Goddess of Marriage Episode 32 Recap

I’m sorry for the delay – but here’s (brief) recap of Goddess of Marriage Episode 32. Except Tae Wook – Hyun Woo scene and the cliffhanger in the end, this episode feels like a filler episode – where the characters keep going in circles. But one thing that we can learn from this episode, a parent / in-law can make or break their children’s life and marriage. Jang Soo’s stubborn mother indirectly caused his marriage to fall apart; and Tae Jin’s mom eccentric love to her son brought Shin Young group and her son to the brink of destruction.

Episode 32 Brief Recap

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Although Tae Wook is not the prosecutor in charge of Hyun Woo’s case and he’s not allowed to visit anyone arrested who’s related to his brother / his family’s case, he boldly visits Hyun Woo. Tae Wook is aware that Hyun Woo is not the kind of person who would break the law. So Tae Wook sincerely apologizes on behalf of his family. Tae Wook used a personal reason to gain this visitation access. He told them he has a personal debt to Hyun Woo, that he stole his woman. He brags that nobody would believe him if he told them that Hyun Woo stole his woman. Hyun Woo is just a mere partner in a small architecture firm, while he is a rich man, a capable prosecutor who has everything in this country.

But he finally admits that Ji Hye’s condition is not good, he’s feeling sorry for his wife, who has lost everything because of his household. After she married Tae Wook, she lost her freedom, her work, her friends, everything she likes, it’s like Tae Wook robbed her innocence & life, because he forced her to be with him. Ji Hye still has Hyun Woo inside her mind against her own volition, tumbling around like falling leaves. Although Tae Wook doesn’t believe it, but he knows that Ji Hye no longer has any feeling towards Hyun Woo.

He realized what Hyun Woo said (on their last meeting) about marriage is right, people can’t have everything even on their marriage. He has to accept the memories, the circumstances, Ji Hye’s own thinking, and believe that it will not interfere on their marriage. At the moment he doesn’t believe he’s protecting Ji Hye’s reminiscence and memories. Hence, he knows that in order to look at Ji Hye’s face while he’s still alive, he must apologize to Hyun Woo. After his heartfelt apology, he wishes Hyun Woo well for his case, he knows he’ll be judged fairly by law. Tae Wook believes that if they don’t get entangled in Ji Hye nor Tae Jin’s case, they could become best friends.

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2 people from Seong Jin’s team are arresting Nam Mi Ra who’s waiting for them in a cafe; she calmly surrenders herself.

Hye Jung tells Man Ho that it will be hard to get out from this very complicated case, especially after Seong Jin arrested Hyun Woo without arrest warrant. Then she receives a shocking phone call, that Nam Mi Ra also has been arrested.

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The witch who’s singing in a loud voice initially doesn’t hear the news about Mi Ra’s arrest, until she sees Mi Ra’s close-up picture on TV and is gasped in disbelief that the main person behind the painting lobbying case is now under custody.

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Ji Hye wakes up in the middle of the night, panics, thinking it’s already morning, but when she checks her alarm clock (she has 6 alarm clocks on her bedside table), it’s only 1.34AM. Unable to go back to sleep, she walks to the balcony to get a fresh air and calls her husband who promised to come home tonight but once again broke his promise. Unfortunately, Tae Wook doesn’t pick up his phone.

The next morning, the news about Jang Soo’s tent has already been spreading in their neighborhood. He’s fighting again with Ji Sun about the smallest things, especially about his mother.

Eun Hee calls Ji Sun in tears, asking her to come to her house as she thought she committed a crime and couldn’t get a wink of sleep in the past 2 nights. The culprit: Pil Ho and his surprise kiss!

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Ji Sun is really curious with Pil Ho so Eun Hee explains where she first met him, his job, his good look, etc. When she tells her his age, Ji Sun is ecstatic. But for Eun Hee, she feels like she committed adultery because technically she’s still a married woman. Although it’s not on purpose, but it’s like she did the same thing as her husband.

Ji Sun straightens up that Seung Soo’s crime was way bigger and deeper than Eun Hee, he cheated on her, and even lived together with that woman. But now Eun Hee is making a great deal just because of one kiss and she can’t forgive Pil Ho for this. Because Eun Hee doesn’t want to meet Pil Ho again, so Ji Sun asks his phone number. Starting from now, she’s the one who’s going to meet him 😀

She advises Eun Hee to cherish the nice memories she had with Pil Ho, organize these memories inside her mind to comfort her that although she’s a married woman, she’s still able to attract another man. Ji Sun is envious of her, if she could have another kiss with another man before she dies, she wouldn’t think she would have another wish. She feels like her marriage is failing, there’s no more romance and it’s only a war now.

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Man Ho and Hye Jung are waiting for Chancellor Park who’s going to meet with Chief prosecutors today, trying to get into his good books; unfortunately Chancellor Park asks him to leave. This makes Man Ho extremely agitated because he has been quietly supported an backed him until he became Chancellor. Man Ho is also anguished that he allowed his wife to set-up a gallery, which caused the downfall for his family. Hye Jung assures Man Ho she’ll try to grab another opportunity with Chancellor Park.

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When she arrives home, Hye Jung is perplexed that her mother-in-law calmly puts on her face mask, unfazed that the whole household has been turned upside-down with Mi Ra’s arrest. Hye Jung stares at the witch who admits that she’s been safeguarding Mi Ra and asked her to stay put until the case finishes. But Hye Jung explodes in anger – her mother-in-law should safeguard Mi Ra properly! Shin Young Group is on the brink of ruin because of her eccentric love for Tae Jin. Hye Jung confers that Tae Jin is getting a lot worse compares to when she married him. She admits she married him for money, and as a man, he may like other woman and alcohol, but back then she knew that he was someone she could hang her hopes and aspiration, he was a charming man with lots of promising prospects. She doesn’t understand why her mother-in-law interfere and break her children like what she did for her older son who now lives in the USA.

