Goddess of Marriage Episode 3 Recap

Flashback to Tae Wook’s family dinner.

Hye Jung’s youngest daughter Eu Gin hides the chocolate chip cookie. As she starts eating the cookie, Ji Hye whispers to her that she can’t do that, although she asks why, but she obliges and put the cookie back.

Tae Wook’s mother is happily gossiping about the other company’s Madam until her husband is fed up with her behavior and asks her to stop. He doesn’t understand why she loves gossiping about other people’s misfortune.

Then he spots Eu Gin is munching her cookie. Scared, Eu Gin is crying. Eu Gin’s dad (Tae Jin) is angry that Hye Jung let their daughter to bring cookie to dinner table. He asks Eun Gin to stop crying otherwise, a punishment is waiting for her.

Eu Gin’s grandmother is wondering where did she get the cookie from.

Hye Jung is also wondering the same thing. Yoo Jin, Hye Jung’s eldest daughter finally tells her that she brought the cookie home from the kindergarten. She didn’t eat it during the break time.

Back at the dinner table, Tae Wook’s dad is asking about Tae Wook and Ji Hye’s wedding preparation. He asks them to prepare the wedding slowly and carefully as all eyes will be on them so they can’t make any mistakes.

He also asks about Ji Hye’s dad and is relieved when Ji Hye tells him he’s doing well. Ji Hye’s dad sent peaches to them and he’s promised he’ll eat it.

In the car, on her way back home, Ji Hye let out a big sigh. Tae Wook asks if Ji Hye’s stomach is okay since she barely touched her food or if she’s upset because of his mom. She tells him she’s just taking a breath.

Back at Tae Wook and Tae Jin’s house, their mother is enjoying late supper / tea time in the garden. While Hye Jung is serving the tea to her mom-in-law, she’s told to keep her children in order and she will be in charge of Ji Hye when she joins the family after she marries Tae Wook. If Hye Jung’s mother-in-law hears any gossip about her, Hye Jung will be the first person who’ll have to give the right answer why she behaves that way.

She whinges why her daughters-in-laws both come from similar background. As Hye Jung leaves, she overhears her mom-in-law’s whinge; but she holds her head up and walks confidently.

Meanwhile, Tae Wook tells Ji Hye that if she needs anything, she can asks Hye Jung. He’s already asked a big favor to her. Ji Hye can count on her as Hye Jung has spent more than 7 years in Tae Wook’s family.

He asks about her brother and Ji Hye tells him that her brother thought Tae Wook is a jerk. Tae Wook laughs and promises he’ll visit him soon and kneel, asking for his forgiveness.

Ji Hye brings up the gift money again, but Tae Wook doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Ji Hye wants to bring this issue to conclusion, she doesn’t like it that Tae Wook pretends everything is okay now. Tae Wook tells her to stop being righteous, as there is nothing to be gained by refusing. Her pride hinders her to receive this gift; she must let it go. Even her father sent peaches to his to be in-law family. Tae Wook suggests that they should just stop talking about this issue, let’s end it here while their parents’ pride still intact.

Ji Hye asks where did he get the money from. He tells her it’s the money that his mother has been depositing since his childhood; it’s a gift from his mother and one loophole to avoid paying taxes.

He tries to complement her that a very righteous woman is very sexy and attractive. But she’s still not happy with the way Tae Wook handles this issue.

Suddenly the traffic light goes from yellow to red, Tae Wook is shocked but he’s still able to put on brake at the right moment. The car behind him almost hit his car, but fortunately, he’s able to maneuver it well and he drives his car to stop beside Tae Wook’s car. The driver of this car is Hyun Woo. He’s staring at both Tae Wook and Ji Hye.

Tae Wook asks if Ji Hye is okay, thankfully she is fine.

Ji Hye arrives safely at home and receives a good news that Dae Hyun finally agreed to guest on her show after Yeon Soo threatened that she won’t let him sleep with her again.

