Goddess of Marriage Episode 31 Recap

Marriage, is it real or just a fantasy that people create for themselves? What can married couple do to keep the fire burning in their marriage? Is infidelity the answer behind marriage problems? This episode answers all those questions, with a surprising twist on Pil Ho and Eun Hee’s relationship.

I honestly still bitter that the writer chose to “ruin” Jang Soo and Ji Sun’s marriage, as they’ve been my favorite couple in this drama and their marriage has been super strong. But every married couple has to go through difficult seasons of life [although in their case, it’s due to their stubbornness (and Jang Soo’s immaturity)]. I still strongly believe that their love to each other is still rock solid, and they will get back together – stronger than ever.

Tae Wook, Ji Hye and Hyun Woo; I still don’t know where they are going, will Ji Hye and Hyun Woo be together in the end? Only time will tell. Tae Wook’s been super sweet to his wife though, and I hate to see Tae Wook ends up with nobody. He also deserves someone who’ll receive his undying love, but I hope the writer won’t “push” lonely Se Kyung to his life, not in million years, writer-nim.

Episode 31 Recap

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Things are returning to normal in Kang’s household with the return of their perfectionist second daughter-in-law Hong Hye Jung and the “obedient” maknae daughter-in-law Song Ji Hye. But when Hye Jung gone, the helpers have lost their self-discipline and this morning they arrive later than Kang’s daughters-in-law, so Hye Jung reprimands them before they go out of control and repeat the same mistake. One new helper who previously worked at Min Sung Group introduces herself.

Hye Jung calmly prepares breakfast as if nothing happened, while the grandparents are overjoyed to see their granddaughters again. Kang Man Ho invites Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin to sit next to him, the places usually reserved for Tae Jin and Tae Wook.

Tae Wook is bewildered to see Hye Jung in the dining room, he awkwardly greets her. Meanwhile, Hye Jung cooked Man Ho’s favorite fish soup (as requested – although Man Ho wanted it for his birthday), explaining that she prefer to cook seaweed soup for his birthday tomorrow because she wants her daughters to learn the formality about birthdays (Koreans eat seaweed soup on their birthdays).


Hye Jung finally has a chance to explain the reasons why she returned home. After everything she went through, even her inner-self questioned why she made this decision, and if she really liked money that much. However, she had to choose this path for her two daughters’ sake. (Ji Hye is surprised because this is totally different with what Hye Jung said when they last met in the playground – close to Ji Sun’s apartment building). Hye Jung admits that as she took time to think this through, she realized that Ji Hye was right. Although she is of a higher familial status (Ji Hye’s elder sister-in-law), she should listened to what needs to be listened to, she’s currently reflecting on this. She doesn’t ask Ji Hye to understand her, but she pleads her for not criticizing her. She believes as time passes by, Ji Hye will finally understand the reason she did all these.

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Meanwhile, the witch who doesn’t want Hye Jung to be appointed as Shin Young Group’s Vice President; begs, pleads, asks her husband to stop it. They can easily give everything Hye Jung wants, but not the coveted position in the group. But everything has already been settled, and Man Ho believes he made the right choice. If only his sons can fulfill their role as sons (and sons / the heirs of Shin Young Group), Man Ho would never go to this extent. The witch is afraid that Hye Jung will become big-headed that she will abuse her mother-in-law. But Man Ho asks her to eat the soup Hye Jung made, so she won’t get abused. Ha 😀 He then orders his nagging wife to focus on taking care the household with Ji Hye.


Doesn’t want to lose to her powerful second daughter-in-law, the witch now approaches her sweet gentle maknae daughter-in-law, Ji Hye to team-up with her to stop Hye Jung taking everything from Kang’s household. Ji Hye is apparently confused with the witch’s sudden change of direction, and can’t really digest her proposition. So the witch starts insulting her, calling her “slow” as a bear again. Aigooo…

She instructs Ji Hye to visit Dr Kim (Ji Hye’s gynecologist’ mother – Kang’s family doctor who bluntly asked the witch to stop torturing her daughter-in-law) as this genius witch has just got a clever idea. If Ji Hye gives birth to a son, who will become the heir of Shin Young Group, Hye Jung won’t have any power left, and Man Ho will definitely like Ji Hye better than Hye Jung.

