Goddess of Marriage Episode 29 Recap

There’re lots of unexpected twists on this episode, but plenty of fillers & flashbacks too. A familiar face returned, but instead of helping Ji Hye and Tae Wook with their marital problem, he suggested a very difficult proposition which gave obsessive Tae Wook a good idea to salvage his marriage. Morever, Kang Man Ho is proven to be a very smart, sly man; he is doing everything he can to ensure Shin Young’s group secret is safe.

Episode 29 Recap


Kang Man Ho decided it’s now the time his second son learns about the harsh reality of life – in prison. Tae Jin explains that nothing is transparent like a clear bright sky, lobbying and bribes are norm in the political world. Man Ho is adamant that Tae Jin must reap the seeds he sowed for the sake of Shin Young Group, but his immature son asks his father to keep his promise – using his brother-in-law to reap the seeds he sowed. Tae Jin knew all along that he would never be the successor of Shin Young group, it’s his father’s company, not his. So if Man Ho wants to protect and save the group, then, he can pick one of his salary man to be the scapegoat. Tae Jin even dares to ask his father to go behind the bars himself. He would pretend he never heard these words from his father.

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Prosecutor Yo Seong Jin is agitated that he lost Mi Ra, one of the key “body” for Tae Jin’s case. Hye Jung hasn’t given him the complete records / statements although she has “leaked” the info about this key person and where she lived. Even if he captures Mi Ra, without all these records, his investigation will be half-effective. So he urges Hye Jung to assist him as he believes both of them have the same goal.

However, Hye Jung never told him that she had these records. Seong Jin doesn’t believe her, as he knows she would never started her powerful divorce lawsuit if she didn’t have these evidence in the first place. Hye Jung is a bit surprised that he discovers this, this sly prosecutor is definitely not a weak opponent / partner.


Awww, now look who’s back in town? Ji Sun and Ji Hye’s father! He’s here for Min Jung’s wedding but decided to come few days early to visit his friend who’ll have an induction (I guess it’s a surgery?)


Meanwhile, Ji Sun is at the motel where her parents-in-law has been staying in the last couple of days, kneeling down, trying her best to persuade them to return home. Explaining that she was too agitated that day that she spoke many unpleasant words that hurt her mother-in-law. Her father-in-law accepts her sincere apology. But her mother-in-law believes Ji Sun didn’t mean it, she won’t live with her rude daughter-in-law like Ji Sun, even until she dies. She’s still bitter when Ji Sun told her not to come home if she didn’t want to, when she was blabbering that she had no luck with both of her daughters-in-law and that she didn’t really want to live at Ji Sun’s place. Ji Sun explains that her luck about daughters-in-law is out of her hand, but if her mother-in-law doesn’t want to live at her place, then, don’t live there. Simple, right?

Min Jung is getting married the day after tomorrow, and her mother-in-law called her as a “rude b***h”, so she can no longer stand it. Ji Sun is tired and fed up with her mother-in-law’s behavior and sharp words, so she bluntly tells her to live in this motel forever if she doesn’t want to come home.

Ji Sun is definitely not having a great day today, as her father is currently outside her apartment building. He’s been calling both Ji Sun and Jang Soo, but nobody picked up the phone, so he took taxi from the bus station. Ji Sun tells him that Ji Hye is home, as she’s been unwell.

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Ji Hye is surprised to see her father who came without any notice, and he’s suspiciously curious why her youngest daughter who (now) looks fine is staying at her sister’s home. He bombards her with questions, are you sick, are you really sick? When Ji Hye answers she’s not “that” sick, he then asks her why she’s here. If she’s not too sick, then she should rest and recover at her in-law’s house. And what about Tae Wook? Ji Hye is speechless, unable to say anything.

Tae Jin has left the mansion, he’s too scared that his father will put him behind bars if he stays there so he opts to stay at the hotel. Obviously his mother defends him, she couldn’t comprehend her husband’s agenda to put his own son behind bars, he’ll be an ex-convict after he’s released from jail. If Man Ho insists to do this, she’ll bite her tongue off until she dies.

