Goddess of Marriage Episode 20 Recap

Secretary Kim breaks the news to Hye Jung that someone emailed her past pictures, with a threatening message that this anonymous sender will upload more pictures and reveal Hye Jung’s past to the whole world. As of now, Secretary Kim is the only one who knows about this email. So Hye Jung is under a huge pressure and has to act fast to prevent this email spreading to the whole company.


Ji Hye invites Hyun Woo (who’s stunned & flustered that she called him) for a dinner, where she tells him that she’ll go to New York for 1 year. Unlike last year when they couldn’t enjoy each other’s company because of a messy breakup; now, Ji Hye feels like she can have dinner with Hyun Woo comfortably.

She asks why he still has her phone number, he replies because it’s a memory. Hyun Woo knows she’ll like New York. Ji Hye happily shares her plans – aka the plans that Tae Wook told her. Fruit picking, Broadway shows, etc.

It prompts her to ask if he has any special plans. He tells her no, he doesn’t and he probably won’t have any special plans anymore. The only good thing in his life at the moment is meeting her like this, at least once more.

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Hyun Woo realized that they met very suddenly in Jejudo last year. They then fell for each other unexpectedly, but had to let each other go abruptly. It feels like they only hurt each other when they ended their relationship. He admits he’s hurt and regretted that abrupt decision for a long time. He thought he should have never let her go and held on to her crazily and used every single avenue to make her his woman.

But Ji Hye tells him that it’s all in the past and she didn’t ask him to meet him to talk about the past. Hyun Woo knows it, but he wants to pour out his heart because tonight might be the last time they’re meeting each other in a comfortable environment like this.

He frankly admits that he thought about her a lot and he doesn’t know how much he will think about her in the future. Ji Hye was the same, she thought about him too. But women are different than men. And Ji Hye has already decided to give her best shot for all the choices she made, instead of regretting things that didn’t happen or happened in the past. So she tried hard to forget him. She thought she had almost completely forgotten him until they met again.

Time has passed, she understands why he didn’t have any choice but to let her go. After she got married, Ji Hye realizes that life does not always go according to how she wants it. She will always have him inside her heart, and occasionally she will take him out from her heart to look at him. But that’s it. She chooses to live her life to the fullest, the life she chose for herself. Hyun Woo nods to her mature advice.

She then asks why he’s not getting married. He tells her he will, he may get engaged at the end of this month. She’s overjoyed with his good news.

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Hye Jung in panic mode. She recalls a sweet memory she had with her former lover. A carefree young Hye Jung who’s in so much love with her ex-boyfriend who treated her well.

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The anonymous sender sent her another threatening email with different set of pictures.

Meanwhile, the witch mom-in-law is still trying to convince her husband that now is not the right time for them to let Tae Wook & Ji Hye to go to NY for one year. It’s better to send Tae Wook alone. Dad asks why she wanted to separate them, in which she replies that during their 40 years marriage, they’ve been apart for 20 years. Her husband was away due to his business. So it’s norm. And it’s a standard for newlyweds to live-in with their in-laws for the first three years. If Ji Hye leaves now, she will have to start teaching her from the beginning again. Sh’s trying hard to teach her to become part of this family.

Dad is wondering what’s wrong with his wife. She complained that Ji Hye still hasn’t goten pregnant and now when she’s going to live comfortably with her husband in NY, she can’t stand it and want to separate them. What does she want?

He wants them to enjoy their lives in NY and come back with a baby, their grandson. He asks his wife to choose between clinging on to Ji Hye or seeing her cute grandchild.

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Tae Wook arrives home to find Ji Hye has already started packing winter clothes. She wants to do it well in advanced, so they won’t rush at the last minute. Tae Wook notices Ji Hye’s excitement, like a children who’s going for a school trip. He wonders how tough the past year was for Ji Hye.

She admits it was tough, there were many rocky moments, but she endured it well, it’s all in the past. And now she can leave with her husband. She gives herself a pat on her back as she tells herself that she did well. She admits that the toughest moment was when she had to quit working, she even thought of not living with her husband anymore. Tae Wook assures her that sooner or later, Ji Hye will be able to return work. Like her sister-in-law. Although she suffered a lot, but now she’s working again. Ji Hye tells him that’s the moment she’s waiting for, the reason why she’s enduring everything.

