Goddess of Marriage Episode 23 Recap

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Kang Man Ho addresses his family about their current family’s downfall. In the past, the problems usually faded on their own, but their current problem is in a bigger scale that they must protect Shinyang Group and the family’s image. The whole family must stay strong. They need to solve and recover from these economic and political issues as quickly as possible as people’s eyes will be fixated on them. Man Ho advises them to be careful to avoid further rumors / problems. Mom blames Tae Wook, a Seoul prosecutor who couldn’t do anything about Tae Jin’s case until his dad took over (by placing Hye Jung’s brother as a scapegoat).

Hye Jung didn’t join the family for breakfast, she hides in her dark bedroom. Flashback to her plead with her sly father-in-law who told her that her family wouldn’t suffer as much as Kang family if her brother goes behind bar, instead of Tae Jin.


Tae Jin initially didn’t know that Hae Jin involved in this case. But after his dad took over his case, he’s relieved that someone else will become his scapegoat. He promises that he’ll take care Hye Jung’s family, but Hye Jung refuses to accept his help & his dirty money. He tells her that money is already dirty because of the taxes. He sarcastically teases her about those pictures and that the whole Korea now know about her pictures. He wanted to divorce her, but he holds on because of that pictures (if he divorces her while the news about her “sexy” pictures are still hot, it means he acknowledges that those pictures are real and it will bring shame to his family) and his brother-in-law. Hye Jung can stay in that dark room alone, forever.

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Ji Hye receives a surprising call from her best friend Yun Soo who is currently in Seoul. They decide to meet. Ji Hye is surprised that Yun Soo is pregnant. Yun Soo wanted to have a baby, her husband agreed and luckily she got pregnant really quickly. But her husband didn’t want to have kids, he wanted her to abort the baby because he believes he can’t even be responsible for his own life (he’s a rocker), so how can he takes care another human being (his child)? So Yun Soo decided to leave Jejudo and her husband. Because she has no where to go (she’s been staying in the motel in the past 2 weeks), Ji Hye invites her to stay at her place. Her in-laws never visit her place, it’s 10 minutes walk from the mansion. Tae Wook only comes home 3 times a week anyway, and when he’s home, he doesn’t do anything except sleep. Yun Soo asks if Ji Hye has a good sign (baby), she sighs that it may not happen. She’s currently taking responsibilities, karma, duties, mistake, for the choice she made. At least she’s still alive, not dead.


Hyun Woo asks Kyung Min to take his name out of the ShinYang Group’s hotel construction project. At the moment, he’s still not firing him, but Hyun Woo is wondering if Kyung Min is still his friend. Hyun Woo is unaware at the rumor that he’s moving to Se Kyung’s father architecture company. That he’s the heir of this company which has $50 millions in asset and handles all the big construction in Korea. Many firms’ architects are currently trying to check Hyun Woo’s background trying to get in his good books. He’s still oblivious at the fact that he’s going to be an heir of this powerful company, so Kyung Min is really furious that Hyun Woo, the heir of a wealthy company hasn’t taken any consideration to his friend / work colleague who is struggling with this small architecture firm.

Hyun Woo explains he’s not moving to that company, he never even thought of becoming the successor of this elite company. If he wanted to become such person, he wouldn’t be arguing about the Shin Yang’s hotel project with Kyung Min. He threatens Kyung Min to give up on this project, or Hyun Woo will give up on him. Kyung Min should know by now that Hyun Woo is very inflexible, he will survive under any difficult circumstances, staying and working at the same place.

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He arrives at Se Kyung’s bridal place, where she’s trying on her engagement dress. He tells her that the dress she’s wearing now is pretty, he doesn’t need to stare at her for a long time, he knows it looks nice on her.



