Goddess of Marriage Episode 26 Recap

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After finding out about that forbidden picture, Se Kyung’s mom interrogates her soon-to-be son-in-law: who is this woman, do you have another woman beside your fiancee, who IS this woman which made Se Kyung cried after she saw this picture?

Speechless, Hyun Woo prefer to personally talk about it with Se Kyung who according to her mum is currently under his spell. Her action turns him into a cocky man. Mom wants to know what sort of lies he’ll use to charm her daughter and lure her back to him. Se Kyung’s mom forbids him talking to her, she even opposes their marriage. 

It seems like Se Kyung overheard their conversation, as she begs Hyun Woo to leave instead of being attacked by her mom. She apologizes for looking through Hyun Woo’s things (what an angel!). But no, mom doesn’t buy her apology, it’s all Hyun Woo’s fault! As an engaged man, he must respect his fiancee. When he’s still keeping that picture, it means something, right. The apology should come from Hyun Woo’s mouth, not Se Kyung’s. Se Kyung threatens she’d better die than enduring all these embarrassments from her mum and Hyun Woo; now she can’t even look Hyun Woo directly. She asks him to leave.

On his way out, Hyun Woo is trying to call Se Kyung but it’s turned off. So he leaves a voice mail and with a very heavy heart, he apologizes.

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Tae Wook is reading the messages sent by Hyun Woo to his wife. Although Hyun Woo “pretends” that he’s just a loyal viewer and Ji Hye’s friend, but from his message, it transcends his pure heart, his longing, his love towards Ji Hye. His second message really shows that he’s more than a friend, he even asked if Ji Hye went to America because there has been no news about her.

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The next morning, Hye Jung is preparing breakfast for her 2 cute daughters who politely thank their mom for the delicious food. Yoo Jin asks mom why they’re not living with their grandfather anymore. Mom explains that she’ll tell them later, they only need to focus on their study now. The maknae then asks if it’s okay not to live with their dad, it’s not because she wants to live with her dad though. For her, as long as the giant teddy bear Jong Nam is with her, everything is okay. She dislikes her dad who hates the bear. For Yoo Ri, the reason they moved out from the mansion is because they simply can’t live with her dad who hates Jong Nam 😀

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Meanwhile, the Kang household’s breakfast is incredibly quiet with only Tae Jin and his parents. Mom explains that their youngest daughter-in-law was admitted to hospital, lying that she TOOK her to hospital, but Tae Wook moved Ji Hye somewhere else because he’s scared his mom would put Ji Hye in more stressful situation.  Tae Wook is nowhere to be seen, he skipped the breakfast because he believes everything that happened to his wife was his mom’s fault.

Mom blames it to Man Ho because he was the one who allowed Hye Jung to work, hence, she used her “power” and is now very fearless. Momma’s boy Tae Jin agrees with his mom. Man Ho yells at him to stay quiet, as he hasn’t done anything good, except sleeping with lots of girls. Dad knows it’s the reason Hye Jung asked for a divorce, because she couldn’t stand her husband’s affairs. But Tae Jin believes the sole reason is because they used her brother as a scapegoat.

Man Ho needs to punish her because she disrespected her in-laws, took her daughters without saying a word to her in-laws. But this divorce has turned the family upside down and Man Ho needs to do damage control as soon as possible as the news and the public now know about this. He turns to his son, he asks him to plead, beg, do anything he can to bring Hye Jung and their daughters back to the mansion. Don’t let the family suffer more humiliation because of this. And don’t even call him “dad” again until he solves this issue.

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The helper ahjumma brings a hot ginger tea to the Witch, who asked if she saw Hye Jung and the kids leaving the house. She nods, explaining she carried their luggage. She apologizes she couldn’t stop Hye Jung from leaving. Mom is definitely not in a great mood, as she drinks that hot ginger tea then scolds the helper for making it too hot. Ahjumma’s excuse: ginger tea is supposed to be hot 😀 She can no longer trust the ahjumma, complaining that this is the reason why they should never support the less fortunate.

