Goddess of Marriage Episode 25 Recap


Hyun Woo’s mother somberly stares at her husband’s picture. He left her more than 20 years ago. Every year, she’s really lonely especially during New Year, Chuseok, his birthday and today, his death anniversary commemoration.

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While driving Se Kyung home, Hyun Woo is telling her about his father, a cardiologist who ironically passed away from a heart attack when he was in his 3rd middle school. His mother went to his father’s room because he didn’t come to their lunch date, and she found him sitting on his chair with his eyes closed. A precious husband, the best dad, his death was short and sweet; but it deeply impacted Hyun Woo and especially his mother. Hyun Woo no longer feels the pain, but he knows how lonely his mother is.

Se Kyung is still thinking about the picture she found, so she hardly pays any attention. When asked if something’s wrong, she pretends she was thinking about her current work and what she shall do about it after they’re married. Hyun Woo encourages her to expand her wedding shop and continue working, as she had wished for. She promises she won’t think about other thing when they’re together.


Se Kyung’s mom notices her daughter’s tense expression when she arrives home, she pretends she’s tired as she’s been up from a very early morning. Mom is unhappy Se Kyung is too “involved” with Hyun Woo’s family before her marriage. She excuses herself to go to bed. Then she looks at that picture, which she secretly stole.

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On his way home, Hyun Woo keeps flicking through the radio channel looking for Ji Hye’s radio broadcast. He recalls their last “argument” and Ji Hye’s pleads for him to pretend that he doesn’t know her and her wish that he wouldn’t repeat the same mistake. Getting really worried, he decides to send text message to Ji Hye. He’s wondering if something happened because the radio didn’t broadcast her work, but he hopes nothing happened, and wishes she’s doing well.

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Hye Jung breaks the bombshell that she’ll file for a divorce. It doesn’t have anything to do with her father-in-law’s selfish agenda (used her brother as the scapegoat). Hye Jung simply doesn’t want to live with Tae Jin anymore. Man Ho should knows what kind of pathetic man his son is. Of course Hye Jung knew about this long time ago, but there can’t be one more day she’ll live with him as his wife. Although Man Ho has repeatedly told her that there won’t be another divorce in the Kang’s Family (their first son’s divorce has really hurt them), but Hye Jung bravely tells him that it’s the condition that he personally set. Hye Jung is adamant she’ll get a divorce. Of course it’s her choice, as a woman who restrained well in the past 8 years. However, he doesn’t want her to say “divorce” in front of him. He wants her to live quietly until her brother is released from the prison and he will give her the managerial position back. However, Hye Jung has another agenda and she will definitely claims her position back without his help.

Kang Man Ho is defeated by his brave daughter-in-law; so he’s trying to use another way – through his in-house lawyer, lawyer Yoon. Unfortunately for him, he resigned 2 weeks ago and is now working for none other than Hye Jung!

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Lawyer Yoon is sulking in to a cute girl Da In, to accept a giant teddy bear from him. Da In is Tae Jin’s daughter. Her mother Jang Hee Kyung (Park Tam Hee) was a famous actress who’s now retired. She greets Hye Jung as hyungnim (older male), not eonni nor Hye Jung ssi. She’s wondering why Hye Jung and Lawyer Yoon are here. She last saw them when Da In was born. Meanwhile, Hye Jung’s secretary is taking lots of Da In’s pictures.

Hye Jung encourages Hee Kyung to start working as (lead) actress again, in which she sarcastically asks if there’s anyone who’ll hire someone who has a child. Maybe Shinyang group will help her. She then asks about Tae Jin and if he’s well. She knew that he’s a congressman (she obviously still follows his news). Hye Jung promises to help her with her comeback, in return, she asks her to help her. Hee Kyung already has so much resentment to Tae Jin, so she’s willing to co-operate.

After successfully sealed a deal with Hee Kyung, Hye Jung is going to another place, looks like she’s going to approach all her husband’s ex-lovers.

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Tae Wook rushes to the hospital to visit his unconscious wife. One maid was with her, and the doctor (thankfully) didn’t tell anything about Ji Hye’s condition because she’s not Ji Hye’s guardian. After knowing that his mother was home when Ji Hye fainted, he calls home to talk to his mother who’s entertaining her friends and bragging her new sunglasses. No remorse whatsoever.