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In the very early morning, Hye Jung who couldn’t even sleep, grabs her car key and drives to the broadcasting station.

She confronts her sunbae PD, as she believes she’s the one who leaked all these pictures. She’s the only ones who knew about these photos and her relationship with Sang Hoon . That anonymous sender emailed Hye Jung all these pictures and the details of her relationship. She yells why her sunbae did this to her.

Sunbae PD yells back, what will she gain if she send all these threatening emails to Hye Jung? If she wanted to do that, she would has already done it after she married Tae Jin. Why would she do it after 8 years? Hye Jung in-laws will definitely give her a hard time if she exposes this secret now.

Did Hye Jung forget that she tossed her ex-boyfriend without any conscience? She tossed him so she could marry Tae Jin! And after 8 long years, she’s never even tried to look for him. She doesn’t even now how he’s living right now.

Hye Jung pleads to her sunbae to tell her who did it. Only Sang Hoon, Sunbae and Hye Jung who knew about all these pictures. Nobody else knew about it. So the culprit is either her or Sang Hoon.

Sunbae challenges Hye Jung to contact Sang Hoon. But Hye Jung can’t do it and doesn’t want to contact him.


Hye Jung is not coming home for breakfast. Man Ho asks Tae Jin who has no idea because he came home in the morning (indirectly confesses that he didn’t sleep with his wife last night). He broke a promise he made with his dad.

He tries to explain that he’s very busy and other politicians usually have studio close to their office so they eat & sleep there. But no, Dad doesn’t want Tae Jin to live somewhere else.

None of their kids know about their mom’s whereabouts too, so Tae Jin decides to call his wife. Obviously Hye Jung doesn’t answer his call. He’s wondering why there’s a giant teddy bear in the closet and who put it there. He wants the innocent bear to answer his questions.

The witch mom-in-law is wondering why she doesn’t know what’s on her daughters-in-law’s mind although they all live under the same roof. But she tells Tae Wook who’s ready to defend his wife that she won’t nag Ji Hye. She brings up the NY issue again and asks if Ji Hye really needs to go with him. She admits she’s sad when she heard about their plan, and as Ji Hye has just started learning, if she leaves in the middle, everything will be fruitless.

Tae Wook defends his decision that now is the right time for him to study and try to gain licence to practice law in USA.

This prompts mom to share her opinion that if he wants to study, it’ll be better for him to leave by himself. She then asks Ji Hye if she really has to go with her husband when he’s leaving to study. Thankfully Dad asks his wife to stop nagging, as he’s already given his permission. He tells them to return home with his grandson, then, their NY mission is complete.

[PPL overload] ^^ Song Ji Hye is shopping at Millet store, not for herself though. As she won’t be back for one year, she’s buying gifts for her sister & brother-in-law.

Ji Sun asks if her moving preparation is going well and if her in-laws haven’t complained about this. Of course, her mom-in-law did. But Tae Wook defends her and said they would go together, so all is good (at least for now).

This prompts Ji Sun to ask if all mothers-in-law in this world behave like this. Ji Hye advises her sister that when they become mothers-in-law, they should not behave like this. Ji Sun tells her sister to visit her at home, as she’s taking a day off after a 3 days business trip. She’s alone at home.

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She totally forgot about her lazy brother-in-law, who just woke up and wants her to make him a bean sprout soup for breakfast. She tells Ji Hye that she’ll soon be alone, so it’s okay to come over now.

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Min Jung who is busy preparing coffee for her senior work colleagues demands to meet Auntie Ji Hye for lunch today. She’s trying her best, doing everything she can so she can achieve her dream to become a successful announcer. But at the moment, she’s only running errands at work.

So she pleads Ji Hye to introduce her to Hye Jung, so she can learn from her. She really needs to pass the broadcasting exam this year.

Auntie asks her why she persists to work at the broadcasting station? To get fame and marry into a wealthy family, like her Auntie. Then, she will quit working as soon as she gets married, just like Auntie. After that, she’ll like happily ever after, like Auntie. Her dream is to be a wealthy homemaker. Of course Min Jung doesn’t know that everything comes with a hefty price. She’s a very innocent naive young woman who only believes that money is everything and money buys happiness. She doesn’t realize that Auntie is not happy, and announcer Hye Jung doesn’t seem to be happy either. So it’s better for her to stop dreaming, and get back to reality.

