he wants to marry her because he also likes her.

Mom is curious as she feels like her son doesn’t love Se Kyung, but Hyun Woo directly tells mom he really does love her. -End of Discussion- And mom changes the topic to tonight’s unusually hot weather.

Nam Mi Ra opens her gallery door and look who’s here!

Hong Hye Jung….

Who slaps Mi Ra (twice) as soon as she opened the door.

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Mi Ra grabs Hye Jung’s neck, Hye Jung pulls Mi Ra’s hair & head, and we witness one of the nastiest catfight in Korean drama’s history.

Mi Ra challenges Hye Jung to hit her again, go ahead, do it again. But she would never blink at her threats & provocation. Hye Jung who pretends to be so mighty, and hit her husband’s mistress. But her husband grabbed hold his women like what he did to Mi Ra and Hye Jung. Both women use him for their own advantages.

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Hye Jung decides to punch Mi Ra with one final strong stroke.

Then, they finally sit down to talk.

Hye Jung has already told Mi Ra that she can have fun with Tae Jin, touch his body, but she can never touch his money. And she emphasizes this fact to Mi Ra. She’s aware Mi Ra approached him because of his wealth. But did she really have to go to that extent (she stole a lot from Tae Jin and sold cheap paintings exorbitantly)?  If she’s a mistress (concubine), then, try to live up to this position (as a wise concubine).

Then Mi Ra asks Hye Jung if she’s better than her? Her husband wears the wedding ring just to put a show and to prevent rumor about their marriage breakdown.

Mi Ra confesses that from the beginning, she was going to use a little bit of Tae Jin to achieve her ambitions. But Hye Jung also took advantage of her husband. She used Tae Jin ever since she entered his household. She used her in-laws’ family too. Just because she’s modest and compliant to swallow her husband’s household, she did all kinds of things too. People who already heard about Hye Jung’s daring actions call her as a scary woman. Obviously, her father-in-law who really believe her, is the exception.

Hye Jung knows it, but she just doesn’t pay attention to it. She’s never interested with it in the first place. If she’d be afraid of other people, she would never have achieved what she’s achieved.

She keeps putting Mi Ra’s down, believes that she will never beat her. Mi Ra advises that she must start paying attention to what others think.

On her way home, Hye Jung’s personal assistant congratulates her Vice President promotion in advance. The hotel’s profit for the 1st half of the year was a whopping 125Million Dollar. He then notifies her about insider information that the prosecutors are now investigating Senator Kim Yong Shik, who has a close relationship with Tae Jin. Hye Jung should be more cautious about this.

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During breakfast preparation the next morning, Hye Jung only oversees the preparation’s done by Ji Hye and the maids. She tastes the food, gives compliment when it’s due and critics when it’s too salty.

She tells Ji Hye that she’s been working on a report from early morning, and it’s a relief that Ji Hye is here. Anyway, she then asks about the hospital appointment which she did yesterday and hopefully there is not any serious problem. Which prompts Ji Hye to twist her words and asks back if they need to have some kind of problems which prevents her to get pregnant.

The maids decide to leave these two women alone. Hye Jung tells her that she asked because of concern, but Ji Hye twists her words back to her.

Anyway, Hye Jung doesn’t want to argue because she has lots of things to worry about, beside Ji Hye. She doesn’t want to interfere with her personal lives, but she’s her superior in this household. So she has to look after her younger sister-in-law. Tae Wook accidentally ear-drops this argument. She warns Ji Hye that the way she treat and answers her superior is not acceptable. She disrespected her superior in front of the maids too.

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Tae Wook decides to see Doctor Soo Gyung to get their test results. He’s relieved knowing that both of them are healthy. But why Ji Hye hasn’t gotten pregnant yet?

Soo Gyung asks if there’s any overseas study program for prosecutors. She then advises him to take this 1 year program and take his wife with him. So she can relax and it will help her to get pregnant. She explains that Ji Hye is suffering from hormonal imbalance which is caused by stress. She couldn’t ovulate and didn’t have her period. If the stress is accumulating and they leave it like this, Ji Hye could become infertile forever.

This makes Tae Wook decides to do this study program.

