Goddess of Marriage Episode 36 Recap

The finale we’ve been waiting for. Will the writer be able to tie up the loose ends? And who will be crowned as the Goddess of Marriage? Song Ji Hye, Song Ji Sun, Kwon Eun Hee or Hong Hye Jung?

Episode 36 Recap

Jang Soo is at his son’s academy, he quietly pulls his son’s ears, then reprimands him for playing games instead of studying. He threatens he’ll report this to his wife, Kyung Woo is on his knees, begging his dad to keep quiet, he’s incredibly scared of his perfectionist mother. Jang Soo admits even he sometimes is scared of his wife.

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Jang So then imagines the wonderful world when Ji Sun is away for her one year training in New York. They can do anything they want to do, things that Ji Sun doesn’t allow them to do / eat. Such as eating ice cream and waffles every day. Maknae Min Joo likes dad’s idea.

He then treats his mom for rounds of drink until she’s drunk. They really enjoying each other’s company. He complements his mother that she’s the best. He admits it’s hard to live with Ji Sun, he should marry a woman like his mother. He compares rice Ji Sun made to to the one his mother made, he acknowledges that drinking with his mom is more enjoyable. He’s very grateful that he’s able to live with his mother and asks mom to keep taking care his children and cooking for him. His mother is incredibly happy with her son’s unending praises and complements.

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Ji Hye and Hye Jung meet in a cafe where Hye Jung asks about Ji Hye’s life. She mentions she’s currently living vacantly. Hye Jung can’t and won’t say anything since it’s the choice Ji Hye made. Ji Hye asks about her parents-in-law, she feels bad because she hasn’t said her goodbye to them. Hye Jung mentions after business meeting in Jakarta, Man Ho went to Switzerland to rest. Mom-in-law is imprisoned for 3 years, but she keeps harassing Hye Jung by asking her to bring many different things everyday. Ji Hye feels guilty that she escaped alone. But Hye Jung tells her that  it’s the problem from the choices she made herself; she can’t say anything and blame anyone for it.

She compares it to the time when Hye Jung returned to the mansion. Ji Hye didn’t ask nor question her much. She’s very thankful for Ji Hye who’s wise and so considerate towards others. So she wants to be considerate too, she won’t ask Ji Hye any question about her life; she wants both of them to be respectful to each other.

But there’s one last thing Ji Hye needs to do; that is to sign the contract which states that Ji Hye must stay silent and cannot say things that happened in Kang’s household. She cannot mention Kang’s family although she returns as a writer or works in a broadcasting station. Ji Hye knows that it’s something she has to do, she will safeguards Kang’s family secrets inside her heart and signs the contract.

Hye Jung wants to ensure Ji Hye doesn’t want to accept alimony, her father-in-law still wants to give her a building in Myeong Dong. Ji Hye is very thankful for his kindness although he wasn’t comfortable, but he still complemented her for a piece of writing she wrote for the PR department. Ji Hye realized she has hurt Tae Wook before she left, it’s her conviction that she doesn’t want to accept any alimony, she doesn’t want to be comforted by money either. It’s something that will forever be a cause for hurting each other.

Hye Jung mentions their problems always lay on their beliefs. It’s a good thing to have beliefs, as when it gives direction when they muddle through life’s path unable to find a way out, but on the other hand, it also makes them pay a price. It’s a disappointing because Ji Hye and Hye Jung’s directions are totally different, when they’ve just gotten to understand each other. They have chosen 2 different paths. Ji Hye promises to remember her sister-in-law with a good heart and she realizes the reason why Hye Jung doesn’t want to return to her youth. Her heart also hurts for Hye Jung. She thanks Ji hye for her understanding. Ji Hye tells Hye Jung she’s going to the airport to drop off her sister who’s going to USA. They bid their final goodbye.

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At the international airport, Jang Soo’s mom who has given her consent for Ji Sun to take the one year training in New York, changes her mind. She thinks it’s not right for Ji Sun to leave her family behind. Seung Soo and Eun Hee defend Ji Sun that it’s the right choice. Seung Soo then hands an envelope; pleads her to accept his small token of sincerity. Jang Woo gives his aunt a beautiful bouquet of flower, she can’t take it on-board so she just smells the flowers and thanks his cute nephew. She threatens Seung Soo for not cheating while she’s gone. He tells her he’s a new person now, he then wraps his hand around his wife’s neck. =)

Eun Hee bashfully greets Ji Hye who just joins them. As does Jang Soo’s father.

Jang Soo tells Ji Sun to hurry up, as she’s late. They say their final greeting, wishing her luck for her one year training.

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Min Jung is now working at Ye Seol’s cafe, upset that she came into a wrong household. Upset that she couldn’t even come to the airport to say goodbye to her mother.

Eun Hee is taking care Ji Sun’s children. And is back doing housewife duties.

