Goddess of Marriage Episode 22 Recap

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Hye Jung and Sang Hoon’s sexy pictures are now spreading widely in Shinyang Group’s website.Hye Jung is speechless looking at all these leaked pictures, unable to say nor do anything.  The damage has been done.

Tae Wook asks a favor from his sunbae’s prosecutor not as Prosecutor Kang Tae Wook but as his junior (they went to the same college). He wants to know the progress of Tae Jin’s case. His sunbae advises him that Senator Kim Hyu Shik is a very famous politician who nominated people who will become the subjects of bribery investigation cases. He’s curious why Tae Jin really loves expensive paintings and if the rumor he has girlfriend who owns a gallery, is true. Tae Wook doesn’t know about all these. And he doesn’t even realize that his sister-in-law is currently trending on number 1 on Korea’s portal news. Her sexy pictures have been spreading all over the net. Tae Jin’s brother-in-law (Hae Jin aka Hye Jung’s brother) has been found to be involved in this case as well, but whether he’s just following the order or the culprit behind this, it’s still under investigation.

Things have progressed to the worst now. Tae Wook yells at his brother, who did this bribery and money laundry. Because of of his mistake, Kang household will be destroyed sooner or later.  Tae Wook wants to know how much did he take and give. Tae Jin pleads to be innocent.


Kang Man Ho is interrogating Hye Jung who pretends it’s all conspiracy against her and those pictures were all manufactured pictures. She has never took that kind of pictures before or after her marriage with Tae Jin. She knows many people hold grudges that she’s able to easily climbed to Vice President position, so maybe this is the backlash behind her promotion. She blames it to the stockholders conspiracy.

But do you think Man Ho is naive? It’s not that important whether that pictures are real or photoshopped. If it’s manufactured, then, she has no capacity to be one of the top person in this group. Because how could she let (lower) people thought of doing this kind of thing to her? But if it’s real, then she took care her business in very meek way. He instructs her to go back home and he will never let her become a Vice President again. Go back home, wait and become a housewife like she used to be.


Hye Jung arrives home to her very worried and upset mother-in-law. She slaps her as soon as she steps into the house, not just once, but twice. She beats her daughter-in-law repeatedly, calling her dirty. Yoo Ri & Yoo Jin are shocked watching all these, then they run to call Aunt Ji Hye.

Hye Jung still pretends the pictures were manufactured, but no, the witch was one step ahead of her. She already did background checks before her marriage, so she knew about a man who she dated for 3 years. The man who worked at the same broadcasting station. The man she loved so much that they kissed in public. The man who she kicked after she met Tae Jin. Hye Jung entered the house because she’s already pregnant with Tae Jin’s first daughter. The witch even doubted that Yoo Ri is her granddaughter. But she believed Hye Jung wouldn’t be so reckless and brought a child from another man to this house. There were so many rumors at that time that Tae Jin was pushed by Hye Jung and she couldn’t let them get married, afraid Shinyang Group’s reputation & dignity will be ruined. But in the end, she let them married each other. So now, is this the way she repays her mother-in-law generosity? Or is this her revenge?

She apologizes that it turned out like this, just think of it as a disturbance. The witch is agitated that she brought shame into this household.

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Ji Hye arrives at the mansion, while Hye Jung is still being beaten by her mother-in-law. She goes upstairs to calm down her nieces.

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The witch is breaking things downstairs. She yells at the maids to drag Hye Jung away from their house. She’s upset that her son is being interrogated by prosecutor and now the one who’s supposed to be his strong rocks is naked with another man, with photos of her in bed with another man spreading on the net like crazy. She keeps yelling at the maids, asking them to drag Hye Jung away. Hye Jung leaves the house by her own accord.

Ji Hye invites her nieces to stay overnight at her place, lying to them that their mom left to do more work at her office.

Tae Wook arrives home to see his nieces both sleep at his bed. Ji Hye is still busy writing her new script and explains Hye Jung & his mom fought (in front of the kids), they cried so she took them home.

