Goddess of Marriage Episode 34 Recap

Tae Wook is running late for his dinner date. Although his work colleague calls him about the problem at work, he wants to prioritize his wife who’s already waiting at the restaurant. But Tae Wook’s heart is ripped apart when he sees his wife is falling asleep. He wakes her up, apologizes for coming late then he cancels the dinner date because Ji Hye looks really tired.


On their way home, he lends his shoulder for his sleepy wife. Ji Hye believes she’s going crazy now as she’s sleepy in an appropriate place, but she can’t get a wink of sleep at night. Tae Wook suggests her to sleep whenever she’s sleepy and don’t sleep when she’s not sleepy. There’s nothing else she can do, right? At least she can get a little sleep. He holds her hand, as she lays her head on his shoulder. His eyes brimming with tears.

Tae Wook takes Ji Hye for a long nice walk around their property and he asks her first impression on him. Nothing special, says Ji Hye. Tae Wook admits he was too arrogant back then. Ji Hye agrees, Tae Wook somehow was really competitive and he’s very eager to conquer women. Tae Wook confesses that he felt in love with Ji Hye, and wants to know why Ji Hye who didn’t think highly about him kept seeing him. Obviously it’s because Ji Hye was attracted to his charisma, he’s competent and upright; she liked his natural strong points.

He’s relieved that it means their marriage was not all bad in the end. Ji Hye concurs, she also learned lots of things during their marriage, but she’s curious why Tae Wook suddenly said about this, did she give off bad vibes? Did she say something wrong? She asks him to be patient, she’s trying really hard here. He smiles, telling her he purposely trying to make her mind jumbles, so Ji Hye can sleep well tonight. He believes people whose mind full of complicated thoughts usually will be able to sleep well.

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He then asks Ji Hye’s thought about marriage; which is incredibly simple – she wants to have a peaceful marriage. She imagines both her husband and her go to work every workdays, and whoever finish work first will come home early, prepare dinner and while enjoying their dinner, they will talk about their daily activities & what happen at work. Then they will fall asleep together. It’ll be nice to repeat this routine everyday. When they have a baby, they’ll bath him / her together, change the diaper, and when the baby wakes up at night, she will kick her husband’s back so he’ll get up & take care their baby. Ji Hye doesn’t like waking up at night, because she can’t concentrate on write her script the next day.

Tae Wook is wondering why Ji Hye who likes to sleep; can’t get a decent sleep nowadays. Ji Hye doesn’t know the exact reason, but she apologizes that she was asleep at the restaurant earlier. Tae Wook throws rocks to the pond (he looks frustrated), and when he turns back, his heart is ripped apart when he sees his wife is sleeping. He then takes her back to their cottage, Tae Wook who can’t hold back his tears gently strokes Ji Hye’s hair. He then turns off all 6 alarm clocks which are on Ji Hye’s bedside table. He can’t sleep at all, and he looks really pale and tired after spending the whole night thinking, and it looks like he’s made a very important decision for his marriage.


Man Ho and Judge Kim Seong Jo are golfing buddies; so he is aware of his impatient temperament. He has carefully observed the way Judge Kim plays golf and decides to associate himself with this Judge although he has lots of other (law) friends who’re above Judge Kim. He believes Judge Kim will give them more opportunity on the warrant, so they should be able to buy more time.

Prosecutor Seong Jin is furious that the Judge rejected the warrant although the evidence is crystal-clear. So he instructs his team to find more evidence, and to catch Jang Kyung Min, President of Min Woo Architecture.

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Se Kyung’s mom makes a surprise visit to Hyun Woo’s mom place; who takes her complements negatively. Se Kyung’s mum believes all these things won’t happen if Hyun Woo took her advice and moved to Se Kyung’s father architecture company. She begins attacking Hyun Woo again who (according to her) never listens to his elders. She innocently confesses that because of Hyun Woo’s provocative behavior, so when he’s arrested, she thought it’s so much better and they’d better charge him. Hyun Woo’s mum is furious with her insensitive thoughts. Se Kyung’s mom is trying her best to straighten up her thoughts, saying it wasn’t intentional. She admits she made a mistake towards Hyun Woo’s mom in front of police station few days ago, hence, she’s here to apologize.

