Goddess of Marriage Episode 24 Recap

This episode put a smile on my face. But it also made me wanted to throw something to my screen. Tae Wook’s abusive behavior is driving Ji Hye crazy. This is the man who promised to be her dog, yet he failed to fulfill every single promise. He protects his own dignity and pride, sacrificing his wife’s happiness. So what can they do next to save this marriage?

Episode 24 Recap

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“Let’s get divorced, I can’t live like this anymore. I’ll pack my bag and leave this house” 

Tae Wook is furious with his wife’s shocking statement. For him, everything his wife went through so far were trivial matters. But he never put himself in his wife’s shoes. He didn’t experience all those harsh abusive treatment himself. How could he know? He only comes home 3 days a week. And he chooses to close his ears, eyes & mind when he’s home. He never realizes that his wife lives a crazy life, trying her best to survive and accept his family’s treatment every single day, 7 days a week. Her heart has been endlessly stabbed, wounded, bled, by her mother-in-law sarcastic words.

Ji Hye apologizes for bringing her best friend home without asking his family’s permission, but this is her own house, and Tae Wook has already given his permission. Did she commit a deadly sin that her mother-in-law yelled at her in front of her best friend and threw plates at Yun Soo who is 7 months pregnant? Maybe the witch didn’t know and didn’t want her daughter-in-law to have friends, her pride and her own character. Maybe the witch only wants her to be their puppet.

Tae Wook knows how upset Ji Hye is. And his mother did the wrong thing. But he asks Ji Hye’s consideration because his family is currently facing a very big crisis. His mother is not in her right mind now. But Ji Hye firmly tells him that the witch is not in her right mind any time (yeah, she’s crazy!). What kind of mother-in-law abuses her daughter-in-law verbally, physically and psychologically every single day? Ji Hye doesn’t want to live this kind of life anymore. She doesn’t want to be beaten by her mother-in-law again.

Tae Wook wants to make another promise to his wife, but from what happened in the past, he never fulfills his promises. Ji Hye no longer believes in the man who promised he’d become her dog and protect her. She knows that in order for Tae Wook to be happy, she needs to be happy too. Then, their little family will be happy. But she’s not happy and won’t be happy if she lives like this. So Tae Wook, please give up on Ji Hye now.

But this selfish husband doesn’t want to do it. It prompts Ji Hye asking him if she has to die slowly every day before he’ll divorce her? Doesn’t he see that his wife is dying slowly everyday anyway? She knows that Tae Wook won’t divorce her now, so she leaves. But Tae Wook chases her, not wanting to let her go. He’s also scared that Ji Hye may do something foolish, in which she assures him that she won’t die. Reluctantly, he let her go.


Hye Jung is questioning Sang Hoon’s reason for throwing away his healthy body 8 years ago, as if his life was not that important to him. She explains that living & surviving at all costs were too momentous for her. But she doesn’t understand why one of Korea’s bright & talented TV anchor ruin his life because a woman who stabbed him from the back. But for Sang Hoon, his life is no longer Hye Jung’s business. Yes they did love each other, but the ways they chose to live their lives afterwards are different. For Hye Jung, she chose to forget him, her love to Sang Hoon was just a love that passed by and live a brand new life as Tae Jin’s wife. For Sang Hoon, he chose to torment himself and remember her, unable to forget her and his deep love for her. He chose to live in a world in which Hye Jung would not live in. And Hye Jung can’t and won’t be able to stop him to love her. It’s his own decision, nothing Hye Jung should be sorry about. This is his life. He loved her and it makes his life meaningful and momentous. He doesn’t resent her. Just remember that they were once in a love and she can move on with her life.

Sang Hoon is apologizing to Hye Jung that she has to see him in this kind of state. He’s also really sorry for causing lots of heartache to his family, especially his sister Mi Ra. He quietly & secretly guarded all those pictures to reminisce their past, but it’s now the culprit behind Hye Jung’s downfall. He should’ve protected it well. But he believes Hye Jung will be able to resolve this matter, he promises he’ll do anything for her if she needs his help.