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He breathes heavily, and asks if Ji Hye saw what happened on the net. Of course she did. And Tae Wook now has to handle both his brother and sister-in-law’s issues. Ji Hye asks what should they do now. Nothing much except facing things as they come. Tae Wook still has lots of things to do, so Ji Hye go to bed alone. Frustrated, he locks himself in his study room.

Meanwhile, Kang PD is asking Ji Hye about the script, she promises to send it within one hour and asks him to remove her name. She doesn’t want to get paid, either. Her in-laws will know she’s working if she receives money in her bank account. For now, she’s more than happy to release her writing passion.

Hye Jung cries her heart out, alone.

Hyun Woo is meeting with his client for the naturally-environmentally safety project. The client is happy with the progress. They’re now inspecting the project. But Hyun Woo finds out that the design, wall, materials etc, were not according to the original plans. He confronts Kyung Min who confesses that it’s all Kang Tae Jin’s demands. After he showed him Hyun Woo’s blueprint, Tae Jin kept changing it. Because he’s the one who pays him, so he followed his demands.

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Hyun Woo is unhappy with Kyung Min who acts like a conman to his own partner. He tells him to live like that on his own and don’t drag him into his problem. He really hates seeing his blueprint being tossed away like that, more so than dying.

Kyung Min brings up the issue that Hyun Woo was able to caught the Great Mi Jin Group’s daughter Han Se Kyung’s heart.  While his wife is just a daughter from a common family. But she doesn’t want to live anywhere else except in Cheongdamdong. So he has to work extra harder to rent a place in that expensive area. Hyun Woo asks him to live according to the standard he can afford. But Kyung Min doesn’t want him to interfere in his personal live, especially the way he lives, as he never does that to Hyun Woo. He and his wife work really hard to be able to live like this. But, Hyun Woo is very arrogant. Although he’s able to get a fiancee from a wealthy family, however, he acts indifferently. Hyun Woo tells him he’s really disappointed in his partner. Then he leaves.

Hyun Woo keeps pretending nothing is wrong. Se Kyung convinces him to tell him what’s wrong. He finally tells her what happened. She’s surprised. All her intuition about Kyung Min is right.

She asked what Hyun Woo would like her to do with the fish, grill it, slice it raw or what? She’ll grill it to her liking. Her mom is frustrated that she’s giving her all to Hyun Woo. She doesn’t want her to be really nice to him. She’s not a chef of a Japanese restaurant. She’s the heiress of Mi Jin Group!

When Hyun Woo arrives and gives a polite greeting to Se Kyung’s mom, she refuses to greet him. She asks him to eat the prepared dinner appreciatively as her fool daughter prepared it according to his wishes.

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He doesn’t give any complement, although the mother is waiting for his reaction.

Anyway, she finally lets him know the reason why she called him tonight. She bluntly asks why he doesn’t want to live in that villa. Elders bought it for him, and yet he rejected it. Is it because of his pride as a guy? Or because he hates everything they bought him?


He tells her that because the house that they will live in, is the most comfortable place for them. Mother-in-law asks how come he can’t match his standard with their standard. She’s the heiress of Mi Jin group, he got the best prize. She reluctantly accepted him to marry her daughter because Se Kyung really loves him, so he needs to adjust his standard. Don’t get on their nerve at this early stage. Wouldn’t his mom want to see him leading and living a successful life instead of living in that small apartment?

Mom knows Hyun Woo is currently having a hard time working with his conman partner, Kyung Min. So she instructs him to start working at Se Kyung’s father’s company. He’s a really lucky man. Because there’s no competition, Se Kyung doesn’t have any sibling. So he won’t compete with any brother-in-law / sister-in-law.

Mom concludes that it’s impossible for him to take Se Kyung, the heiress of Mi Jin Group to live in that small apartment.

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He abruptly leaves, although Se Kyung apologizes on behalf of her mom. She wants him to discuss about this issue and try to resolve it now. She believes if there’s problem between a man and a woman, it’s the worst thing ever for not talking about it / delaying talking about it. It will only create misunderstanding and increase resentment. She begs him to release his anger before he leaves. But no, Hyun Woo is not angry at her. He just wants to self-reflect about whether he’s too lacking for her. The money he has & earn, in order to make her happy, is it too lacking?

