Goddess of Marriage Episode 2 Recap


Episode 2 Recap


In Jejudo, Hyun Woo is waiting for Ji Hye. His phone rings, there’s trouble at work, so he returns to Seoul.

But he’s already planned to go back to Jejudo, he booked 4PM flight. He just need to sort out the issue at work first. They finish with the design, and now is waiting for the client’s approval. They wait and wait, he really needs to go to the airport otherwise he’ll miss his afternoon flight.

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Time is ticking and finally they get the client’s approval. I think he missed his flight because he arrives in the beach at 9.30 at night. Ji Hye is nowhere to be seen. Hyun Woo waits until the next morning. Sadly, his hope to meet again with Ji Hye is dashed.


Tae Wook was able to convince Ji Hye to talk things through. Apparently, Ji Hye was in Jejudo for a week, so Tae Wook is curious about her “business trip”. Ji Hye tells him that she went to cast a special guest for a special program. She didn’t send her assistant because she wanted to go herself. Tae Wook tells her that her face is tanned, so he asked if something happened. Ji Hye is surprised, probably thinking that her fiance is suspicious that she met someone in Jejudo, but Tae Wook asks why she’s so sensitive. He’s just asking if something happen because she looks more tanned. He asked if she looked at the ocean and cussed him out. She tells him that she just walked in the beach. She didn’t do anything else.

Ji Hye then tells him that she’s really tired everytime he behaves like this. As an engaged couple, this is not the way they should be talking and discussing things. It feels like they’re talking about something that’s not important. Like he’s acting that nothing is wrong. Tae Wook notices that Ji Hye’s getting really impatient since she came back from Jejudo.

He admits that he’s too stubborn and took things very lightly. He apologizes and asks her to take him back.

Ji Hye tells him that she’s not acting like this to get his apology. But Tae Wook believe that Ji Hye won’t marry him unless he apologizes.

Apparently, Ji Hye left (run away) to Jejudo without saying a word to him. She didn’t return his calls nor reply his text messages. Tae Wook waited in front of her house every night until he finally met her tonight.

Ji Hye apologizes for not answering his calls, but it’s because she wanted to be left alone.

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Then they finally talk about the main issue, the reason why she run away to Jejudo. It’s because of one million dollars. Tae Wook gave it to Ji Hye, and this really hurt Ji Hye’s pride because she thought that she’s lacking. Tae Wook asks her if she disliked money that much. And he honestly tells her that he never think that she’s lacking.

Ji Hye explains that her father’s entire lifetime worth is 300 thousand dollars. She doesn’t understand why she has to accept one million dollars, which is three times than her father’s entire savings and then give this money as gifts for her in-laws. She can’t pretend everything is okay. This money is not hers, she received money backhandedly from her fiance, her in-law’s own son.

Tae Wook is furious.

He tells her that it would be best to marry the man that she’s known for 3 years. He asks if after being married, she would realize that her husband is way better than all the other men there who have credit card debts.

Unfortunately, she can’t end it like this. She can stand him insulting her, but she can’t stand him insulting her family.

So, he asks if she can’t marry him. Ji Hye tells him yes, she can’t marry him. They don’t match. Precisely, his family doesn’t match her family.

In the bedroom, Tae Wook’s parents are talking about Ji Hye. His mom only saw her for 3 times and she analyzes that Ji Hye seems innocent & a nice girl, but she’s cold and has a strong self-esteem. She doesn’t like her from the start and doesn’t like the fact that Ji Hye rarely visits her in-laws although their wedding is only 2 months away.

A radio writer, a daughter of a fruit shop owner, but Tae Wook is still going to marry her. His mom think that Ji Hye should restrains herself well considering she comes from this kind of family.

The topic moves to Tae Wook’s older brother, Tae Jin. Their father is wondering if he’s still seeing that actress. Their mom agitates with her older son’s behavior but she doesn’t take any action. Tae Wook’s father believe that daughters in law with average backgrounds, like Tae Jin’s wife and Tae Wook’s fiancee are the best. As women from girls family usually use their family’s background and file for divorce first. They also usually take custody of their children. Tae Wook’s father asks his wife to cover this up as he doesn’t want anyone to spread news about Tae Jin’s infidelity.