She wants Ji Hye to visit her again since when she came last time, she only stayed at her place for one night. Thinking back, she’s wondering where did Ji Hye sleep for the rest of the nights? Did she meet a stranger who tell her that she’s pretty? Yeon Soo is bluntly telling her that she has an affair with this guy.

Eun Hee is really angry and bitter. She even thought to separate from her husband. However, after she calmed down, she realized that her husband wanted to become a professional worker / newsanchor so obviously he didn’t like his wife to show up at his work. He still loves her. So she decides to forgive him.

She expected her husband to be moved with her sincere speech, but no, Seung Soo is still as cold as ice. Although Eun Hee cooked his favorite food, but Seung Soo doesn’t reciprocate her love at all.

I decided to skip most of Eun Hyee and Seung Soo’s part because urggghhh I hate a cheater who takes his wife for granted.

Anyway, Eun Hee tells her sister-in-law Ji Sun that she feels much peaceful now that she has forgiven her husband. She advises Ji Sun to do the same thing, to forgive her Vice Principal as forgiveness will give her peace.

Ji Sun is wondering how did she forgive that easily after talking about life and death; and that she wanted to end her life.

Eun Hee tells her that she had no other choice. The day after tomorrow is their anniversary and she can’t possibly stay angry until then. It hurts, but she’ll endure and give her husband another chance. She even re-hung their wedding picture. Seung Soo told her that they live in such a small space and he put their wedding picture in the storage. *&()(

Ji Sun asks why she still want to keep living with this kind of guy. Eun Hee tells her that it’s her destiny and that’s her husband’s character.

She keeps pushing Ji Sun to reconcile with her VP and live peacefully.

Ji Sun is confronting her Vice President and asking him bluntly why he really hates her. He tells her just because he wants to hate her. And because she’s late to work and she was at the mart.

She explains that during her 20 years working in that company, only a handful times she came to work late and it was the only time she was at the mart.

The VP doesn’t buy her excuses and blaming her for using company’s time for personal uses.

When she asks if the men also use company’s time for sauna, check personal stocks, go out to smoke, watch porno movie etc; he gives her reasonable excuses.

He tells her that she married really young, in which she agrees with him. And she’s glad that he brought it up. She worked until the last week before she gave birth. Flashback to heavily pregnant Ji Sun who suffered from pregnancy toxemia and diabetes; but she still came to work and worked diligently. She even returned to work less than a month after she delivered her baby.

VP is overreacting when he removed her from the promotion’s list just because she went to the mart.

Then, he brought up the day when she brought her baby to the office. She tells him that she had issue with her mother-in-law. VP actually saw the baby with the cleaning lady that day. She left her own child with a stranger, so she could do her work and gained praises from her upper managements.

VP believes that a man is more capable and he’s already picked a candidate. But Ji Sun talks back and tells him that women are much better performing business duties.

More arguments about military, soccer, etc. Ji Sun keeps talking back to her VP. Until VP gets really angry and he threatens to really fire her.

Hye Sung is cheering for her daughter and it looks like she’s an outcast among the mothers. She is the only mother who’s happily cheering and clapping her hands; the other mothers are gossiping about her who didn’t even graduate from prestigious university.

The  match is over and Hye Jung is very proud of her daughter. Teacher Nam comes to compliment her and Hye Jung. She tells Hye Jung that she must be very happy that her eldest daughter excels in both her study and sports.

Anyway, Teacher Nam tells her that some of the mothers are customers from her cafe, they live in Gangnam. Teacher Nam advises Hye Jung that she doesn’t need to hear nor concern about other people’s opinions. Although they’re honest & blunt, but their honesty is really meaningless.

She tells her that they’ll have an art exhibition coming up and she plans to put Hye Jung’s picture as the first and exhibit it at the center of the exhibition. Hye Jung is an excellent painter. As there is some parts that need to be touched up, Teacher Nam asks her to come alone. She’ll tell her mother-in-law that she’s the one who requests Hye Jung to come. And it’ll be fun for them to drink coffee and enjoying each other’s company.