Se Kyung cries out it’s not, he’s not lacking anything.

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On his way home, Hyun Woo turns on the radio. Tonight’s broadcast is talking about vegetable that people rarely eat, asparagus. It discusses about Painter Lee Joong Sup, the poorest man who’s the country’s best artist who called his wife’s toes “asparagus”.

Then it talks about Lee Joong Sup’s tiny house in Jejudo and the pure love that the listeners can learn from his family.

Have you ever visited Lee Joong Sup’s house in Jejudo? If you go there, there is a 3pyeong (106.74sqft) house where Lee Joong Sup and his family lived. Not sure if it’s a room or house, as it’s very shabby & tiny, making you think how could people have lived there. But I also had another thought, in that small room, 4 family members lived in it, it must be fun. Marriage is like that, even in those conditions, loving each other & living. Even in a shabby & small room, discovering your lover’s toes. For the pleasure of that, the discomfort of married life and poverty are consoled by one another. I thought that this was love. Everyone, tonight, look at the toes of the person you love laying next to you and then go to sleep.

Hyun Woo stops his car as he heard about this before. He knows it’s Ji Hye’s writing!

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He sends a text message to Ji Hye, asking if she has started writing script again. She ignores his message. So he sends another one. He’s relieved if she started working again, as he’s been really worried after meeting her like that last time. He urges her to stay strong regardless of the situation, he’ll always cheer for her.

Ji Hye then asks how did he found out. It’s because of Lee Joong Sup’s story. She confesses it’s her, but asks him to keep it as a secret because no-one except him knows about the fact she’s started working again. She thanks him and asks him to take care. He also wishes the same thing.

Ji Sun is asking Ji Hye about Kang household’s media frenzy. Tae Wook has confined himself at his office because he can’t face other prosecutors due to his family’s problem. Once he goes off work, he works together with the law department of his father’s company to think about the counter-attacks for his brother’s case. It’s been over a week since he came home. So she has to bring Tae Wook’s clothes to him.

Ji Sun believes it’s the problem faced by wealthy family. For Ji Sun, it’s a big deal if mother-in-law & daughter-in-law are fighting and not talking to each other. But Ji Hye’s in-laws are playing in much larger scale, it’s nationwide. She’s curious if the witch will pick on her sister that all these problem happen because the wrong person comes into their household. Ji Hye pretends the witch never talked about this. She asks Ji Hye to call her if she needs someone to talk to, don’t stressed out by herself.

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It’s Sunday, Jang Woo pretends he’s going to study. Seung Soo is curious that he’s going to see his mom. He pretends he’ll go to library to meet his friends to study earnestly. Seung Soo decides to trail him. Jang Woo notices someone is following him. But no, nobody there. Seung Soo keeps trailing him until he arrives in front of a huge office building. He’s surprised that his wife is now working in a big company. Just wearing tee and shorts, he enters the building and knocks his wife’s office door.

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Eun Hee and Jang Woo are surprised to see Seung Soo. Jang Woo is upset because of this. He has to leave mom, and he’s also still hungry. Arrogant Seung Soo’s confrontation with his wife. It’s been over a year since she left home. He asks for their house and his parents’ house deed. That’s all he can say to her after one year. He knows that she rented both places, not sold them. And the leases are almost up, so he asks her to give the deeds to him, while he’s still being nice to her.

Does she know how his family live after she took over the deeds? They’ve been threatened by Ji Sun, stressed out, malnutrition. So how could she rent out the apartments that her husband and her in-laws were living in? She didn’t have any conscience. Is she even human?

Conscience? What about him? He cheated, left, then came back, now asked for house deeds. Why does someone like him who didn’t like his family, left his family, now returned? Why don’t he continue living outside for more years?

He pretends he came back to take care Jang Woo. Really?

Anyway, he doesn’t want to talk more. He wants her to evict the renters, and give back the house deeds. Then, he’ll divorce her. Whether he’ll take the whole house alone or divide it in half, they’ll settle it according to the law. He doesn’t want his wife to treat him like this as he’s already found out her workplace and he  will keep coming until she gives her the house deed.