She reminds him of Min Sung group chairman’s wife “wise words” that the chairman should go to prison instead of their young son when this son was about to go to prison. She feels the same, Man Ho should replace Tae Jin in this circumstances. If he doesn’t want to go to jail, then, find the substitute. But Man Ho is resolute, the person who sowed the seed must reap it.

But he should know that nobody in this wealthy neighborhood “reap” the seeds they sowed. Moreover he doesn’t want her husband to do this to the kids she raises herself. If he insists, then, she’ll find the scapegoat for him.

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Then, she sees Tae Wook is having dinner in the empty dining room, alone. She’s furious that her married son is living like this, eating dinner that was prepared by the maid, alone. She wants to know when Ji Hye is coming home. They have “graciously” let her stayed at her maternal house for more than one month, it’s now time for her to return. Is she going to live there forever?

She didn’t let him marry to witness these humiliation, her son should be well taken care of by his own wife. Tae Wook is curious, what kind of humiliation?

She explains that she let Tae Wook married a woman who’s not from their class because he loves her. So, Ji Hye should act properly as their daughter-in-law. She doesn’t like a “weak” Ji Hye who easily falls over and getting sick; then “hides” herself in her maternal home. She’s also upset when Ji Hye asked why she called her that day. Tae Wook doesn’t understand how humiliated his mother is.

He looks at his mother with tears on his eyes. He then begs her to stop and listen to him. Because of her antic behavior, it makes Ji Hye even less wants to return home. Ji Hye is a sensitive woman, and she’s easily breakable even without all these pressure. He asks his mother to be warm and care towards Ji Hye, so she wouldn’t fall sick. His mother is stunned that her son accuses her that she’s the reason behind his wife’s illness. Tae Wook tries to rephrase it, explaining that as an elder, it would be nicer if she cared for her warmly.

But she doesn’t want Tae Wook to lecture her about the elders’ qualification, as she believes that she’s one of the nicest admirable mother-in-law in this neighborhood who accepted daughters-in-law who didn’t come from their “class”. But these two daughters-in-law didn’t respect her.

Tae Wook frankly tells his stubborn mother that Hye Jung’s issue is similar. She lived and served their household for the last 8 years, faithfully devoted to this family. The “damaging” pictures were taken before her marriage to Tae Jin, so why the witch keeps bringing this up? The witch is furious that Tae Wook now takes Hye Jung’s side. He wants his mom to realize and reflect on Tae Jin’s behavior; and be thankful with Hye Jung’s daring move.

He admits his wife is lacking, and as (petty) author [the witch loves to call Ji Hye as a petty author], she’s very sensitive & continues to daydream; but she married him. She tries her best to live in unsuitable environment outside her comfort zone. Therefore, Tae Wook feels bad for her and he wants to defend her in front of his mother. He’s the one who told Ji Hye to rest a bit longer at Ji Sun’s place as she was already there in the first place. Why can’t he do it? Isn’t it not fine for him to let his wife rest longer there? He yells, asking his mom to stop, as he expresses his frustration.

He asks if his mother is happy when she squeezes her daughters-in-law so tightly. What does she want to gain by being so wicked to her daughters-in-law? She’s someone who has lived without lacking anything.

She slaps Tae Wook for making his own conclusion that his mother lived without lacking anything. She also suffered living at her in-law’s place, but she has paid her dues. Tae Wook admits he went too far, but he can’t stand it when his mother keeps criticizing his wife who didn’t come from their “class”.

The witch mentions that her son was never affectionate towards her; unlike Tae Jin who tries hard (being cute) and remains affectionate until now. But Tae Wook is always cold to his mother, and she had a hard time raising a crazy son like Tae Wook. So how dare he accuses his own mother for being wicked? Let’s just watch, Tae Wook, she can do more unfathomable things to Ji Hye in the future. She can easily lives without Ji Hye who rarely smiles, her face is place like a cloudy day and doesn’t have any shiny personality. She doesn’t like Ji Hye. And she asks Tae Wook to stop calling her “mother” and start calling her “madame” from now on.

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Meanwhile, Ji Hye is under interrogation too. Her father has asked Ji Sun to stay out of this, while he’s trying to find out the real reason why Ji Hye wanted to divorce Tae Wook. She explains that it’s difficult to live with Tae Wook.

