Goddess of Marriage Episode 27 Recap

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Tae Wook confidently confronts Hyun Woo who looks unfazed at Tae Wook’s anger. Although he seems to be very confident, but Tae Wook can’t even starts the discussion (he’s too upset & angry to talk), so Hyun Woo begins by asking if Ji Hye’s doing fine, much to Tae Wook’s dismay. He knows that Tae Wook is here because of Ji Hye, there’s nothing they can hide anymore. Frankly, Tae Wook asks if Hyun Woo has seen Ji Hye recently, in which he replies yes he did – they met coincidentally on the street when Ji Hye was visible sad & drunk, so as a man, he wanted to help & comfort her. Nothing more. Tae Wook tells Hyun Woo that as a man, he should understand his feeling, this is a very humiliating situation for him. Hyun Woo totally understands as he also feels the same.

Hyun Woo frankly asks if Ji Hye is feeling okay, as he heard she’s fainted and is very worried she’s not well. He’s relieved when Tae Wook tells him she’s better now and is doing well. Obviously he’s curious why Hyun Woo is worried about someone else’s wife, in which Hyun Woo confesses that as someone who knows Ji Hye, someone who supports and prays for Ji Hye, it’s his right to be concerned.

But selfish Tae Wook think of Hyun Woo’s lovely gestures and attitudes as a threat because he can’t treat his wife with the same kind and attentive gestures. It’s not on his blood. Although Hyun Woo only prays and supports Ji Hye from afar, it indirectly affects Ji Hye and Tae Wook’s relationship. Just like his text messages, all these create misunderstanding, situation that is totally different with what Hyun Woo intended. Therefore, Tae Wook orders Hyun Woo to stop initiating conversation and accepting any contact from his wife. Hyun Woo doesn’t believe it’s the wisest way to resolve this issue. Although Ji Hye is a married woman, but her husband cannot treat his wife like one of his own possession. She should be given freedom to contact anyone she wants to talk to.

Hyun Woo states that whatever their hidden story was, he will never interfere in whatever story / memory that Ji Hye had / has. She’s free to think about anything she wants to think about. Although of course it’s her responsibility to maintain her marriage life. He’s not lecturing Tae Wook (although Tae Wook think otherwise), but it’s just because they think differently about this aspect. On other words, Hyun Woo understands Ji Hye much better than Tae Wook does.

Hyun Woo confesses that although he met Ji Hye few times recently, but he never intruded her life nor did anything which would indirectly gave guilty conscience. Both of them, especially Ji Hye never bring up and dwell on what happened in the past. However, he totally understands Tae Wook’s humiliation and ill feeling, so he promises he won’t pray & support Ji Hye again although it’s only from his heart, if that’s what Tae Wook wants.

He understands that his action makes Tae Wook and his fiancee upset, he states that he’ll get marry soon so Tae Wook doesn’t need to worry about this again. He will keep this memory inside his heart, and he’ll be careful he won’t cause any ill feelings for people closest to Ji Hye and him.

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Tae Wook is visibly angry at Hyun Woo’s cool as a cucumber attitude. He even yells at Ji Hye who was not home to pick up his call, as she was with Hye Jung. Ji Hye mentions that she feels like it’s Hye Jung’s final farewell. Tae Wook instructs her to rest, don’t wander around and he’ll visit her tonight. Ji Hye notices Tae Wook’s angry tone, but he pretends he’s too stressed out dealing with his brother’s case & their divorce. Thankfully he still remembers to ask Ji Hye if she wants her favorite cheesecake, in which she replies yes and asks him to get blueberry too.

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Kang Man Ho still tries to persuade Hye Jung, a dedicated housewife in the past 8 years, a faithful wife to his womanizing son, a silent daughter-in-law to his wife and a great mom to his grandchildren; to withdraw her lawsuit. If not, he will bury her alive. She won’t get a cent, she won’t even get custody of her children.

Hye Jung who knows how intimidating ShinYang Group’s legal team is, is determined that she will proceed and follow this divorce case until the end (until she wins). The only ways Man Ho can stop her are to give what she’s asking for or though litigation. She wanted an amicable divorce by agreement, but Man Ho and Tae Jin disrespected her by coming to her place and threatening her; so she has no choice but to put her faith in the legal system. She knows it’ll be a power struggle, but long or short, she’d go through to the end to measure, compare and see it through.

Man Ho curses her, the nobody who has no background nor power; but she confidently states that this nobody with no background will proceed with her divorce. If she loses, then she’ll see her own demise.