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Seung Soo see Jang Woo’s crying outside the building. So he gives the dumpling he stole from Eun Hee to his son. He wouldn’t scold him like this if he told him his mother’s workplace. He then holds his son’s hand and still holding hands, they walk home. He mentions Eun Hee’s new hairstyle, Jang Woo tells him she’s changed it few months ago.

Min Jung arrives at a special place after Ye Seul called her. Only to find that place was decorated in balloons.


Ye Seul pulls the ribbon to “surprise” Min Jung with a lovely flower bouquet, only to get it lands on top of her head! It makes Min Jung really upset.

Then, the big moment.

Ye Seul gets down on one knee and proposes with a diamond ring!

But Min Jung, money-digger Min Jung, she rejects his genuine proposal. She believes he’s just a part timer here and he decorated the place after his boss went home.

Ye Seul tells her he’s the owner here. But Min Jung believes he’s lying. Anyway, Min Jung is only going to marry someone who can buy her expensive bags every time she wants them. She won’t marry a guy like him, she doesn’t want her to contact her again. Clumsy Ye Seul keeps stepping on balloons.


The chairwoman is looking at pictures of a young woman & man. Eun Hee has prepared everything for the death anniversary of the chairwoman’s son & daughter-in-law. Then someone comes home. It’s Ye Seul! Omo, he’s the grandmother’s grandson. She scolds her grandson for coming home late on his parents’ death memorial. He should assist in the preparations.

After the memorial finishes, Eun Hee asks Ye Seul what’s wrong as his grandmother is worried sick about him. He confessed he proposed to the woman he liked, but she rejected him.

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Ye Seul shows the picture of the woman she likes to Eun hee; she’s wondering how did he knew Min Jung. In which he asks back, how did she knew MY Min Jung.

Min Jung arrives home frustrated, that she got a proposal from a stupid guy. Dad is furious. Min Jung tells dad he’s not worth it. Dad doesn’t know who this guy is, but believes he must likes his daughter a lot to propose to her. Ji Sun stares at her, asks if that guy really proposed to her. She doesn’t want Min Jung to live at their house forever. But Min Jung has set her own standard. She won’t marry until she finds a man who is wealthier that Aunt Ji Hye’s husband.

Man Ho is trying to use his connection to “save” his family. He’ll reward them if they decide to help him.

Tae Wook finally comes to the mansion to meet his dad, he asks Ji Hye to go back to their house first.

Dad asks Tae Wook to step back, he has everything under control although Tae Jin has destroyed one department of their organization. Dad believes it’s over now.

So Tae Wook comes home. He asks if Ji Hye has seen Hye Jung’s pictures, in which she did, thanks to her hysterical niece, Min Jung, who’s a huge fan of Hye Jung.

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Tae Wook promises they’ll leave to New York as soon as the family issues are resolved. Ji Hye doesn’t have any expectation anymore, so don’t bother about it. He has never acted and fulfilled his promises. She’s not blaming him, but this is what she has accepted about this family. Don’t ever have any expectations. She’s disappointed in him, but she doesn’t criticize him.

He should know she doesn’t like her sister-in-law, she’s so different from her. But her mother-in-law’s treatment towards her, in front of her own grandchildren, she can’t understand. Truthfully, she’s scared of his family. A mistake is a mistake. She doesn’t know how much more she can take, but she’ll do her best as long as she can.

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Se Kyung comes to Hyun Woo who’s still working late. He takes her for a walk, but she back hugs him, trying to apologize that she mentioned Kyung Min to her mother. She doesn’t like the fact he’s being used by Kyung Min.

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Hye Jung receives a text message from her mother that the investigators are currently at their house to arrest Hae Jin because of Tae Jin’s investigation. Cue to the prosecutors arresting Hae Jin, and his mom is crying not letting the prosecutor takes her son away.

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Hye Jung asks help from her father-in-law, as she didn’t know that her brother involved in her husband’s case. She wasn’t the one who got him that job. Man Ho tells her it doesn’t matter, just ask him to live in prison for 3 years, then he’ll work for the group. He asks her to stay put. Hye Jung begs him to release him, to let him go, he’s only 27yo. It will ruin his life.

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