She mentions Se Kyung keeps crying ever since Hyun Woo asked her to stop visiting him in the police station, citing the same reason he gave to Se Kyung – that he’s sorry and ashamed towards Se Kyung’s family. This prompts Se Kyung’s mom to ask if Hyun Woo has some kind of strange thought – that he wants to use his arrest as an excuse to break up with Se Kyung. She knows Se Kyung would die if this happens, that’s why she’s here today. She wants a definite answer from Hyun Woo’s mom of whether or not Hyun Woo has this kind of thought.

Hyun Woo’s mum is confused with her conflicting question. It’s obvious Se Kyung’s mum doesn’t like Hyun Woo from the beginning so if the kids break up, then, she’s supposed to be happy, right?

Se Kyung’s mum misunderstands her in-law’s question, she think Hyun Woo’s mom “coaches” Hyun Woo and asks him to take revenge on her. Moreover, she makes another slip-up, telling Hyun Woo’s mother than Hyun Woo is an ex-convict and she won’t let Se Kyung to marry an ex-convict.


Her sharp blunt words truly hurt Hyun Woo’s mom feeling, like a sword piercing her wounded heart. Ultimately, this prompts Hyun Woo’s mom to announce a very important decision. She wants to stop the wedding immediately. And she asks Se Kyung’s mom to leave. Se Kyung’s mom, are you happy now that you’ve just ruined your daughter’s life?

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Se Kyung still insists to visit Hyun Woo, she’s still thinking of marrying him, and this makes her mom yells in agony. She tells Se Kyung everything, that she went to Hyun Woo’s house earlier and talked to his mother. She also tells her that the marriage won’t happen, Hyun Woo’s mom will do anything to prevent this marriage to occur. Se Kyung accuses mom for making mistakes in front of Hyun Woo’s mom, in which she insists she did not make any mistakes. Se Kyung knows Hyun Woo’s mom wouldn’t act like this if her mom didn’t say things which hurt her feeling. She’s going crazy because of her mom.

Ji Sun receives a shocking great news, she’s offered one year training in New York based on glowing recommendation from her Vice President.

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But when she comes home to a messy home, her stubborn husband who’s still living in the tent, her parents-in-law who’re still staying at the motel, etc; she knows the chance for her to go to New York is nil.

Suddenly, a drunk Eun Hee arrives, happily announces she went to blind date today. People on her company thought she’s single and put her on the blind date list, so she went there and had a great time.

A drunk Ji Sun who has enough with Eun Hee who keeps bragging about her blind date, decides to go downstairs and shares the news about the NY training to her husband. She mentions that if she didn’t marry him, didn’t have to deal with her parents-in-law, etc; she would already left for New York. But she knows that if they don’t have her, they would be lost. She’s crying, asking why he asked her to marry her 24 years ago and makes it so hard for her now? She yells, crying like a little child, so Jang Soo brings his wife inside his “comfortable” tent.

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The next morning, the neighbors are standing outside the tent, threatening to call the police as Jang Soo’s tent has been pitched up outside the building apartment for quite a while now, they want to take it down. Unbeknownst to them, Ji Sun and Jang Soo have already made up, they’re cuddling inside the tent, and sheepishly Ji Sun coming out from the tent as requested by the neighbors. She mentions they were drinking last night and the neighbors are thinking about that “kind of stuff that married couple does at night when they’re drinking” *haha*

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Eun Hee sees this, and walks from there smiling. On the way, she meets her husband who’s making a lot of effort to take care their son.

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The chairwoman is enraged after knowing that Min Jung plans to stop working. She believes Min Jung hasn’t seen and learned anything, so she can’t stop working now. Min Jung explains she wants to take care household duties, be a good wife; like her aunt. But Chairwoman tells her this is not Cheongdamdong, nor her Aunty’s place, and she hates Ming Jung talking about Cheongdamdong’s daughters-in-law.

