Goddess of Marriage Episode 29 and 30 Text Preview

Rough translation only =)

Episode 29 Text Preview


Ji Hye’s father came to Seoul without giving any notice, and he’s surprised to see Ji Hye staying at her sister’s house. Ji Hye frankly tells her father that she wants to divorce Tae Wook, however her father opposes her firm decision. Meanwhile, Seung Soo is worried when Eun Hee is absent from the English night classes.

Episode 30 Text Preview

Kang Man Ho asks Hye Jung to think about her daughters Yoo Jin and Yoo Ri’s future, he still doesn’t let her to divorce Tae Jin. This makes Hye Jung uneasy with her firm decision to divorce her husband. Meanwhile because her father is really upset & depressed, Ji Hye decides it’s best for her to leave her sister’s place and return home.


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