Goddess of Marriage Episode 33 Recap

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After Tae Wook found out that his wife is unconscious due to overdose, he calls the ambulance and she is rushed to the emergency room. Tae Wook pleads to stay by his wife’s side, and the doctor asks if he is aware that Ji Hye has been taking sleeping pills and tranquilizers regularly. Tae Wook didn’t know, the only thing he knew was that his wife had trouble sleeping for the past few days.


The reporter who just finished interviewing a lady whose husband was stabbed by a stranger, overhears this (confidential) conversation. He recognizes Tae Wook of Shin Young group so he asks the nurse (who breach the code of conduct) by telling him she’s (the one who’s hospitalized is) the daughter-in-law.

He happily reports to his boss that Shin Young group youngest daughter-in-law has been admitted to the emergency room because of tranquilizers and sleeping pills overdose. It’s going to be a major scoop, and while he’s chit-chatting about his finding, Tae Wook overhears his phone call, so he hurriedly leaves the room. But he comes back soon afterwards to take Ji Hye’s pictures.

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Chaos in the emergency room as the policemen and the doctors are asking the reporter to leave. Tae Wook who’s waiting outside sees the reporter being escorted out by the policemen and guards, but doesn’t realize the commotion he caused and the dark storm which is coming to his family and Shin Young Group.

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Se Kyung finally gets the long-awaited visitation access, upset when she sees his haggard face. He tells her that he saw his mother yesterday, his heart ached that she cried a lot and this is the most unfilial thing he’s ever done. He’s extremely sorry because he knows Se Kyung must deal with the insult and humiliation from her family. But Se Kyung assures him that it’s not the case. Hyun Woo is aware that Se Kyung’s mother won’t like her daughter frequently comes to the prosecutor’s office / police station, so he asks her to stop coming and visiting him. But Se Kyung is too stubborn to listen to him, they’re in a relationship, they’re getting married, so how come she can’t come? It doesn’t make sense.

But because he doesn’t even know when this case will be finished, to prevent further humiliation, he pleads her to stop coming.

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It’s a relieved that Ji Hye is no longer in a critical condition. Thankfully it’s not a life-threatening and she will be fine after getting a much needed rest.


Prosecutor Seong Jin is interrogating Mi Ra and is surprised to see Mi Ra’s achievement. She was the nation’s top curator, so why did she stop drawing pictures and start a gallery business?

Mi Ra explains that she didn’t have these two things: money and natural-born talent. Seong Jin believes business-wise she’s naturally talented. Of course, this is the reason why Mi Ra surrendered herself. She knows that Prosecutor Seong Jin needs her insightful insider information, so as a clever businesswoman, she’s making a deal with him.

Seong Jin is aware of Mi Ra’s specialties, crab in soy sauce dish and kimchi, two dishes which she “used” to gain access to the Chaebol’s families. As soon as she knows that Prosecutor Seong Jin also loves crab dish, she’s trying to strike a deal – she asks for money. But instead of money, Seong Jin wants her to give the list of all madams who ate her dishes. Most importantly, he wants to know what Shin Young group madam is like. She’s one of the vital key in this money laundry case. Then after Mi Ra fulfills his demand, he’ll release her.


Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin are so happy to see their dad’s sleeping in his room – he came home quietly like Santa Claus. They kiss his cheek, complementing his handsome face. Cuddling him. So cute.

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Meanwhile, Man Ho and Hye Jung are already hard at work with Shin Young group legal team who advise them to buy more time to get rid all the evidence, especially Madam’s paintings which are stored in the basement. Man Ho is surprised to hear about this “painting storage”, obviously his wife never told him about her “collection”. Hye Jung is aware about this fact, and Man Ho is flabbergasted that he didn’t even know about this “secret” collection. Calmly, Hye Jung asks if the legal team knows the initial judge who’s been assigned for this case. They tell her it’s Judge Kim Song Jo, Man Ho smirks – he apparently knows this judge and his “hidden” secret.

His wife is currently at her painting storage, enjoying a red wine while complaining about her husband and her family. She “complements” all her paintings who always gives her the comfort she really needs in the midst of turmoil and chaos. Only her paintings are so beautiful.