She advises Min Jung, that people should live with their own strength, no matter when and where they are. As a woman, Min Jung should support women who are worse off than herself, to shape the lives of the poor and uneducated women. The chairwoman really despise people who live off their rich parents, parents-in-law or wealthy husband.

She believes that marrying a rich husband, serving the husband’s family while wearing good clothes and eating good food alone; that’s below what human being should do.

Did Yeo Seol tell her that he’ll buy her designer bags, clothes; and she would never touch work again after he marries her? Of course Ye Sol never said those things; so the chairwoman now asks why Min Jung is acting like this.

She wants Min Jung to know that their house is different like other chaebols’ house, if she marries Yeo Seol because of this, then she can pack up her bags and leave the house. She then tells her that starting now until she’s 60yo, Min Jung has to give her monthly living expenses from her salary. Yeo Seol tries to comfort Min Jung, who believes she’s ruined marrying into this family.

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Hye Jung seeks advice from Shin Young group’s lawyer about her husband’s possible jail time. He tells her it will be at least 5 years or even longer. His case is getting too complicated now and was flowed through the political channels. Hye Jung wants to know if he’ll be released before Yoo Ri enters middle school, he needs to be there during his daughters’ teenage years, because he’s still their dad, no matter what happens with him.

Later that night, people are busy carrying boxes of paintings; Man Ho has instructed them to move the paintings which sooner or later are going to swallow Shin Young group. His wife is upset with his sudden move, as the paintings are extremely expensive and they’re her source of comfort. Her paintings are the only thing he can not touch.

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Man Ho warns his wife that she’s currently part of the investigation as well (Prosecutor Seong Jin has received the list from Mi Ra), so if she makes a simple mistake, she may also be imprisoned.

Hye Jung asks Man Ho if she can take her kids and Tae Jin for a picnic tomorrow; and he gives her the green light.

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The next morning, the prosecutor team has finally caught the body, Kyung Min – the President of Min Woo Architecture.

The witch packs up her bag to go overseas, to escape from her investigation; but the helpers stop her because there’s a travel ban put on her, she’s banned from travelling overseas until the investigation is finished. She’s almost collapsed; like her world crumbles in front of her.

Things are not going well either for Tae Wook who finds out that the search warrants for his brother and his mother have just been issued.

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Hye Jung, Tae Jin and the kids are enjoying their family picnic. It’s been a while since Tae Jin plays with his two daughters.

Hye Jung confesses that her initial goal was not Shin Young Group’s Vice President, but the President’s wife. And of course she wants her husband to be the President. She admits she married him for money, but more than that, she wanted a capable man who use that money to do many useful things. She hoped her daughters’ father would be that kind of man, and she wanted to live her whole life with this man. That’s the reason she chose Tae Jin. Just like Princess Pyeong Gang who chose Ondal the fool (he was a general of the Goguryeo, which was one of the Three kingdoms of Korea. Though simple minded, he rose from common origins to become a remarkable and brave general).

She is aware that Tae Jin is like Ondal the fool, so if she directed him well, she thought he would turn out like General Ondal. But it didn’t turn out that way.

Hye Jung talks about Princess Pyeong Gang who realized that when she couldn’t control her own ambition and desire, she couldn’t accomplish great things, so she started by decreasing her food. Ondal the fool modeled himself after Princess Pyeong Gang. Tae Jin doesn’t understand the meaning behind all this. Hye Jung mentions that she fails correcting his alcohol and woman’s habit.

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A woman has nothing more she could wish for if her husband earns money well and brings it home to her, if her children grow up well. Becoming vice president instead of her husband, going out into bullet infested battlefield, it’s not a happy journey for Hye Jung. She’s also a woman & her daughters’ mother, not a poisonous viper crazed with ambition. That’s the reason she returned home. She knew she could receive that $500 million divorce settlement and it may make her mind feel more comfortable. But acting the part of Vice President while her husband who can’t even be ondal the fool is not easy for her. Now she has to witness her husband, her daughters’ father to go to prison.