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He’s really upset & furious that his mother didn’t accompany Ji Hye and is not at her side. His mother makes up excuses that she couldn’t cancel her “meeting” with her friends at the last minute just because of Ji Hye. Moreover, she’s already received Ji Hye’s diagnosis from the doctor. Ji Hye has cumulative fatigue and dehydrated, so she’s fine. But she whines Ji Hye is too weak that she fainted just because of fatigue and dehydration. Mom hangs up as she wants to play golf. Tae Wook returns to his wife’s room, tenderly tends to his wife, holds her hand sweetly and tightly.

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Hyun Woo drops by at Se Kyung’s wedding shop only to find James there. She’s currently in the bookstore, reading the poetry book that she saw on Hyun Woo’s desk. In tears, she then realizes that Hyun Woo has been reciting quotes from this book. The things that he spoke earlier about love, marriage and married couple now make sense. Hyun Woo is still waiting for Se Kyung when she arrives. She goes straight to James instead of her fiancee.

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It’s obvious she’s avoiding him. She hides in the dressing room for quite a long time (pretending to wash her hand), until Hyun Woo leaves. She grabs Ji Hye’s wedding picture (she’s Ji Hye’s wedding dress designer) and looks at this picture (slightly jealous).

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Tae Wook is still at the hospital, tightly holding Ji Hye’s hand. It’s a relieved when she finally awake. Tae Wook wants to know why she went to the mansion if she’s not well. She should rest. But of course she couldn’t rest when the witch asked for her. Tae Wook is wondering why Ji Hye was so strong to him, dishing all her opinions and bravely asked for a divorce; but she couldn’t do anything in front of her mother-in-law. Tae Wook wants her to rest in this hospital and doesn’t think about anything else.

Meanwhile, Hyun Woo is still wondering why the radio didn’t broadcast Ji Hye’s writing in the past couple of days. He’s really worried as a friend, so he sent her another message.

Se Kyung is still looking at that picture and quickly hiding it inside the poetry book when her mother comes to her room without knocking the door. She invites her for a drink, but Se Kyung is not interested. Mom is wondering what happened, as Se Kyung never goes on date with Hyun Woo lately. She pretends that both Hyun Woo & her are really busy these days.

Jang Soo is preparing breakfast for Ji Sun, because Seung Soo who’s supposed to be the housekeeper is nowhere to be seen. He’s actually still in that house, but is not doing any housekeeping job like he’s promised. Seung Soo explains that he has to review the material in the morning, prior to his night class, so he can no longer manage the housekeeping duty.

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Min Jung is going to Ye Seul’s house to meet his grandmother, they’ve asked her to come. Outside that big house, she’s in awe. Although at the moment it’s Ye Seul’s grandmother house, but Ye Seul will inherit it. The helper politely greets her, Ye Seul escorts her in.

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She politely bow 180deg to the chairwoman (aka Ye Seul’s grandmother). Ye Seul is a bit surprised that Min Jung is really polite, unlike her usual attitude. The chairwoman is relieved knowing Min Jung’s parents are still alive. Min Jung gave the carnation flower bouquet to the chairwoman, thanking her for raising Ye Seul well. She appreciates her warm gesture. But as flower bouquet is so expensive nowadays, she’s wondering why she’s so pretentious.

Ji Sun is a bit worried if things will go well with Min Jung’s first meeting with Ye Seul’s family, knowing Min Jung’s (bratty) personality.

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Tae Wook calls her letting her know that Ji Hye is hospitalized, she rushes to the hospital. Tae Wook is taking a really good care of Ji Hye, but she asked him to call her sister because Tae Wook needs to go to work. She tells her worried sister that she’s okay now.

Ji Sun is frustrated at Tae Wook who couldn’t do anything for Ji Hye. And he didn’t even dare to call Ji Sun. If Ji Hye dies, Tae Wook may not even call her sister, the one who Ji Hye really loves. She wants to talk to his “mighty” mother.

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Meanwhile, the witch is asking her doctor friend about Ji Hye’s condition. The doctor bluntly tells her that she’s the problem. *ha, the doctor knows the witch too well* She emphasizes that’s it’s due to accumulative fatigue and stress. The witch believes that Ji Hye is not over-stressed, she has a great life, married into a rich household and she’s able to eat, dress, live well. But the doctor pretends that she didn’t hear everything the witch said, and wants to know where should she send Ji Hye to recuperate. Of course the witch won’t allow her daughter-in-law leaving her mother-in-law to recuperate somewhere else.