Min Jung tells her that people like Ji Hye are the most annoying. People who possess everything, but acting arrogantly & so mighty that they feel like they’re above everything. They don’t realize that people are very anxious to live the same worthless life as a daughter-in-law of Cheongdamdong family, like her.

For Min Jung, living is so tough. After studying so hard in the college, and finally got a job through connections & recommendations, she ends up doing low level office job. Ji Hye advises that everyone starts their professional career like this. She did the same thing.

But Min Jung didn’t listen to her Auntie and keeps whinging about her salary which can’t even buy expensive bag that Ji Hye owns, although she tried her best to save. Ji Hye and Min Jung’s generation are totally different.

Ji Hye asks if the luxury bag is Min Jung’s objective, when she says yes, she gives that bag to her. But Min Jung refuses to accept it, although she admits that it’s one of her goal. She wants to live generously, like her Auntie. She doesn’t want to do any housework, and use money like water whenever she wants. She wants to ride nice car, wear nice clothes, carry nice handbag. That’s the lifestyle she wants to live.

Ji Hye then ask if Min Jung has any idea how hard it is to live as Cheongdamdong’s daughters-in-law. It’s not as easy as she think. Does she even know how hard her Auntie live?

She challenges her Auntie if she knows how hard office work is. Her mum who is juggling between her work and family; and now has to deal with her mother-in-law.

Work & married life are supposed to be tough, but Min Jung would rather become a daughter-in-law of a wealthy family who gives her money, fame, and inheritance. She doesn’t have any man, she doesn’t love any man. All she needs is a wealthy man.

Ji Hye is really embarrassed with her niece’s way of thinking, so she tells her don’t ever call her again. She then leaves the gifts for her sister & brother-in-law to Min Jung. She’s not in the mood to meet her sister. She asks Min Jung to tell her mom that her auntie who didn’t do any housework, didn’t get her hands wet, didn’t work so hard until her back broke; bought these gifts for them.

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Se Kyung prepared delicious lunch boxes for her fiancee because she knows Hyun Woo loves homemade food. Kind-hearted Hyun Woo asks why she troubled herself as they can eat lunch outside. She loves his attention, and pats his bottom 😀 while says she loves him.

Hyun Woo’s partner is currently in another town, overseeing the construction of Shinyang Group’s newest resort. This is the project which causes lots of headache and troubles for his company as the design portion took 10 long months, and now they just starting the construction. He decided to stay in Seoul because he wanted to eat with Ses Kyung.

Se Kyung asks why Shinyang Group as there’re lots of rumors about this group. The Vice President (Tae Jin) is very famous for liking money & women in the field up to the point none of the rich families wanted to give him their daughters as his wife. So he had no other choice but married an announcer. Thankfully the other son is a kind & honest prosecutor, he’s not like his older brother. She’s worried that Tae Jin works with Kyung Min. But Hyun Woo doesn’t want Se Kyung talking bad about someone who’s not here.

Se Kyung keeps mentioning that she can’t trust Kyung Min and offers Hyun Woo to move to her father’s company. Hyun Woo doesn’t want to do it, as the man who appears most inferior in the world is the one who benefits from his in-laws. He holds this integrity. Se Kyung doesn’t ask him to depend on her family, she just wants him to worry less. But Hyun Woo is comfortable working at his own company, so don’t worry.


Suddenly, Se Kyung asks him to kiss her, as a punishment because she’s been listening to him. So he kisses her. =)

Se Kyung can barely contains her excitement. She’s so happy that she think it’d be great if they can get married sooner.


Meanwhile, their moms are meeting over lunch, to discuss about their engagement plan. Se Kyung’s mom mentions that she wouldn’t have to repeat the same question if her daughter is marrying a son who comes from the same family class as them. Anyway, she informs Hyun Woo’s mom that this is not a mere engagement ceremony. They have to hold this to ensure their family’s name remain on top of everyone’s mind and will help their family in the long run. It’s about the integrity of their family. So Hyun Woo’s mom tells her to do it, then.

Se Kyung’s family will take care the expenses. But Hyun Woo’s mom wants to bear the expenses too since they’re the man’s side and it’s the engagement of their kids. It’s been a long time since Se Kyung’s mum cared it’s a man’s side or not. So don’t worry about it. She then mentions that her daughter will bring Hyun Woo home. She has signed a contract for the villa next door. She will send the wedding gifts to this villa and she’ll contact Hyun Woo’s mom to check it later to confirm the wedding presents.

