Goddess of Marriage Episode 35 Recap

Grab a box of tissue, everyone. This episode is full of heart-wrenching moments. Plenty of confessions; which make or break their relationship / marriage. They finally realized that all the choices they made, bad or good; have shaped them into who they are today. The ones who made the bad choices now have to accept the punishments; they have nobody else to blame, but themselves. Reluctantly, they must let go the most precious person in their lives. Saying goodbye is hard; but it’s so much harder to shove the people they really love away from your life.

Episode 35 Recap

Tae Wook abruptly announces his intention to divorce Ji Hye to his shocked father. His reason is simple: it’s too hard to live with her. He’s not fooling around, he’s been thinking about this for quite a while and now is the right time to break up with her.

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Man Ho slaps his son twice; Tae Wook falls on the floor. He emphasizes that there will be no more divorce in this family. In order to prevent Hye Jung divorcing Tae Jin, he had to give the Vice Presidency position to her. So no, Tae Wook, Man Ho won’t give his consent.

But Tae Wook insists he’ll get divorce. From when he’s born until now, he has never done something without his father’s consent. When Man Ho asked him to take the test and become a prosecutor; he obediently followed his orders. But this time, he’s the one who told his wife he wanted to get a divorce, he realized that it’s hard to live with Ji Hye who is not the type of woman who fits with Kang’s household. He promises he’ll meet a new woman who is less complex, less moody, less sensitive; healthy, strong; someone who suits their household.

Man Ho threatens that if Tae Wook doesn’t listen to him, and let his wife takes one steps out of Kang’s property; he will strip Tae Wook’s rights & he won’t be part of Kang’s family anymore. He asks if Tae Wook wants to follow his eldest brother’s footsteps. Tae Wook disregards his father’s threat, announcing that he will send Ji Hye out soon.


He then asks the chauffeur for his secretary to get his car ready. Tae Wook stands on the stairs of Man Ho’s mansion, a roar of thunder and the dark cloudy sky truly mirrors the dark cloudy feeling inside his heart..

Meanwhile, prosecutor Seong Jin and his team are on the way to Man Ho’s property.

Ji Hye who is at the cottage hears the lightning thunder. When Tae Wook returns home, he’s wondering why she still hasn’t packed her bag. Ji Hye wants to know why he made this shocking decision, is it because of his family’s situation? Although Tae Wook didn’t tell her what happened, but she’s aware that something happens with her mother-in-law.

Tae Wook concurs, this is the reason why Ji Hye must leave the house immediately. He doesn’t want Ji Hye to see his brother and mother dragged away by the prosecutor who’ll soon arrive at the mansion. The search warrants have been issued, so they will search Man Ho’s property, including this little cottage. He wants her out before they arrive.

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He hands the brown envelope, the divorce paper which he prepared last night. He has already signed the paper and asks Ji Hye to sign it too. He apologizes that he can’t lodge the divorce paper himself; he asks Ji Hye to do it for him. But Ji Hye doesn’t want to do this, she doesn’t want to get out herself.

She admits that she thinks about getting divorce 20 times a day, because she can’t breathe living in this family, there were many days where she thought she could not live. She prayed that Tae Wook and his family would let her go, so she can be free.

However, this is not the right way to do this. They lived together as husband and wife for over one year, and they’ve made a decision to try for another 3 years. Moreover, Ji Hye is not someone who jumps ship so she can live well by herself when her husband’s family is currently in a predicament position.

Calmly, she sits down and continues folding the towels; she believes the prosecutors won’t come to their cottage; and even if they come, she doesn’t care. She’ll stay in the cottage, folding clothes and reading books. She won’t go to see her mother-in-law and brother-in-law taken away by the prosecutors. She’ll be waiting for Tae Wook here, then we’ll talk about this after he finishes work.

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With brimming tears on his eyes, Tae Wook begs Ji Hye to leave when he’s telling her to leave. He doesn’t want to send her off like this, but there won’t be another chance for her to get out from this household. Now is the perfect time. Both of them are crying, Ji Hye keeps saying this doesn’t make sense. But Tae Wook insists there won’t be another way, this is his last pride and he begs her to guard his last pride.

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Man Ho silently sitting in his study room; Hye Jung rushes to break the news about the search warrant. She advises him to leave for his businessman’s conference in Indonesia. Man Ho smiles at his smart daughter-in-law who asks him to flee the country. She’s already planned to ensure he gets out from the house safely. Before he leaves, Man Ho takes one last look at his mansion.

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Meanwhile, Hye Jung is rushing to wake Tae Jin who’s sleeping with his two daughters. She tells him to get ready because the warrant has been issued. She then informs her mother about all this. Most importantly, she doesn’t want her daughters to see their father taken away, so she wants her sister & brother to get her daughters before the police & prosecutor arrive.