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Hye Jung, the perfect daughter-in-law, brings them their bedtime tea. When asked about her husband, she doesn’t know. Mom asks Hye Jung to prepare raw fish for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Tae Wook’s father / Hye Jung’s father in law notices that she looks unhappy nowadays. And he’s wondering why his wife had to send Hye Jung to deliver the clothes to Tae Jin at the hotel where he stayed last time. *ah so he was sleeping with that actress in the hotel*

Hye Jung’s mom-in-law prefer to handle this themselves, so she can’t send someone else there. And Hye Jung has to survive this if she stays in this household so she needs to be able to tolerate her husband’s behavior.

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Back to Tae Wook and Ji Hye. Tae Wook asks what she’s disappointed about? She tells him that he has a great background, so how could she possibly be disappointed?

He asks if he’s too great that it makes her dislikes him. Ji Hye tells him that she’s upset that he never said anything about it for 3 years.  For the last 3 years, Tae Wook has been to Ji Hye’s places (her radio station / workplace, her house, her relatives’ houses, etc). He knows everything about her. But she knows nothing about him, except the fact that he’s a prosecutor.

Then one day, he proposed to her and brought her to his house. She’s shocked because she never thought that his family was that grand & rich. He never tell her about this very important fact.

She never dreamed to become a rich family’s daughter-in-law.

Tae Wook tells her, that’s the reason why he didn’t tell her. That’s the reason he didn’t brag about his family. Ji Hye is not like any other women who calculate their men’s abilities, educations, wealth and apartment’s sizes.

Because he didn’t say that he’s rich, Ji Hye stayed with him for the last 3 years. And he’s able to know exactly what kind of woman she is. He tells Ji Hye that she can’t decide on marriage based on conditions.

Ji Hye tells him that she wants to marry someone she loves. She doesn’t want to marry and feel like she’s being sold off somewhere. Like when he gave money to her, she felt like he purchased her. That’s what make her furious and upset.

So Tae Wook asks her if she would still marry him if he comes from a poor family with an ailing mother and several siblings that he has to feed. She tells him that it’s totally a different problem. But Tae Wook tells her that the existence of conditions are still the same. She acts innocent but in the face of marriage conditions, she’s the same.

As Tae Wook grew up in rich environment, it’s hard to match to her current conditions. So if she loves him, then just come to him regardless of his background. Ji Hye’s stubborn behavior makes him feel inferior.

Tae Wook screams in agony and desperation. He tells her that he lost to her. His family is unlike Ji Hye’s righteous and honest family. His family earned money and multiplied it and became one of the top 10 richest family in the country.  His mother is picky about her daughters-in-law and she loves to brag about her sons to others especially to her in-laws. Is it wrong to do that? Tae Wook’s really hurt when Ji Hye threw the envelope of money to his face and then disappeared for one week.

Ji Hye tells him that she’s too lacking, the standard is too high, and it makes her look really desperate.

Ji Hye finally tells him that it’s suffocating and it hurts her pride. She doesn’t know why she has to do all this to get married.

Tae Wook tells her he understand. The way people live, how can one distinguish how people live? It will be fine, it probably will be fine. They just need to think that it will be fine. They’ve been together for the last 3 years, do these three years mean nothing for Ji Hye?

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Tae Wook is trying to conclude this matter and hug her. But she’s still really upset. Tae Wook asks her for not throwing salts into the wound. Ji Hye finally let him to hug her. He tells her that she’s a woman with nothing but her self-esteem. He asks her to forgive him that he hurt her pride and promises that he’ll do anything to protect her.

Tae Wook drops Ji Hye at her house. He smiles as he waves goodbye to his fiancee.