Hyun Woo’s mom then tells her that she’s already made a plan. She has put a deposit for a 1200sq foot house and she plans to give this to Hyun Woo as a wedding gift. Se Kyung’s mom is visibly surprised that her daughter will live in a small house, but she doesn’t say anything else to Hyun Woo’s mom.


Hyun Woo’s mom is furious with Se Kyung’s mom arrogance. She hurt her pride.

She then asks her son, why he decided to marry Se Kyung?

She really hated it when moms tried to hold on to their sons after meeting their in-laws in dramas and promised she won’t do the same thing. After her husband passed away, she made a decision to work really hard raising her son, she didn’t think of remarrying or relying on her son. She wanted to raise him well so people can’t tell he has a single mother. And after he gets married, she will not ask him how can his wife treat her like this after she raised him up so well. She won’t be a bitchy mother-in-law. But after meeting with Se Kyung’s mom, she realized she’s like other mom, and got really upset and mad.

She repeats her question, but asks Hyun Woo to view her not as his mom but as his senior. Se Kyung is not his type, so why he decided to marry her?

He replies ambiguously “just because”. His mom is furious because it’s his big life event that they’re discussing now. He needs to be sure that he loves Se Kyung before he marries her.

Hyun Woo tells mom that as time passes, he realized that he doesn’t have to marry someone he loves with his life. Of course they need to have feelings for each other too. And timing is also important. It’s important that person is next to him when he has to get married.

Mom then asks if marriage a ball pen he set aside? Or a pillow he can kick?

He tells mom that he’s more realistic compared to his mom when it comes to marriage. He went through a lot last year, while looking at Se Kyung, he thought that he should marry her. There’s nothing to be sad and he doesn’t want to look for another person.

He tells mom what he heard from Ji Hye, someone who got married before him. That  she would do her best given her decision. And he will do the same.

Se Kyung is a good woman, that’s more than enough for him.

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Aww my favorite couple is back. They’re enjoying grilled pork belly & soju. Jang Soo went through lots of troubles to make sure they’d have time alone tonight. He gave his parents allowance so they’ll come home late tonight, he took their youngest child to the gym and exercised until she’s passed out; he called their son’s academy and asked them to give him supplementary lesson until 12 . He’s such an understanding husband.

He tells his wife is really cute and then they sing gwiyomi. Cute. He asks her if she would marry & live with him in the next life, she replies yes.

Jang Woo and his dad are home; in their small bedroom. They can smell yummy grilled pork belly from the room.


He asked if Jang Woo meet his mom because he was missing from 4pm – 6pm yesterday. Jang Woo asks what will he do when he finds mom, it’s nice to live like this. But Seung Soo whines that he doesn’t like living here and not being able to eat Samgyeopsal. After he finds his wife, he will ask her to give him back their house and they’ll return to their home.

Jang Woo lectures his dad that he still hasn’t come back to his senses.

Drunken Min Jung arrives home, yelling at her parents. When asked why she drank, she tells her parents that they’re currently drinking too. Llife was too tough for her so she had to drink. Then she grabs a shot of soju. She mentions her auntie was so annoying who told her that she’s not happy & money is not everything. For Min Jung, money is everything.

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Eun Hee is studying English and a cute man is looking at her very closely. Whoa, he’s none other than Eun Hee’s conversation partner at their past English institution. He changed a lot, and of course so did Eun Hee. He greets her first, Kwon Eun Hee ahjumma. He then introduces himself, he’s Choi Pil Ho.

GoM_Ep20_bc30 GoM_Ep20_bc36

The birth of a new couple? =)

They decide to talk over coffee. He mentions she has transformed into a dragon. He turned into a dragon too, things should change for the better, isn’t it? He’s now working for Korean ministry of foreign affairs after passing his exam on the 5th attempt.

Man Ho asks about Hye Jung’s current state as she missed lots of important meetings and Man Ho couldn’t contact her during working hours. She even missed the family’s breakfast. He asks if she’s having an affair.

She can’t tell him the exact reason as this is one of the most vital time, she has just appointed as Vice President. Next year, Man Ho has already planned for her to take over Tae Jin’s shares and promote her as Vice President for the entire group. But he can’t do it if she’s doing this sort of thing now.

