Goddess of Marriage Episode 28 Recap

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Kang Man Ho finally finds out Hong Hye Jung’s true intention on his latest “failed” negotiation with the tiger cub who he raised himself. Her proposition is not simply matter of things that he can or cannot do, but Hye Jung confidently tells him that her option is doable if he’s determined to stop her divorce lawsuit.

Man Ho is not shaken with her threat though, he only can free her brother. No more, no less. However, Hye Jung looks at the bigger picture. She would never started this if her intention was only to freed her brother. If Man Ho cannot give what she wanted, then, she’ll continue with her divorce proceedings. She has nothing to lose, she’s holding lots of “secret” cards, particularly about ShinYoung Group.

Then, Man Ho’s most trusted lawyer who resigned from the group, arrives. Politely he greets his ex-boss, advising him that he’s now Hye Jung’s lawyer.


Unable to suppress his anger, he throws and breaks the vases in his study room. Including the 12 billion won vase that his wife gave him for his birthday gift. He blames himself for taking and raising a tiger cub, he’s too careless. What a fruitless life his wife lived as well as she failed to notice Hye Jung’s hidden agenda.

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Their son is currently having a hard time convincing his wife to come home. She frankly tells him that she’s not going back to their home. Moreover, when the witch called her earlier, she sarcastically criticized & insulted Ji Hye. Ji Hye can’t return home like this, she’s so scared of Tae Wook’s household. She can’t endure living there again. Even her strong sister-in-law left.

Tae Wook emphasizes that he won’t allow any divorce and he can’t accept this separation, either. So what should they do now? Throwing Ji Hye back to the hell?

Tae Wook rarely home, and even if he’s home, he’s only there to sleep and go back out. Ji Hye spends most of her day with her mother-in-law, she doesn’t have any hobby, no work, no time for herself, she has nobody who can support her. She endures her day listening to the witch’s insults and critiques. So how will Tae Wook make her into a famous writer if she doesn’t even have the energy and time to write? Using his family’s power to buy her books?

The reason Ji Hye like this is because Tae Wook doesn’t know what Ji Hye really feels, what she really wants. He forces all his thoughts to her, based on what he sees on the surface. Tae Wook being so difficult making it burdensome to Ji Hye. She has to deal with 2 burdens when she returns home.

Jealous Tae Wook bluntly asks that because of him being so difficult, so Ji Hye started to seek comfort elsewhere. He can’t say the reason why he accuses her like this, although Ji Hye demands him to confess.

He then makes his own decision (as he always does). He’ll let Ji Hye stay at Ji Sun’s place for one more week, he’ll tell his mom that Ji Hye has to help Min Jung with her wedding preparation so she has to stay longer. But, one week, that’s it. Ji Hye can’t have more than that. No more argument.

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Hyun Woo drives Se Kyung home and he politely greets Se Kyung’s mum who’s waiting for her daughter at home. She’s unhappy that after everything Hyun Woo’s done to her, she still met him and took him home. To avoid more insults coming out of her mother’s mouth, Se Kyung asks Hyun Woo to leave.

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Se Kyung tells mum that Hyun Woo apologizes he made a mistake. Mum is upset mostly because she believes Hyun Woo didn’t mean it so his apologize doesn’t mean anything for mom.

She once again emphasizes that men are different than women. Men can’t forget the woman who he dated in the past, so why Se Kyung goes all in with this kind of man and want to spend the rest of her life with him. Se Kyung knows it, but she is powerless. She can’t beat him and tell him to sweep away his feeling to another woman as she’s already inside his heart before they started dating. She’s also going crazy as she can’t do anything. But she doesn’t want to let him go. So mum yells at her, telling her that she can break off the engagement, she doesn’t have to marry him. Mum doesn’t like him from the start, he never understands Se Kyung’s family circumstances. He even had another woman inside his heart. So Se Kyung, move on. Sweep him away from your heart.


Ye Seul and Min Jung’s first family meeting. Ji Sun keeps thanking the Chairwoman for accepting her (lacking) daughter. The Chairwoman complements her for raising Min Jung for the past 25 years, and she’s thankful for their marvelous effort. As she’s here as Ye Seul’s grandmother, she asks them to stop calling her the Chairwoman, but Ye Seul’s grandmother. She mentions that since Ye Seul was only raised up by her grandmother, so he may has many deficiencies. So if they see his insufficiency, she hopes they’ll understand.

The Chairwoman rarely trusts anyone, but there’s one person who she really trusts. That person is Eun Hee, who was Min Jung and Ye Seul’s matchmaker. Her heart is in peace now because she knows Ye Seul will marry a woman from a great family. She also loves the fact that Min Jung’s mother is an active, talented capable businesswoman.