At work, his (jealous) senior prosecutor who’s curious where and what a chaebol’s son had for lunch asks a silly question to Tae Wook. It’s his habit to victimize his friend who grew up in luxury, things he didn’t experience as he grew up poor. Anyway, he tells Tae Wook that the prosecutor will investigate Senior Kim Young Shik who nominated Tae Jin during his election campaign.

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Hong Hye Jung is officially appointed as Vice President at Shinyang’s group’s stockholders meeting.

But her happiness is short-lived. There’s a big problem at her family’s home. They were forced to give up the lavish apartment Hye Jung bought them and moved to a small unit. Hye Jung’s mom kindly helped her son-in-law (Hye Jung’s sister’s husband) to obtain a loan using that lavish apartment as a collateral to start a new business. But the business failed.

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Her mom pleads Hye Jung to blame her, not her brother-in-law. But Hye Jung is really mad and asks her brother to move all her stuffs in the empty spot close to this apartment building. They put all her stuffs in an empty bedroom, while her mother, sister, brother and her niece all live in another small bedroom. Her mom keeps apologizing to her daughter for always giving her burdens. Hye Jung tells mom and her family that she will never come to their house again, they need to survive on their own. She’s tired and sick by all their lame excuses. So don’t even think of seeing / contacting her again.

She burns the majority of her stuffs. All her past dreams, memories, all gone.

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But she brings home the giant teddy bear and few other stuffs. As she carries the bear, her mother-in-law asks what’s with that bear. She replies it’s just a bear. Anyway, her mom-in-law asks why Hye Jung never tells her that Tae Jin and Mi Ra have been living together for one year. She’s the only person who didn’t know about it when she heard about this rumor at the auction today.

Hye Jung blames it to mom who oblivious with this fact, and she’s the one who brought Teacher Nam Mi Ra into her own house. She even asked Mi Ra to keep an eye of Hye Jung She’s aware that Tae Jin cannot resist any women, but she brought Mi Ra near Tae Jin to antagonize Hye Jung. So all this cheating was indirectly brought by herself, so she should never make any excuses that she didn’t anticipate this to happen. Hye Jung doesn’t want mom to discuss this in front of her, again.

Mom-in-law is irritated that Hye Jung has become so brazen after being appointed as a Vice President. That she keeps doing things his own ways.

Hye Jung put all her memorable stuffs (diaries, favorite pictures, her announcer’s ID car) inside the safety box. The giant teddy bear is safely tucked in the corner of her closet. She caresses the bear while thinking about something.

Meanwhile, caring Mi Ra is encouraging her family, she promises she’ll always be there for her older brother.

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She is going to Paris, but Tae Jin doesn’t want to let her go. He wants her to stay close to him. He has a feeling that she won’t be back from Paris. But Mi Ra says it won’t happen.

While Tae Jin is sleeping, Mi Ra is doing something on her computer, uploading something on a website. Hmmm…


Lonely Hye Jung keeps coming and caressing that teddy bear (I think it’s a precious gift from a very special someone). Looks like she really misses the person who gave this bear to her.

Tae Jin keeps his promise to be present during the family’s breakfast.

Tae Wook notifies his father that he’d like to go on a training program abroad, a special program for prosecutors. He hasn’t been able to do it because of his wedding and his busy work; but he decided that now it’s the right time to go. He’s planning to go to New York Law School.

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The family is surprised, but Dad approves. Tae Wook didn’t get any chance to study aboard because he was preparing to take the bar exam and focusing himself working as a great prosecutor, so Dad wants Tae Wook to go to New York & earn a licence to practice law there. He disregards mom’s objection that it’s too early to go, he’s just recently married. Tae Wook winks to his shocked wife.

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He tells Ji Hye privately that she’s coming with him. Ji Hye is very surprised and happy that Tae Wook is taking her with him. He knows how much pain and suffering his wife has been through in the past year, so she can now relax for one year in New York. They will watch Broadway shows, see art museums and go fruit picking in the weekends. Ji Hye can’t hide her excitement as she repeatedly hugs her husband and thanking him. She promises she’ll cook, clean, do laundry & all other housework really really hard for him. She’ll be a really great, nice, accommodating wife who will never get frustrated with him again. Tae Wook asks if she likes it that much, in which she nods.