Dad shouts at her, “not even a chance! Does marriage look easy to you? In less than 1 year, you simply said that you couldn’t live together with Tae Wook and now want to divorce him.”

Jang Soo arrives home, upset that Ji Sun told his mother that she can stay at the motel for a long time if she didn’t want to return home. Ji Sun asks him to stop shouting, and he’s surprised when he realizes that his father-in-law is here.

Ji Hye keeps crying, unable to tell dad the reason why she can no longer live with Tae Wook. She just tells dad that everything is so difficult, it’s too difficult.

He asks if Author Song thought that the path to married life was donned with flowers. She explains she’s not an author anymore, but dad encourages her to start again as if nothing happened as she’s backed up with her work experience. He urges her to be patient, don’t easily talk about divorce.

Ji Hye confesses that she doesn’t fit in with her in-laws, she feels like dying; in which her dad tells her that nobody suits their in-laws. Dad is speechless and angry, this is a very serious situation.

Jang Soo is shocked when Ji Sun finally reveals Ji Hye’s intention to divorce. She can’t stop her at all when Ji Hye told their dad that she wants to divorce Tae Wook.

Let’s set aside Ji Hye’s problem and go back to Jang Soo’s parents. He wants to know if Ji Sun will keep treating her in-laws like this although Jang Soo has asked her to apologize and kneel in front of his mother. Ji Sun did what he told her to do; but her mother-in-law spoke rudely to her, so she couldn’t stand it. Beside, she also has to deal with Ji Hye’s problem and her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Jang Soo doesn’t want Ji Sun to blame his mother, as he believes his mother is not a bad person.

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Ji Sun is too tired to talk about this, so if her mother-in-law wants to stay in that motel forever, then do it. She wishes her good health and long life. But suddenly Jang Soo tells her that it’s possible they’ll get divorce before Ji Hye (what??)

Ji Sun is not scared with Jang Soo’s threat as she shouts to her father about their “divorce” plan. She’s upset when he pushes her that she asks if he wants them to divorce before Min Jung’s wedding. (had no idea that the writer tried to “ruin” my favorite couple, I guess the writer was running out of idea – but I know that they would never get divorce).


The next day, Min Jung is handing out two letters to her senior – one is her wedding invitation (she proudly boasts her future husband who is the heir of a famous group) and her resignation letter.


The chairwoman carefully reads the wedding invitation and wants to ensure her grandson that he really wants to marry in that luxurious place. He decided on his own without consulting his grandmother. He explains that for the wedding ceremony, Min Jung wanted to do it there because one TV personality married there. The chairwoman is furious with Min Jung’s true intention but can’t do anything else because Ye Seul has already reserved that place.

Seung Soo is worried that Eun Hee is absent from tonight’s class, especially after what she told him last time that she would never thought of trading him with actor she liked. He’s wondering if she became sick because of him.

Pil Ho is also worried so he calls her. Eun Hee is having cold due to change of season and she’s also having allergy. He notices Seung Soo tries to overhear his phone conversation so he changes his tone and wishes her to get better soon so they can meet again soon.

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Seung Soo is wondering how sick she is. They’ve known each other for 22 years and lived together for 13 years, so he knows that Eun Hee always gets sick every time the season changes and he also knows about her allergy. Although he whinges about his wife’s weak body and criticizes her sneeze, but he’s genuinely worried.

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Min Jung is at the chairwoman’s place, admiring the ring that the chairwoman has just passed on to her. She asks her to take a good care of this ring as she has to give it to her future daughter-in-law. She also gives Min Jung 10000 company shares as a foundation to the start of their marriage life.


Tae Wook comes to see Ji Hye and her father, he kneels down although dad asks him to sit comfortably. Anyway, the reason he asked Tae Wook to come is because he wants to hear Tae Wook’s side of story, and the reason why Ji Hye doesn’t want (and can’t) live with Tae Wook anymore.

