Goddess of Marriage Episode 4 Recap


Ji Hye and Hyun Woo coincidentally meet at the book store, so they decide to have a cup of tea together.


Hyun Woo mentions that he tried to contact her; in which Ji Hye tells him that she received the message. But there’s no reason for her to call him back; she has no reason to keep in touch with him and she doesn’t understand why he contacted her.

Hyun Woo honestly tells her that he wants to see her again, at least once.

He is aware that she’s a writer and he praises her program, saying it’s beautiful and warm, just like Ji Hye’s personality.

Ji Hye explains that in this world, many things may signify something; but all these things may not signify the same thing. She is a writer and if she was to write those kind of words, then she would have to sell everything she owns (her experience, her feeling, everyone she’s met, etc – these all have meanings and valuable for her, so she can’t bluntly write her personal stories on her program). Although in the end writing those words are great experience for her.

Hyun Woo notices the 180deg personality difference between Ji Hye while she was in Jejudo and the real Ji Hye who he’s talking with, now.

Ji Hye states that he saw things incorrectly, but Hyun Woo doesn’t believe so.  But then he says that he understand everything she said.

He honestly tells her that when he saw her earlier, his heart beat really fast, he couldn’t believe that a wonderful coincidence like this could happen in his life. He was really grateful to the Heavens. He apologizes to her of the things that happened in Jejudo.

But Ji Hye tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize, as she’s not a naive kid who thought of relinquishing responsibility to a guy. However, she’s not that giving either.

Hyun Woo asks her to stop discussing about this matter and keeps saying that he understands her. Ji Hye notices that he’s getting mad; but then she drops the bomb; he’s the one who broke his promise first! He didn’t come to meet her at that promised location in Jejudo.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc4 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc3

Tae Wook is visiting his soon-to-be-sis-in-law (Ji Sun)’s house. The boys are not at home; and he tells Ji Sun that Ji Hye’s currently at the bookstore looking for a book for her research and she’ll come home as soon as she finishes.

Ji Sun wants to have a heart-to-heart talk with Tae Wook before Ji Hye arrives.

She bluntly asks him if he knows he’s a jerk, in which he agrees with her. She explains that he hurt Ji Hye’s pride with the money that he gave her. He is aware of this and he apologizes to her. She mentions that Ji Hye is unlike other women who will be happy to meet such a great rich man like Tae Wook and if she’s like them, then they would never have to deal with this pride issue. She advises that if he still decides to marry her, then he needs to be really cautious and careful.

She tells him that Ji Hye is very sensitive and easily breakable, like an egg. She asks what will he do after they get married if she gets broken every day and the sharp edges poke him? Will he be able to handle it?

He’s very confident he’ll be able to handle her. He knows Ji Hye much better after this incident. Ji Sun warns him that she hasn’t seen any self-confident man who’s 100% credible to put his words into action. But she still believes in Tae Wook.

Now, the discussion moves on to money. She agrees to accept half the money. 50/50 means that they will be able to do things that they normally can’t do / buy; and his family would go easy on Ji Hye although she’s lacking.

Tae Wook understands with her proposition; and the money discussion ends here.

Ji Sun now asks Tae Wook to buy flour; and on the way, he must announce to Ji Sun’s neighbors that he’s a son of a rich family. He’s currently proposing Ji Hye’s sister who has raised Ji Hye in the last 20 years like her mom; and this person asked him on an errand to buy flour for dough balls soup.

If the neighbors ask why he’s doing this kind of errand; he must tell them that it’s because he really loves Ji Hye.

He’s such a great man as he’s happy to do whatever she asks him to do; and he even offers to buy zucchini too.


At Eun Hee and Seung Soo’s house, Seung Soo is in high spirit, like he’s ready to go on a date. Meanwhile, Eun Hee looks at him suspiciously and asks where he’s going. She tells him that they’re a couple and should not have any secrets between them. He tells him that she doesn’t need to know, today is Sunday, so it’s his rest day and he wants to rest alone.

She bluntly asks if he’s cheating on her. As on the night of their wedding anniversary, she saw Cynthia at that Chinese restaurant. She’s asking him if he’s cheating on her. She wants to know the truth between their relationship, and the reason why he stroke her hair in front of the restroom that day.

But he asks her to stay still and just be quiet if she doesn’t know English. They’re just working that day. He blames Eun Hee who always goofing around at home so they have nothing to talk about. But he has lots of things that he can discuss with Cynthia, current political issues, work, etc.

He cheerfully leaves the house and politely greets his neighbor. But then, trouble comes. His older brother, Jang Soo (Ji Sun’s husband), Jang Soo’s son and his son are coming home from the bathhouse. He tells them that he can’t go to public bathhouse, he’s someone who works in television so people know him. But Jang Soo doesn’t buy this excuse, how can he calls himself a dad if he can’t even take his son to the bathhouse.