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Se Kyung arrives at Hyun Woo’s office, to find Prosecutor Seong Jin and his team arresting Hyun Woo. Seong Jin shows her the arrest warrant, explains that they’re arresting him because he’s entangled in the money laundry through Shin Young Group Construction Company. She tries to stop them taking her fiancee, as she knows he’s innocent and he would never do that sort of thing. But it’s too late now, Se Kyung.

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Tae Wook is shocked to see Hyun Woo in handcuffs and are escorted by two people from Seong Jin’s team. His insider tells him that Seong Jin has found a new evidence on Tae Jin and Hyun Woo’s company (Min Woo Construction) which was responsible for Shin Young’s Group hotel construction project, illegally misused the funds. The person who’s responsible for the hotels design is none other than MW Construction Vice President, Kim Hyun Woo. Tae Wook recalls his first meeting with Hyun Woo and his partner, Kyung Min. He notices that his brother is closer to Kyung Min than Hyun Woo.

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Hyun Woo is now locked up behind bars, and he’ll stay there until the investigation finishes.

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Hong Hye Jung, the former Shin Young Group Hotel Director is officially appointed as Shin Young Group 12th Vice President. She greets her father-in-law, then the group’s shareholders who are overjoyed with her appointment.

She confidently delivers her first speech as VP, advising them about “nobless oblige” (nobility obliges) – “One must act in a fashion that conforms to one’s position, and with the reputation that one has earned.” She mentions that general public usually think of chaebol as rich lucky people who play & eat all the time. She wants to break this kind of chaebol’s image and lead the company as she strives to work hard to solve difficult problems & situations which may arise in the future.

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There’s one person who didn’t know what’s going on, the person who’s currently whinges that he’s sick of hotel’s food and curses when he accidentally drinks a very hot coffee. When he watches the news that his divorce case has now been closed, he believes Hye Jung will soon die on his dad’s hands. But his annoyance turns to anger as soon as the news report that Hye Jung has been appointed as Vice President. The media is trying to solve the puzzle behind her appointment and the closure of her divorce case; and whether Hye Jung has made a deal with her father-in-law. The news also report Hye Jung’s brave agenda to change general public’s view about chaebols.

Everyone is shocked with the news, including Seong Jin who believes that he was dealing with a wrong person. But he pledges to crush this family.

Mi Ra screams in anger after she watched the news, she has lost everything she has passionately worked for.

Ji Sun is also surprised, wondering if this scary woman aka Hye Jung will torment Ji Hye again as both of them have now returned to Kang’s household.

GoM_Ep31_bc16 GoM_Ep31_bc16

But Ji Sun has a much bigger problem on her plate – her husband who is currently trying to set up a tent on asphalt, outside their apartment building (PPL overload, Millet? :D) as part of his protest and self-torture because his wife neglected his parents in the motel and she lives as if nothing is wrong. He can’t sleep in a nice comfortable warm bed while his parents are struggling sleeping in a foreign land. Ji Sun sarcastically complements him for being such a good son, but he’s not sure about it. One thing for sure, he believes his wife is a rude b***h 😀 He’s not embarrassed with his action, but he’s regretting marrying Ji Sun.

When his wife tells him he’ll be really cold at night, he replies back that she’ll be cold too because her heart is lonely. He tells her for not crawling down to his tent when she miss him tonight. *love their witty banter :D*

Meanwhile, Eun Hee who is still unwell, realizes that her husband still cares for her. He remembered her allergy medicine, and he also has sincerely asked for forgiveness. But she promises she will not forgive him just because of his kind actions. She’s still working hard until late at night, and when she finally goes home, a cute handsome guy Pil Ho is waiting for her outside her office building leaning on his nice blue car.