She’s asking Tae Jin a huge favor, she wants Tae Jin to come out before Yoo Ri enters middle school; she wants him to behave well, to act accordingly, don’t make any mistake. He must think about his daughters, because no matter what mistakes he did, he would always be their father. Hye Jung wants him to engrave her words inside his heart. Tae Jin wants Hye Jung to use all influence to get him out of the prison, but Hye Jung wants him to promise he’ll act well inside the prison. Think of his daughters. He promises he’ll do that.

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Kyung Min and Hyun Woo finally meet again. Kyung Min is curious why Hyun Woo hasn’t said anything and is still arrested here, he sincerely apologizes to innocent Hyun Woo.


Hye Jung asks Ji Hye to join her for a round of drink. Hye Jung confesses she’s having a hard time, this is the hardest time in her marriage. She explains how she withstood every single hardship in this house – it’s through alcohol.

She tells Ji Hye that alcohol is safer than sedatives as it doesn’t have side effect of not waking up. And people may not aware they’ve drank the night before if they take a good measure to cover it up the following morning. Nobody in this household knew about Hye Jung’s drinking habit although she’s been doing it for the past 8 years. So she advises Ji Hye if she can’t sleep and is having a hard time, she can have a drink without the family knowing it. Then she’ll have a bit of strength to live on and she’ll feel better.

Tae Wook receives the bad news that Kyung Min has admitted to all charges, and the arrest warrant will be issued tonight. Unfortunately, additional warrant for his brother, warrant for his mother, search & seizure warrant for his mansion were also requested at the same time.

Ji Hye tells Tae Wook that she was with Hye Jung, drinking and talking about women’s stuff.

Tae Wook asks why she doesn’t read books anymore. Ji Hye tells him she doesn’t have time; and she doesn’t want to write due to lack of practice, she already forgot about writing.

He tells her that there’s something he really wants to say to her. Ji Hye mentions she’s a bit tired after talking and drinking with her sister-in-law, she yawns, smiles because she believes she’s going to get some sleep tonight.

With tears brimming on his eyes, he tries to hold back his tears. Then, he states that…

He wants to divorce Ji Hye.

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Ji Hye is stunned, shocked. Unable to believe what Tae Wook has just said to her.

The next morning, Ji Hye wants to know why he’s acting like this. Tae Wook believes divorce is something she really wanted. But Ji Hye wants to know the reason why he suddenly said the “divorce” word after they’ve spent lovely times for the past few days.

Tae Wook tells her that he got tired living with her, he’s also became bored. So, he warns her that this is her last opportunity to leave the house. If not, she’ll have to live in this household forever. This is what she wants, right?

He’ll talk to his father to let her go. He asks her to get ready, prepare her bag and leave this house. He leaves Ji Hye at the cottage, confidently he walks to the mansion to face his father.

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He meets with his father who looks like he didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, announcing that he would like to send Ji Hye out. He will divorce her.

Brief Comment

Tae Wook has failed miserably as a husband, most importantly, he has failed to protect the most important woman in his life. It’s crystal clear now that he really loves Ji Hye; and Ji Hye has slowly began to reciprocate his love too; but the shadow of his powerful family who’s on the brink of destruction is too strong for him to handle. Unlike his elder brother who flied and hide in the United States, as the youngest son and the most responsible & filial son, he chose to take his family’s side.

A marriage without sacrifices won’t stand against a storm, and Tae Wook has never made any sacrifices for Ji Hye, until now. It’s too hard for him to see his beloved woman’s life gets ruined by him and his family; so he knows he doesn’t have any other choice, except to let her go. He’s grown up and so does Ji Hye; and most of the characters in this drama.

Unfortunately, Se Kyung’s mother never grows up, but thanks to her, now Hyun Woo and Se Kyung’s relationship is almost over. Their relationship is based on one-sided love, and it won’t last long anyway.

Ye Seol’s grandmother’s words of advice is spot-on! She gave Min Jung a very harsh lesson of life; but hopefully Min Jung will throw away her “gold-digger” mind and work extra harder to help other women who are less privileged than her.

I feel like this drama is trying to teach the viewers that we can solve our problems through alcohol. Which obviously is so much better than taking sedatives. Drinking in moderation is okay! 😀

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