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Bossy Tae Jin nags his assistant as he’s not technologically savvy, but he wants to see his wife’s sexy pictures. He whinges that Hye Jung doesn’t have any sense of virtue that she posed all these cute poses before she married him. He scrolls down to see all pictures, then he stops at the picture of the innocent giant teddy bear. He remembers that he saw this bear at his closet.

While enjoying their lunch, Sang Hoon asks Hye Jung to show him her daughters’ pictures. He praises her cute and pretty daughters. It shows on the pictures that Hye Jung raises them well.

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Hye Jung bid a tearful goodbye to Sang Hoon. He’s still waving his hand as Hye Jung drives away from him. She recalls all the sweet memory she had with this amazingly foolish man who set his heart to Hye Jung. She reminisces their first kiss with that giant teddy bear witnessing their sweet moment.

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Then, cue to the argument leading up to their break up. Hye Jung’s persistence and goal to turn her life around as she didn’t want to live in poverty anymore. For her, marriage is not about love. She no longer had filial love to her parents who made her suffered in poverty. She begged Sang Hoon to leave her, to let her chose the life she wanted to live (aka: daughter-in-law of a wealthy family)

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Tae Jin arrives home and goes straight to find the innocent teddy bear. His daughters are playing with this teddy bear, Jung Nam. Tae Jin kicks Jung Nam’s feet, he doesn’t understand why a toy has a name. His daughter firmly tells him to stop kicking Jung Nam because he’s hurting it. Hye Jung told them the bear’s name and they know it’s their mom’s precious bear. They giggle when they spill the beans that mom was drank before. Tae Jin is trying to take the bear away from his protective daughters, he strangles the bear, then gives up.

The witch’s blood boils because her two daughters-in-law are currently rebelling against her. Both Hye Jung and Ji Hye haven’t returned home. Ji Hye is currently in the Hangang Park, she decides to call her sister wanting to know if she’s doing well. Thankfully, Ji Sun’s in-laws are now helping around the house. Ji Hye refuses to tell her sister what happened, pretending nothing is wrong.

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Hyun Woo put the engagement ring on Se Kyung’s finger, signifying the next phase of their relationship. Their mothers’ expressions say it all – one is happy, while Hyun Woo’s mom is clearly still objecting this engagement. Se Kyung’s grandparents are currently waiting for them in the suite room. They totally forget about Hyun Woo’s mother, who is left alone in the hall. So she decides to go home by herself.

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Se Kyung’s grandparents are really sweet, they keep complementing Hyun Woo and Se Kyung; as well as Se Kyung’s mom wise choice. But Se Kyung’s mom is still nitpicking trivial matter, such as Hyun Woo’s background (he doesn’t have an MBA, so when he inherits Se Kyung’s dad company, they still need to hire managers who have business administration background to manage their corporations) and that he’s an architect, like Se Kyung’s Dad. She knows it well that hard-working architects prefer to spend time working than taking care their own family. He even missed his daughter’s engagement party. She doesn’t understand how women helplessly fall in love with architects.


Se Kyung’s friends decide to leave the newly engaged couple alone in the suite room that Se Kyun’s mom reserved for them. These days, engaged couple usually take an engagement trip or spend overnight in hotel room after their engagement party. But Hyun Woo who knew that his mom went home alone, decided that it’s best for him to accompany his mother. Se Kyung decides she’ll go home too, much to her mother’s dismay.

Se Kyung is asking her mother’s consideration since her future mother-in-law was all alone at the engagement party. They didn’t have lots of relatives nor friends, so most of the guests were from Se Kyung’s side. Her mom was too busy boasting about Se Kyung to her guests, that she didn’t take a good care of Hyun Woo’s mother. And after the party finished, she whisked Hyun Woo and Se Kyung to meet her parents.

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She complains that she’s been really considerate. All guests eyes were probably fixated to Hyun Woo and his mother, as if Se Kyung will marry into a broken home family. But Se Kyung knows that her family is the one who’s broken. Her father who’s still alive, didn’t even bother to attend her engagement party. She understood that her father is busy though.