He confesses that he’s too lacking, but dad knows his daughter is lacking too. He wants his son-in-law to be honest. However, Tae Wook tries to protect Ji Hye (and his family), that he doesn’t want to go in much details, so he just tells dad that it’s his fault. Dad doesn’t understand why these two young people who barely lived one year together spewed words like “divorce” and “can’t live together again” so easily like this. Did Tae Wook bring Ji Hye home (& marry her) just to hear these words from her? What is he going to do now? And he also asks Ji Hye if it’s right for her to treat someone’s precious child like this. Did they get married to end up like this? Did they get married to hurt each other and then get divorced?

Both of them replies no. So dad is wondering what’s going on here, he thought everything is going well, so he wasn’t worry about them. Tae Wook tells dad his fault is too great, but he’s going to take care of it and live well from now on.

Unfortunately, dad doesn’t buy his “empty” promises as he’s been persuading Ji Hye for 4 days to make up her mind, but she still insists that it’s too difficult and she can’t live with Tae Wook anymore. Dad knows his daughter well, he knows Ji Hye wouldn’t take this extreme decision without any valid reason.

He advises them that it’s the greatest thing in life to meet as a husband and wife. But how can they live together for a while then live separately when things didn’t work out? He’s aware that Ji Hye was having a hard time living at Tae Wook’s house, so he asks Tae Wook to give Ji Hye more attention and be more caring towards her. They must work extra harder to make it work. As when there’s love, the utmost effort should allow for three seasons to pass, so even though it’s hard and they don’t want to live together anymore, they must at least try for 3 years. Then, after three seasons pass, they can decide if they still want to be together or not. Living together or not is not a big issue, it’s a problem they can end by putting a stamp once on the line. So why worry over it? If they really don’t want to live together anymore, then they can quickly put their stamp (on the divorce paper) and say their farewell. But they can’t do that because they’ll regret it deeply later. So, dad advises them to control their temper. Tae Wook apologizes again to dad, but Ji Hye stays silent.

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After escaping from dad’s interrogation, Tae Wook and Ji Hye have a moment together. He’s furious that Ji Hye told their marriage problem to her dad.

But Ji Hye realizes that ever since they crossed path with Hyun Woo and Se Kyung at Se Kyung’s wedding shop, their problem is deeper that they ever thought it was. Tae Wook is doubting & suspecting her. He admits he did suspect her, at some level. Hence, Ji Hye can’t live with this kind of interference. Her mind is hers, it’s not someone else’s mind. She no longer wants Tae Wook to control and obsess over her, it’s too suffocating.

Moreover, the reason why she wants to divorce him is not because of Hyun Woo. But it’s because of Tae Wook’s household, especially his mother. During their marriage, Ji Hye wasn’t allowed to be herself, they treated her like a doll. And Tae Wook has been really possessive and obsessive that he didn’t even realize that his wife was having a hard time.  Initially Ji Hye thought that Tae Wook’s obsessiveness was due to his love to her, but it’s no longer the case now. He even suspected her for not being able to forget that man. It’s disgraceful, unexpected and scary at the same time. She’s also fearful of her own husband.

Tae Wook shoots Ji Hye right to the point, that there’s still something inside her heart. She admits it’s probably rolling somewhere inside her heart, but she can’t shake it out or ask it to leave from her heart faster. Because she chose to be with Tae Wook, hence she decided to leave that feeling alone and she has no reason to look at it again. Because in front of her is Tae Wook, not that man. She’s loyal to Tae Wook and to the reality of life. But this reality keeps poking her and it’s really scary.

She confesses she thought about Hyun Woo yesterday, for the first time. She thought the reason reason why she wanted to get divorce, is it because couldn’t forget HW or if it’s because she can no longer live with Tae Wook. After much deliberation, she realizes that although Tae Wook is so coercive, but he’s a dedicated man. But the real reason is because she can no longer live with his family, she doesn’t fit his family, it makes her suffer. She admits that although she’s 30 yo, but she knew nothing about marriage. She regretted making the decision to marry him when she’s that immature. She’s truly sorry for Tae Wook.

Tae Wook pretends all these talks didn’t happen. Whether he’ll throw away his family or make his family throw him away, he’ll do anything to get Ji Hye back. He mentions he already talked about this with his mother yesterday. Whether his mother wins or they win, he wants them to go until the end. He wants her to stay next to him for 3 years. If after 3 years Ji Hye still says the same thing, then, he will let her go. He doesn’t want to regret it, he wants to try to live together, going forward for two more years. He pleads Ji Hye to do this, for their sake, for her dad’s sake.