Later that day, the ahjumma who is taking advantage of the break given by the Kang’s household, comes to Hye Jung’s place. She first visited her daughter and her grandson, Hye Jung praises the ahjumma’s daughter and the ahjumma is really thankful for all the support & help Hye Jung gave to her family. She brought delicious side dishes for Hye Jung and her daughters. She reports what happened in the Kang’s household.


Ji Sun’s parents-in-law are treating Ji Hye really well, they’ve known Ji Hye since she was in a college, so they understood her well. And Ji Sun will “fire” them if Ji Hye doesn’t eat 😀 So they’re sweetly “forcing” her to eat breakfast. They mention that Ji Hye shouldn’t apologize as they’re fine sleeping in a small room. Ji Sun’s mom-in-law notices Ji Hye’s haggard face, she concludes that it’s not easy living and surviving in wealthy family’s house. When Ji Hye’s going to her room to rest, Ji Sun’s mom-in-law whispers to her husband that it looks like Ji Hye’s in-laws worked her to death.

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Tae Wook comes (during work hours) with Ji Hye’s stuffs. He wants Ji Hye to recover well and don’t worry about his parents as he has already told them and they’ve understood her situation. Everything is well taken care of. Ji Hye tells him that she keeps feeling sleepy, in which Tae Wook asks her to keep resting to recharge her tired and stressed body. Ji Hye notices something’s different on Tae Wook, he keeps staring at her, like there’s something wrong. He pretends nothing is wrong.He then gives her mobile phone, of course he has already deleted Hyun Woo’s messages.

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Hyun Woo is outside Se Kyung’s home, but as soon as her mom knows he’s here, she asks the maid to tell him that Se Kyung is not home. Se Kyung is on the way out to meet Hyun Woo, as they’ve planned to meet. But her mom forbids her, so the maid reluctantly has to tell Hyun Woo that Se Kyung is not available to meet him.

Mom wants to know what she’ll do after hearing his side of story. Mom who has a painful marriage experience disallows her to marry Hyun Woo, for her, a man is like an animal. Se Kyung is like the fish he caught, and the woman in that picture is like his fish that got away from him. Men don’t find love & marriage as important as women believe. Men aren’t built like that, men only want woman who can be a good housewife, and an adequate mother for his children. Many men can spend the night with call girls, thus men don’t need love to marry a woman.

At the moment, Se Kyung has undying love to a man who keeps another woman inside his heart & mind, this is the indication that her marriage life won’t be as great as she hoped for. Se Kyung will do her best loving him, bearing & caring his children, doing all household duties; but for Hyun Woo, all these things she’ll do are her responsibilities. He will treat her well if what she’ll do satisfy him, but what will happen if Se Kyung does something he dislikes? Se Kyung who has a great background, why she chose to live like that? Mom knows that Se Kyung will live in agony as she’ll live obsessing about him but not receiving any love in return.

Mom believes that woman lives inside Hyun Woo’s heart and Se Kyung lives in reality. If a woman only lives in a man’s reality, not inside his heart, then she’ll live as a sad, worn-out person, just like a housekeeper as his love only belong to that woman. Which man love his housekeeper? None.

Hyun Woo is still waiting at the gate of Se Kyung’s home, but then he realizes that it’s not the right time to talk. Then, drunken Kyung Min calls, so he decides to join him in the bar.

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The Shinyang Group hotel project which Kyung Min took over (because Hyun Woo didn’t want to be involved in this project anymore) is currently facing a big issue. Kyung Min is having a really hard time dealing with it, so he decides to release his stress through drinking. He think he’ll have to stop the construction soon. He explains that Tae Jin is currently being investigated by the prosecutors, moreover, his wife is filing for a divorce and the maknae daughter-in-law is currently recuperating because she collapsed. Hyun Woo is shocked hearing news about Ji Hye. This makes me wonder where Kyung Min got all these insiders news from. Hmm…