At the airport, Pil Ho is trying to call Eun Hee. But because she’s out doing grocery shopping, Jang Woo picks up the phone. At the same time, Jang Soo is talking to his friend, asking his favor to help him to score a job interview. Jang Woo asks Pil Ho to tell the message to him and he’ll pass it on to his mother. Pil Ho hears the announcement that his flight is boarding soon. Jang Woo jots down the message.

Eun Hee arrives home, her husband is sleeping on the couch, her son is sleeping in the dinner table. Seung Soo still hasn’t changed, he’s still a lazy layabout husband. She wakes up Jang Woo who tells her about Pil Ho’s message. She tucks Jang Woo in his bed; then cleans up the messy apartment.

After everything is well taken care of, she quietly reads his touching farewell message:

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“I am leaving for San Francisco, I didn’t lie when I told you I liked you; I was never toying with you. From all the people I’ve known, you’re the sweetest, prettiest, kindest. This is the reason why I really liked you. But I realize I can only keep you inside my heart, I’m leaving alone. Please keep your sweetness and kindness, please don’t ever change.”

Pil Ho stands outside the immigration area, he turns around, expecting someone to call him or to greet him. Sadly, nobody comes, so he walks into the immigration area, to board his plane.

Eun Hee tears the paper, folds it into a cute shape. She quietly enters her bedroom, opens her secret box and put that message inside that box. She almost drops it, almost wakes up her husband who then talks in his sleep, saying that she will not have another chance, to someone. She looks at her husband, annoyed, but then smiles as she probably thinks about pil Ho.

One year later…

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People queue up for Ji Hye’s fan signing event. She just published her first book “Goddess of Marriage”. She kindly thanks everyone who bought her book and came to this signing event.


Then, she hears a familiar voice… asking her to sign the book for him.

It’s Tae Wook!

Tae Wook asks about the book, Ji Hye explains is about 4 married women, which woman has the best marriage and who’s the Goddess of Marriage. It’s a process of women answering questions about marriage, it’s ironic that she was able to write kind of of book, considering the horrid marriage experience she had.

She’s wondering where did he find out about the fan signing, he mentions he had someone following her. He knows that she still met a new man. Ji Hye asks if he has a new woman, he says he’s not, jokingly mentions because Ji Hye also hasn’t got one.

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He admits he’s going to a blind date, because his parents asked him to do it. But  he doesn’t like the woman who plays flute. He finds it flute sound is annoying. But truthfully, he still holds on to the hope that Ji Hye will come back to him, and he still has feeling for her. After their divorce, he realized how foolish he was. But he doesn’t have the courage to ask Ji Hye again.

He congratulates her for her book and for selling lots of books, he knew she would make it. He also wants her to congratulate him, he’s now working as a Director at his father’s company. He quit his prosecutor job. He thought Ji Hye would detest him and disappointed that he now became the third generation’s chaebol. He’s envy Ji Hye who has successfully become an author. Ji Hye tells him he’s one of the coolest man she knew. It was her who was insufficient for him.

He wants to take author Ji Hye for dinner tonight, but Ji Hye is flying to Jejudo. She wants to rest after successfully publishing her book and she also wants to celebrate her best friend’s daughter first birthday.

Tae Wook gives an envelope to Ji Hye, it’s for Yeon Soo’s daughter’s birthday gift; explaining that because he only found out today, hence, he didn’t have any time to prepare the present.

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He needs to go now, he’s already late for his meeting because he was too mesmerized looking at Ji Hye’s pretty face. Farewell, Ji Hye, Farewell… They shake hands, then part ways. Before he leaves, he silently takes a glance to Ji Hye, then he closes his eyes, symbolizing he has reluctantly closed this chapter.


Hyun Woo arrives from Rome, a young woman (Na Yeong) picks him up at the airport.

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The witch is causing another ruckus, she’s been released by sick bail. She is truly a drama queen, exaggerating her illness, while Man Ho looks at her in dismay expression. He asks her to stop acting because all the reporters have left. He throws a pillow to his wife. A very childish Lee Jeong Sook, Madame of Shin Young Group. *After 36 episodes, I finally found out her name 😀 But I still prefer to call her the witch ㅋㅋㅋ*

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Tae Jin complains to Hye Jung that they granted a bail for his mother who was putting on a show; Hye Jung tells him that everyone in the whole country know that she’s faking it. But people let it slide because they have money. She hands him Ji Hye’s book which she found entertaining; asking her husband to read it.

Hye Jung takes a glance at the plank outside the Seoul Detention Centre: “If You have a dream, you can begin again”

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While driving her car, Ji Hye’s phone rings. It’s none other than the witch, who’s calling her while holding her new book. Ji Hye initially doesn’t recognize the voice, but her face expression changes as soon as she realizes it’s her ex-mother-in-law.