He’s worried because she didn’t come to English classes, joking that now he doesn’t have a conversation partner. He then takes her to a nice restaurant for dinner, where Eun Hee explains that she skipped classes because she didn’t want to see her husband. She’s wondering whether she should forgive him or not. Her heart is conflicted, because she’s still overwhelmed with anger but on the other hand, she feels sad for her son.

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Pil Ho wonders if Eun Hee has thought of reconciling with her husband. He’s relieved that currently Eun Hee doesn’t have any plan to go to that route. So he confidently invites her to San Francisco, as he’s been promoted to work at the Embassy in SF. Eun Hee congratulates him, it’s funny because during their English class, as part of their lesson Pil Ho also asked her to come with him to SF.

Eun Hee chokes up when he invites her, he then stares at her with a kind of disappointed look (T_T). Eun Hee asks what will his mother / his older sister think when he takes her as his fiance. She’s a woman who’s in the midst of a divorce and a mother of a son who’ll enter a middle school next year. Pil Ho tells her that his mother passed away when she gave birth to him, it was her first childbirth. Hence, Pil Ho doesn’t have any sibling nor older sister. He lived with his father who passed away 2 years ago. So he’s practically alone in this world, without any immediate family.

He then confesses the reasons he likes her: because he feels like his mother would be like Eun Hee if she’s still alive. And because she has already experienced living with another person (man), she knows how to resolve conflicts in marriage and how to live together without hurting each other. She would know how to resolve problems much better than any immature young girls. Moreover, she’s kind and gentle.

He never think of marriage as a fantasy, but he also never looks at marriage as a callous reality. He believes marriage should be the most rational fantasy, while getting rid of all the romance and idealization, also income, house, car (ie. tangible assets & financial aspects); he wants to look for the best reality for him to love a woman and to create that reality himself to make that love last for a long time. For him, Eun Hee fits in the kind of love he wants to create. Moreover, he feels like she will love him like his mother, he will receive love he never received from his own mother. She will present him with the most physiological stability. Because of her experience and wisdom in life, she will be able to help him to pass all seasons and storms of life.

Eun Hee complements his thorough preparation (it’s a nice touching speech and his reasons are valid); but she wants to know what he can do for her and her son.

Pil Ho promises to accept her son as his younger brother (he initially says as his son), but then he emphasizes as he’ll treat her son as his younger brother, he will take care of him as his real older brother. Unlike those older men who rarely play with their son, he can take Jang Woo to sport activities and it will be better for his education.

Eun Hee is speechless, as she now realizes he loves her because he’s longing for a mother’s love. Not love from an equal partner.

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They go to Namsan Tower where many couples are pledging their loves on love paddocks (love of locks). Eun Hee Pil is thinking about his sudden confession and invitation really carefully, so he asks her to take her time and he’ll wait for her.

Walking slowly, Eun Hee is looking at the love paddocks, asking Pil Ho if he knows what are these keys. He replies that they’re keys of love where lovers attached and secured the key so they will never break up / part ways.

Eun Hee explains that during the early stages of love, people don’t want to be separated, they want to always be together. Then, they get married because they don’t want to part from each other. But after they got married, they desperately want to part ways because they can’t stand the sight of each other. Sometimes wives are happy when their husbands comes home late because she doesn’t have to cook dinner. The days are increased when husbands only have to earn money and wives only need their children.

It’s the reality of marriage, people start their relationship with love but as time goes by, like the key tower in front of them, it becomes cumbersome. And people can be crushed to death by it in the end. Eun Hee has already been crushed once, so why Pil Ho asked her to go through it again? She challenges him to ask every women on this world if she would get married again, she believes probably nobody will say yes.

