Goddess of Marriage Episode 30 Recap

I feel like the writer is playing with the viewers’ hearts, as after we’ve been cheering for Hye Jung to be successful to “crush” her in-laws, now, we have to accept the fact that her powerful opponent is much stronger than her. He hit her in her weakest spot, although she has personal ambition, but she’s still a loving mother. It seems like everyone is going back to their past lives, but hopefully their future path won’t be as rocky as their past.

Episode 30 Recap


Kang Man Ho’s daring move still hasn’t earned Hye Jung’s trust. But Man Ho who calculates things very thoroughly and has gone through many sweetness & bitterness in life, knows he’s making a wise decision. Moreover, even if Hye Jung and Tae Jin get divorce, he will still Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin’s grandfather. He doesn’t want Hye Jung to take side with Prosecutor Seong Jin who is currently just using her for his own sake. Hye Jung still can’t fully trust him, as he’s risking too much just for the information on that one slush fund account. The slush fund account if it’s leaked to the public may brings harm to the group, but the group will still survive. But Man Ho is looking at the bigger picture, what he really wants is Hye Jung’s undying devotion & loyalty to his family and Shin Young group.

He challenges her to choose the safest path. As a mother, she can’t let her daughters going through the same path (hardness of life, the pain, the anguish) as she did. If they resemble their mother, they obviously will also inherit her ambitions. Both of them will be safe, their future will be rest assured by the group.And a divorced mother rarely receives respect, so Man Ho is currently presenting Hye Jung with a very great plan. Take it, and her future as well as her daughters’ future will be safe. Man Ho knows that Tae Jin’s behavior won’t change, so he asks Hye Jung to live like she used to, as an obedient daughter-in-law and perfect mother for her daughters. Man Ho who’s going to celebrate his birthday in 2 days, wants Hye Jung to make him her specialty fish soup on his special day.


Meanwhile, Seong Jin is frustrated that Sang Moo insists he’s the culprit behind everything although he doesn’t even understand art at all. But he knows “M” in money, and “L” in lobby. It’s crystal clear that he’s just a scapegoat who’s doing this for money. So Seong Jin turns back to Hye Jung who gave him “tip” in the first place. He thought Hye Jung was making fool of him and she “worked” together with her family. She might think that after Seong Jin arrested Sang Moo, he would wrap up his investigation.

But Seong Jin is not satisfied, he will pursue everyone who’s involved in this case until the end. Hye Jung who’s currently with her daughters, excuses herself, and she promises to talk about this case later. She is in a deep thought, most likely she’s thinking about accepting Man Ho’s offer. Both her daughters hug her as they stare at the beautiful night city scenery.

Tae Jin plans to sell all his shares, and Kyung Min arrives at his place. Seong Jin is planning to capture Tae Jin and everyone who’s connected to his slush fund.

Later that night, impatient Mi Ra calls the witch. She is fed up of running away, moving from one place to another; she threatens that when she’s get arrested, she’ll drag every single “madam” in the neighborhood who has benefited from her. She has sold paintings to them, so she won’t go down alone.

Tae Wook arrives to his dark, empty home & bedroom. He looks at the bed which hasn’t been slept in for days, then he leaves.

scene23281 scene22801

Min Jung and Ji Sun are shopping for Min Jung’s wedding gifts. Jang Soo is still upset that his wife keeps ignoring her in-laws, he asks her to visit them again, begs for their forgiveness and invites them to return home. Jang Soo has kindly escorted Ji Sun’s father all day long, on his scooter because Ji Sun took the car. They are now calling their in-laws as “your mother” “your father” instead of “mother-in-law” “father-in-law”. Ji Sun is upset that her husband escorted her dad by scooter, not a taxi. Ji Sun doesn’t care if her in-laws are not coming to Min Jung’s wedding, there’s nothing she can do if they insist doing their own ways. Anyway, she then asks Jang Soo to prepare food and watch over a very depressed Ji Hye.


Hyun Woo is at the beach, somberly staring at the waves. Her mother calls him. He can’t tell her why he’s here and why Se Kyung is not with him. He rejects Se Kyung’s call and then turns off his phone.

