Goddess of Marriage Episode 25 and 26 Text Preview

This week is very quiet, mostly because of Chuseok Holiday in Korea. So I think even the media was looking for more news about Goddess of Marriage, that one journalist posted Episode 25 Text Preview as news 😀

SBS still hasn’t released the video preview, I hope for the casts’ and crew’s sake, they’ve already finished filming this week’s episodes. It’s Chuseok holiday, they deserve to spend this holiday with their families.

Updated 22/09/13 – Episode 26 Video Preview which was aired at the end of Episode 25


Goddess of Marriage Episode 25 Text Preview

Se Kyung’s heart is hurt after she saw the picture of Ji Hye and Hyun Woo. Hyun Woo is worried when the radio no longer broadcasts story written by Ji Hye. Meanwhile, Hye Jung takes her daughters and they leave the house.

Goddess of Marriage Episode 26 Text Preview

Kang Man Ho orders Tae Jin to persuade Hye Jung to come home, but Hye Jung is in the process of preparing her divorce, she demands huge amounts of divorce compensation. Meanwhile, Tae Wook sees the message that Hyun Woo sent to Ji Hye.

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