Pil Ho doesn’t answer any of her questions…

GoM_Ep31_bc GoM_Ep31_bc1-3

Suddenly, he hugs her, brings her closer to him and passionately kiss her! Shocked, as she didn’t see this coming, Eun Hee is desperately trying to wiggle free from his tight grip. She then run as far as she can, still in shock that Pil Ho has just proposed and kissed her!

Jang Soo invites his brother who’s walking home to his “tent” and to have dinner together. He has set a nice “outdoor” house, and is not in the mood for a sweet talk. Seung Soo tells him he’s here to sleep, he didn’t want to come here, but his son is here, so he threw away his pride to sleep in Ji Sun’s place. Jang Soo explodes in anger after he knew what his parents had for dinner, he really wants to divorce his heartless, cold wife. As anyone can get married, so anyone can also get a divorce.

GoM_Ep31_bc19 GoM_Ep31_bc19

But Seung Soo who has finally come to his senses, advises his older brother than going through a divorce is not as easy as getting married (he thought that it was easy before, but not anymore). If Jang Soo divorces the lady up there, then, who will he live with?

He’s stuttered, then whinges that Seung Soo should stop calling Ji Sun as “the lady up there” because indirectly it means someone who is highly respected and high up. She’s not a God, she’s not someone from a high place. He then tells him brother he can simply live with any woman, Ji Sun is not the only woman in this world, right?

Seung Soo advises him that no matter what, the first woman is the best. He has met lots of women, but now he realizes that the first woman, his first wife with whom he shared many difficulties with, is the best.

Because Jang Soo hasn’t got any experience, so he wants to try cheating on his wife to gain experience. But Seung Soo tells him that just being aware without having an affair is the best. Because he has to pay a big price if he realizes all these after he has an affair. It’s also embarrassing to be betrayed by their mistress. And he doesn’t even want to see him as a human being after he realizes how cruel & harsh he was to his first wife who was struggling to take care the house, her family and her children.

He encourages his older brother to stop being so stubborn and to come home. But it looks like he inherits his mother’s stubbornness & bad temper as he will still sleep outside tonight on the cold asphalt and asks his brother for not spilling the beans to Ji Sun.

Ji Hye comes to see Dr Kim, as previously scheduled by the witch. Good news – her period has returned to normal, everything looks great, so Dr Kim puzzles why she still hasn’t gotten pregnant. Is it because Tae Wook rarely home? Ji Hye pretends it’s not one of the reason.

Dr Kim notices Ji Hye’s pale complexion, so she finally confesses she hasn’t been able to sleep well at night. She always wakes up before the alarm clock rings, and she also frequently wakes up to check the alarm clocks.

Everyone needs a good night sleep in order for the body to function properly and also to maintain hormonal balance (to help her getting pregnant), so Dr Kim prescribes Ji Hye sleeping pills. She explains that Ji Hye can only take them in difficult situation, and don’t depend on sleeping pills for an extended period. After she can get enough rested sleep, then they will talk about getting pregnant. She warns Ji Hye that she can’t be on medication when she’s pregnant.

GoM_Ep31_bc21 GoM_Ep31_bc20

Moreover, she asks Ji Hye to send the witch to Dr Kim if she starts pestering her. On Ji Hye’s medical records that she’ll send to the witch, she will write a note that everything happened because of the witch. This put a smile on Ji Hye’s face.

Dr Kim advises that everyone has their own crisis on their life, especially for women around her age, they also have problems with their in-laws. But people can’t undo their marriage, that’s not the best solution to resolve their marriage differences. Dr Kim promises to be on Ji Hye’s side, and encourages her to go through this crisis of life in a wise manner (like her name which means “wise”). It’s lovely to see a gynecologist who truly cares about her patient’s life being.