Se Kyung’s mom is frustrated with her daughter’s persistence as she keeps calling Hyun Woo, trying to make sure he’s okay after her mom rummaged his phone. Both her and her mother are the same, they intruded Hyun Woo’s personal space & privacy. Se Kyung admits she did it out of jealously when she looked through his stuffs in his bedroom, but her mum went too far. She’s like the character in horror movie who intrudes, suspects the villain and investigate his background. And then she created commotion just based on the picture they found. Now she and Hyun Woo have started to drift away, and it’s all thanks to her mother.

GoM_Ep30_bc7 GoM_Ep30_bc8

After having few rounds of drinks (3 bottles of soju), Ji Hye’s father arrives home in a very good mood, singing & dancing. Jang Soo kindly offers him more drink ^^ He kisses his nagging eldest daughter then his youngest, they all know he’s very drunk, so they escort him to his room (aka Ji Hye’s room).

He mentions that the drinks relieved all his stress (’caused by Tae Wook and Ji Hye). Suddenly he kneels down, begs, pleads Ji Hye to return home and try to live with Tae Wook again. For Ji Hye, it might be easy to sign the divorce paper, but for him as a dad, seeing his daughter going through a divorce is a huge thing. And how will he face his wife in heaven? Moreover, they also need to consider Ji Hye’s parents-in-law, his employees in the ranch, people in their town; how can he say the “divorce” word to them? He begs Ji Hye to do him a big favor.

Because Ji Hye doesn’t want to disappoint her father, so with tears on her eyes, she reluctantly agrees to return home. Her dad is overjoyed with her decision, he squeezes his daughter’s pretty face and praising her beauty & kind heart.


Now it’s the women’s time to get drunk 😀 Ji Sun proposes a toast, but there’s nothing to celebrate here. Ji Sun couldn’t believe that their dad knelt down in front of Ji Hye, he has such a weak spot. But it’s how parents feel when they see their children is having a hard time. They would ask them to come back home when their children are having a hard time, but on the other hand, they also wish their children to have a successful marriage. It’s a dilemma. And Ji Sun also feels the same as her father as Min Jung is getting married in few days. Ji Hye assures her sister that Min Jung will do great.

Frankly, Ji Sun wants Ji Hye to end her marriage, but don’t end it like this (using her sickness as an excuse). She wants her to settle things first with her in-laws, then confront them if things are not getting better and end everything properly. On the other hand, she also agrees with their dad’s 3 years “trying out period”, because deep down in her heart she doesn’t like Ji Hye becomes a divorcee. She admits that there were countless times when she didn’t feel like living with her husband, but although she’s a strong woman she’s too scared to live alone and live as a divorcee with a life long scar. So she didn’t divorce him.

Now she has to deal with her stubborn in-laws, the problem she cannot solve even until she dies. Ji Hye think it’s because she has been staying with her that they became uncomfortable, but Ji Sun assures her it’s not and their house is also her home.

GoM_Ep30_bc10 GoM_Ep30_bc11

After much deliberation, Hye Jung and Ji Hye finally made their decision. Hye Jung knows she has to be strong for the sake of her daughters and Ji Hye, for the sake of her father realizes that she has to go back to that “hell”.

GoM_Ep30_bc12 GoM_Ep30_bc13

The next day, it’s Min Jung and Ye Seul’s wedding day. Ji Sun’s parents-in-law are coming, although they’re still not in a good term with Ji Sun but decide to brush away their feeling & differences for Min Jung.


Tae Wook also comes to the wedding, he first greets his pretty niece, wearing a wedding gown that he bought as a wedding present.

When they finally have time alone, he thanks Ji Hye for making a very difficult decision (to return home). He’s grateful for her, although Ji Hye confesses she’s not confident to come back to that “hell”.

GoM_Ep30_bc15 GoM_Ep30_bc16

Eun Hee is still having cold & allergy, Seung Soo greets his wife who’s surprised to see him here. She totally forgot that Seung Soo is Min Jung’s uncle. Seung Soo has already bought allergy medicine for his wife, he gave both tablets and the spray to her. When he tries to show her how to use the spray, he makes his nose itch and ends up sneezing to Eun Hee’s face. Lots of misunderstanding here, Eun Hee is also unhappy that he bought the medicine although she didn’t ask for it and none of the medicine worked for her.