Back at home, Hye Jung notices a gift package in the dressing table, she opens it and finds orange handbag. Tae Jin comes to the bedroom. He asks if she saw the bag and the envelope, and if she likes it. He’s trying to give the envelope to her but she pretends she doesn’t see it and ignores him. He says that it’s her pocket money. She keeps ignoring him and it hurts his pride, threatening her that he’s uncomfortable when he’s home. He wants to talk. Hye Jung tells him that he has other women to talk to. Tae Jin asks who is this other woman and he doesn’t talk with any other woman.  He tells Hye Jung not to get jealous over some other women who meant nothing. They’re just like a running machine for him. He only uses them to exercise. So, don’t get jealous over this running machine. Hye Jung tells him that he exercises too much.

Now, he wants to do his exercise with his wife. Hye Jung refused but he’s too strong. So she gives up.

In the morning, Hye Jung wakes up early and thinks really hard. She looks at the tea cup sets, grabs the towel and as she starts to put the tea sets in order, she grabs one cup and throws it.

Then alarm clock rings, it’s 4 in the morning. Hye Jung gets ready and leaves the house. She’s going to the fish market, to get the freshest fish for her mother-in-law’s breakfast.

While the chef is preparing the wild snapper, Hye Jung  looks at the only fish left in the aquarium. The chef tells her that he demonstrated his skills to his clients last night and most of the time, the fish he used die within an hour. But that one fish survived until this morning. It’s so amazing how this fish endures the pain when the chef fillet them.  Hye Jung asks if this is too cruel and the chef replies that it’s the same for people. People and fish are the same.

At Ji Sun and Ji Hye’s place, Ji Sun tells her sister to talk to her if she has a problem. The problem wouldn’t be solved when Ji Hye run away to Jejudo.

Ji Sun is wondering where did Tae Wook get 1million dollars from. What will women do in this situation? Ji Hye tells her that there are two types of women: the ones who’ll be very happy to receive the money and the ones like her who will feel burdened.

For Ji Hye and Ji Sun, they’re women with conviction so they’re too sensible to say that receiving money like this is a good thing. However, can they say to Ji Hye’s in-laws that their family is too rich, so expensive and ask them to get a hold of themselves? Obviously, not.

And now they’re wondering what kind of person Tae Wook’s mother is, her own son gave money to Ji Hye. Ji Hye tells her sister that this is the reason why she doesn’t want to marry him. Ji Sun tells her that she should have rejected Tae Wook’s proposal  in the first place. But she didn’t. And even after she visited Tae Wook’s parents & house, she still set the wedding date. Ji Hye tells her that this is the first time she’ll get married, so she doesn’t know any of this. Her sister is furious and asks if everyone gets married for more than once. If marriage is so nonchalant, does Ji Hye think her sister’s family would have been those people? These people are still asleep although Ji Sun has tried to wake them up earlier. So her tolerance level is running low now and she yells and asks all of them to wake up. Her husband comes to the dining room. Ji Sun comes to the kids’ room and wake them up.

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At Hye Sung’s house, Hye Jung finished with breakfast preparation. She’s serving the fish and it is soo fresh that her mother-in-law praises her.


Ji Hye is hiding, submerging herself under the water, she’s still having a hard time and can’t make up her mind.


On the way to school, Min Jung asks her mom if Aunt Ji Hye will get married as she thought Aunt doesn’t really love Tae Wook ssi (formal). Ji Sun asks why she calls him Tae Wook ssi. And Min Jung tells her because that’s what Aunt calls him. She’s wondering why Aunt doesn’t like a man because he’s rich. It doesn’t make sense.

Ji Sun lashes out that if people only concern about money & materialism, then this world won’t exist. When we live, there’re times when we feel that this world is livable.  That’s the times when we should be grateful: to those who chose love instead of money, to those who chose friendship over work, to those who sacrifice themselves for the better good.

Her son tells her that he believe in 2029, the Earth will destruct.

Min Jung believe Aunt is too stubborn. Mom asks Min Jung about her plastic surgery obsession. Does she believe that the rich man will marry someone who has fixed her face at every opportunity? Min Jung believe that, and she also believe that once she becomes an announcer, she will marry a great (rich) man.