On her way back home, she receives a call from one broadcasting station asking for anchorwoman Hong Hye Jung. She wants to cover Hye Jung’s married life. Hye Jung refuses right on that spot telling her that she won’t appear on television.

Teacher Nam Mi Ra is looking at Hye Jung’s painting and cursing it. She kicks the painting. She promises that she will crush her.

She receives a call that someone is going to pick up one particular painting.

At work, Tae Jin is introduced to an extremely talented architect, Hyun Woo.

Tae Jin believes everything can be done if they have money.

Hyun Woo is refusing to have lunch with Tae Jin and his business partner tells him that Tae Jin is one of their premium customer. He has given them many great projects in the past and will give more in the future. They just need to endure his demands and do everything he asks them to do.

But Hyun Woo doesn’t care, and he leaves.

Hyun Woo is reminiscing all the great memories he had with Ji Hye while listening to beautiful song on radio. Flashback to that day when he almost missed his afternoon flight to Jejudo. The gate was already closed, he did miss his flight and took the later flight.

Anyway, the radio presenter closes the segment with the crews’ names and the writer’s for that radio program is none other than Song Ji Hye.

The next day, Hyun Woo is calling the radio and asking to speak to Ji Hye. Unfortunately, she’s not at work, she picks up Dae Hyun from the airport. Hyun Woo leaves a message and asks Ji Hye to call him back.

She tells him that Yeon Soo is a really great woman and that he must really loves her. In which he replies that she’s a really bad woman. Hehehehe. I love this couple.

Ji Hye is grinning from ear-to-ear that she’s successfully convinced the country’s legendary rock musician Jung Dae Hyun to join her program.

While listening to Dae Hyun’s radio interview, her work colleague passes on Hyun Woo’s message.

Ji Hye is thinking very deeply, and still hasn’t decided to call him back.

On her way home, she thanks Tae Wook that the program went well because of him. She sounds really happy and her trip to Jejudo brought a successful conclusion. He’s happy for her and congratulates her.

She tells Tae Wook that she bought a cardigan for her mom-in-law’s birthday gift and is wondering if she’ll like it. He tells her she’ll like it.

Tae Wook enters his house and finds his mother in distraught state. Hye Jung is silent as rock. And he hears his father’s shouting.

Tae Jin is in trouble. His father repeats his words of wisdom that he repeatedly told his sons. That a businessman must live and die as a businessman, if they set their eyes to something else, they’ll fail and will be humiliated.

Apparently, Tae Jin is planning to run an election. His father tells him he can’t do it, he can’t enter the politic. Tae Jin insists that he’ll keep doing this because he finally found something he really want to do for the first time since he’s born. It really hurts when his dad keeps hitting him.

In the kitchen, the maids are preparing the food, birthday cake, etc. Ah today is mom’s birthday.

Mom is upset that Tae Jin was hit by his father and asks Hye Jung to take care of her husband.

Mom whinges that there’s no peaceful day in this house. She’s upset that her husband hit Tae Jin. She’s wondering if she should just take Tae Jin and run from this house.

On the other hand, Tae Jin refuses to show his beaten face to his wife and he’s aware that Hye Jung received a call from the broadcasting station and tells her to accept the offer.

Tae Wook calls Ji Hye and tells her that it’s much better for her for not coming to his house tonight as the house is in chaos now.

On her way back home, the rain drops. Ji Hye reminisces the sweet times she had with Hyun Woo in Jejudo, that he covered her from the rain and they slept together in the same room. She remembers his sweet gesture.


She wakes up from her “dream”, and finds the yellow note which has Hyun Woo’s phone number. She holds the note, put her hand out in the rain and let the rain washes away the note from her hand.

In Ji Sun’s house, she’s upset with her kids as the house is in real mess. Nobody even bothered to clean up and help their busy mother with household work. She asks her son why he didn’t go to the academy, in which he replies that he wants to become an entertainer. Any entertainer will do. He won’t go to college.

