Goddess of Marriage Episode 33 and 34 Text Preview

Brief Translation Only =)

Episode 33 Text Preview

Tae Jin finally returned home and he spends time with his daughters as if nothing happened, that makes Hye Jung is enraged with his preposterous behavior. On the other hand, Ji Hye is rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, and the journalist who’s in the hospital covering other event recognizes her and takes her pictures.

Episode 34 Text Preview

Hye Jung meets with a lawyer asking about Tae Jin’s sentence, she’s concerned with her children’s well-being while their father is away in prison. She really wants Tae Jin to be there during their adolescence, so she tells him so he realizes that his daughters really need him. Meanwhile, Tae Wook’s heart is ripped apart when he sees sleepy Ji Hye who can’t sleep at night, dozes off wherever and whenever she can.

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