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But the storm is coming to this peaceful family meeting. Min Jung’s grandparents are here, because their son Seung Soo lied and told them that Ji Sun asked them to come to that Korean restaurant and leave as soon as they arrive. They’re confused because Ji Sun told them that they shouldn’t come to this meeting.

Therefore, the family is surprised to see them, especially Eun Hee who’s trying to sneak away. But her mother-in-law recognizes her daughter-in-law whom she hasn’t seen since she left the house. She’s offended that Eun Hee (who she believes not part of the family) is here at Min Jung’s family meeting. Moreover, Ji Sun didn’t even invite Min Jung’s grandparents but she invited Eun Hee who kicked her parents-in-law and her own family from their house.

The family meeting is cut short, the Chairwoman calmly leaves the restaurant, thanking Min Jung’s family for coming. Min Jung complains that because of her grandmother, the meeting was completely ruined.

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Inside the restaurant, the mother-in-law is interrogating Eun Hee; complaining that because of her they now live in a small room while she’s enjoying her life living a comfortable life. Eun Hee confesses that she’s not living comfortably. When she mentions that it’s all because Seung Soo cheated on her, her mother-in-law tells her that they’ve never done this kind of thing in the past. Even if the husbands had 12 mistresses, the wives should never leave their house and children.

She criticizes Eun Hee that she’s not even close to being considered a mother. A mother never leaves her kids behind and then confidently showing up in this family meeting like this.

Ji Sun is agitated, she blames her mother-in-law for ruining Min Jung’s family meeting. But she yells back, that she has no luck with her daughters-in-law. Thankfully she has said everything she wanted to say. So, hopefully she stays true to her own words.

Ji Sun’s parents-in-law decide to stay overnight in a motel room, instead of going back to Ji Sun’s home. Their 2 sons are with them, Jang Soo can’t go home because he feels bad his parents have to sleep uncomfortably tonight. He blames Seung Soo for arranging that meeting with Eun Hee. He made things worst. But Seung Soo defends himself, he didn’t think that they would fight when they met. He thought they would make up, talk things through and resolve their differences. But he failed to notice his mum’s fierce temperament.

Anyway, mum feels really hot, so she wants to take off her hanbok’s top part. But their sons don’t care about it, for them, their mom is a mom, not a woman. So they tell her to take it off in front of them. She screams, asking them to close their eyes 😀


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Eun Hee is crying her heart out when Seung Soo calls and asks to meet up. Seung Soo blames her for starting this mess. She tells him it’s better than him cheating on her, which he acknowledges but he blames it to Eun Hee again. He cheated because she never showed her image as a woman since they married. He confesses that many times he thinks of her as his mother who cooks for him, and takes care the house. But men who mostly are born cheaters or have really bad tempers, don’t usually cheat unless they didn’t get their satisfaction with their own wives. So without him knowing, his head turns to the beautiful woman who walks pass him. He admits some men are like animals, but he can’t do anything when his biological instincts turn in that “animal” direction. Eun Hee never tries to understand man’s biological instinct.

She compares it to women’s instinct. Women are human beings too, who go wild when they see a good looking man with chocolate abs. Their heart want to be hugged tightly by a man who has a wide chocolate abs, their heart want to date with another great man. But women endure it, realistically because they have to live with their husband and children. Women know their limits. Why women always lose in dramas? Because in a drama, there’s man they like but they can’t have them because of their family.

Seung Soo remembers that Eun Hee sometimes forget to take care the house and cook when she’s too addicted with a drama. He didn’t like it.

Although she’s really falls into a drama or an artist, she never thought to exchange her husband for anyone else, including Hyun Bin. 😀 Seung Soo knows Hyun Bin who’s from the Marine Corps. So Eun Hee adds in more details, he’s recently discharged from Marine Corps, much to her husband’s dismay. But no matter how much she likes an actor, she knows it’s only temporary. When she’s hurt by people closest to her and she goes to a far away market, sometimes she thinks it would be great if a man like Hyun Bin followed her and helping her carried her basket. Or have a cup of tea with him. But she never even thought of cheating with Hyun Bin, leave her home and set another home with him.

Seung Soo was too crazily in love with Cynthia that he forgot about his family. He believes Eun Hee also cheated with HB (inside her heart). It’s hard to put some sense into Seung Soo’s mind. He’s too pre-occupied with his own thoughts & perception that he blocks everyone else’s opinions.

Teary Eun Hee stares at her husband, shakes her head. Her husband hasn’t changed at all. Even dog and pig change after they’ve got beaten. So, instead of giving him a house deed, Eun Hee will send him a divorce paper. He can stay and live with his imaginary woman. Eun Hee will find a man like Hyun Bin and start her new life with him.

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Eun Hee recalls all the harsh treatment she received from her husband, while Seung Soo is still living in his imaginary world, and the longing in his eyes is crystal clear when he sees Cynthia on the TV screen.