Tae Jin is at Hye Jung’s apartment, softly kicks Jung Nam’s feet. He’s here to persuade Hye Jung to return home. But Hye Jung is adamant she’ll divorce him as she can no longer live with him. He understands her position, admits he’s a lame person. But how dare she stubbornly put a fight against Shinyang Group? He warns her that his father is a very scary man, many people in the upper management live as if they’re dead. If they don’t follow Kang Man Ho’s orders, he can do anything to outcast them. And Hye Jung is unlike her elder sister-in-law (Tae Jin’s elder brother’s wife) who comes from a chaebol family. Hye Jung practically has nothing. If Hye Jung is against Man Ho’s order, it’s better for her to die. But Hye Jung persists that she’ll divorce him and she’ll take custody of their children. Tae Jin believes she’ll lose, she’s destined to be Shinyang Group’s daughter-in-law. And the whole country knew she’s a woman who stripped and naked. She won’t win this case. Hye Jung asks him to watch tomorrow morning’s broadcast, his downfall has just started.

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Hye Jung’s first secret agenda is released the next morning. Jung Hee Kyung attends her new drama’s press conference, signifying her comeback to the entertainment industry after 5 years of absence. The reporters are asking her the reason about her absence and if the rumors about her pregnancy & abortion were true. As this is a drama’s conference, hence, they only take & answer drama-related questions. So no juicy news for the reporters. And Tae Jin’s secret is safe.

Tae Jin and his mom are watching this live press conference, curious Hee Kyung was able to make her comeback without any help from Shinyang Group. They are getting nervous about this, so Tae Jin changes the channel to the news channel which reports that Hye Jung has submitted her divorce paper to the family court, citing her husband’s extramarital affairs & domestic violence as the reason for the divorce. She also asks for $10 million alimony, division of property worth $500 million plus full custody of her 2 daughters. Man Ho is furious Tae Jin let things out of control like this. He starts beating his son (with pillows).

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Pil Ho is waiting for Eun Hee outside her office building (showing off his car? :D)

As they’re used to see each other almost daily during the English class, it’s weird for him for not seeing her when they don’t have a class. So here he is, wants to meet her and take her for dinner.  Eun Hee is surprised, but decides to go along with him. Seung Soo spots them, and trails them.

Eun Hee and Pil Ho go the the Chinese Restaurant, where Eun Hee and Seung Soo celebrate their wedding anniversary every year. She mentions it to Pil Ho, but can’t give an exact answer about her husband. She then asks Pil Ho if he has a girlfriend, if he’s dating any woman, in which he tells her he’s dating her now. Eun Hee is curious, why he chose her, She’s old enough to be his aunt. So don’t do this, Pil Ho. But Pil Ho doesn’t want to discuss this while he’s treating her for dinner. He hasn’t made up his mind yet, so nothing is conclusive here. He pleads her to stop talking about this, and to enjoy their dinner.

Then, Seung Soo arrives at the restaurant, furious that his wife is having a great time with Pil Ho. He sits beside their desk, making chaos, screaming, yelling. Pil Ho is surprised to see him there, as does Eun Hee. He yells at them, he’s only here to eat jajangmyun.

Pil Ho calls him “teacher”, but Seung Soo urges him to stop calling him “teacher” as they’re not in the English class. He calls him a funny kids, which makes him angry. He’s not a kid. Eun Hee is trying to break up their fight.  She almost accidentally calls her husband “honey”. Pil Ho firstly asks in formal tone why the teacher keeps following them. But when Seung Soo drops the honorific, he also does the same thing.

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Knowing that the fight will turn out ugly, Eun Hee abruptly yells “honey, please stop this. What’s wrong with you?”

Pil Ho is visibly surprised and needs time to digest the revelation that the woman she loves is the wife of the Korean anchor who got fired, the main character of that scandal story!

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Eun Hee comes back to the restaurant, to find her husband enjoying his jajangmyun like nothing happened.

She won’t give the house deed, even if he threatens her. But the reason he followed her was because he’s jealous, it’s not because of the house deed. Eun Hee asks if he now realizes the value of family, or if he’s doing this only because he’s going through hardship and is uncomfortable with his current living condition. Obviously, the second one.