He playfully asks her to fix the male character in the novel she’s currently working. He knew that the male character is him and the female is Ji Hye. She pretends it’s not, and hugs him again.

Not wasting any time, she tells her sister that she’s going to New York after Tae Wook finishes his current case. So she’ll probably leave in 2 weeks. Ji Sun praises Tae Wook who really loves her, and finally accomplished something big for her. So Ji Hye’s better be good for him. Relax and enjoy her life for one whole year and find a good reason to stay longer there. Of course Ji Hye wants to stay longer too. But they know that her biggesr problem is not Tae Wook, but Hye Jung and her mom-in-law.

But how is Ji Sun coping with her life in the past year? Of course, it’s the same like last year. She has to take care her demanding in-laws, annoying brother-in-law but sweet kind-hearted nephew. At least her husband is now helping her, he woke up early this morning & prepared breakfast.

Jang Woo is on his way to see his mother. Someone is calling his name, but he didn’t notice that that pretty woman across the road is his mom.

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Eun Hee calls his name again, waves to him. He’s surprised to see her, waves back and almost run through the heavy traffic. Eun Hee tells him to stay there until the traffic is cleared.

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The mother & son tearfully embrace each other in the middle of the pedestrian crossing.

In the restaurant, he asks mom to buy him lots of delicious food. He compliments mom who’s getting so much prettier and changed a lot. She mentions she’s working now so has to take care her appearance. She tells him she’s also going to a graduate school after passing the tests. He praises mom for working and living so diligently after leaving home. She apologizes for leaving him. Jang Woo tells mom he’s having a great fun time with dad, they live in a small room with Dad. Dad and Aunt fight everyday.

It prompts Eun Hee to ask, what is Seung Soo doing now?


Cue to… Seung Soo is teaching English at nearby neighborhood center. He’s irritated that his students can’t pronounce “really” correctly. The kids are not listening to him, he’s a very intimidating teacher. When he discourages his students, one boy tells him that if he does that again, then they’ll be really disappointed. Did he forget that without these kids, he will be unemployed and won’t receive any salary? The parents & the students hold power here, if none of them want to study English again, then, what will he do?

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Jang Woo is in the restroom when Seung Soo calls him. Eun Hee looks at her son’s phone, shakes her head, doesn’t want to answer the call. But the stubborn Seung Soo keeps calling, so she picks it up. Seung Soo who believes Jang Woo who picks up his call, without any greeting, grumbles about everything, about Eun Hee who maybe lives well now and doesn’t care about her own family. Eun Hee is furious, but decides to say nothing.

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Big crisis for Hye Jung, someone sent her an email attaching her sexy picture with her former lover with threatening caption that everything nice & bright in her world will vanish soon.

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Meanwhile, Ji Hye is waiting for someone…. Then, Hyun Woo arrives and greets her. Whoaaa…

Brief Comment

Another cliffhanger! What was the reason she called Hyun Woo? Maybe she’ll tell him that she’s going overseas soon. It’s lovely to see them slowly trying to rekindle their friendship. They really understand each other’s feeling, so although their current circumstances don’t allow them to be together as lover, at least they can find comfort & support in one another as friends.

This episode definitely focused on Hye Jung’s personal victory & struggle. She’s a very insecure woman who has finally got everything she wanted, but had to painfully spend her life alone. If she keeps doing whatever she’s doing now, her world will crumble really soon as she won’t have any family & friends who’ll stay with her. I totally understand her frustration that her family took advantage of her kindness; and it’s better for them to try to survive on their own without expecting any financial support from Hye Jung. But she’s way overboard when she told them she won’t visit them again and cut the ties with her own family. She needs to think carefully and follows Mi Ra’s advice to pay attention to other people’s opinion about her.

Eun Hee’s tearful reunion with Jang Woo is one of the highlight of this episode. I… love… it… Jang Woo inherits his mother’s great personality, so it’s nice to see him supporting his mother. I’m with the minority here, because I really want Eun Hee to go back to her husband and work on their marriage. Everyone deserves another chance, so hopefully Seung Soo won’t take Eun Hee for granted. Stop whinging, complaining, and start to gain some great personality possessed by his wife & son.

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