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Drunk, she returns to the mansion. Then she glances at today’s newspaper, shocks when she sees a big picture of Ji Hye on the front page – with the headline “Shin Young Group’s youngest daughter-in-law attempted to commit suicide by poison”. She interrupts her husband’s meeting to break the “shocking news” of the day. Man Ho is furious, he demands Tae Wook to come home right now!

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By taxi, Tae Wook immediately returns home from the hospital to face his parents. While Hye Jung is doing her parts, threatening the newspapers that she would withdraw Shin Young group advertisements if they don’t retract this news. For the newspapers that can’t retract this news, she wants them to send a written apology and correction letter. If they don’t have any counter-measure, Hye Jung will sue them.

With a very heavy heart, Tae Wook confesses about Ji Hye’s condition – that she couldn’t sleep ever since she returned back from her sister’s place so she got sleeping pills and took them as prescribed. His mom is upset to hear Ji Hye’s been taking sleeping pills, she suggests her to exercise if she can’t sleep. Ji Hye has humiliated this family twice – firstly, she collapsed due to extreme stress, and now she took sleeping pills & collapsed again. But this time is worse, as a reporter took her picture who laid unconscious in the emergency room. The witch can’t stop whinging about her daughters-in-law, and now she also brings up Hye Jung’s naked pictures.

She asks Tae Wook if Ji Hye really try to commit suicide and wanted to kill herself. Tae Wook protects his wife, so he yells at his mother who’s upset that he’s taking his wife’s side again.

Man Ho demands Tae Wook to bring Ji Hye back home although she’s not fully recovered, she can’t stay in the hospital any longer, she can recover at home.

Hye Jung then reports that she has contacted two big newspapers and they promised to retract the news on the paper as well as on the net. Since it’s still very early in the morning, this news hasn’t been widespread, so for the moment, they’ve successfully handled this shocking news.

Tae Wook can’t protest, he knows he doesn’t have any other choice. With a very heavy heart, he promises to bring Ji Hye home. Hye Jung wants to accompany him, but Tae Wook prefer to go alone.

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Min Jung is preparing a lavish breakfast for her new family, she politely greets her grandmother-in-law who’s shocked to see so many side dishes that Min Jung made herself. Ye Seol who just woke up is also surprised to see the lavish breakfast. Grandmother still can’t believe Min Jung made everything herself, but when she tastes the food and it’s delicious, she complements her cooking. Min Jung tells grandmother that it’s all thanks to the cooking classes she attended, but grandmother sarcastically tells her that she must had way too much free time to go to cooking classes.

Grandmother advises her that this household never has more than 3 side dishes, she then reprimands her servant who didn’t tell Min Jung this household’s rules. She actually did, but Min Jung didn’t listen to her advice. Grandmother asks the servant to clean up everything except Kimchi, soybean soup and 1 side dish. They eat like this everyday, she really despises overspending on food. For her, food is to go inside their bodies and to provide their bodies with enough nutrients. She can’t fathom greedy people who have fun with food, eat lots of good food, then go on diet when they eat too much food. They spend more money like this. Therefore, they only eat 1 bowl of rice and 3 side dishes in this household.

She lectures her that this household is not a “Magistrate Byun’s party dinner”, and Min Jung is really confused because she never heard about this before.

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Eun Hee is at the police station after they notified her that Seung Soo was trespassing into the Chairwoman’s house last night. Seung Soo is making ruckus, screaming, yelling; much to Eun Hee’s humiliation. He also damaged the police car, which Eun Hee has to pay for it.

He brings up Pil Ho’s confession and he emphasizes he won’t let her go to San Francisco with Pil Ho. How dare a married woman leave her husband and son, and then go to SF with another man?

Because the police is fed up with Seung Soo’s behavior, Eun Hee finally looks him in the eye and argues with him . She tells him that nobody was home when he banged on the door last night, hence, nobody opened the door. But it’s a good thing nobody was home, can you imagine what would happen if the Chairwoman was home? She would kick him out!

Seung Soo tells her the reason he came last night was because he wanted to take his wife home, but Eun Hee then asks, who is his wife?