On today’s news, there’s a woman who asks for $500 million divorce compensation, Eun Hee believes that woman must went through lots of hardship that she bravely asked for this gue amount of money, she can fully empathize with her.

She then asks if Seung Soo knows about the history about this place for their relationship, unfortunately he doesn’t. This is the restaurant where they always celebrate their wedding anniversary. And last year, he was playing out with Cynthia in front of the restaurant’s restroom, didn’t care that his wife & his son were waiting for him. Eun Hee won’t be able to erase that pain from her heart. For him, it might only be a mere affair, but for Eun Hee, it’s not. She pleads him to stop looking for her, then she leaves.

Seung Soo follows her – up to the chairwoman’s house. In awe with that huge house, sarcastically telling her that there’s something wrong here, while her husband and her son live in a tiny cramped room, she lives in that “grand palace”. Eun Hee takes a deep breath, before asking him to leave because he’ll be in a big trouble if the chairwoman spots him here. He tells her that although the chairwoman is looking after her, but she’s just her accountant. Then, he starts cursing to Eun Hee in English, thinking that Eun Hee doesn’t understand him. But smart Eun Hee curses him back in English. Hahaha. She yells at him, she won’t live under his shadow anymore. Then she walks away from him confidently.

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Ji Hye is having a great fun with her sister’s family, playing Go Stop with Ji Sun’s parents-in-law. Jang Soo is taking his sister-in-law’s side, much to dismay to his own parents. Been a while since we saw Ji Hye smiling widely & freely like that.

When her sister arrives home, she is showing off the $2 coins she won. Ji Sun quickly takes Ji Hye to her room, showing the “breaking news” of the day. She’s wondering why Ji Hye is so happy winning $2 when her sister-in-law is claiming $500 million against her in-laws. Ji Hye is no match for her sister-in-law. Ji Hye is wondering what should she do, Ji Sun believes it’s good for her, as that household now has no interest on her, they are trying to fix the mess left by Hye Jung. Ji Sun admires Hye Jung’s courage.

Ji Hye asks Tae Wook what happened, Tae Wook doesn’t know. With his brother issue and HER issue, his head almost explodes. Ji Hye is wondering what about her issue? But he doesn’t want to talk about it now, leaving Ji Hye in limbo.

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The witch asks who called, is it Ji Hye? The witch wants her to crawl back to the house instead of hiding in her sister’s place. Tae Wook defends his wife, at least she called and is concerned about this family. The witch doesn’t want to be grateful because of this. If she’s recovered, then she should return home. She believes daughters-in-law shouldn’t be let out-of-house, she advises Tae Wook to hold his wife tightly inside his house. Hye Jung and Ji Hye both worked at broadcasting station, so they may be similar. If there’s something wrong happen between Tae Wook and Ji Hye, then the whole household will be ruined. She honestly more worried about Ji Hye instead of Hye Jung.

On his way home from the mansion, Tae Wook recalls his conversation (argument) after Ji Hye came back from Jejudo. She was pretty defensive back then. Then flashback to their heated argument about Ji Hye’s anger that Tae Wook never told her about his wealthy family. That she didn’t even want to be a chaebol’s daughter-in-law. The time when Tae Wook discovered she met another man in Jejudo, and he forced her to marry him based on unjust kindness that he forgave the  mistake she made. But Ji Hye at that time told him that it was not a mistake.

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Tae Wook decides to face his greatest enemy, Kim Hyun Woo. He calls the very surprised Hyun Woo, asking him if he knows him, in which he replies yes. Tae Wook wants to meet with him, Hyun Woo agrees.

Ji Hye is surprised to see Hye Jung waiting in front of her sister’s apartment building. Hye Jung apologizes that she only visits now as she didn’t know until yesterday that she was that sick and she has many businesses she has to deal with.

