Goddess of Marriage Episode 21 Recap

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Hye Jung gathers her courage to meet her ex-boyfriend, Nam Sang Hoon (Lee Joo Hyun), who is now a teacher at Haewon Press Academy.

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Without saying any greetings, she confronts him & hits him repeatedly while calling him a bad guy and asking why he did that sort of thing to her. He calmly asks her to sit down so they can talk.


He doesn’t know anything, and he’s not lying to Hye Jung. He would never do anything bad to a woman who he really loves even though she has left him for another man 8 years ago! How could he ever send those pictures to her, their relationship was over 8 years ago. However Hye Jung insists that he did it and blames him for doing such a mean thing to her. If he loved her, then it should end when their relationship ended. There’s no point of bringing things from the past. What does he want to gain by releasing those pictures now?

But for Sang Hoon, he doesn’t want to dig this memory of love and his resentment towards her, he doesn’t want these scars to hurt his feeling again. So he has buried everything about Hye Jung. So why would he spread all those pictures? It’s not him. He didn’t do it.

Hye Jung doesn’t believe him. She yells to him, asking him to give all the pictures he had. She believes it’s his mistake for not taking good care of his personal pictures. Maybe someone else saw these pictures and used them to threaten Hye Jung. Sang Hoon asks her to stop yelling. This is not Hye Jung who he knew.

She warns him that she’s going to report this to the cyber investigation team and if it’s found that the culprit is him / anyone related to him, she won’t hesitate to report everything to the police. Before she leaves, she asks him to cast away any feeling he has towards her and to throw away all pictures he might still had.

Sang Hoon asks if Hye Jung’s doing well, in which she replies yes and she now has 2 daughters. He’ll think more about this leaking picture and will contact her when he knows something which will help her. He bids his goodbye, telling her to take care.

Hye Jung who is curious why Sang Hoon, one of the best announcer of the prime news chose to be a teacher and live like this. He smiles, it just ended up like this. This is the one reason why Hye Jung hates him, His attitudes that Hye Jung hated, his wishy-washy & lukewarm attitude, he doesn’t have any ambition in life. She hates him that he’s such a romantic but not pragmatic. He knows it well, that’s one reason he left her. And now Hye Jung lives as she is now and he lives as he is. It depends on one choice. But he still hopes she lives well, so he’s relieved he finally meets her again. Looking at her now, it looks like she’s living well.


On her way out, someone is bringing a wheelchair to Sang Hoon’s classroom. He then carries him to his wheelchair. Awww… What happened with him?

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Hyun Woo who’s waiting for Se Kyung, recalls Ji Hye’s tearful argument & confession. He knows something is wrong with her, he knows Ji Hye is unhappy with her choice, but he’s unable to do nor say anything else to her. He’s upset that Ji Hye only thought of him as someone whom she had one night stand. And that Ji Hye pushed him away from her life again. He thinks about the most important advice Ji Hye gave him, “don’t make mistake like her”.

Se Kyung joins Hyun Woo who’s drinking wine alone and notices her fiance’s somber expression. He pretends nothing is wrong.


He excuses himself to go to the restroom, but the truth is, he goes out, stares at the dark night sky and think deeply if he had made the right decision.

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Meanwhile, drunken Ji Hye finally arrives home, assisted by the guard & maid.


Things are not going well at the mansion either, the witch mom-in-law is questioning her older daughter-in-law as nobody could contacted her the whole day. But Hye Jung is aware with her husband’s current problem, thanks to her secretary. The witch is dismayed that Hye Jung acts like nothing is wrong, and if it’s ok to act like this while her husband is being summoned by prosecutors.