She comes to her mother-in-law’s bedroom and finds her wailing uncontrollably. She knew about the warrant from her secretary, she asks Hye Jung if it’s true and if she’s going to be arrested. Hye Jung asks her to be strong, as crying won’t change anything, she has to maintain her dignity until the very end. It’s already a predetermined result.


The witch, as the Madame of Shin Young Group can’t believe that nothing can be done. She’s shocked when Hye Jung tells her that her husband has left for overseas business trip. Hye Jung tells her to toughen up, face this reality.

But she then throws an crazy idea, she wants her secretary to go behind bars, instead of her! She will make sure they’ll live the rest of their lives without any worry. If not, Hye Jung can go in instead of her. She doesn’t understand why an old woman like her should go, do they want her to die in prison? She wails again, admitting she’s scared. But nothing else can be done, she has to accept the punishment of all her wrong-doings. Nobody can go in her place. Hye Jung advises her to go quietly, cleanly and elegantly. She tells her mother-in-law to get prepared.

Ji Hye is dressed up in black, while Tae Wook packs her bag in the bedroom. He also packs her laptop. Tae Wook then asks her to leave with Secretary Kim. Ji Hye insists she won’t leave, this is not the right way.

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He roughly grabs her hand, drags her outside, then shoves her to the waiting car. He instructs the driver to take her to her hometown. She looks at Tae Wook with tears brimming on her eyes, and Tae Wook bids his goodbye, telling her he’ll call later. Ji Hye turns around, she looks at her husband as the car drives away from the mansion. Tae Wook also does the same thing, trying hard to hold back his tears.

At Ji Hye’s hometown, her father talks about today’s weather – it’s going to rain today. Then, Tae Wook calls, apologizes and informs him that he just sent Ji Hye off. Dad asks if they really couldn’t live with each other, hence, they’re getting divorced. Tae Wook sincerely apologized that he couldn’t take care Ji Hye until the end; that he’s a lacking son-in-law. He apologizes that he sent Ji Hye alone. He really wanted to apologize to his father-in-law on his knees and take Ji Hye back to her father but his current family situation hinders him to go there. However, after everything is taken care of, he will go there to formally apologize. He tells him that Ji Hye will be there in 3-4 hours and pleads him to take good care of Ji Hye.

He hangs up, then confidently walks back to his cottage alone as the rain pours down.

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As the car drives passed Kang household’s main gate, Ji Hye sees the police and prosecutors cars driving into the property. Hye Jung asks Seong Jin a huge favor to give her time so her daughters can leave the property before the prosecutors and police arrive to arrest their grandmother & father. Initially Seong Jin refuses to grant it; but Hye Jung promises that only the children will leave; everything else will be in its place, nobody else will leave. Seong Jin reluctantly agrees; and asks his team to stand still for a few moment. He sees a car approaching the main house, Hye Jung shoves her daughters to her brother-in-law’s car, leaving them under her family’s care. Seong Jin shakes his head, can’t believe that Hye Jung is a great mother.

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After the car leaves, Seong Jin instructs his team to move. Under a heavy pouring rain, they storm in to Kang’s mansion, searching and collecting all evidence. Hye Jung welcomes prosecutor Seong Jin who expresses his respect on this smart woman, she tells him she’ll get her mother-in-law and husband ready.

They also search through Tae Wook’s cottage. Tae Wook is sitting in his dark study room, dazed. The team politely greets him; then informs him that they’ll have to search this room. He tells them to do it, go ahead. He won’t interfere.

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After patiently waiting for Tae Jin to get ready, Prosecutor Seong Jin formally arrests him for the violation of public official election law, embezzlement of political funds and suspicion of violating special economic criminal laws.

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The reporters who have been standing by, are swarming in to interview Tae Jin and his mother who are escorted by the police and prosecutors. Under a pouring rain and a gorgeous rainbow; both Tae Jin and his mother leave their comfort zone. The witch insists she didn’t do anything wrong, but she admits she trusted the wrong person. She wails it’s really unfair then she falls on the footpath, sobbing uncontrollably.

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Hye Jung looks at the messy empty house. Everything was ransacked. The picture frame Ji Hye and Tae Wook’s wedding picture is also broken. Tae Wook is still in his study room, his cottage was also ransacked.

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Meanwhile, Ji Hye is drenched in rain as her father throws things to her. He asks her to leave, to get out of here, she brings an embarrassment to him. The ahjumma who works at his peach farm, asks him to calm down and to let her in. Ji Hye finally enters the house, her heart hurts when she sees her drunk father sleeps on the floor. She holds her father’s hand, crying, apologizing. Still crying uncontrollably, she lies her head on her father’s chest.

Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin are having a great time at their maternal grandmother’s place. Singing, dancing, they’re so innocent. Later that night, Hye Jung arrives, her mother was still waiting for her. Both Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin are asleep, they sleep in the same room with Hye Jung’s brother, sister and niece. Mom explains Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin wanted to sleep with their aunt and uncle.

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Her mother has prepared the bed in her room for Hye Jung; she asks her to rest while she prepares ginger tea. Mom is surprised to see exhausted Hye Jung crying in the room. Mom then hugs Hye Jung who cries on her shoulder, she tells mom that she’s very exhausted, she shouldn’t married Tae Jin, she shouldn’t even got married. She can’t take it anymore, it’s too hard. Mom caress Hye Jung’s back, telling her she knew how hard it was for Hye Jung after she married her husband and entered that that family.

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The next day, a bright sunny day. Hyun Woo finally breathes a fresh air outside the prosecution office. He’s been cleared of all charges. He looks at the glaring sun; then calls his mother who wants to pick him up. But he tells mom that he’s going to meet with Se Kyung first. By taxi, he goes to Se Kyung’s wedding store.

Busy Se Kyung is very surprised to see her sunbae, Hyun Woo; very worried looking at his haggard face. He wants to say something to her, hence, he came to see her as soon as he’s released.

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He holds her hand, takes her closer to his embrace, then he hugs her. He doesn’t say anything, he just hugs her tightly. Tears on Se Kyung’s face, she knows it’s over. Everything is over.

A very shocked Se Kyung comes home, then locks herself in her bedroom. Mom wants to know why she was crying. Se Kyung tells mom nothing is wrong, then she cries again.

Hyun Woo’s mom is surprised to see Hyun Woo’s sitting in the front yard; he tells his mom he met with Se Kyung. His eyes brimming with tears.

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The chairwoman asks Seung Soo to write and sign a contract, a lawyer is here to witness and notarize this memorandum of understanding. It’s a contract which says that if Seung Soo cheats, neglects, abuses his wife and son again, he will give up his entire property and a part of his body. But Seung Soo *innocently* omitted this body part on the memorandum, because he doesn’t want to lose his most precious manly body part. The chairwoman is furious!

Eun Hee is in her room, packing her bag. She hears her husband’s screams, as he tells the chairwoman he won’t give up that body part, it’s off limits. Chairwoman tells him it’s the best solution, if he doesn’t want to do it, then, she will treat as everything never happens and Eun Hee should never come home with her husband. She punches him on his head. Soon afterwards, Seung Soo invites his wife to go with him. Still upset about that memo, telling her it’s a disadvantage for her too (if he loses that “body part”)


Eun Hee and Seung Soo are reunited with their ecstatic son as they look at the removalists moving their stuffs back to their old apartment.

Ji Sun brings up her one year overseas training with her husband; but he yells at her ! He thought she was drunk and talked non-sense when she first brought this up few days ago. He’s surprised that she’s really going to New York – leaving her parents, husband and children behind. He concludes this whole conversation is done and he asks her to prepare dinner for him. He asks if Ji Sun has called his parents and invited them to return home, in which Ji Sun tells him she’s done that.

Finally Ji Sun’s parents-in-law came home, but they’re against Ji Sun’s overseas training plan. Her mother-in-law calls her crazy (as usual), but Jang Soo defends his wife – her company recommended this opportunity to Ji Sun. Mom asks him to be quiet, although it’s her company’s recommendation, she should never mention it. How dare she plans to leave her family behind. Her children also disagree with her plan. Her husband tells her that this will never work.

On the way home, Eun Hee sees Ji Sun who’s sitting in the playground. She wants to know why Ji Sun’s crying alone. Ji Sun then tells her about the training program, she knew it’s such a crazy plan. She doesn’t know where she’s going, but it’s a pity to say no to that opportunity. She’s upset that her whole family called her crazy.

Her husband who’s looking for Ji Sun, overhears the conversation.

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Ji Sun tells Eun Hee that for the past 24 years she regularly asks herself if she’s crazy. There were lots of things she wanted to try, to learn; but she couldn’t because of time restraint, because she has to put her family first. She spends her whole life asking the same question. Now the whole family also asked the same question. She’s incredibly sad. After hearing the whole conversation, Jang Soo takes a deep breath, then returns home.

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The next morning, Ji Hye is waiting for Tae Wook in front of Department of Justice office. She hasn’t turned in the divorce paper. Tae Wook knows the reason why she still hasn’t done it, and thankful for her. He holds her hand, and together they walk towards the building, to submit the paper together.

Hyun Woo finally confesses his true feeling to his mother. He admits he thought about Se Kyung a lot while he was in the prosecutor’s office. He also thought why he got arrested, was he framed and if he was arrested because of Kyung Min. He was questioning if he’s not guilty of anything.