Hye Jung pretends that she’s exhausted nowadays and went to the hospital to get a shot. Man Ho asks her to be really cautious and not to let her guard down, as the target is right in front of her. Hye Jung promises to do her best.

Man Ho asks her to call him chairman when they’re discussing work because he views he as a possible successor for the company, not as his daughter-in-law.

Hye Jung calls her sunbae, asking about Sang Hoon’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Ji Hye is still packing, she’s packing 500 books that she just bought and want to bring to NY. If Tae Wook stays quiet by her side while she read, then she will admire him.

Hye Jung asks Secretary Kim to take care her business while she’s gone.

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A big crisis happens. Tae Wook’s senior prosecutor is going to summon Tae Jin in relation with Kim Hyun Sik’s case. Because Tae Jin is his family, Tae Wook is prohibited to deal with his brother’s case nor find more information about it. His sunbae advises Tae Wook to plan a strategy to save his brother from all his political wrongdoings. Of course it means that he can’t go to NY until his brother’s investigation is finished.

He has to break this news to Ji Hye, who just handed her final manuscript. He fells really sorry for her.

Mom finally finds out about it and blames Tae Wook that he’s unable to block this case although he works as a prosecutor. And she can’t even get in touch with Hye Jung.

She whines that people’s advice was right, only right people should be let into their family home. Ever since Ji Hye entered their house, there hasn’t been a day the wind didn’t blow. She’s annoyed with Ji Hye. Annoyed with everyone.

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Hyun Woo is waiting for Se Kyung who’s running late. They are going to look for a floor plan at the restaurant where they will hold their engagement / wedding party.

And inside, there’s a drunk & upset Ji Hye who stumbles & run as soon as she sees Hyun Woo. Hyun Woo chases her, holds her wrist and asks what happened. And why she didn’t go to America. She yells asking him to let her go. He’s wondering why she drank so much as she’s not a heavy drinker.

Ji Hye is wondering why they keep bumping into each other. But from now on, she wants them to pretend they don’t know each other when they bump like this. And don’t look at her with that kind of eyes again.

Who is he? What are their relationship? They had one night stand when she was on a vacation before her wedding.  He repeats, they met on a vacation and had one night stand, is that it?

Ji Hye screams, asking him why he won’t leave her alone. Just let it pass. They’ve already decided on it. She asks if he still has a feeling for her. She doesn’t, not even a bit. So just let her go.

Hyun Woo knows something happened. She said she’s happy, but it’s obvious she’s not. He might not have a lingering feeling for her, but he hoped she’d live well and was relieved she lived well. That’s all. His feeling was his, not hers.

Ji Hye then tells him that her problem is not his problem. She wishes him well, marry well with a woman of his choice. And don’t repeat the mistake she’s made.

Brief Comment

Hooray for Ji Hye who frankly told Hyun Woo for not repeating the mistake she made. Hopefully this will helps Hyun Woo to make the right decision for his life. He doesn’t love Se Kyung, even his mother knew it. “Just because” he felt like he should marry her is not a right foundation to build a healthy long marriage. Although he promised to try his best, but he will end up like Ji Hye. It’s better for him to let Se Kyung go before it’s too late. Don’t sacrifice his own happiness to meet someone else’s expectation.

Min Jung, I really dislike her naive character. Granted, she’s young, inexperienced; and her money-hunger attitude is realistic. Many people want to be like Ji Hye (minus witch mother-in-law &  nagging sister-in-law), and view wealthy family as a lifetime guarantee that their marriage life will be perfect. But the reality is far from perfect. There’s no such thing as free lunch in this world.

Tae Wook once again broke his promise to Ji Hye. It’s not his own fault, and he can’t escape from his brother’s case now as he needs to save him. Tae Wook is unable to protect his wife from his family’s torture & interference. If Tae Wook really loves Ji Hye, he should move far away from his family’s mansion. He knew the exact reason why Ji Hye was unable to conceive, but he didn’t even think of a wise plan to save his wife. If his family’s gynecologist didn’t suggest the overseas study plan, will he do anything? I doubt it.

Choi Pil Ho & Kwon Eun Hee; both who are climbing the ladders & are working hard to achieve their dreams. Cute couple =)

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