Hye Jung argues back that from the beginning she has told the witch & Tae Jin for not doing this. But, Tae Jin and his mom insisted that there wouldn’t be any problem and went ahead with their plan. Hye Jung only did what she’s been told to do, she even helped them to convince her father-in-law. She stayed quiet although Tae Jin hit her, her husband never listened to her advice. Meanwhile, the witch used all excuses to bring Teacher Mi Ra into their house and made a bridge to help them building their relationship. Now they are living together. They sold & bought paintings exorbitantly,  & used the money for bribery during the election campaigns. All these are Tae Jin, Mi Ra & The Witch’s fault, not Hye Jung’s fault. So stop putting the blame to Hye Jung’s shoulder.

She doesn’t understand why the witch ever thought of pulling another woman into the house as her son’s mistress as a diversion of Hye Jung’s unavailability to take care the house & her daughters when she started working. She blames the witch for using Hye Jung and Tae Jin’s most sensitive issue (aka Tae Jin’s woman problem) so she can put Hye Jung under her spell. But it didn’t work as well as she wanted it to be, in fact, it caused much bigger problem.

Hye Jung has done her best ever since she entered this household. She never run away from her responsibilities. She did her best to her ability in this problem too. But that’s it. Nothing else she can do or will do. If they want to avoid the investigation, they can start from taking down that expensive two paintings that are currently hung in the living room.

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Dad who knew about the bribery & money laundry, is unable to suppress his anger anymore. He throws pillow to his wife, then destroys that paintings.

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Exhausted Tae Wook arrives home to find his wife is sleeping soundly. He smells alcohol from his wife and is disappointed with her.


The next morning, Tae Wook didn’t wake up his wife and left her alone until she wake up late, and run to the mansion.

Meanwhile, Dad is interrogating Tae Jin who insists that it’s all Kim Hyun Shik’s fault. All this happened because Hyun Shik is currently under investigation and because he nominated him, so anyone related with him will be summoned too.

Dad threatens him that if it’s found that he’s involved in all these dirty political business with Hyun Shik, or if he’s found guilty, Tae Jin will be out from this family. He will also be banned from all the inheritance, succession rights, shares and shareholders functions.

Dad turns his attention to Tae Wook who has promised to take care his brother so he’ll avoid going to jail. Tae Jin insists he didn’t do anything wrong, and he won’t go to jail. He doesn’t want to go to jail. He apologizes for arousing these criticisms, but he insists he’s innocent.

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Ji Hye finally arrives at the mansion and now, all the attention turn to her. Nobody is happy that she’s late for breakfast, not to mention that she didn’t prepare breakfast this morning.

Hye Jung is furious knowing Ji Hye was drunk last night, asking if she’s lost all her fears now and if she’s upset. Ji Hye replies, yes, she’s upset, she’s curious if her senior if she never drank any alcohol. Hye Jung tells her no. Anyway, she doesn’t understand why a Shinyang Group’s daughter-in-law drank alcohol in a street stall and came home drunk that she needed their household staffs to help her getting to bed last night. Is she crazy?

Ji Hye is flabbergasted that her sister-in-law believes it’s crazy to come home after drinking. Of course, in Shinyang Group’s household, it’s crazy. It seems like Ji Hye has forgotten her status as this group’s daughter-in-law. She forgot that whatever she does, will be the talk of the town. It’s matter of this household’s dignity that she has to maintain. She can’t easily do anything she wants to do although she’s upset.

What would happen if someone saw her and decided to report it to the media? Articles will be published and the household’s dignity will be tarnished. It’s disgusting. And when she drunk, she could leak this household’s secret to strangers. So it’s much better to drink at home, or she can go shopping, buy things to get over her sadness. Hye Jung asks her to put her act together, don’t be senseless anymore.

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After escaping from her sister-in-law’s interrogation, now she has to face her husband who’s waiting at their house. He wants to talk, he wants to know what happened and why she drank alcohol. She gives him a very simple answer, it’s because she wanted to drink. Is it wrong to do it? And she drank alone. Couldn’t she drink alone outside the house?