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Man Ho blames everything to his wife who couldn’t manage their household. That he’s the one who has to seek his daughter-in-law, persuade her to withdraw her lawsuit and divorce. The witch gives a scary proposition: you can kill her. They can easily get rid of someone so insignificant who has no knowledge nor background. Take Yoo Jin and Yoo Ri away from their mother, give her 1 billion Won and kick her out of the country. Make sure she can’t step into this country again. Problem’s solved, right? Then, they can easily look for another daughter-in-law, give a new young wife to Tae Jin.

The witch wants to take over this problem, she’ll make sure Hye Jung will beg on her knees and cry. So Man Ho leaves it on his wife’s (capable) hands.

But Hye Jung is one step ahead. She instructs her lawyer to collect her medical records from medical practitioner Han Mi Seon.

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Ji Hye is playing Go Stop with Ji Sun’s family while her sister and brother-in-law happily looking at them from the kitchen. Jang Soo believes that Ji Hye tries her best to be happy on the outside while her heart is crying.

Tae Wook arrives, he brought Ji Hye’s favorite cheesecake & blueberry.

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While Ji Hye continues playing Go-Stop, Ji Sun asks Tae Wook if he ever saw his wife smiling and laughing widely like now.

Tae Wook asks Ji Hye if she’s comfortable living at her sister’s house, in which she replies yes. But it’s the other way around at his house and his parents’ mansion, it’s an absolute mess. They never dreamt that Hye Jung would this sort of things. Ji Hye is bewildered too because for her, the one who has been setting the highest standard and gave her lots of stressful situation was Hye Jung. She doesn’t know who should she look up to and which standard she must follow now, in which Tae Wook states that Ji Hye only needs to live according to his standard. Live with him as her standard.

Ji Hye unfortunately was fired from the broadcasting station she secretly worked for, and she now believes there won’t be any other program who will accept her. Tae Wook gives her an idea, she can write a novel, then.

He coldly instructs her to live as if she’s dead, what’s the point of having a breathing space for only a few hours a day. Write a novel, run from her reality of life; and even if he has to buy all her novels when it’s released, he promises he’ll make her a famous writer. Just let this difficult time to pass and don’t think about anything else. He doesn’t want to argue, he’s desperate and worried Ji Hye will run away. With the history of divorce in his family, divorce is a matter of life and death to him. He begs Ji Hye to co-operate with him and he promises his wife won’t have any regrets in the future.

He then proceed to the next important question, when will Ji Hye coming home. He wants her to return home as soon as possible as the witch is waiting for her, and he confesses that he’s very lonely. He understands Ji Hye wants to stay longer, but they have to turn everything back to normal. So even if it’s one day sooner, he pleads her to come home. After he hugs her before he leaves home, he then tells her he’ll pick her up this weekend.

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Man Ho is on the phone with his oldest son who’s currently working at ShinYang’s Group overseas branch, who lost everything to his ex-wife, including the custody of his children. If he still can’t get his act together, Man Ho orders him to return to Korea and he’ll scrap that overseas branch. After he arrives back in Korea, he can start looking for another wife, get married again and live a normal life again. But he doesn’t want to get married (again). So Man Ho threatens to cut his financial support. He’s upset that his eldest son who’s supposed to set example for his younger brothers, can’t even get his act together. Anyway, Man Ho orders him to return to Korea, or he may kick him out of his house and cut his financial support.

He instructs Tae Jin to exhaust all avenues (including hiring every single lawyer in the country if needed), to drag his wife and his two children back to the mansion. If not, he’ll be kicked out from this house too. Tae Jin confident he’ll win because his wife doesn’t have money, background and supportive network of people.

Tae Wook then lectures his older brother that he should’ve treated his wife better. Now he embarrassed the whole household.

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From one crisis to the next. The head ahjumma suddenly announces that she’ll quit because she wants to take care her daughter and her new-born grandson. She feels apologetic for telling the witch in such a short notice, and doesn’t even care that she’s not eligible for the retirement funds because of this short notice resignation.

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The head ahjumma is incredibly happy to take care Yoo Jin and Yoo Ri again. Hye Jung thanks her for being here with her and the kids.

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Hye Jung then proceeds to uncover Tae Jin’s domestic violence evidence which she uses as her divorce’s main reason. Smart Hye Jung has secretly visited the same doctor every time Tae Jin abused her, and all these evidence (medical records, pictures, etc) have already been recorded meticulously. When Hye Jung miscarried because of Tae Jin’s abusive behavior, the head ahjumma accompanied her to the hospital and she stayed with Hye Jung, comforting her.