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Ji Hye is bewildered when Ji Sun tells her what happened last night. Ji Sun mentions that the Chairwoman who has already experienced all sort of things in her life, seemed to let last night’s incident go away like nothing happened. But nobody knows what she’s really thinking.

Ji Hye mentions that she’s not going back to her house, Ji Sun understands but she wonders if it’s okay for Ji Hye to leave her house for this long while Kang household’s is in mess. Unless she’s planning to leave the house like Hye Jung (aka divorce). Ji Hye admits that her heart is thudding every time she thinks of going back to that place. It’s similar with Ji Sun, her heart is thudding that she has to go to the motel and escorts her in-laws back home. But she knows she must face it.

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Tae Wook advises his family that Ji Hye will stay at her sister’s place for one more week. Mum understands, Tae Wook doesn’t have to give any reason. But Ji Hye must come back in one week.

Man Ho is not joining his family at the breakfast table, he doesn’t want to step out of his study room. Mum doesn’t understand why he can’t just step on Hye Jung. She begs him to tell her what Hye Jung told him. But he keeps quiet.

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Coincidentally, Hye Jung and Prosecutor Pro (Tae Wook’s sunbae) are doing their grocery shopping at the same organic market. Hye Jung bluntly asks about his wife, in which he tells her that they divorced 2 years ago. He then asks about her divorce which the whole country knew. She mentions that she has her children with her. And explains the reason why she regularly shops for organic vegetables & fruits.

Back at the mansion, mum finally discovers Hye Jung’s demand, she wants all Kang Man Ho’s shares. She’s aiming for ShinYoung Group Vice Presidency position. Man Ho is still thinking of the best and wisest answer to her demand. Mom is curious why Man Ho stays quiet, he can simply steps on her, outcasts her or sends her abroad. But, Man Ho knows it’s not a simple matter anymore. She has lots of evidence that will ruin the whole group if it’s leaked out to the public.

Hye Jung who knew the culprit behind everything, challenges Prosecutor Pyo to catch the “body” instead of the tail. She knows that he’s well known as the tail prosecutor, so she gives him a heads-up. She wants to help him to remove his nickname, and to catch the “body”.

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Anxious Nam Mi Ra who is currently hiding away in a tiny apartment as instructed by the Witch finally had enough. She still has a departure hold, so she can’t go overseas. She calls the witch, asking her to lift it, using ShinYoung Group’s influence. She’s frustrated because she already had a scapegoat (aka Hye Jung’s brother), but yet, the prosecutor is still not satisfied with this tail and doesn’t want to lift the departure hold. She threatens the witch to take care her matter first, but she asks her to keep quiet, stay low, until the investigation is finished.

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Ji Hye is dressed-up, ready to go to the wedding shop in Cheongdamdong as instructed by Tae Wook. He wants to give a wedding dress as a gift for Min Jung’s wedding, and he knows this wedding is a string that can reunite them again. He promises he’ll come to the wedding shop after he finishes with his work and will treat Min Jung and Ye Seul for dinner later. He honestly confesses that it’s incredibly hard to live with a woman like her.

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Ji Hye arrives at Se Kyung’s wedding shop. She smiles and greets a very surprised Se Kyung who’s going to feed James. She stumbles and drops James’ plate. Ji Hye helps Se Kyung to clean up James’ food, excitedly telling her about her own “weather-proof” dog who eats everything.


As Min Jung will come late because of work, Ji Hye wants to see some samples first. Se Kyung stares at the perfect Ji Hye as she elegantly browses through the pictures. Ji Hye notices Se Kyung’s long glance, in which Se Kyung pretends she feels like she saw Ji Hye somewhere. Ji Hye is aware about this fact, as she’s heard it regularly. She’s ShinYoung Group’s daughter-in-law, so the public recognize her face. She admits it’s a little uncomfortable that everyone knows her.

Se Kyung knows Ji Hye was a writer, in which she tells her it’s in the past, she’s now an ahjumma. Se Kyung mentions she loves reading, so Ji Hye asks her favorite book. She doesn’t have a favorite, but if she has to pick one, it’s Lee Jung Sub. She’s a painter who wrote a book. Ji Hye knows it as his book is her favorite book.

Se Kyung is surprised so she changes the subject if Ji Hye has found the gown she likes. But Ji Hye prefer for Min Jung to pick it herself.

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Suddenly, Hyun Woo arrives at the shop to have lunch with Se Kyung. He is surprised to see Ji Hye’s there. And Se Kyung is also shocked to see him (he didn’t say he’d come). While Se Kyung is making tea for him, Hyun Woo asks what Ji Hye’s doing here. In which she also asks the same question. He explains it’s the shop of a woman he’s going to marry. He apologizes, but it’s not something he should be sorry about.