Tae Wook is aware that Ji Hye’s upset because they had to postpone (most likely ‘halt’) their plan to go to America, because of Tae Jin’s problem. But Ji Hye yells at his one-side conclusion, telling him it’s not because of that reason. It’s because she’s suffocating & depressed. So what’s wrong to drink a cup of wine outside the house?

The truth is, she drank 2 bottles of wine, but she didn’t do anything weird! She didn’t kill anyone!

Because she drank a lot, so it’s obvious she got drunk and slept as soon as she came home. Why everyone condemned her for getting drunk?

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For Tae Wook, his wife once-off drinking behavior is not a problem; but his mother & sister-in-law thought otherwise. She’s cruelly criticized and yelled at; just because they couldn’t accept the fact that the youngest Shinyang Group’s daughter-in-law went around drinking on the street. she’s accused like she betrayed the whole country. So Tae Wook, you’d better stay quiet and don’t criticize her like what his family did to her. She wants to leave, but Tae Wook grabs her wrist, as he hasn’t done talking to her. She yells at him, asking him to let her go.

She has done her best in this family, up to the point of leaving her most precious job. She never said “no” to this family, she never run away from her responsibilities. There were days when she’s so depressed, lonely. Tae Wook who’s really busy always comes home late everyday, and she has nobody she can talk to in this house. So what should she do? She just had a drink, that’s it.

Tae Wook calmly advises her to go to visit her sister, stay there for a short visit. But of course Ji Hye couldn’t do that. Tae Wook’s mom and sister-in-law are not happy seeing her visits her family. They may be worry that she will spill the beans about them to her own family. Because everytime she visited her sister’s house, they warned her to keep quiet, and don’t talk about her in-laws because it’s frivolous to do that. And what would happen if someone heard their conversation and spread the rumors to the media? It will ruin Shinyang’s group reputation. So instead of doing something wrong, Ji Hye decided to stop visiting her sister’s house and she always tells her sister she’s doing well, because that’s what her in-laws asked her to say.

Tae Wook understands Ji Hye’s situation, so let’s stop. Ji Hye warns him to stop yelling at her, because there are already many people who yell at her in this household. People who shouting & rebuking her like a dog.

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Tae Jin is confronted with reporters who want to know if he’s admitting all charges  from the prosecutors. He insists he’s innocent. He declares that he’s been dedicating his life to his party. He will give his truthful testimony to the prosecutors. He asks the netizens to believe in him. Mi Ra is listening to his declaration.


Mi Ra comes to Sang Hoon (who is her older brother)’s workplace to take him somewhere. He’s not happy to see her here. Suspiciously, he looks at her cheerful expression and he knows she did it. He knows his sister was the one who threatened Hye Jung and sent all those pictures. Her expression changes. She wants to know what was Hye Jung’s reaction after seeing him in a wheelchair, he became like this because of Hye Jung! Sang Hoon didn’t show his current condition, so Hye Jung didn’t say anything.

Mi Ra blames Hye Jung for turning Sang Hoon and his family like this. She wants to revenge. Their mother passed away because of too much stress and anger after she painfully saw what happened with her son. Mi Ra had to suspend her study in Paris and came home because of this. She had to bury her dream and now lives as a Cheongdamdong’s mistress, maid, secretary, even a dog. It’s all because of Hye Jung and yet Sang Hoon still treasures all the romantic love story he had with Hye Jung. Mi Ra wants to go all in, she won’t stop before this person dies.

She’s really frustrated every time she looks at her brother who stays the same in the last 8 years. He has no value.

Sang Hoon then calls Hye Jung (who’s shocked that he knew her number), advising her not to worry because he knows who did this. But he’ll make sure it won’t happen again. Hye Jung starts blaming him again for not guarding the pictures well, and is wondering why he still kept the pictures. He understands, promises to get rid these pictures from existence and his memory.