At that time, Hye Jung who knew she’s still powerless asked doctor Han Mi Seon to keep these medical records as a secret, but she knows all these will become useful in the future. She believed back then that based on how much beating she received at the Kang’s household, they would be very capable to abandon her when she became useless.She promised to reward doctor Mi Seon when the right time comes,, but Mi Seon is not doing all these for money / reward. She felt really sorry for Hye Jung, she promised to keep all these a secret as she protected patient’s privacy.

So now is the right time for Hye Jung to finally release all these medical records. Good news for Hye Jung: Secretary Kim has found Nam Mi Ra. Hye Jung asks him to keep an eye of Mi Ra.

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After reading through the latest documents, statements, medical records and the photo evidence; Tae Jin’s lawyer advises that it’ll be tough to win this divorce case. Tae Jin believes they can easily win just based on Hye Jung’s naked pictures. So the lawyer gives him all these evidence, and he’s shocked that Hye Jung has meticulously prepared and gathered all information for the past 8 years. She even supported all his illegitimate children. And her medical certificates are very detailed.

At home, Man Ho and the Witch are watching the news that Hye Jung through her secretary has filed in reports of domestic violence & illegitimate children to the Seoul District Court and she uses this as her reason for her divorce. The news also links this divorce case with Actress A (they blurred her face, but we all know she’s Hee Kyung) who just recently returned to the entertainment world. One of illegitimate children Hye Jung reported is speculated to be Actress A and Tae Jin’s children. Man Ho is surprised with the news, asking his wife if it’s true. The witch apparently knew about this as she trembles and unable to say anything.

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Tae Jin confronts Hye Jung while sarcastically criticizes his wife’s very thorough 8 years preparation like the “Shawshank Redemption”.

Based on Hye Jung’s observation, she knew how badly Tae Jin and his family treated anyone who’s not their own blood and flesh. From their daughters-in-laws, servants; people who serve in their household and company their whole lives, even their own son; they threw people who they thought no longer profitable and useful like garbage. So she’s been preparing, just in case it would happen to her.

Tae Jin can’t understand how Hye Jung could pretend to live as a noble, elegant, good housewife for 8 long years. Is she a monster?

No, the truth is, the monster is his family.

He wants to beat her, but Hye Jung stops him, didn’t his lawyer advise him it’s not wise for him to keep beating his own wife as the evidence of his domestic violence (22 pages medical records) has already been submitted to the Court and the whole nation knew about this fact.

He brings up her naked pictures (again), but it all happened before their marriage. So even if he wanted to use it as evidence against her, the court may not accept it. The fact is, he had 3 illegitimate children during his marriage to Hye Jung. Hye Jung has already submitted their DNA tests, so he’ll know whether they’re his kids or not from the DNA report.

He believes Hye Jung will soon live on the street, she won’t even take away $500,000. But Hye Jung knows she won’t go out with that small amount of money. She’s going out with half of Tae Jin’s Shinyang group’s shares, his inheritance from his father. He believes that inheritance asset is not negotiable. However, Hye Jung is smarter than Tae Jin, she only need to prove she has actively maintained that in order to be eligible to claim it in her lawsuit. Throughout their marriage, she has been totally committed to her husband & their marriage, and she has lots of support network to prove it to the court.

Then, the head ahjumma brings drink for them, Tae Jin’s shocked to see her here, and he knows that one of their loyal servant has now moved to Hye Jung’s side.

Tae Jin’s 1 trillion won worth of stock, half of it will go to Hye Jung. His brothers might want his shares too later on, so stop boasting, as he may need Hye Jung’s help in the future.

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Tae Jin is going to hit Hye Jung, but Hye Jung doesn’t want to get beaten by her husband again after suffering for 8 years. So, she hits him first. He complains that his nose bleeds, he’s such a drama queen.

She makes a cool proposition, he can take his car, cross the river to Kang Book and when he arrives at the small town, he can look for the smallest unknown clinic where nobody can expose his identity. He can then request a medical report where he can use it as evidence in the court. Then, he may be able to lower Hye Jung’s alimony request. But he may get kicked out from Shinyang Group or forced to resign.

He believes his dad will save him; but Hye Jung is one step ahead of him. Once the divorce case is finished, there will be an investigation on inheritance assets which will be disadvantageous to both his dad and him. So they’d better give up now.

He then screams, looking for his daughters to see and tend their father who’s having a nosebleed. Their daughters are nowhere to be seen until he beats Jang Nam, the giant teddy bear. They then try to save Jang Nam from Tae Jin’s anger.