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But he then realized that he was guilty of some thing; and he was in the holding cell because of things he’s done wrong to Se Kyung, not to Kyung Min. The sin he’s done, deep down he didn’t love Se Kyung. For him, if he’s going to live with a woman who’s as pretty & nice like Se Kyung who really loves him and lets him doing things his own ways, then things will be too convenient. He took that convenience as love. He confesses all along he was craving for someone else inside his heart, and he’s unable to forget this woman. Because it’s now time for him to marry and he’s surrounded with nice woman such as Se Kyung, so he took that convenient way.

Mom asks if Hyun Woo suggests to break up with Se Kyung, in which he tells mom yes he did. Mom is furious that Hyun Woo treated nice woman Se Kyung like that. Hyun Woo wants to repent his whole life, he told Se Kyung not to meet a jerk like him again, but Se Kyung just stayed silent and cried by herself. Hyun Woo promises he won’t make any more excuses and repeats the same thing. He will only think about marriage when his heart is pure and is ready to accept a woman wholeheartedly. That’s the time when he knows he will make the right choice.

After submitting their divorce paper, Tae Wook treats Ji Hye for a meal at a Chinese Restaurant – the last lunch he’s buying her as her husband. He’s still as attentive as ever. He explains his family’s current situation, but adamant their divorce will still go ahead. He’s too embarrassed to see Ji Hye’s father but he knows he’ll have to do it soon. He admits he will really miss Ji Hye; and when asked if he’s regretting his decision, he replies he’s already regretting it like crazy.

After lunch, they walk on the pavement, Tae Wook asks about where will Ji Hye live. She tells him she’ll move in with her sister and politely refuses his kind favor to drop her off at her sister’s place. Tae Wook tells Ji Hye to call him if she needs him.


So, this is it, then. Farewell… Tae Wook walks away from Ji Hye who keeps staring at his back. After she realizes he’s not turning back, she also walks away, in different direction; drifting apart from each other.


At the airport, Hyun Woo hands in his passport and the immigration officer checks his boarding pass & his passport. He’s flying to Rome. He stops, thinking about something; then confidently enters the immigration area.

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Tae Wook calls Ji Hye, she turns back and sees Tae Wook is looking at her. Tears on their eyes; Tae Wook opens wide his arms; Ji Hye slowly walks then runs towards him. Hugs him.

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She sobs, apologizes she hasn’t been a good wife for him. He hugs her, caresses her hair, telling her to live well, live happily, do the things she loves to do.

Brief Comment

The last scene, I bawled my eyes out – such a beautiful ending for Tae Wook and Ji Hye.

My heart ache for Tae Wook and Ji Hye; I have to admit that I silently cheer for this couple to salvage their marriage. Tae Wook has been such a selfish, temperamental, weak husband who couldn’t protect his wife as he promised; he lied to her in the first place and who took her to his family’s home although he’s aware that Ji Hye wouldn’t be able to adapt to his family’s demanding rules. But he has changed a lot and has redeemed himself by trying hard to understand Ji Hye’s needs. And now as his family is on the brink of ruins, he knows that the only way he can show his undying love is by letting his wife go. It’s such a heart-wrenching decision for Tae Wook, and he’s still as stubborn as ever. He still never listens to his wife; he still asks her to do whatever he wants her to do. But this time, he’s doing it for Ji Hye’s sake. So she can start afresh, reclaim back her freedom and do all the things she loves doing.

Hyun Woo who’s usually very pensive finally admitted everything to his mother. It’s about time, or probably 6 episodes too late. He knows that he’s not that innocent too, he also has hurt Se Kyung’s feeling. And it’s better to end it sooner than getting a divorce. I love it that he prefer to take time before starts opening up his heart again. He wants to enter a pure marriage, with a woman who he’ll love wholeheartedly and the woman who also loves him the same way he loves her.

Seung Soo got back together with Eun Hee was not surprising. The women in this drama chose their children above their husbands; so like Hye Jung, Eun Hee also knows that Jang Woo who will enters middle school soon needs stability in his family. So Eun Hee had to let Pil Ho go; and go back to her husband who hopefully will change to the better.

Hye Jung who almost lost everything, realizes that she still has her own family. Who she really despised in the past, but every time she needed help, they would always be there for her. The way her mother consoled her, was very sweet. The way they sacrificed their lives for Hye Jung was reassuring. The way they treated Yoo Ri and Yoo Jin was too adorable. Hye Jung, you are really blessed!

Awww Ji Sun, you’re an amazing strong woman who sacrificed your life, your career for your family. I hope your family will let you to take the one year training in New York. Because you truly deserve it.

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