As she think Aunt doesn’t love Tae Wook, she asks mom if it’s okay for her to marry him if aunt doesn’t marry him. Crazy idea, Min Jung yaaa.


Mom asks her to go out from the car and tells her that she’s very busy with her work meetings today & doesn’t want to waste time dropping her kids who talk nonsense in the car. So, they can take public transport from there to their school. She’s embarrassed to have them as her kids.

Her son asks what did he do wrong. Mom asks about his final exams’ date. He’s not sure. Then mom asks about the last day of the Earth’s destruction. He answers 26 February 2022. Mom tells him to take the sub. She’ll only drop her youngest daughter who’s now asking for yogurt and milk.

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So they go to the closest convenience store and while enjoying her yogurt, mom asks what she’ll make during art class. She tells her “train”. And mom asks about cartoon milk that she drinks, and her daughter says “house”. So apparently, she “forces” her to drink cartoons of prepackaged milk and she drinks bottles of yogurt because she needs them for her art class. She forgot to tell her mom until this morning.


Ji Sun is running late. In the lift, she meets with her VP who proudly tells her that he came in work at 7 in the morning. The President and him had a morning meeting. He complained that the President and him had a luxurious breakfast & believe that it’s better to serve food this scale for dinner instead of breakfast.

He teases her that she’s still breastfeeding as there’s a milk stain on her breast. Ji Sun tells him that it’s a sex harassment in which he tells her that he saw her name on the promotion list, and he doesn’t understand why women like her who come to the office late or just on time and get off work right on time, would get promotion.

So he warns her that if she can’t remove the milk stains from her work clothes, or if she’s going to be late for even by 5 minutes, it’s better for her to quit her job.He’s watching her very closely.

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Ji Sun arrives at her office and everyone greets her, Manager Song. She starts complaining over small details, and asks them to do their work well & efficiently.

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Ji Hye opens her shoe cabinet and she looks at her yellow shoes. She remembers all the happy memories she had with Hyun Woo in Jejudo, the kiss, the sea water which drenched her yellow shoes. She closes the cabinet.

At her office, everyone’s happy that she’s back. In the meantime, Hyun Woo is searching about Ji Hye on the internet portal site.

Eun Hee arrives at her husband’s workplace, she carries two boxes of expensive soju and wants to eat lunch with him, but is told that he’s out for lunch.


The truth is he’s actually not having lunch, but he’s enjoying his “lunch” break with his fellow news anchor, Cynthia.


Eun Hee decides to wait for him.

On the other hand, Seung Soo starts to question Cynthia about her husband and where did they meet. Cynthia tells him that she’s already told him about her husband, he was her professor advisor when she studied at Harvard. The poor professor had to quit Harvard because of this.

Seung Soo asks when he’s coming to Korea, she tells him next month.

Cynthia tells him to move fast, otherwise, they won’t be able to eat their lunch before heading back to the station.

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His poor wife sees both Seung Soo and Cynthia as they enter the lobby. He hides his face and she calls him “Jung Ho’s dad”. She runs to them and greets Cynthia politely. Eun Hee introduces herself to Cynthia. Cynthia confidently greets her back and talks to her in Korean.

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Seung Soo asks what she’s doing here. He drags her to the corner and keeps asking why she’s here. She asks why she can’t be here, this is her husband’s workplace, is he hiding something from her?

She’s upset and hurt that he’s shoveling her to the corner. She tells him that she’s here to give him soju, her father-in-law recommended one place near his workplace which sells famous soju. So she got one for her father-in-law, and one for her husband. She thought that her husband would treat her lunch after receiving this nice present. It’s been a while since they eat out. And yes, they meet every day at home for 13 years, but she can’t help but longing to be with him.

She came with great intention, but he shoveled her to the corner. He asks her to go home. He practically begs her to go home. Upset, she leaves.

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One of Seung Soo’s work colleague asks who is she. And Seung Soo tells him that she’s just a sales lady who asked him to buy Kae Soju. Eun Hee hears her husband’s conversation. She’s really hurt.