GoM_Ep30_bc15 GoM_Ep30_bc16

A very excited groom shouts in loud voice “yes” as he accepts, protects and cherish Min Jung as his wife. Jang Soo is in tears when Min Jung also says “yes”, she’s now a married woman.

The celebrant is talking about “love”, the other word for love is respect so people who love each other must respect each other. As they try to raise up their partner while still respecting each other is hard, but as time goes by, they begin to resemble each other without sparing any efforts. Tae Wook lovingly glances at his beautiful wife.

Instead of going to the wedding party with cold buffet, Seung Soo thought Eun Hee will be much better eating potato stew with lots of pepper which can be a good remedy for her allergy. He’s really enjoying their “nice” date, he’s putting some effort here. He’s her husband from a long time, hence, he’s doing all these for his wife. But she’s suspicious with his genuine effort and she won’t come back to him just because of this “nice” treatment.

GoM_Ep30_bc17 scene80161

However, Seung Soo doesn’t have any hidden agenda (surprise surprise). He only wants to treat her a potato stew then he’ll send her off nicely. But Eun Hee knows that he always pretended to be nice throughout their marriage, by treating her potato stew. But this time, he surrenders to her. He won’t do anything wrong, he won’t leave his wife for another woman. He kneels down in front of her and everyone in that restaurant, he’s not embarrassed with this. He admits he made mistake, he made his wife & son suffered. He pleads her to forgive him.

But Eun Hee has enough. She leaves him alone with his potato stew. He wants to catch her, but he has to pay the meal first. Eun Hee promises to herself she won’t fall for his tricks ever again.

GoM_Ep30_bc20 GoM_Ep30_bc31

Tae Wook picks Ji Hye, to bring her back to their home. Her dad asks him to take a good care of his daughter and Ji Sun is going to deal with his family if they hurt Ji Hye again. She also asks Ji Hye to call her if she’s having a hard time, believes she’ll win against Ji Hye’s mother-in-law.

With heavy footsteps, Ji Hye steps into the car and Tae Wook politely says goodbye to Ji Hye’s family. Ji Hye’s father keeps shushing them away, while Ji Hye with tears on her eyes keeps looking at the rear view mirror. Her dad releases his daughter with heavy heart.

As they’re approaching the mansion, Ji Hye is trembling, getting really nervous; she doesn’t let Tae Wook holding her hand.

GoM_Ep30_bc32 GoM_Ep30_bc33

As soon as they arrive, they greet Tae Wook’s parents; Man Ho is really nice, he firstly asks if she’s recovering well and he wants Ji Hye to take a good care of herself. Then, he invites Tae Wook to have a private chat, although he’s hesitant to leave Ji Hye alone with his mother, but Tae Wook has no other choice, so he reluctantly leaves with his father.

Ji Hye is so upset, surprised to be left alone, but the witch promises she won’t eat and kill her as she’s scared of her son who loves his wife so much that he challenged his own mother. She’s jealous that she never received that kind of love from her own son. She knows Ji Hye didn’t want to come back, Ji Hye trembles, unable to answer.

She wants Ji Hye to do things cheerfully, put in more effort after resting for more than 6 weeks. Especially for her father-in-law’s birthday tomorrow, she’ll have to work extra harder since Hye Jung is not here.

She stares at the witch who then sarcastically asks her what is she looking at. Thankfully she’s not having dinner at home tonight, so Ji Hye has an afternoon off. The reality will begin tomorrow morning, starting from the breakfast preparation.

GoM_Ep30_33 GoM_Ep30_bc34

Hye Jung, her two children, the head ahjumma and Secretary Kim are having a grand time in the indoor theme park and then they dine out together.

Hye Jung gives a generous retirement money for the head ahjumma, which will be more than enough for the rest of her life. She’s very thankful for her effort every since she entered Kang’s household. She assures the worried ahjumma that she’ll be fine, she wishes her well.