His mind is somewhere else though, so helping his fiancee choosing her engagement dress is currently not his first priority. He’s thinking about all the things that didn’t go according to what he wanted it to be. Too many barriers, too many constraints, too many rumors. Se Kyung tells him that all these things will happen when he enters her circle of life. On rainy days, he can’t avoid the rain drops. There’re always lots of talk, rumors in Cheongdamdong. But please, Hyun Woo, don’t ever think nor say that he’ll leave this place, Se Kyung is really nervous just thinking that he may feel he won’t fit in this kind of life. She’ll die if he runs away from this place. Hyun Woo assures her that it’s not because he doesn’t like this place, but he doesn’t want to live as someone else. He doesn’t want to live as someone’s puppet, he doesn’t want his mind & life to wither away.

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Se Kyung’s mom is showing Hyun Woo’s mom the villa where the kids will live. It’s still empty as the furniture still hasn’t arrived. Hyun Woo’s mom notices the spacious living room is as big as a normal house. Se Kyung’s mom shows off that the neighbors of this luxurious villa are all famous, wealthy people.

About the apartment that Hyun Woo’s mom has prepared for her son in Gangbuk, she has left it under Hyun Woo’s care because he’s the one who’s getting married and live there. But Se Kyung’s mom think both of them are being stubborn & vague. She mentions that Hyun Woo told her he won’t live in this luxurious villa. She’s very disappointed with his firm refusal. Things are getting really difficult because he never listens to his future in-laws. Why he can’t be like any other sons-in-law out there who take advantage of their in-laws? The elder bought this villa for him, so why he’s so adamant that he won’t live here? Why he embarrassed his in-laws?

Hyun Woo’s mom believes her words are too harsh. But no, it’s not, it’s just she used strong words. She tries her best to match Hyun Woo’s standard. She took Hyun Woo’s mom here, hoping after she sees this villa, she’ll persuade Hyun Woo to accept the gift. She tells Hyun Woo’s mom about the levels of living, especially about their future grandson’s living standard. If Hyun Woo lives in Gangbuk area, then, his son will have to go to a public school. She wants her grandson to receive the best education. Even when the baby is still in his mum’s tummy, they will have to register him for the English pre-school to get a spot. Then, he’ll go for school for foreigner. Although his parents are Koreans, there’s a way to get him a spot in such school. Then, he’ll go to famous middle school & high school which is specialized for raising global leaders. They will send them to America in the midst of this to learn English. From her point-of-view, it’s better for her grandson to live in Gangnam area. Hyun Woo’s stubbornness is ruining his future children’s education & future.

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Mom disagrees with this kind of living standard so once again she questions Hyun Woo if he really has to marry Se Kyung. He’s never failed at anything before, he always listens to his mother. But his marriage has disappointed his mom. She admits Se Kyung is pretty and nice; but she can’t believe a woman like Se Kyung’s mom exists. She doesn’t want Hyun Woo to marry someone from this kind of family. Hyun Woo’s mom doesn’t hate wealthy people, in fact, she’s happy that her son will marry someone from a wealthy family. But Se Kyung’s mom sharp words really hurt her. Hyun Woo apologizes on their behalf, but his mom doesn’t accept his apology. He’s her son, not their son.

She believes Hyun Woo won’t be happy after he enters this family. He has his own ability to earn money & live a good life without going through this marriage. This leads mom to ask if her son wants more money, fame, success. But no, Hyun Woo doesn’t want any of this, he only see Se Kyung who is nice & pretty; and she really loves him. Mom tells him that all those are not good enough reason for him to continue with the engagement and later on, marriage. It’s true that getting married is the couple’s own business, but things that will happen afterwards will involve many other aspects & people. Hyun Woo’s future mother-in-law is not an average woman. Hyun Woo’s mom doesn’t want her own son to be someone else’ puppet, servant boy who live in his bride’s house. Hyun Woo asks mom to trust him, as this was the decision he took after thinking about it for a long time. But his mother has a strong intuition that things won’t go well. She’s against this marriage, Hyun Woo.


After that discussion, Hyun Woo listens to Ji Hye’s radio broadcast. Which coincidentally talks about how to make the right decisions.