The police wants them to stop fighting, and for Eun Hee to sign the form to take him home. But because Seung Soo wants to go to Eun Hee’s workplace and tell everyone about her relationship with Pil Ho (his vengeance of what Eun Hee did last time when she plastered his workplace with Cynthia & his text messages), and threatens to report to Pil Ho’s workplace, so Eun Hee decides that she won’t take him home. She won’t sign the form to release him, the police can do whatever they want to Seung Soo, live or dead.

Ji Sun is wondering if Min Jung’s breakfast preparation went well; but Min Jung wants her to search about Magistrate Byun’s dinner party. Unfortunately, the internet connection at Ye Seol’s house is really bad, so she can’t access the internet.

Min Jung tells her about the grandiose breakfast she prepared, but the grandmother told her it’s a shallow breakfast like Magistrate Byun’s dinner party. Ji Sun knew it would happen, then tells her daughter the meaning behind that phrase. The grandmother wanted to know why Min Jung prepared breakfast with lots of dishes when nobody can finish eating all these dishes. Why she served such big portions yet they’re not thrifty. Min Jung may not aware that not all chaebol houses are fancy and elegant like Ji Hye’s place. There’re lots of rich people who live like Ye Seol’s grandmother and Min Jung must follow his family’s tradition.

Jang Soo is still upset that Ji Sun wrecked his tent, now it’s payback time!

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Tae Wook returns to the hospital, walking like a corpse. Dr Kim is with Ji Hye, she tells him that when Ji Hye woke up earlier, she’s very shocked to see she’s in hospital. Her first words were whether her mother-in-law knew about this, so Dr Kim told her the truth. But she didn’t tell her about the front-page newspaper news.

Dr Kim explains to Tae Wook the reason why she gave Ji Hye sleeping pills – to help her to get sleep to help her hormones return back to normal so she can get pregnant. But Ji Hye didn’t listen to her advice, she got prescription for tranquilizer from other doctor and took it as well. Dr Kim knew from her daughter (the gynecologist who first treated Ji Hye) about his overseas job training. She warns him that if he leaves Ji Hye like this, it will explode into a bigger problem and he will regret it. He must make his decision, ASAP.

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Tae Wook knows he really needs to help his wife. He looks around, then see the ward’s name “Nerves Neuropsychiatry”. This doesn’t look good, Tae Wook.

He returns to Ji Hye’s room, and the way Ji Hye looks at him is so heartbreaking. She repeatedly apologizes that she made another accident; she made it really hard to Tae Wook again. She tried not to take the pills, but obliviously she kept doing it. She wants to know if her mother-in-law is really upset, but Tae Wook assures her it’s okay, she doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Tae Wook takes Ji Hye home, he hasn’t told Ji Sun, much to Ji Hye’s relief. She will tell her sister personally at the right time. She felt like she was in the brink of death, she is worried what would happen if she died last night, that the last time she met with her family & Tae Wook was before she took that pills.

Ji Hye confesses what she felt when she saw Tae Wook helped her carrying her bag after she’s released from the hospital earlier. Because he’s living with her, Tae Wook is having a really hard time. She believes he would have been happy if he didn’t marry her. He’s extending so much effort to live with her. Ji Hye boldly admits that for the first time, she feels really sorry towards Tae Wook as she can’t love him as much as he wants, she can’t understand him, that she’s too lacking to his household so Tae Wook who’s already really busy & tired has to protect her all the time. She sincerely apologizes to her husband who smiles, asks if she has grown up. She apologizes she grew up too late, but Tae Wook assures her this whole experience was not too bad, but he doesn’t want to go through this twice. Ji Hye promises it won’t happen again.

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Tae Wook frankly tells his parents that he’s going to the USA because his wife’s health is in danger. He can’t leave her like this, he needs to let his wife rest. Although Man Ho understands about Ji Hye’s health, but he can’t allow his youngest son and daughter-in-law leave the house. The current situation is really bad, there’ll be dark storm soon coming into the house and the group, he needs Tae Wook to help him. He doesn’t trust Hye Jung, he doesn’t want to entrust everything to a woman.

Tae Wook tells dad that his woman who is very important to him is having a hard time. But Man Ho then asks if he looks okay to Tae Wook. He hasn’t been able to sleep in the last few weeks, he has to witness the group which he’s raised for more than 40 years, the group which was handed down from the ancestors, is slowly going to disappear. So how can Tae Wook escape alone from this crumbling castle?