Seong Jin gets another head-up for Tae Jin’s case, they found one of his “affiliates”.

GoM_Ep30_bc35 GoM_Ep30_bc36

Ji Hye arrives home, takes a glance at the new laptop Tae Wook bought her. He tells her that it’s from his heart, he wants to acknowledge her, her preferences & her interests. He wants her to try one more time. He wants to hold her tonight. He was really lonely when Ji Hye wasn’t home. Ji Hye surrenders to his embrace, he begs her for never leaving him as he would die if she’ll do that again.

GoM_Ep30_bc38 GoM_Ep30_bc37

Ji Hye wakes up in panic, afraid she slept in. Thankfully it’s only 4.30AM. She recalls Hye Jung’s words that she never had more than 4 hours sleep after she got married. And her effort to ensure she woke up in time. Now, Ji Hye also experiences the same thing, wakes up before the alarm clock rings.

She hurriedly runs to the mansion, Tae Wook is still in a deep sleep. She hears someone’s chopping something. She enters the dining room, cleaning up the wine glasses and is surprised to see a familiar face calmly preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Long time no see, sister-in-law.

GoM_Ep30_bc37 GoM_Ep30_bc39

Hye Jung smiles at Ji Hye, praising her for coming to the mansion quite early.

Se Kyung knew from Hyun Woo’s mum that he was in the beach, but she’s getting worried that he still hasn’t come back. So she wants to look for him, albeit her mom’s opposition.

Hyun Woo is actually back in Seoul, he brings a box (most likely he’s going to resign from this company) to his office.

He didn’t come to work nor pick up his phone for few days. His work colleagues were very worried, because they also haven’t heard anything from Kyung Min and there’s been someone who’s been looking for them. Then, this “someone” and his team come at Hyun Woo’s office. He’s none other than prosecutor Seong Jin.

GoM_Ep30_bc38 GoM_Ep30_bc39

They bring search warrant as Kyung Min (and his company) is involved in the embezzlement of Shin Young group case. Because they couldn’t find Kyung Min, so they decide to arrest his partner, aka Kim Hyun Woo.

Brief Comment

Prosecutor Seong Jin, you are arresting innocent man here! Hyun Woo, why didn’t you listen to Se Kyung’s advice? Now you’re entangled in Kyung Min and Tae Jin’s case, urghh… And I’m sorry Se Kyung, but I believe your time is up. I’m also fed up with her endless arguments with her mom, her stubbornness despite all the evidence in front of her is getting on my nerves. The screenshot below sums it up 😀 I hope the writer will stop writing repetitive scenes between Se Kyung and her mother.


It’s heartbreaking to see Ji Hye’s father sending his sensitive easily-breakable youngest daughter back to the place she hates the most. It’s hard to be parents, isn’t it? Inside his heart, he doesn’t want to see her tears, but on the other hand, he also knows that Ji Hye will suffer if she becomes a divorcee. Today’s society still hasn’t respected a divorced woman, and as a father, he still has his pride not wanting to see his children’s marriage sink like that. As a filial daughter, Ji Hye had no other choice but to follow her father’s plead. Unfortunately for her, Tae Wook is still in no position to protect her in front of his parents. And now with Hye Jung back in the mansion, what will happen to Ji Hye? Will she be able to live 2 more years with her possessive husband and powerful sister-in-law? I doubt that.

So we finally discovered one of the reason behind the witch’s harsh treatment to Ji Hye – jealousy & envy. She never received love from Tae Wook, and if only Tae Wook reciprocates his mother’s longing, I think his mother will try to be more caring & warm to Ji Hye.

Kang Man Ho is a smart man to push Hye Jung to return home. Hye Jung got what she wanted, the coveted Vice President position and her family is now safe. As for her marriage, we all know it’s over.

Seung Soo and Eun Hee will definitely get back together; as deep down, both of them still love each other… so much… The way Seung Soo worried over his wife is reassuring. He finally learned Eun Hee’s true feeling, her desire to be appreciated as a woman (not just a housewife and a mother) and to be loved unconditionally.

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