“When we make a very important decision, who we ask about it. Our parents? Our friends? Someone we know? Fortune teller? Mind reader? The best person who can answer those questions is none other that ourselves. Ask our soul. Ask ourselves. Is this the best decision for my life? Won’t I regret it? Am I in love? Is this the person I really love?”

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Tae Wook finally comes home. He’s a bit surprised to see Yun Soo there. Ji Hye tells him about what happened with her best friend, Tae Wook allows her to stay at their place for as long as she wants, but Ji Hye needs to ensure their maids won’t tell the family about this. Ji Hye is over the moon that her husband let Yun Soo to stay there. Yun Soo is ready to leave, believing she’s being inconsiderate staying there. Ji Hye assures her Tae Wook has given his permission.

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Seung Soo is preparing breakfast for the whole family because he made a deal with Ji Sun that he’ll work around the house for a month since he’s currently unemployed and can’t pay his living expenses. It’s a winning deal for Ji Sun, as she’s currently really busy. She”ll pay Seung Soo $5/hour for doing housekeeping duties. Seung Soo knows he has to do all this to earn money. Ji Sun will give him the money on the 25th, and he’ll have to give her the living expenses money the next day. But Jang Soo is upset Ji Sun is treating her own brother-in-law like a maid.

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Seung Soo comes to a college as he knows Eun Hee will be there. He begs her to give her the house deed. Complaining that he’s now working at Ji Sun’s place for $5 / hour. In the meantime, Eun Hee is carrying her books and studying well, like nothing happens. She mentions that he’s the one who cheated and left the house who’s originally her own house. He admits he hasn’t done anything that he could be proud of, but she didn’t think about her son at all. She left him in a tiny room. She’s a very inconsiderate mother. But Eun Hee tells him, he did the same thing too last time. He didn’t even think about his own son who was crying, begging him for not leaving him, but he still left him.

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Eun Hee comes to Ye Seul’s cafe, she encourages him to cheer up, another opportunity will come again. When he leaves to grab an account book, Min Jung arrives. She’s wondering why her aunt called her here and how did she know this place. Then, Ye Seul brings her the account books and calls her Manager Kwon. She complements his business intuition and ability in front of Min Jung. He excuses himself, doesn’t want to face Min Jung who bluntly rejected his marriage proposal.

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Min Jung is confused, that Aunt Eun Hee also knows him. She’s wondering if she’s trying to set her up with him. Eun Hee then tells her that Ye Seul is the owner of this cafe, he’s a very capable man who’s been managing this store for few years. He saved all his salary, invested in stocks, made profit and opened another store. Min Jung doesn’t care about the stores, she looks at the bigger picture – Ye Seul’s grandmother who is the chairwoman of Seogwan Enterprise!

Seung Soo’s interview at an English academy. Because he previously worked as a famous anchor at national TV, he asked for a high salary. Unfortunately, his scandal hinders him from being employed and receive high salary.

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At the same place, he sees Eun Hee and Pil Ho there. He overhears their conversation. Pil Ho has been sending her text messages, but she never replies. He politely escorts her to the class, much to Seung Soo’s dismay.

The witch complains about Hye Jung to her friend. She can’t go out because of embarrassment. Hye Jung has been living as a prisoner in her own bedroom, unable to go out either. And her in-laws can’t kick her out too. Then, Hye Jung receives a phone call from her sunbae who insists she must talk & meet with her now. Hye Jung put her head up and go for a quick trip to see her sunbae.

The witch’s friend spills the bean that Ji Hye has started working in a broadcasting station. Her future daughter-in-law worked at that same station, and Ji Hye replaced her after she resigned. The witch then asks one of the helper about Ji Hye’s wherabouts, she accidentally tells her that her friend is currently staying with her. The witch quickly go to Ji Hye’s villa.