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Flashback to Hye Jung and Sang Hoon’s company dinner few years ago, frustrated Hye Jung who only worked for the sake of money left in the middle of dinner, because of her disagreement with the company’s view. Sang Hoon took her for a drink. She explained about capitalism to this “Seoul” man, then left. He chased her, took her for a walk, held her hand, although Hye Jung wanted to go home. They stood in front of a giant teddy bear, he asked if she wanted him to buy it for her. He didn’t give any clear reason why, he just wanted to give it to her.

Hye Jung was discussing about the script with her sunbae, and she blushed every time they talked about love. Sang Hoon surprised her with that giant teddy bear. He teased the sunbae who couldn’t find love because she hated teddy bear. Hye Jung was over the moon and kept hugging the cuddly soft teddy bear. They both worked together, he held her hand while their sunbae didn’t see. Cute.

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Hye Jung cheerfully did her weather segment, not realizing that she has just lost her dad. When she came home, she found her family crying over her dad’s body, but she blamed it to her dad’s own mistake for drinking alcohol his whole life. Her dad was so irresponsible and now he left them. So why’re they crying? She begged them to stop crying, he’s not a father to them.

Let’s go back to the real world. Hye Jung, who’s so depressed after recalling her sweet & sad past memories, is drinking alcohol. She comes home drunk, and bribes the guard to keep it a secret.

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She lays down on the floor, when her hand touches the bear’s soft foot, she crawls and then hugs the bear. Burying all her sadness.

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Ji Hye is taking Min Jung to luxurious store; she wants her to pick bags for her and her mom. Ji Sun and Min Joo come home to see Ji Hye there. Min Jung is excited with the luxurious bags Aunt Ji Hye bought her and her mom. Ji Hye also bought a cute bag in owl shape for the maknae.

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Ji Sun asks why Ji Hye is spoiling her nieces with expensive gifts. She’s now showing off her money.

Ji Hye is frustrated with her sister’s nagging. Hye Jung told her that shopping is one way to relieve a frustration, so she follows her “wise” advice. She couldn’t do this thing to her nieces before she could married, now she can do this, her mind is at ease, Min Jung is happy; so everyone is happy, right?

Ji Sun knows something is wrong, but Ji Hye insists nothing happened. Then she starts crying. Ji Sun is curious if Tae Wook is having an affair, in which Ji Hye tells her, no. She breaks down, unable to say anything else.

After she calms down, she confesses everything to her sister. That she didn’t have her monthly period for 6 months. She can’t sleep at night.

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Meanwhile, Se Kyung and Hyun Woo are inspecting the huge villa, a gift from Se Kyung’s mom. Hyun Woo is hesitated to express his disapproval, but then he frankly tells her that it’s too big and he doesn’t like it. Se Kyung convinces him to live here as her mother & her have prepared it to the best of their ability and it’s close to his company, her workplace & her mom’s house.

Hyun Woo tells her about Lee Joong Sup’s small & shabby place in Jejudo, he was even wondering how could his family of 4 lived there. But he then realized that it must have been fun for them to live in that tiny room. Lee Joong Sup and his wife must have been very intimate, they must’ve reconciled very quickly after they fought.

For Hyun Woo, this huge villa is too burdensome. He prefer them live in a place which they’ll be comfortable to live; not too big nor small. Se Kyung agrees to move in to the apartment prepared by his mom; although she knows that her mom will get upset, but she’s the one who’s getting married. So it’s okay for her.

She is wondering why Hyun Woo’s mind has been wondering off lately, like it seems like he’s here but his spirit is far away. He makes excuses that it’s because of work. But Se Kyung knows something is not right.

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Ji Sun is driving her sister home, she doesn’t want to send her home alone after crying her eyes out. She glances over at the mansion and is amazed. It’s not a house, it’s a fortress for her. Like what Ji Hye told her,, she’s just like a captive princess in a fortress. She can’t escape. But, what can she do now? It’s her own choice. Ji Sun believes the first year of marriage is the hardest year, everything happens. It’s the first time the women will meet their in-laws, live in the new house and experience brand new marriage life. Everyone experiences difficulties. So Ji Hye, endure well and it will get better over time.