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They decide to talk in the playground. Ji Hye is curious why Hye Jung’s doing all these. Hye Jung explains when Ji Hye first entered the house as newlywed, she disciplined her by asking her to show her loyalty to that household and be part of it. But ironically, she’s the one who left the house first and created a mess in the country for asking a divorce. Maybe it’s laughable for Ji Hye, that’s why she came to apologize. She never imagined it would turn out like this, as she believed she could stand against it better than Ji Hye. But she admits defeat. She encourages Ji Hye to persevere and manage the household well. She apologizes she never treated her well as her sister-in-law. She mentions that that household’s last hope is Ji Hye, and Tae Wook is unlike Tae Jin. But it’s not only because of Tae Jin’s infidelity, there are many things that caused Hye Jung’s loyalty disappeared. She’ll only take what she wants from the house then leaves. Ji Hye sweetly mentions about the two children who will be entangled in this messy divorce, what about them? Ji Hye’s gentleness touch Hye Jung’s heart.

Ji Hye is only 31 years old, she may think she’s old when she looks back, but for Hye Jung, it’s still inexperienced age. Once she reaches Hye Jung’s age, then she’ll start seeing life more. She mentions a song called Return to One Youth. Hye Jung doesn’t want to return to her youth. She grew up poor, struggled to live, they rarely had any money and her ex-lover was ordinary person, and she doesn’t want to repeat it. Even if people offer her youth, she won’t take it. She likes her present life. She wishes Ji Hye to live well. Probably they won’t cross path again in the future. So live a good life, Ji Hye.

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Hye Jung arrives home and to find her father-in-law waiting for her. She holds her daughters tightly, probably scared he’ll take them away. He asks if she wants to die by asking that huge compensation amount and full custody of her daughters. But she fearlessly stares at her father-in-law, she has prepared everything to win this ugly fight.


Hyun Woo arrives at the place where Tae Wook was already waiting for him. The showdown between these two men will begin… next week.

Brief Comment

One thing I love about this episode: Eun Hee’s comeback! How good was it when she cursed back at her husband in English. Hahaha. Seung Soo, you’ve lost! Stop being arrogant, stop interfering in your wife’s personal life and start re-building your life. Stop complaining, whinging, yelling, screaming that life is unfair. Prove to your family that you’re worthy to be Jang Woo’s dad.

Pil Ho is very innocent, Eun Hee is probably his first love, but from the way he talked, it looks like he’s still very immature. He doesn’t really understand the real meaning of love and I hate to see Eun Hee being hurt again by another man. Not sure why he loves her in the first time, probably pity? Or immature love? Or he’s in love with the new Eun Hee? It’s definitely not love at the first sight as he really hated her when they first met at the English academy few years ago. It will be interesting to see how he’ll treat Eun Hee after he knew Seung Soo is her husband. Can’t wait to see the progress of their relationship.

Se Kyung’s mom intuition is spot-on! She suffers unhappy marriage, she is fully aware her husband no longer loves her and has another woman in his heart. It’s a reality of life that she must endures, and she doesn’t want her daughter to repeat the same mistake. Se Kyung is really naive, she’d better listen to her mum, the evidence is crystal clear.

It’s really lovely to see Ji Hye is recuperating well at Ji Sun’s place. Sooner or later, she’ll have to return to her in-laws’ place. What will Tae Wook do to her after he knows that Hyun Woo still has a feeling for her? (this is purely my speculation :D, I think on next episode, Hyun Woo will confess he still loves her. If not, I’m speechless) Will he kick Ji Hye out of his house? (oh well, she’s already living outside his house) What will he tell his parents about this issue? I think his family will beg him to hide this from public consumption, until Hye Jung’s divorce case is finished. I hope Ji Hye will not go back to her in-laws; she will be under scrutiny and nobody will be able to protect her. Writer-nim, can you please bring Ji Hye’s father back? I’m a bit speechless that her dad didn’t know that his daughter’s in-laws mistreated his precious daughter like this. I want Tae Wook to face his father-in-law, on his knees, apologizing for all his broken promises.

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