She goes to her mother-in-law’s place and her mom-in-law complains that it took her too long to get there. She whinges that she couldn’t get in touch with her nor Ji Sun. She wants to ask either of them to prepare dinner for tonight.


Then Eun Hee tells her that Kae Soju is expensive, it’s $120. Originally it’s $130, but because they’re regular customer, so they receive discount. She asks her mom0in-law to pay her back since she has a habit of not paying back. She hope this time she’ll pay her back.

At home, she cries her heart out.

Her sister-in-law, Ji Sun, tells her for not be sad over this kind of thing. But Eun Hee tells her that she’s very pitiful. How come her own husband did that kind of thing to his wife?

Ji Sun asks her to call her later as she’s very busy. She’s currently in the supermarket to buy something for her daughter. But because she’s killing two birds with one stone, so she’s also doing her grocery shopping. She has to finish this fast so she can go back to work. And she doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s sneaking out from work to do grocery shopping.

Unfortunately, her work colleagues are also in the supermarket. They’re scared they’ll be fired if their manager finds them here.

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So she’s trying to hide from them. And it’s definitely not an easy job. She keeps wheeling her trolley in the supermarket and she accidentally knocks the sales ladies who carry milk. The milk drenches her work clothes. She hurriedly runs to her car and a car parks next to her car. Who drives the car? Her big enemy, the Vice President. He has a meeting with client in that building.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep2_recap_bc48 Goddess_of_marriage_ep2_recap_bc49

He’s not happy to see her carrying groceries bags and milk stains on her clothes.

So he tells her that she’s fired.

At Hye Jung’s place, she diligently prepares dinner. Mom-in-law asks how much the fish costs this morning. It’s $270. She’s happy as the fish was delicious. But she tells her that it’s too expensive. Anyway, she still gives the money for the fish to Hye Jung.

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Tae Wook brings Ji Hye to his house to meet his mom.



Mom mentions that Ji Hye’s got a bit tanned and they will get her a milk massage. She invites Ji Hye to go to a salon with her and Hye Jung this weekend.

Mom is asking Ji Hye about her business trip and if it’s was. fun Tae Wook tries to answer the question for her, but mom is not happy that his son interferes her while she’s talking.

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Mom goes straight to the point, she explains the reason why she called Ji Hye here. It’s to ask if she doesn’t like her. Because she hasn’t visited, not even once. Mom tells her that if they’re getting married soon, then they should get to know each other better and see each other more often. She compares her to Hye Jung. Ater Hye Jung accepted the marriage proposal, she visited her mom-in-law daily for nearly three months.

She has a lot of things that she wants to teach to her daughter-in-law.

Ji Hye apologizes and mom warns her that if she’s like this again, it won’t do. She has to follow this order of this family.

Mom then invites her to have dinner with them and to help Hye Jung with dinner preparation.

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Mom threatens her son that she won’t let him taking her side again. *I think Tae Wook will have a very hard time protecting Ji Hye once they’re married*


In the kitchen, Hye Jung doesn’t let Ji Hye helping, she tells her that she’ll let her do it after she’s officially married.

But she insists and Hye Jung let her to prepare the vegetables.

Ji Hye then tells Hye Jung that one of the broadcasting PD that she knows wanted to know how Hye Jung is doing after she got married. Hye Jung stares at her and Ji Hye is wondering if she made any mistake.

Hye Jung tells her one very important point about this household. That they’re prohibited to talk about the jobs they had before they got married. Especially stories about broadcasting station. Ji Hye should be really careful about this.

On the way home, Ji Hye is really quiet and is in a deep thought. Tae Wook asks if it’s because of mom. Ji Hye tells him that it’s not because of her.

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Meanwhile, Hyun Woo is still finding out more info about Ji Hye. He finally finds her details, her job history, and her birthdate.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep2_recap_bc60 Goddess_of_marriage_ep2_recap_bc61 Goddess_of_marriage_ep2_recap_bc62

There’re two cars waiting for the traffic light. One car is Hyun Woo and the other is Tae Wook & Ji Hye. Hyun Woo looks to the car next to him and he finally finds Ji Hye!

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