GoM_Ep31_bc23 GoM_Ep31_bc22

Tae Wook once again apologizes for not coming home last night, he can’t explain about the new (explosive) case (the one involving Hyun Woo) to his wife. He’s surprised that his wife met with a gynecologist (again) – Ji Hye explains that it’s his mother’s order for her to give birth to a son so together they can fight Hye Jung. Ji Hye is still thinking which side (the witch or Hye Jung) she should be in, but Tae Wook tells her to live her life as it is. Don’t stress herself out. Don’t take anyone’s side. Both his mother and Hye Jung are qualitatively different from Ji Hye. So live your own life, Ji Hye. He promises to come home tonight. When Ji Hye asks if she can sleep before he arrives, he tells her it’s fine, he’ll hug her when he’s home.

GoM_Ep31_bc25 GoM_Ep31_bc24

With a very firm footsteps, Tae Wook goes to see… his older brother… who is currently enjoying his freedom, flirting with women, drunk.

Tae Wook kicks both women out from Tae Jin’s room; then he confronts his useless brother as he let him punch his face. Tae Jin explodes in anger, he just wants to die after what his father and his wife did to him. Tae Wook bluntly tells his older brother to die, instead of doing all these useless things. He then asks if Tae Jin knows that the VP of Min Woo Construction has been arrested and the President Kyung Min has fled after his arrest warrant was issued.

Tae Wook wants to know who will be arrested next, who will have to carry his brother’s burden? And did he even realize that he has laid a bridge to welcome Prosecutor Seong Jin into their house, the prosecutor who has patiently been waiting for the right moment to befall their family. Tae Jin has caused so many downfalls for Kang’s family and Shin Young Group; and yet, he’s drinking and flirting with women. Tae Wook warns him that he won’t be able to protect his brother again.

Meanwhile, Tae Wook’s assistant has been pursuing the request for Tae Wook to see Hyun Woo and he reports that Hyun Woo is still under investigation.

scene99601 GoM_Ep31_1-2

Cue to… Prosecutor Seong Jin interrogates Hyun Woo, wanting to know his relationship with Kyung Min. Hyun Woo calmly tells him that they’ve been friends for 10 years. Seong Jin directly concludes that Hyun Woo knew Kyung Min was embezzling the construction fund from the beginning, because Hyun Woo was responsible for the designs of condo at Jejudo and mid-construction of Shin Young Group hotel. Hyun Woo can’t say anything to this allegation.

GoM_Ep31_bc26 GoM_Ep31_bc27

Meanwhile, Se Kyung who collapsed on the street after she found out Hyun Woo was arrested, and was hospitalized due to shock, is now home – still really weak. She begs her mother to talk to her mighty grandfather and bail Hyun Woo out. Because it wasn’t Hyun Woo’s fault. But her grandfather couldn’t even bail out someone who got arrested without a warrant, so what can he do with someone who’s clearly got arrested with a warrant?

Now that the situation has gone from bad to worse, Mom tries to convince Se Kyung that Hyun Woo is completely a useless man for her, if only he followed their advice to move to Se Kyung’s father architecture company, then, he wouldn’t be entangled in this case. Se Kyung is too tired & weak to argue with her mom.

Meanwhile, Seong Jin calls Hye Jung to congratulate her promotion as VP, sarcastically praising her brave move. As someone who was born poor, then climbed up as a national anchorwoman, now she has achieved a coveted position as VP of a wealthy and famous company. The same person who confidently started 500 billion dollar divorce lawsuit and presented herself as the tragic heroine, has successfully swallowed Shin Young Group.

Hye Jung asks him to be careful with his words; but Seong Jin doesn’t scared with her threats, because her time and Man Ho’s time will come up soon. They will definitely end on his capable hands.

Seong Jin is flabbergasted that Tae Wook requested to see Hyun Woo, the prime suspect of Tae Jin’s investigation. His assistant whispers something to him, and cue to…


Nam Mi Ra… standing outside Seoul prosecution office. Then she calls, asking to talk to Prosecutor Seong Jin.


After Seong Jin granted his earnest request, Tae Wook is now escorted by Seong Jin’s loyal assistants to meet… Hyun Woo, who’s very shocked to see Tae Wook.

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