Fortunately for Man Ho, Chancellor Park calls him and it’s not a good news for both of them. Because this case has the public’s and gossip’s attention, they must proceed with caution. He proposed one best way (which is not entirely a good way) to solve it, it ma hurt Man Ho and his group, but there’s no other way.

A very drunk Tae Jin who’s in the middle of lavish party at his hotel room calls Hye Jung, asking to talk to his daughter. Because the prosecutors keep investigating and calling him, so he changed his mobile number. He whinges he hates his father, he hates Hye Jung, but he really loves Yoo Jin, he really misses her and wants to hear her voice. Hye Jung tearfully tells him that Yoo Jin is asleep now and asks him to call again tomorrow.

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The next day, Se Kyung carefully escorts a visibly upset Hyun Woo’s mother after her request to visit Hyun Woo was rejected. She also rejects Se Kyung’s mother offer who kindly invites her to go home by their car, so this prompts Se Kyung’s mom to ask why both mother and son never listen to her.

Her sarcastic comment really hurt Hyun Woo’s mom who wants explanation why Se Kyung’s mom always treats Hyun Woo like he’s a thorn stuck in her eyes, what’s he lacking? If she doesn’t like Hyun Woo, then don’t make him her son-in-law, don’t let Se Kyung & Hyun Woo marry if she doesn’t want them to get married! *preach it, mom!*

Ji Hye arrives at the hospital to visit her best friend Yeon Soo who’s just given birth to a beautiful baby girl. But she finds Dae Hyun’s crying alone in the waiting room. Ji Hye decides to visit her best friend first who’s in a good mood, although she admits childbirth was not easy.

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The hospital called Dae Hyun, so he just arrived an hour ago. He’s probably still confused and hasn’t been able to digest the fact that he’s now a father. Ji Hye asks if he’s seen his daughter, in which he tells her he’s too scared to see her. People told him that his daughter looks like him, and it makes him really upset, he can’t imagine his daughter will grow up like him; he believes rockers and babies don’t belong together. Rockers usually drink, smoke and don’t have normal life, so how can he raise his daughter? Ji Hye convinces him that his daughter is pretty and will grow up into a pretty woman.

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Dae Hyun initially doesn’t want to see his daughter, but in the end, he decides to see her. He cries tears of joy, complementing his cute, pretty daughter. Yeon Soo joins her happy husband – their beautiful daughter has brought in so much joy to this family and she helps her parents to rekindle their marriage. It’s a sweet happy ending for Dae Hyun & Yeon Soo.


As she’s in the hospital, Ji Hye decides to visit a doctor because she hasn’t been able to sleep well and her heart keeps beating so fast that makes her hard to breathe. She also gets really anxious on very small things. She pleads the doctor to help her, so he prescribes her sleeping pills and asks her to come back next week for counselling. He also asks her to bring her husband with her during her counselling session, he warns her the side effect of sleeping pills.

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Min Jung and Ye Sol who’re back from their honeymoon are surprised to see Jang Soo is resting comfortably in the tent in front of their apartment building. Ye Sol greets his father-in-law who threw him a small rug so he doesn’t have to kneel down on the concrete floor, then he pours him a pot of soju, in the middle of the day.


Ji Sun comes home early, she speeds up her car to Jang Soo’s tent, much to his surprise. And it almost gives Ye Sol a heart attack!

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Meanwhile, Pil Ho confesses to Seung Soo about his proposal to Eun Hee, telling him that Eun Hee is struggling to forgive or not to forgive him. Seung Soo is shocked as Eun Hee is still a married woman and a marriage couple cannot break up that easily. Pil Ho has told Eun Hee that she should never forgive her husband and he invited her to go to San Francisco with him. He begs Seung Soo to let her go as he really loves Eun Hee. Seung Soo is agitated, upset, angry and he hits Pil Ho on his forehead. It’s so funny that Pil Ho keeps calling him hyung-nim (aka older brother).

Seung Soo runs to the chairwoman’s house, the place Eun Hee has been staying. Repeatedly pressing the bell, banging on the door, shouting and yelling. It’s captured on camera, and the policemen come to arrest him due to trespassing.

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Ji Hye takes a handful of sleeping pills, and tries to sleep. But she can’t get a wink of sleep, so she takes another handful of sleeping pills. Ji Hye is still really anxious and can’t fall asleep.

Man Ho is discussing Tae Jin’s case with Hye Jung, he tells her to call him Chairwoman instead of father-in-law and asks her to bring Tae Jin back home. But where is Tae Jin now? He’s in the hotel room, gambling, drinking and partying!  Then, Hye Jung arrives with Shin Young Group bodyguards, they escort everyone (except Tae Jin) out.


He whinges that Hye Jung has disregarded her husband after she became Vice President. He’s talking nonsense, which makes Hye Jung unable to suppress her disappointment and she begins slapping her husband, repeatedly. With tears on her eyes, she stares at her husband who’s lying on the floor, begging him to come back to his sense. Come back to his children. Come back to his family. To return home.

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Tae Wook arrives home and finds Ji Hye is asleep in their room. But then, he glances at the 2 sleeping pills bottles in the room, and he panics when he can’t wake Ji Hye up. He realizes that Ji Hye is not asleep but she’s overdosed on sleeping pills!

Very Brief Comment

Lee Sang Woo is really wasted in this drama. As the hero, OTP of this drama, the writer should give him more screen time, instead of reducing it to a mere 5 minutes appearance per episode.

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