Ji Sun tells him that these days, he won’t be able to become entertainer if he doesn’t study well.

Min Jung tells mom that she’s not the only one who’s extremely busy. She is also a busy woman – busy preparing to secure a great work and a great marriage life. She swears to her mom and obviously, mom is not happy. This girls who wants to become an anchorwoman speaks that kind of words. It’s not good, not good.

So mom proposes, today, let we all die. She just can’t handle it anymore.

Suddenly, her youngest daughter burst in tears.

Btw, where’s dad? Jang Soo is camping! Today was the league’s training day and I came to cheer for them. He’s oblivious that something big happened at his house. That’s until Ji Sun calls him to ask about his whereabouts and bluntly tells him that she wants a divorce.

Jang Soo runs home. Ji Sun is crying in the balcony and he calmly asks her what’s going on. She whinges that she has a really hard time so he takes her out for a drink and BBQ.


He tells her that the biggest problem women face in the organization is that they don’t have organizational culture. Men determine the hierarchy from the beginning (like, who’re the seniors here, who’s the older, who holds higher position, etc). After the hierarchy is determined, then they can feel at ease with each other. Male’s rule is clear and simple.

But sometimes Ji Sun destroy men’s alter-ego. Men don’t really like superior person like Ji Sun. He tells her that she should start acknowledging her superiors. It’s not enough t simply address him as her superior, she must do more than that. And it’s called flattery, / sweet-talk.

Ji Sun is bewildered at this revelation and suddenly, the lighting strikes outside and the rain starts pouring out.

Eun Hee and Seung Soo is celebrating their wedding anniversary. They are having dinner with their son at the restaurant. Seung Soo is slightly embarrassed that his wife is taking pictures of the food – she does it because she wants to upload the pictures to her SNS.

While they’re enjoying their dinner, their son asks about his parents’ first meeting and how did they meet. Seung Soo tells him he didn’t remember. But Eun Hyee remembers exactly what happened, and she tells him that they met during the freshman’s entrance reception and they dated as a campus couple. They dated for 8 years while Seung Soo was looking for a job and they finally got married.

Seung Soo tells him that they dated for 21 years if they count it from the first day they  met; in which he tells his parents that their fate is unbelievable. Yes, totally unbelievable.

One familiar face enters the restaurant, and it’s Cynthia. She’s having dinner with her husband. She introduces him to Seung Soo; and she tells her husband that Seung Soo is her colleague. Michael, her husband, invites Seung Soo to join them for dinner, in which he happily accepts his offer.

Eun Hee and her son are waiting for Seung Soo who’s discussing about political issue with Michael. Michael is praising Cynthia’s liberal political insight. Cynthia is counter-attacking Seung Soo’s opinions and obviously it upsets him.

Anyway, he’s waiting for her outside the women’s restroom and he asks why Michael is here. On the other hand, Eun Hee is also going to the bathroom, on her way, she politely greets Michael. She sees her husband is flirting with Cynthia.

At Hye Jung’s house, her daughters are scared when they hear the lightning strike and run to their mom’s comforting embrace. They ask about dad’s whereabouts. Mom can’t say anything.

Dad is at Teacher Nam’s place. She shows him painting from famous painter. Then he asks if his mom and his wife are doing well, in which she tells him they are doing well.

He then asks about one particular painting and Teacher Nam tells him that she’s going to give it for free as it will kindle the fireplace in his vacation house.

Both Ji Hye and Hyun Woo are at the bookstore. Ji Hye is planning to purchase a book written by a writer who she really likes, and she tells her friend that it’ll be great if marriage is something that they can study for.  Hyun Woo is looking at Lee Jung Seob’s book, the one which Ji Hye read when they’re on the way to Jejudo.


They both pick the books that they’re going to purchase and as they’re on the way to the cashier, their eyes meet, finally they see each other again.

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