Her mom is furious that Hyun Woo didn’t even drive her daughter’s home. She reserved a suite room and hurried her parents to go home, she planned all those things for her daughter and future son-in-law. But they decided to go home because of Hyun Woo’s mother. She calls him a mamma boy, but Se Kyung praises her “good son” fiancee. Se Kyung’s mom learns from experience that a good son wouldn’t necessarily make a great husband. Her husband went home for his mother’s death anniversary, but he never bother coming home for her birthday.

She is curious if Hyun Woo has a health / physical problem because they haven’t done the “deeds” yet. 😀

Or he has someone else in his heart. She notices Hyun Woo’s laughless expression as if his mind is somewhere else. She asks Se Kyung to search Hyun Woo’s mobile phone for evidence, as her mother doesn’t want her to have a lifeless marriage.

The next morning, the witch complains that nobody prepared juice for her. It’s her daughters-in-law first morning duty. She comes to kitchen, almost yelling, but is shocked when the helpers tell her that none of them came to prepare breakfast.

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Meanwhile, Tae Wook is trying to “protect” his wife, lying that his wife came home last night. But the truth is, she just walks as soon as he hang up the phone. He starts yelling, wanting to know where she’s been. Ji Hye is relieved that Tae Wook didn’t call her sister. And Tae Wook knew that if she was there, his brother-in-law would already told him.

He yells again at her (probably already forgot that Ji Hye pleaded him to stop yelling, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, isn’t it?). Ji Hye calmly tells him that she was asleep inside her car which she parks at Hang Kang. When she woke up, it’s already morning. She didn’t do anything else and went home straight afterwards. She seeks his understanding to grant her wish for a divorce.

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Ji Hye’s heart and mind has been shattered into million pieces just like her laptop, which was thrown to the floor by her heartless mother-in-law.

Apparently, Tae Wook talked to his mother last night and she told him that Ji Hye has secretly started working again. He’s upset that Ji Hye didn’t tell him about this important matter, like he didn’t exist for her. Ji Hye counter-attacks his blunt statement – that if she told him, it would put him in more difficult situation. He would have to lie to his family as everyone disagreed and would never understand Ji Hye’s passion for writing. So it doesn’t really matter if she told Tae Wook.

Ji Hye explains that by working, she had a breathing space from his family. She only wrote for 3 hours, and she usually did it after finishing all her housework & when Tae Wook was not home. She once again emphasis that she doesn’t click with his family. His family may not understand her little thoughts.

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Tae Wook finally has enough. He will pretend all the divorce arguments and everything they’ve talked about last night and this morning, never exist. He wants Ji Hye to stop thinking about that little other thoughts, and put an effort in front of his parents. Don’t worry about what they will think about her.

If he knew he would lose her like this, he would never marry her. His pride can’t accept them to end their marriage this easily. So, he proposes Ji Hye to keep doing whatever she wants to do, feel free to have many other little thoughts, and take a breathing space if she wants it. He’ll try to leave work early so he can support & protect her. But under no circumstances, no divorce will be allowed.

She then asks if he wants her to die. He smirks. He will die together with her by jumping off the building if they’ll put in their best effort and they still can’t save their marriage.

He emphasizes that he will never divorce her. And he will not tolerate Ji Hye for not coming home because of this reason. Then, he sends her to his mother who was looking for her “precious” daughters-in-law, asking her to make up excuses for being absent during breakfast preparation this morning.

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Tae Jin is still upset about that bear, so he calls Hye Jung who’s on the way to see her brother. She wanted to throw that bear, but decided to keep it because of Yoo Jin. So Tae Jin must convince his daughter if he wants to throw it away. Yoo Jin drags the bear away from her father and asks her grandmother to “hide” it from her father. Too much fuss over a giant teddy bear. Thanks to her grandmother, Yoo Jin can keep the bear.

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Hye Jung visits her brother and tells him to wait, she will ensure he won’t have any prison record at such a young age. Be patient, and don’t say anything. Just think of this as a bad luck. He apologizes to his sister, he didn’t expect any of this to happen. He only wanted to have a good job.