But Ji Hye believes nothing will get better, she should has been more prudent before deciding to marry Tae Wook. She should make her own decision, not to be led by any circumstances, her family nor watchful eyes. No matter how well a man treated her, she should never fallen for that. She should be more careful. It feels like she’s now paying her penalty for choosing the wrong path.


On the way home, Ji Sun decides to pay her sister-in-law a visit. Eun Hee is ecstatic to see her, opens her arms, wants to hug her. Ji Sun is still frustrated that Eun Hee left her family and left them in her care. But although she hates her, she also really loves her.

She is happy that Eun Hee has succeeded to become Accounting Chief in a big company,. She has transformed from an ahjumma into a refined career woman. Eun Hee is still being modest, embarrassed with her sister-in-law’s complements. As she called her an ahjumma, Ji Sun is now wondering why women’s status can change so rapidly. Like if they’re housewives, they’re an ahjummas. But if they’re working, they are career woman. Anyone who sacrifices themselves as housewives should be appreciated too. Why do people look down at ahjummas and have affair with career woman?

Eun Hee is curious about Seung Soo and how he’s doing now. Ji Sun initially didn’t want to tell her, but she decides it’s now time for her to know about her husband’s current job. After he got fired because of that scandal, he couldn’t get any decent job. So he’s working as a tutor at local elementary tutorial center during the day. At night, he’s a substitute driver.


Ji Hye approaches Hye Jung’s sunbae, as she wants to write script for any program. She begs her to keep this as a secret, replaces her name with another writer’s name. She’s desperately wants to go back to work.

Ji Hye and the household’s staffs arrive at Mi Ra’s gallery to pack Tae Jin’s belongings. Both Tae Jin and Mi Ra are not there though.

Hye Jung’s family hear the news about Tae Jin’s avoidance with the prosecutors using medical illness as excuses. But he can’t do it anymore, he will need to go to the prosecutors’ office to give his testimony. Hye Jung’s mother is wondering what happened with her son-in-law.

Meanwhile, Mi Ra wants to go to Paris immediately, she’s moving up her departure date. She meets with Hye Jin, advising him she’s leaving for a year, and giving her gallery’s key & car’s key to him, so he can take care her business for him. He’s been doing all these work in the past year, so she believes he’ll be able to do it well. Nobody else can do this better than him. Before she leaves, Mi Ra is doing her final revenge to the woman who destroyed her brother’s life. She’ll destroy her life too.

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Hye Jung picks up a bunch of pictures from the floor. She trembles when she looks at the pictures of Mi Ra… and … Sang Hoon!

Then she receives a bombshell, someone uploaded her pictures on Shinyang group’s website!

Brief Comment

This drama has escalated to the point where a younger sister is taking revenge on behalf of her lovesick brother. Mi Ra is doing everything she can to “punish” and “destroy” the woman who indirectly caused so many anguish to her family. Hye Jung is one step too late to notice the “secret” behind Mi Ra’s family. I’m not sure what else Hye Jung can do to save her life, her marriage and her own family. Her only brother is already under Mi Ra’s power.

I understand Ji Hye’s frustration, everyone in Kang’s household treats her like a dog. Didn’t Tae Wook promise that he’d be her dog after their marriage? Why is it the other way around now?

And why Tae Wook didn’t wake up his wife? If he’s a great husband, he should at least makes an effort to wake up at 5AM, or before Ji Hye leaves to prepare breakfast at the mansion, just to say good morning, then he can go back to sleep.

But he decided it’s better to let her to sleep in. He should know that Ji Hye would be in trouble, but he didn’t make any effort to wake her up! She missed the breakfast preparation and was even late for breakfast. Everyone criticized her, but he stayed quiet.

Ji Hye, Tae Wook and Hyun Woo love triangle are still going nowhere. And I miss cutie handsome Choi Pil Ho!

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