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Then, Tae Wook arrives. He’s surprised to see both Hyun Woo and Ji Hye. Then Min Jung comes, admiring the interior of the wedding shop. The atmosphere is very cold, Min Jung decides it’s better for her to be quiet.


Se Kyung comes back with the tea. Tae Wook who can’t suppress his anger introduces himself. Because of this cold awkward atmosphere, Hyun Woo think it’s not the best time to have lunch with Se Kyung so he leaves.


Tae Wook and Ji Hye go to the park by the river, angrily Tae Wook leaves his wife alone in the car. When Ji Hye approaches him, Tae Wook asks her to be quiet. He doesn’t want to talk nor any back talk. He’s very angry. He feels like he should beat that guy to death. He prefer to go to prison afterwards than going through this.

Ji Hye challenges him to talk things through. Tae Wook doesn’t want to listen to anything that comes out of Ji Hye, ever. He knows his wife (who’s a writer) can easily play with her words. So he can’t even ask her although he’s very curious. Ji Hye frankly admits that he’s someone she already gave up before they got married. But Tae Wook didn’t ask her about it, so he closes his eyes, doesn’t want to hear her earnest confession. Ji Hye mentions they coincidentally met. Tae Wook asks she’s wavering. If the reason she doesn’t want to come back to their house is partly because of this. He wants her to tell him how she really feels.

He notices that Ji Hye was never fully his woman, in a different corner of her mind, like she calmly opens a report / book, she was looking for that man. He lived in solitude. Because she really wanted to write, he tried to accommodate her. He comforted her, he went along with her half-body / half-mind, he lived with her. But he notices it hasn’t been the case recently. He wants to know the real reason she doesn’t want to come home. Ji Hye is bewildered that Tae Wook doesn’t know her real reason and close his eyes about it. But Tae Wook pleads her to return home.

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Se Kyung sweetly calm Hyun Woo’s down. Telling him they only chatted about James and her weather-proof dog. She mentions that from their light & warm conversation, Ji Hye seems to be like a great woman.


Prosecutor Yo Seong Jin and his team arrive at Mi Ra’s small apartment, to gather evidence.  Unfortunately, Mi Ra has already left.

Tae Jin arrives at the mansion after his father throwing a fit at him. He anxiously greets his father who’s looking at the last summons paper. Man Ho orders him to have the hit, to serve behind the prison bar. Tae Jin kneels down, begs his father to save him as there’s only bad guys in prison and he can’t survive living there.

Prosecutor Yo finds another “body” / culprit behind this case. He reports everything to Hye Jung, who’s pleased with his “great” discovery. Hye Jung has win her first battle.

Brief Comment

To be honest, I expected some sort of arguments / fights when Hyun Woo, Se Kyung, Tae Wook and Ji Hye met. But, it was only a tension and awkward meeting. Nothing new happened. And the coward Tae Wook still hasn’t told Ji Hye how he really feels. Until when he’s trying to keep his anger inside his heart? Until Ji Hye fed up with him and send him a divorce paper?

Tae Wook and Ji Hye don’t trust one another that it hinders them to easily communicate their own feeling to each other. It creates misunderstanding, to make things worst, Tae Wook’s own perception that he concludes things based on his own thoughts. He doesn’t listen to Ji Hye’s opinions, he never respects his wife as a human being. Like Hyun Woo said last time, Tae Wook only treats Ji Hye like one of his possession. This marriage is over before it even began. It’s over when Ji Hye ran away to Jejudo. Nothing that they can do to save this marriage. Tae Wook should let Ji Hye go, before he and his family stab her heart again and again, until nothing can heal her bleeding heart.

I’m glad Se Kyung finally admits her true feeling to her mom, but she’s too stubborn to follow her mom’s advice. I think after she saw Hyun Woo & Ji Hye’s picture; and met with Ji Hye in person; her love to Hyun Woo has subsided. But she’s too attached to him that she also treats him like one of her possession, that it’s too hard for her to let him go from her life.

Eun Hee’s heartfelt confession about her perspective and women in general was my favorite part of this episode. She knows her responsibility as a wife and mother, she knows her reality of life. She didn’t want to run away from it until her husband forced her to do so.

Seung Soo is living in his own imaginary world, that nobody can burst the huge bubble which protects him from the reality of life. Even after a heartfelt meeting with his wife, he’s still a selfish man who only cares about his own life. His marriage is over too. He’s the only one who can save it, but his immaturity hinder him to make a peace with his wife. His mother is the same, I can’t say I agree with her opinion though. She’s partially correct that Eun Hee didn’t consider her son’s feeling when she left home; but on the other hand, I can’t let her insulting her daughter-in-law who couldn’t stand living with her cheating selfish husband.


Hong Hye Jung, bravo… Can’t wait to see you crushing Shin Young’s group until they’ll beg you to stop.

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