On her way out, Hye Jung meets with Tae Wook’s sunbae, Po Sung Jin. She thanks him for allowing her to visit her brother. It looks like she has a great plan, she will probably collaborate with Po Sung Jin who holds grudges towards Kang’s family.

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Ye Seul is shocked that Min Jung has decided to accept his proposal. She explains she got flustered when he suddenly proposed, so she needed time to think about it. But now, she realizes it’s impossible for her to find another man like him. He holds her hands tightly, thanking her for accepting his earnest proposal. Gold-digger Min Jung goes straight to the point, she asks him for that engagement diamond ring. The 2 carats diamond ring.

Meanwhile, her parents are furious & shocked after receiving the surprise phone call from Min Jung that she would bring her fiancee home. They went back home as quickly as they could. Min Jung also told her grandmother to cook chicken and asked her grandfather to get a haircut & wear a suit.


Min Jung and Ye Seul arrive shortly afterwards. Ye Seul politely greets his “father-in-law” and “mother-in-law”.

A moment of silence…..

Then… Abruptly & simultaneously, Jang Soo and his father ask Ye Seul about his parents. Jang Soo is incredibly nervous as it’s the first time he’s doing this and meeting his future son-in-law, so he let his father to do the talk. But Jang Soo’s mom wants Jang Soo as Min Jung’s father to speak first. Ye Seul explains that his parents passed away when he was young, so he lives with his grandmother. He also tells them that he attended the same school as Min Jung.

Jang Soo keeps apologizing to Ye Seul, who keeps addressing him “father-in-law”. 😀 He pretends that it’s fine, although inside his heart, he’s really flustered.

He then asks the very important question, why Ye Seul decided to marry his daughter. He asks his parents to stop interfering with this “interrogation” as they never raised up a daughter. He explains that his daughter, who used to waddle around when she was a toddler, did all that kind of things in her diapers (:D) suddenly called her parents and told them she brought home a man. So Jang Soo is obviously not in his right mind at the moment.

Ji Sun wants to know the real reason why Min Jung decided to accept his proposal. Just few days ago she cried because of this “loser” proposed to her, so what happened? She’s wondering if Min Jung is pregnant, but she brushes it off. Min Jung finally tells her the reason, but asking her mom to keep this as a secret as it seems like she’s marrying Ye Seul for his money. She’s very happy that she’s marrying into a chaebol’s family. Obviously, she doesn’t know the suffering that her Aunt experiences after she enters a chaebol’s family.

Eun Hee explains that Ye Seul is a very earnest, nice, good young man. Ji Sun is wondering why Eun Hee became a bridge for this couple although she might know that Min Jung doesn’t love Ye Seul. She’s anxious that Min Jung will receive similar treatment from Ye Seul’s grandmother, like the way Ji Hye’s mother-in-law treats Ji Hye.

Eun Hee assures her that Ye Seul’s grandmother never looks down on people who lack wealth. She’s the living proof. She’s now living at her place and she gave her lots of opportunities. The chairwoman is a very kind woman who donates her fortunes to charities. Eun Hee has been watching Ye Seul for over a year, and she knows that this household is unlike any other chaebol’s households. Min Jung will be fine here.

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After she hang up the phone, she meets with Pil Ho who’s attending the same English class as her. She’s asking him the reason why he keeps calling her Ms Eun Hee. He explains that except his mother, no matter how old the women are, for him, they’re all women. He doesn’t differentiate / classify them based on their age. So he will never call the older woman “noona”. He then asks if she’s going to divorce her husband as they’ve been living separately for a year. Eun Hee told him everything when she’s drank. They’re still talking when a new English instructor comes in.

The new instructor is none other than…

GoM_Ep24_bc19-2 GoM_Ep24_bc19-3

Michael Noh…

aka… No Seung Soo…

He introduces himself to the whole class in a very angry tone. Eun Hee then curses at her husband. Phuahahaha..