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Se Kyung sent a heartfelt letter to her fiancee, apologizing for looking through his stuffs without his permission. She also returned the picture to Hyun Woo through this mail as she’s unable to return it in person. She mentioned that she is going to close her wedding shop temporarily, and want to have personal space for herself. She’s not at home, she also asked him to stop looking for her, because he would be reprimanded by her mother. She wished him well during this “break” time.

After reading that letter, his eyes are brimming with tears. He stares at that picture for one last time before tearing it up.


Although Se Kyung has asked him to stop looking for her, but he has decided that it’s now the time for him to bury all his memory with Ji Hye and start opening his heart to his fiance who’s enjoying her wine at the new villa that her mom prepared for their newlywed home.

Hyun Woo knows exactly that’s where she’s, so he comes to that villa, much to Se Kyung’s surprise. He doesn’t greet Se Kyung, but walks straight to the living room, staring at the terrace. Se Kyung follows him, calls him. He apologizes, he sincerely apologizes to her. He then hugs her tightly, Se Kyung cries on his embrace.


Ji Hye is preparing breakfast for her sister’s family. Ji Sun’s parents-in-law who are staying in the tiny room with their son, Seung Soo and grandson Jang Woo; are asking if Seung Soo has any future plan about this living arrangement. Are they going to stay in this room forever?

But instead of looking for another accommodation for his parents and his own family; he is wondering how long Ji Hye will stay at their place.

Hmm, since when that house is his house?

His mom tells him that Ji Hye helped Ji Sun to buy this place, so Ji Hye is also the owner of this place.

Mom whines, asking her son to think the best way out so they can move out from this place. But Seung Soo whinges that at the moment he’s not capable to leave this house and be independent.

This leads Mom to ask about Jang Woo’s mother and they now blame him for cheating. Ha.

So he decides to call his wife, he doesn’t want to say why he’s calling, but he wants to see her tonight. She advises him she can’t make it to the English academy tonight because she’s going to Min Jung’s family and Ye Seul’s family meeting. But Seung Soo complains that if she keeps this, she’ll never learn English. Eun Hee tells him that whether she’ll learn English or not, it’s her own business.

Seung Soo wants to attend the family meeting too, as he’s Min Jung’s younger uncle, and since Min Jung’s younger aunt (Eun Hee), will be there, so he should be there too.

He’s wondering why Ji Sun didn’t tell him about this important meeting.

Cue to…

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Min Jung’s telling her mom about this “meeting”. Ji Sun asks if the chairwoman has already accepted Min Jung, in which, Min Jung says that’s the reason why she wants to have the family meeting tonight. Ji Sun can’t believe that the Chairwoman has accepted Min Jung as her grandson’s wife. Min Jung tells mom to see it tonight whether it’s just her own thinking or if she really will become Daeseogwang Enterprise’s future daughter-in-law.

Ji Sun can’t comprehend how the Chairwoman can like gold-digger. It’s because Ye Seul really loves her, and she happily stares at the diamond ring from Ye Seul. What about you, Min Jung? She doesn’t want to be asked this kind of question.

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Ji Hye is cleaning up the house when Tae Wook angrily asks why she didn’t pick up her mobile phone. She left it in her bedroom, and didn’t hear it.

Tae Wook instructs her to pack her stuffs and wait for him. He’ll pick her up after work today. He pleads her to return home, they can talk if there’s things to say after Ji Hye returns home.

Soon afterwards, the home phone rings again. It’s the witch. Ji Hye asks who is calling. The witch is wondering if Ji Hye has already forgotten her mother-in-law’s voice as she didn’t recognize. Ji Hye is stunned, then drops the plates to the floor. The witch is startled with the noise, thinking Ji Hye is having an accident. Ji Hye says it’s coffee fell. The witch is complaining that even at her own house, she’s still behaving sloppily. What will arrogant Ji Sun say next? She couldn’t teach her own daughter-in-law properly, she only nagged her. Ji Hye is silent, she’s wondering if Ji Hye’s listening as she doesn’t answer her.

Ji Hye tells her she’s listening, and asks why she’s calling. The witch tried to call her mobile phone, but nobody picked it up. So she embarrassingly has to call her home phone. Ji Hye apologizes, she didn’t realize the witch would call her home line. The witch curses at her, calling her clueless, slow like a bear; she can’t even say what needs to be said and just floundering around. Anyway, she wants to know when Ji Hye is coming back. As someone has to be home, so she can be waited on. As Hye Jung has already left the mansion, so Ji Hye has to be considerate towards this family. Is she even aware that there’s something happen in this family? She keeps calling her clueless.