She threatens she won’t leave Ji Hye alone, who made her son a divorcee while she was behind bars. She also hates her new crappy book. She warns Ji Hye that if there’s one line about them (Kang’s Family), she’ll going to talk to her lawyer and sue her. She’ll make sure Ji Hye will rot in jail.

Ji Hye panickly hangs up.



But she’s no longer the weak Ji Hye. She stops the car, then, throws her mobile phone to the river! Symbolizing the end of her turmoil relationship with her ex-mother-in-law. Ji Hye has been reborn as a feisty woman.

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Na Yeong shows Hyun Woo Jeong Neyong Architecture’s library which is full of books and newspapers. Hyun Woo looks around then randomly picks an old newspaper. He’s shocked to see Ji Hye’s picture (the one when she fainted due to overdose and the media exaggerated it by saying she attempted suicide by poision). This newspaper also has news of her divorce.

He calls Ji Hye’s old workplace (radio broadcasting station), trying to get Ji Hye’s contact number. Her ex-work mate tells him she just called her number last week when her book was out. But she’s no longer contactable now. Hyun Woo gives his new phone number to her, as he has just recently changed his number; asking her to give it to Ji Hye in case she calls.

He tries to contact her publisher, who also tells him the same thing, Ji Hye is uncontactable.

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He goes to the rooftop, looking afar, thinking. Remember all his conversation about him wanting to hold on to Ji Hye. And when Ji Hye tried to run away from him, begged him to let her go. They’re just two people who met on a vacation before her marriage. Nothing else, nothing more.

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Later that night in Jejudo, Ji Hye joins Dae Hyun and Yeon Soo celebrating their daughter Tae Sook first birthday. Proud dad Dae Hyun who believed all along that a rocker should never had children, realized after Tae Sook was born that his life has been changed and upgraded. He proceeds to sing his OST, Always (rock version), while his wife looks at him proudly. He then sings another sweet ballad song dedicated to his daughter, but unable to contain his excitement, he sings in a loud voice (almost screaming), making his daughter upset and cries. So Yeon Soo takes Tae Sook back to the house, Ji Hye follows her.


The next morning, Yeon Soo drops Ji Hye in the same place where she dropped her off on episode 1. On the way, she mentions that marriage is amusing, sometimes she wonders how can she lives with the same person for 30 – 40 years. But as she lives on, time disappears. She’s been married for almost 10 years now, she originally thought they’d got bored and wanted to break up. But now, especially as they have a daughter, new emotions arise whenever she look at her daughter, that’s why they keep living on and on.

She asks if Ji Hye is doing well; in which she replies she’s ok. Yeon Soo is wondering if Ji Hye will have another weird thoughts when she’s walking the same Ole Road (alley way). Ji Hye tells her best friend she wants to re-organize her life and thoughts. Yeon Soo advises her to live roughly, not to think it too thoroughly.

She then drops her best friend off, asking her to contact her if anything happens.

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Ji Hye smiles as her best friend’s car drives away from her. Then she confidently steps into the alley.

Glowing Se Kyung who just returned from Paris happily calls Hyun Woo’s mother. She met with Hyun Woo few times in Italy, everything was well taken care of. She knew Hyun Woo was back last week. She also knew that he’s moving to another architecture company; but at the moment, he’s in… Jejudo…

Se Kyung announces to Hyun Woo’s mother that she’s getting married, she’s already introduces him to Hyun Woo.

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Se Kyung’s new man is a very special guy. Se Kyung’s mum is going crazy with Se Kyung’s choice. Huahahahaha…

Se Kyung’s mom tells her that a change is good, there’s no point holding on to Hyun Woo. Se Kyung promises to take care Hyun Woo’s mother as her mother-in-law forever. She is grateful but truly apologetic to her.

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But Se Kyung’s mother who’s not happy with Se Kyun’s newest man, she reprimands her again. No man is good enough for her.

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In the taxi, Hyun Woo listens to story about marriage.

Cue to Ji Hye arrives in front of Lee Jong Seob’s tiny house. She looks inside the tiny cramped house, as Hyun Woo narrates:

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“Have you been well? Thoughts about you fill my heart. If things aren’t going well, don’t be too troubled. I hope your beautiful spirit is untroubled. While working all day, all I’m thinking of is how I can make you happy. I miss you, and I want to kiss you for a long time. You’re the angel who only belongs to me. I send you lots of long kisses, please receive them warmly and happily.”

Ji Hye smiles then leaves Lee Jong Seob’s house.

Hyun Woo slowly walks towards Lee Jong Seob’s house as well. But Ji Hye has already left when he arrives there. He looks inside the tiny house as Ji Hye narrates:

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“Because I felt your wholehearted love, my heart was filled with joy. Stupid me, now after I came to break up like that, I didn’t realize how much I needed your love and how much I loved you with every fiber of my being. I am truly grateful for the pictures you sent. I really like your handsome lips, but what’s with the gaunt cheeks? What’s the matter? How is the food over there?”