The doctor explains that when Ji Hye came to the gynecologist, it’s found that her uterus condition was not good. Yesterday, she bled a lot and was unconscious. So obviously, she’s under lots of stress and need to rest. But the witch think that Ji Hye was miscarried. So the doctor yells at her, asking her to listen to her. The witch believes the doctor takes Ji Hye’s side, so she leaves and storms in to Ji Hye’s room.

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She believes Ji Hye tattled to him, much to Ji Sun’s dismay. She believes Ji Hye knew about her body well before her marriage. She wants to know how Ji Hye took care her body that she bled. She wants to know if Tae Wook and Ji Hye asked the gynecologist to keep mum of her condition. Tae Wook tells mom that they didn’t do any of this.

Ji Sun is unable to keep her mouth shut, so she sarcastically laughs, things are getting out of control now. The witch then realizes that Ji Sun is in the room, she didn’t see her before because she only saw Ji Hye (and wants to scold her daughter-in-law). Ji Sun yells at the witch, tells her that Ji Hye didn’t miscarry nor she had any abortion, she didn’t even have her monthly periods since she got married, so how could she got pregnant in the first place.

The witch angrily yells back that Ji Hye should never marry Tae Wook with that bad body. Tae Wook and Ji Sun look at the witch in disbelief.

The witch then goes back to see the doctor who ends up scolding her. She tells the witch that a bloody discharge is actually a good omen as it may help Ji Hye to start getting her monthly period again. She then asks if all these will have any affect on her fertility, in which the doctor is speechless with her question.

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Ji Sun packs Ji Hye’s cloths in tears, Jang Soo comes to see her and Ji Hye. Ji Sun is upset that she wasn’t there for her sister. Ji Sun doesn’t even allow Tae Wook to carry his wife’s luggage. He bids his wife goodbye, promising her that he’ll take care everything while she’s resting at her sister’s place. He’ll bring her stuffs later, and ask her to eat well. He kisses her forehead and Ji Hye leaves with her sister and brother-in-law.

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Ji Sun is still visibly upset that her younger sister lived a miserable married life. She previously told Ji Hye to live well so she didn’t have to envy others, but look what happened. The first thing that her mother-in-law asked when she visited her daughter-in-law who was unconscious was if she miscarried. Ji Sun didn’t send her off to get mistreated like this.

So if they’re rich, then they can mistreat other people’s children?  How can they lack so much humanity and sincerity to another human being? How can they look down on people? Is daughter-in-law not a human being?

Ji Sun raised Ji Hye like her own daughter and sister after their mother passed away, now she’s really hurting inside. She will definitely protect her sister.

At home, she tucks Ji Hye to bed. She wants Ji Hye to focus on her recovery, and if needed, she’ll burn Tae Wook’s house. This put a smile on Ji Hye’s face. =)

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Hye Jung puts on her lipstick, packs her and her 2 daughters’ luggage, and together they leave the house. She also takes the giant teddy bear with her.

Kang Man Ho still can’t locate Lawyer Yoon, he’s wondering who accepted his resignation in the first place. He’s worried that Lawyer Yoon will spill the beans about the company’s secrets.

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Tae Jin arrives home, and is flabbergasted when he sees the empty closet. His wife and his 2 daughters are nowhere to be seen. He runs downstairs to his very stressed parents. He’s worried because his wife and his children’ luggage are missing. Trembling, the helper tells them that earlier today, Hye Jung packed her stuffs and took her daughters with her.

In tears, Ji Sun is holding her sister’s hand tightly. Meanwhile, her husband is preparing the seaweed soup for her. He calls his brother, asking him to stay somewhere else tonight, he can stay in the motel if he wants. He asks his brother’s consideration as Ji Hye is sick.

Seung Soo is teaching the night class. Eun Hee and him are making funny faces 😀 Tonight’s lesson is about trip conversation. The man is supposed to persuade their partner to go on a trip to San Francisco as he’s hitting on her, but the woman must whines, grumbles, and rejects his offer.