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Hyun Woo and Se Kyung are enjoying dinner together, he’s attentively cuts lobster meat for her. Se Kyung notices Hyun Woo is feeling sorry as if he wants to relieve her anger. Se Kyung mentions that she’s only a bit angry, but she quickly got over it. She asks if Ji Hye knows she’s his fiancee. Hyun Woo tells her, yes Ji Hye knows. So why does Se Kyung have to be angry about? The one who’s supposed to get upset is Ji Hye, unless Hyun Woo still has a feeling for her.


Hyun Woo is speechless with Se Kyung’s behavior as now she’s speaking carelessly & acting mean. She then admits that she’s afraid. She pleads him to hug her outside the restaurant. He follows her, then cue to them kissing passionately in the car until her mother’s phone call breaks this romantic mood. She asks if Hyun Woo can come to the house too since they come together. Do as you wish, tell mom.

So Se Kyung asks Hyun Woo to try to relieve her mom’s anger. She sheepishly tells mom that they were doing what she did when she was younger. Anyway, she leaves Hyun Woo with her mom alone, suggesting them to spend “cozy” time together.

A very awkward “cozy” time, as Hyun Woo looks surprised whenever he sees Se Kyung’s mum and she keeps staring at him. She frankly tells him she doesn’t like him, he doesn’t love her daughter. And she’s bored with his blank expression.

While she’s interrogating him, his phone rings. He doesn’t want to answer it in front of his future mother-in-law, who suspects it’s the other woman calling him. But thankfully it’s not a woman, but it’s Kyung Min who wants to talk about something, so Hyun Woo promises to come to the office later. Se Kyung’s mum is still suspicious that it’s a woman who called him. Thankfully Se Kyung asks Hyun Woo to go to see her upstairs, but he left his mobile phone downstairs. So Se Kyung’s mum is inspecting his phone book (surprised to see so many women’s names) while Hyun Woo is looking through Se Kyung’s childhood pictures in her room.

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He goes downstairs and catches his future mother-in-law going though his phone book. He decides to leave and ignores Se Kyung’s call.


Hyun Woo arrives at work angrily, while Kyung Min frantically was looking for Shin Young hotel drawing design. He begs Hyun Woo to help him as Tae Jin has asked them to continue the construction which was halt before. Hyun Woo is furious with Kyung Min and his cheongdamdong’s dirty play, he doesn’t want to live like this. He doesn’t want to live a shallow life like shallow Kyung Min, disgraceful, dishonest, grovelling. As of today, Hyun Woo is leaving. He then leaves with Shin Young hotel’s design on his hands.

Prosecutor Seong Jin is getting closer to catch the “body” after 3 long months going in circles due to lack of evidence, he just arrested Park Sang Moo, the head of the “painting” lobby who’s also Tae Jin’s mentor. Seong Jin is surprised to see a swarm of reporters outside, wondering who called them in the first place. Sang Moo admitted that he directed all the spending when he was the head of the painting lobby, but the spotlight is now being shifted to the group’s CEO, Kang Seong Goo.

GoM_Ep29_bc33 GoM_Ep29_bc34

Because Sang Moo has been arrested, scapegoat Hye Jin is released from the prison. His mother and sister welcome him back, they’ve been patiently waiting for this day to come. His mother brought him delicious tofu and begs him to eat it right there.

Meanwhile, Kang Man Ho is at Hye Jung’s place, citing a famous poem which was written by Lee Bang Won for Jung Mong Joo who wanted to destroy Goryeo Dynasty and establish new dynasty (Joseon Dynasty). The meaning behind this poem is to take care one another and prosper well together.

He has completed the first transaction – released Hye Jung’s brother from the prison, now he wants her to give him back the account book which contains the detailed Shin Young group’s slush funds. It’s not a wise move for her to take side with Prosecutor Seong Jin.

GoM_Ep29_bc36 GoM_Ep29_bc35

The reason? Because starting from today, Hye Jung is Shin Young’s group Vice President. If she’s selling her own group to this blood-thirsty prosecutor, it will also be the end of her.


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