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Hyun Woo waits outside Se Kyung’s house and drives her to the beautiful park by the lake, the same place where he took Ji Hye (and kissed her) on episode 4. They take a stroll in this beautiful place, holding hand.

He confesses everything about Ji Hye, where they first met, how they fall in love and how they parted in Jejudo. He mentions that he was looking for her like a crazy man after he returned to Seoul; and because she’s a well-known writer, so he’s able to see her again. But Ji Hye rejected to see him again. He then realized she’s engaged to a prominent family, so he decided to let her go. He really wanted to hold on to her, but he didn’t have enough courage to do it. Moreover, he also forced her to do things that Ji Hye didn’t want to do.

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He believes this is the reason why he keeps holding on to her, they met by fate but their love folded away before it even had a chance to bloom. It remains in his heart for a long time, became pebble and made his heart ache. He thought his pain in his heart shouldn’t be caught by anyone, not even by Se Kyung nor Ji Hye, not to anyone. He wanted to keep it inside his heart forever. But Se Kyung found out, and he really apologetic for sharing this pain with her.

Se Kyung tells him that he shouldn’t apologize, because she already knew about that pebble. Head and heart sometimes don’t work in harmony, she admits she’s angry & jealous, she’s also mad & her pride is hurt that the woman who met and known him for short time, knows him better than her who knows him for 11 years.

Hyun Woo holds her hand, apologizes again. Se Kyung asks how long will it take to remove that pebble from his heart. She realized she’s nothing, she’s just an ordinary woman. Now, she’s asking Hyun Woo to make up his mind, tell her how long it’ll take him to remove that pebble from his heart.

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Tae Wook arrives in front of Ji Sun’s apartment building to find Ji Hye’s standing there, waiting for him. But she hasn’t packed her luggage. She confidently tells him she’s not going home.

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The witch is eating dinner alone, whinging her daughters-in-law, her sons, her grandchildren have left home and now even her husband is coming home late. Her maid also resigned.

Hye Jung arrives home, and hears Man Ho’s laugh. Grandpa Man Ho brought lots of gifts for Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin.

He complements Hye Jung for her thorough preparation, he has a special talent to recognize a special person like her. She’s 1000 times better than her husband. He wants to know what she really wants to gain.

Brief Comment

Hong Hye Jung, whoa, Kang Man Ho is right, he has raised a tiger and he definitely has a good eye to recognize a talented ambitious people. Unfortunately, he failed to realize that his own daughter-in-law only entered his family because of money & power. And now, Hye Jung has took over almost everything, she knew the secret behind ShinYang Group and his family; and she has evidence as well as Man Ho’s people on his side to back her up. She is scary and definitely not an easy opponent for Man Ho and his family.

From the very beginning, Tae Wook already knew Hyun Woo’s characters. He knew Ji Hye’s characters match really well to Hyun Woo’s calm, poetic, attentive, understanding and caring attitude. And now, he realizes how much Hyun Woo really understands and knows Ji Hye; although they only know each other for a short time. Se Kyung also mentioned the same thing. This fact hurt their prides; but Se Kyung carried it on gracefully, while Tae Wook was angry with this fact. While Se Kyung tries to understand Hyun Woo’s feeling and gives him time to heal his heart; Tae Wook didn’t even bother to talk about this issue with his wife. Instead, he forced her to return to their home. Didn’t he notice how happy his wife is at Ji Sun’s house? If he’s really lonely without her, he can move in with her (temporarily) at Ji Sun’s place. He can stay in Ji Hye’s room or in the living room. Not a great living arrangement, and his parents will explode in anger if he does this, but at least it shows how much he really misses her. Ji Hye is still not fully recovered both physically and mentally; so what’s the good thing will come out from this? Nothing. Tae Wook really treats his wife as one of his possession. Live as if she’s dead? He’s one crazy husband. I’m still wondering why Ji Hye’s dad still hasn’t made his appearance. Did the writer forget that she has a loving father?

Hyun Woo finally confesses his true feeling to Se Kyung. I feel like Se Kyung is a really great friend for him, but she has to realize by now that he doesn’t love her. Even if he tried to remove Ji Hye from his heart, the pain will still there and it will take a long time to heal. The writer has done a decent job to make us the viewers to sympathize with Se Kyung, but I never board their ship because I know it will sink sooner or later.

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