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Pil Ho starts the conversation. It’s a practice conversation, but funnily, Seung Soo thinks their conversation is real. He nods when Eun Hee tells Pil Ho she can’t go on a trip with him because she’s a married woman. Pil Ho tells her it doesn’t matter. Then Eun Hee explains she has a child, she shows him Jang Woo’s picture. Pil Ho starts hitting on her, asking her and her son to go to San Francisco with him.


As soon as the lesson ends, Seung Soo furiously asks if she will go to SF with Pil Ho. (huahaha), wanting to know what’s her relationship with him. She’s freely chatting with him.

Eun Hee generously tells him to leave this study center if he doesn’t like watching them chatting with each other. Instead, he asks her to leave this study center. It’s not a good idea for married couple to be in the same study center as the class won’t progress well. Eun Hee is surprised that Seung Soo who wanted a divorce a year ago now starts calling them as a “married couple” ago. So he makes up his mind, asking her to leave this study center then they’ll divorce. He wants her to promise him before she goes. Pil Ho comes back to the room, as Eun Hee has promised to have a drink with him after class.

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Pil Ho knew about Seung Soo’s scandal, their study center accepted him with very low salary. He really pity Seung Soo’s wife (although he doesn’t know her), as almost everyone in Korea knew about his infidelity.

Seung Soo is looking at them from afar. He goes home, drunk, bangs Jang Soo’s apartment door.

Tae Wook calls Ji Sun and is relieved that Ji Hye is resting well. He apologizes and promises to visit Ji Hye & bring her stuffs to Ji Sun’s place.

scene109681 5

While packing her stuffs, he looks at her broken laptop (he hasn’t bought her the new one). Then, he grabs her mobile phone and is surprised to see one text message – from Kim Hyun Woo!

Hyun Woo receives a call from Se Kyung’s mum, yelling, asking to come to her place straight away. In the background, he hears Se Kyung’s cries.

Her mum hits Se Kyung who prefer to die! She won’t let her to marry a man who doesn’t love her and who has another woman inside his heart.

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Hyun Woo arrives at Se Kyung’s place, and Se Kyung runs to her room. Mom throws a book with a picture of him and Ji hye on top of it.

Brief Comment

Tae Wook is a pathetic husband. If Ji Hye didn’t ask him to call her sister, I doubt he would even call. If Tae Wook is a great caring husband, he should call Ji Hye’s family as soon as he knew she fainted and was hospitalized. But no, he didn’t. Instead he lashed it out to his mother who’s clear that she didn’t care about her daughter-in-law! This witch needs to get her ears treated too. Didn’t she hear what her doctor said? Ji Hye was sick because of her! And yet she still blamed her for not taking a good care of her body.

The helpless Tae Wook stood there, couldn’t even stand up to his wife who was treated badly by his own mother. I’m glad Ji Sun was there, although the witch barely noticed her. And I’m thankful for her to take Ji Hye home, instead of sending her back to her in-laws & husband. She knows the reality of Ji Hye’s marriage lives, and her relationship with her husband & in-laws. When she broke down, blaming herself for sending Ji Hye to that kind of family who didn’t treat her as a human being, it totally broke my heart too. It’s so true and Tae Wook didn’t even realize this very important fact. Oh well, he grew up in that kind of family, so he’s used to treat other people like that.

Se Kyung is pretty similar with Tae Wook. They need to let go things, don’t “force” other people to fit into their own agenda & plan. Rich people in this drama are similar, probably because they’re used to get anything they want, then, they can’t accept any defeats. On the other hands, Hyun Woo, make up your mind. You’re now an engaged man, do yourself a favor and stop contacting Ji Hye. Delete Ji Hye’s phone number on your phone and get over it. But I know that the writer will use any avenue to get Ji Hye and Hyun Woo back together at all costs. Because Ji Hye still hasn’t blocked Hyun Woo’s number either. It’s good that people closest to them finally discovered their little “secret”. Things will get very interesting from now on.

Seung Soo needs to get a life, his wife moves on, so he needs to think of valuable things to do instead of “stalking” his wife. Didn’t he realize how happy his wife is when she’s with Pil Ho?

Clap clap clap for Hye Jung’s confidence and bravery. She already has lawyer Yoon on her side, as well as Tae Jin’s ex-lover. I’m glad she left the mansion and took her 2 daughters with her. Can’t wait to see her crushing Kang’s family!

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