Ji Hye walks in the gorgeous beach, the place where she was supposed to meet Hyun Woo on episode 1. She glances towards the ocean, as she smiles and enjoys the blowing winds.

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Coincidentally, Hyun Woo also walks in the same spot, he arrives after Ji Hye left. He looks at the ocean, gathering his thoughts.

Ji Hye is cheerfully walking in the alley way, enjoying the scenery and the fresh air. From different direction, Hyun Woo walks towards the same alley. Finally, Ji Hye and Hyun Woo’s fateful reunion!

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It’s such a meaningful reunion. Both of them are speechless, then asks the same question at the same time, why and how they are here.

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Ji Hye asks if Hyun Woo’s doing well. He mentions yes, Ji Hye tells him she had a bit of trouble, in which Hyun Woo tells her he knows. He asks if that’s the reason why she’s here, Ji Hye tells him yes, she’s here to think where should her life go. Hyun Woo is also here because of the exact same reason! It’s nice that they think alike, they’re trully soulmates. Hyun Woo invites her to walk together, as they know where they’re going. Their souls connect, they are going back to that small motel 😀

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Eun Hee calls Ji Sun, asking if she received her kimchi. Seung Soo is bragging his other foreign language skills, now he’s speaking in Chinese. She asks him to tone down his voice as she’s talking with Ji Sun, but he cannot as he’s currently talking with Peking cable TV news!

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In Jejudo, Hyun Woo and Ji Hye are walking together. Then Hyun Woo turns back, stretches his hand out to Ji Hye. He gently and sweetly looks at her, grabs and tightly holds her hand. He invites her to go with him.

Brief Comment

—-First of all, huge thanks to The Goddesses Team on Viki who has been subbing this drama. Because of their amazing effort & hard work, we’re able to enjoy Goddess of Marriage. They’re the best!

And for everyone who has been following my recaps, thank you so much. GoM was the first drama that I recapped until the end, it wasn’t perfect, it needed lots of improvement; but I’m very happy to share this journey with you =) —–

Yay for open-ending! Honestly, I wasn’t too invested in Hyun Woo-Ji Hye loveline, because the writer has failed to develop it. Except the beautiful passionate one day romance on episode 1, we haven’t seen their romance blossoming throughout the series. So, the open ending is a refreshing ending, a simple handhold which signifies the simplicity and purity of their love. They are reunited in the same place where they first met; they walked through the same paths as they first did back on episode 1; but this time, they will return back from Jejudo together. Ji Hye is a single woman now, and Hyun Woo is ready to accept and love her wholeheartedly. Their journey has just began, and the writer doesn’t need to write a story about their love. After everything Hyun Woo and Ji Hye went through, they’ll approach their relationship with pure heart and Ji Hye will become the Goddess of Marriage.

This episode was a bit like a filler than an exhilarating packed final episode; but we all know that the writer has lost it since few episodes ago. There were many unnecessary moments such as playing 2 full songs, wasting 7 precious minutes. Although I have to admit that I love Park Wan Gyu‘s voice.  And I don’t understand the hilarity / point behind the marriage jokes which that presenters talked about.

But I’m glad Ji Sun finally got a moment to shine. Although they’re reluctant, but her family and in-laws let her to follow her dream. Somehow I really wanted the writer to show how the family cope without Ji Sun; which probably would be chaotic as Jang Soo would allow his children to do whatever they want to do without any strict rules.

Eun Hee chose to get back to her cheating husband, who proved that he hasn’t changed. It’s disappointing but I’m sure Eun Hee is a very different woman now. Pil Ho has lifted her spirited up, he has treasured and acknowledged her worth as a woman; not as Seung Soo’s husband or Jang Woo’s mother. Eun Hee knows it well now. She’s a stronger woman, and she won’t be beaten up by her husband again. I know someone whose husband cheated on her for years;  but he came back to her on his deathbed. She gladly accepted him back, took a good care of him until he left this world. It wasn’t easy for her and people around her were questioning her decision; but she chose that choice herself and didn’t have any regret.

Every women in this drama made their own choices – Hye Jung and Eun Hee chose to forgive their husbands and returned to their family; Ji Sun chose to follow her dream, and Ji Hye chose to follow her heart. They took the consequences of the choices they made; and they’re happy with their choices.

This drama definitely has lots of flaws; but it teaches us the harsh reality of marriage. No marriage is perfect but as long as we are content with whatever choices we decide to make, we will find that our marriage / relationship is worth fighting for. We will find people (our partner, our children, our parents, our parents-in-law) who we love is worth fighting for. But if it’s not meant to be, we’ll know that it’s better to let them go rather than restraining them into the kind of relationship that will end sooner or later.

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