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She’s upset to see Ji Hye and her friend enjoying their meal, although Kang family is currently experiencing many problems. Yun Soo apologizes, saying it’s all her fault. She quickly grabs her bag and leaves the house. Ji Hye chases her friend, leaving her mother-in-law who’s interrogating her if she’s indeed has started working again. Yun Soo tells Ji Hye to be strong, live like Joan of Arc. She’ll be okay.

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After saying farewell to her friend, Ji Hye comes back to her house, and is surprised to hear lots of noises from her bedroom. Her mother-in-law is throwing her writing stuffs, including her laptop. Ji Hye should’ve quit writing although she inspires to be a writer, when her mom-in-law instructed her to do so. Ji Hye yells at her, asking her to stop. Listen to her.

Tae Wook is not having a great day at work either. His senior prosecutor is calling his family as a trashy family who has trashy children. Tae Wook is downsizing the investigation using all his influence & power. But his sunbae won’t step aside, he’ll chase his family until the end. Then, his mom calls, asking him to go home.

At home, Ji Hye is inconsolable. Tae Wook is speechless and unable to do anything to comfort his wife.

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Hye Jung finally meets with her sunbae, who asks her to let Sang Hoon out from this ordeal. Hye Jung is still in denial, she still believes Sang Hoon was the one who asked his sister did all these for revenge. Because of him, she’s completely destroyed. All her hard work, surviving in hell marriage, he shattered all her dreams. The sunbae insists Sang Hoon didn’t do it. And she fully understands Mi Ra’s position. She would also act the same way Mi Ra did, if her older brother’s body became to that extent. She’s surprised Hye Jung didn’t know that Sang Hoon is paraplegic. Mi Ra contacted Hye Jung 8 years ago, and begged her to visit Sang Hoon. But Hye Jung told her that she didn’t know Sang Hoon. After Hye Jung married Tae Jin, Sang Hoon rejected the promotion offer, then one day, he attempted suicide. He’s alive, but his lower body is paralyzed. He lost his career. Because of his vast experience with broadcasting, he was able to get a job as a teacher at media education institute. The sunbae thought Hye Jung knew about this all along, hence, she’s been calling her as inconsiderate person.

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Out of guilt, Hye Jung goes to see Sang Hoon. She approaches him who’s on his wheelchair, kneels down, begs for his forgiveness.

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Hyun Woo put an engagement ring on Se Kyung’s finger, they’re officially engaged.


But things are not going well for Tae Wook and Ji Hye; Ji Hye has enough and asks for a divorce.

Brief Comment


One couple is on the verge of divorce, the other couple is celebrating their engagement. What an irony! We all know that Hyun Woo and Se Kyung’s ship will sink sooner or later. Hyun Woo is still in denial stage, he knows he doesn’t love Se Kyung, so why he closed all his mind, heart, soul, ears. His mom knows him better than he does, so for once, Hyun Woo, please listen to your mom’s wise advice. Otherwise, this drama will be better to be called as “Goddess of Divorce” as it looks like the writer is steering the majority of the couples in this drama to the divorce-land. Although I doubt Hyun Woo and Se Kyung will walk down the aisle because as soon as he realizes Ji Hye will divorce Tae Wook, he will do everything he can to get her back into his life.

But divorce in Kang’s family? I doubt it will happen. Kang Man Ho has firmly told Ji Hye prior to her marriage that divorce is not allowed in his family. And Tae Wook won’t allow it either, as it will bring embarrassment to him and his whole family. Ji Hye will have to climb a very high mountain to escape from this chaebol’s family.

I totally adore Eun Hee, but I think it’s much better for her to take her son with her. Although she’s currently pursuing her dream, studying & working hard; I think it’s time for her to move out from the chairwoman’s place, rent / buy a new house for her and Jang Woo to live.

Sang Hoon, Hye Jung’s ex-boyfriend. Whoa, he was “that” depressed when she left him for Tae Jin. For 8 long years, he lived meaningless life. He forgave the woman who really hurt him. I bet he’ll take her back, as broken as she’s now, he will take her back with open arms.

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