He instructs Ji Hye to rest in their cottage until she fully recovers. She doesn’t need to prepare breakfast. But she can’t draw any more attention to herself, so she can’t stay at her sister’s place nor at the hospital. She must stay put.

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Cutie Yoo Ri drew on her dad’s face while he’s sleeping, he’s been sleeping all day actually. This put a smile of Hye Jung’s face, she keeps staring at him which makes him think it’s because she missed her husband =)

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Pil Ho is waiting outside Eun Hee’s office building to talk about their “relationship”, but Eun Hee has to go to the police station because of her husband who’s still locked there! Eun Hee wants to discuss about all the things Pil Ho said to Seung Soo later. Eun Hee explains why Seung Soo got arrested. He’s still causing ruckus at the police station, claiming his innocence and asking his wife to come.

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Much to the policemen’s relief, Eun Hee is here…. with Pil Ho who’s trailing behind her.

She cries out, asks why he keeps causing troubles, why he likes this, and what does he want from her. He really drives her crazy. And Pil Ho also asks the same questions.

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So Seung Soo asks Pil Ho to come closer….

then grabs his neck and slowly pulls it. Chaos chaos….

The police had enough, so he locks Pil Ho and Eun Hee as well.

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Jang Soo and his parents arrive, hysterically his mother is crying for her son, Seung Soo. Because they’re here, so Seung Soo can go. But unfortunately, nobody is here for Eun Hee. She doesn’t have anyone who she can call.

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Eun Hee’s father-in-law then tells the police that he’s Eun Hee’s father-in-law and her guardian. He explains that her parents have passed-away, and she’s their only child. He asks the police if he can take her home. If it’s not possible, then, they can put Seung Soo behind bars again, as he’d rather take her home. He apologizes to Eun Hee that he failed raising up his son and gave this son to her; that she moved out and stuck in this place.

Eun Hee is really touched with his kind gesture, she hug her father-in-law and can’t stop crying. Seung Soo is really moved with his father’s love towards his wife. Ji Sun arrives at the police station, and Jang Soo asks why she’s here. After she explains the reason, he tells her it doesn’t matter if she’s not coming as Eun Hee’s guardian (his own father) is here.

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They then have a drink together, father pours the drink for Eun Hee and mother pours it for Seung Soo. Mom scolds Seung Soo that he frequently causes troubles with police. Anyway, she wants to talk to Eun Hee later; Eun Hee also has something to say to her.

Meanwhile, Ji Sun is nowhere to be seen. She’s with… Pil Ho! Trying to find out why he really likes Eun Hee, in which he tells her he likes everything about her. *such a general answer, isn’t it?* She invites him for a drink, and Pil Ho stares at Eun Hee enjoying her time with her husband and his family. He knows his time is up, so without saying anything, he leaves. Even when Ji Sun calls him, he doesn’t look back. Ji Sun joins her in-laws family for a nice round of drink.

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Breakfast time at Kang’s household – Ji Hye who’s really sleepy, can’t keep her eyes open. Man Ho is curious why she’s here because he had already told her & Tae Wook that she doesn’t have to join them for breakfast.

At their cottage, Ji Hye apologizes for what happened earlier, she refrained herself for not taking any sleeping pills, but because she couldn’t sleep last night, she’s very sleepy now. Tae Wook assures her that it’s okay.

He then invites her to go out this evening, they’ll have dinner, see a movie, take a walk; anything that will help Ji Hye to get a good night sleep tonight. Ji Hye submissively tells him that she’ll come. This makes him quite upset, as Ji Hye has been really obedient ever since she returned back from the hospital. He feels like Ji Hye has been losing her charm, he wants her to act like she’s been. Anyway, he’ll invite her to come out later this evening, they’ll conquer this thing together.

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Se Kyung arrives home in tears, telling mom that Hyun Woo told her she shouldn’t visit him again. He doesn’t want to see her again.

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Ji Hye who’s waiting for Tae Wook (who’s late for their dinner appointment) keeps dozing. Tae Wook who finally arrives at the restaurant, is speechless when he sees his wife sleeping in the restaurant.

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