Jang Soo is totally against his daughter’s sudden marriage plan. He nitpicks Ye Seul’s bowl cut hairstyle. He doesn’t want his daughter to marry a nerdy man. But Ji Sun is thinking about other important aspect, that her daughter is marrying that man for money!

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She can’t tell her husband about this, so she decides to call Ji Hye who’s resting & looking really pale. Ji Hye tells her sister that she feels like she has a flu and her stomach hurts. Ji Sun is wondering if this means her monthly period will come. Ji Hye will be grateful if it happens. Ji Sun then asks if Ji Hye knows about Suh Gwang Corporation. Unfortunately, Ji Hye doesn’t know. So Ji Sun tells her to take her medicine and go back to sleep. Tae Wook is still not home although he promised he’d come home. Everytime Ji Sun looks at Ji Hye’s marriage, she feels like marrying into a chaebol’s family is not a good marriage.


Se Kyung is helping Hyun Woo’s mom preparing memorial rites for Hyun Woo’s dad death anniversary. She apologizes for everything that happened during the engagement party, that she left her mother-in-law alone. She pretends that her mom was not hurt that only Hyun Woo and his mother came to their engagement party. Hyun Woo’s mom explains that both Hyun Woo’s father and her are the only child, and they’re not close to their other relatives.

His mother then asks Se Kyung to bring an incense from his bedroom. It’s obviously the first time Se Kyung enters his bedroom, after she grabs the incense from her fiancee’s desk, she looks around the room.

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She browses the books on his desk, and opens the poetry book. She’s stunned when she finds his fiancee’s picture with another woman (Ji Hye) inside that book. On the back of the picture, there’s a quote / message “On the path to the hills in Jejudo”.

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The next morning, a very pale Ji Hye comes to the mansion for the morning duty. The witch whinges that Ji Hye has been avoiding her only because of what she said to her. It’s disrespectful. Ji Hye apologizes, explains she’s a bit sick. But the witch doesn’t want to accept her reason, as she believes she’s the one who’s sicker that her 2 daughters-in-law are stabbing her with daggers on their eyes. Her friends will come so she wants Ji Hye to greet & serve them with a sunny bright smile. She asks Ji Hye to help the helpers in the kitchen.

The helpers notice that Ji Hye’s complexion is really pale. She pretends she’s fine. But she trembles, then suddenly, she faints. The witch hears about the commotion from the living room, but doesn’t do anything nor ask if something happened.

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Meanwhile, the other daughter-in-law Hye Jung is telling her father-in-law that she’ll divorce his son. Even if Man Ho doesn’t allow the divorce, she will still proceed with her plan.

Brief Comment

“Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.” The way Hye Jung and Sang Hoon handled their break-up distinguished their maturity level. As foolish it may seem, Sang Hoon knew his own life, he took responsibility of his own choice and he didn’t want to put the blame to the woman who he really loved. On the other hand, Tae Wook selfishly restraining his suffocating wife because of his own pride. He doesn’t understand the true meaning of marriage where two hearts become one. Two people need to make decisions, together; if only one dictates the other, sooner or later, their rocky marriage will sink in the deepest sea.

I’m curious with Ji Hye’s illness, is she pregnant? Or was she fainted because of over-stressed? Hopefully for Ji Hye’s sake, she’s not pregnant, because her in-laws will blame her for not protecting the “heir” of Shinyang group and being so careless with her health. I can’t imagine the harsh & abusive treatment she’ll receive if she’s indeed pregnant. Her selfish powerless husband won’t be able to protect her.

The gold-digger Min Jung is driving her family crazy. But I think Ye Seul’s grandmother will be able to tell in one glance that her future daughter-in-law doesn’t love Ye Seul. Just like Se Kyung’s Mom intuition that Hyun Woo doesn’t love Se Kyung. Finally Se Kyung discovers his secret, things will get really interesting from now on. Hopefully she’ll stop being foolish and question Hyun Woo about his marriage intention. Break off the engagement before they realize that this marriage is not meant to be. Se Kyung’s Mom will probably crush Hyun Woo and his architecture company, but it’s much better than living in a meaningless loveless marriage.

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