Seung Soo is enjoying his Sunday to the fullest; and he calls Cynthia to ask when’s her husband is going back to US.

Meanwhile, Eun Hee is at her mom-in-law’s house, cleaning her bathroom. Her mom-in-law is complaining that Ji Sun rarely comes; Eun Hee tells her that a guy who’s going to marry Ji Hye would come to Ji Sun’s house so she’s preparing meals for him.

Ji Hye found out the reason why Hyun Woo broke his promise in Jejudo. He’s had an emergency work in Seoul so he had to go back. And he missed his flight back to Jejudo. He didn’t call her because at that time he didn’t know whether she would be show up or not.

But now after they’ve met again, he finally knows her feelings and he promises that he won’t lose her again. He will keep in touch with her.

At Ji Sun’s house, they are enjoying their dinner and Min Jung is asking Tae Wook to introduce him to a rich guy who makes a lot of money like him.

Ji Hye arrives home. When she sees Tae Wook there, with expressionless face, she just asks “oh you came”.

This doesn’t sit well with Min Jung and she’s wondering why unattractive woman like Aunt Ji Hye could make Tae Wook falls in love with her.

At Tae Wook’s home, Mom is trying to convince Dad to let Tae Jin runs the election. But he believes that once a businessman enters politic, he will just use the family’s money and ruin everything. Anyway, there wasn’t anything that Tae Jin was good at, and he still won’t allow it. He asks Mom that he won’t talk about this again.

Then, mom stands up and asks for a divorce. She’ll take Tae Jin with her. Dad is amazed at her courage, then asks her if that’s the best thing she can do to resolve this situation.

On the other hand, Hye Jung makes up her mind and tells her husband that she won’t do the program. It’s been 7 years since she did any reporting job and it’s nerve-racking for her. Tae Jin tells her that she only needs to answer the questions, she’s not the one who’ll do the reporting.

She asks why he asked her to do this kind of thing. But he tells her that “this kind of ting” was her job until she married him. She’s the only one who can help him. He brings up the Jacqueline – Kennedy reference, that Jacqueline was an announcer (reporter) before she met Kennedy. And he will make her the next Jacqueline Kennedy; she just needs to make him Kennedy first.

But no, Hye Jung insists that she doesn’t want to do it. She doesn’t want to remind people that she used to be an announcer. He’s wondering why she really hates to be on television again. He asks if she still remembers the first time they met. She was interviewing him and when she touched the “marriage” topic, he asked her to change the subject as his own mother has already haunted her about this.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc6 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc7

After the interview finished, Tae Jin approached her and asked if he’s dating someone. Obviously not, as now she’s married with Tae Jin.


Tae Jin’s mom is also asking Hye Jung to help her husband. She mentions women who bared their naked body to “help” their husbands to gain higher position in politic. It’s not too hard to appear on television, isn’t it. Mom will try to convince Dad again.

Break time and as everyone’s going for a break, Hye Jung stays silent. Teacher Nam cheers her up and tells her to be strong.

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Later that night, Hye Jung finally takes up her courage and calls the broadcasting station. Not a warm reception as the producer is already upset that she’s been rejecting their calls and now as her husband wants to enter political world, then she agrees.

She demands several things, like the interview should be short & simple, the interview must be done outside of her house, etc. But the producer knows that it’s her husband’s demands. She promised that they won’t discuss anything about her married life and they haven’t talked about her in the last 7 years anyway.


It’s a short workday, Ji Hye and her work colleague happily leave work early. Ji Hye plans to walk to enjoy the beautiful weather so she leaves her car at work. But outside her work building, Hyun Woo is already waiting for her. Firstly she hesitates, but then she joins Hyun Woo for a nice walk.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc12 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc14

Hyun Woo starts to tell her about his family; his father who passed away when he was 8 years old. It was such a traumatic moment for him; especially during his father’s funeral.  He currently lives with his mother who works as a registered nurse.

Ji Hye then tells him about her family; that her mom passed away when she was a little girl. She still remember everything about that fateful day. She actually still remembers things that happened when she was only 1 year old. That’s her problem, she remembers way too many things. Her father is a farmer. Her older sister Ji Sun raised her like her own mother.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc16 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc15

Hyun Woo invites her for dinner before they leave.  She hesitates. She wants to say something to him, but he proposes that they should start over. Just forget everything that happened in Jejudo and think that they met for the first time today. Ji Hye doesn’t say anything and stay silent.

Ji Hye arrives home and is surprised to see her friend Yeon Seo there. Yeon Seo is shocked that Ji Hye’s marrying Tae Wook; apparently her youngest niece couldn’t keep any secret and told everything to Yeon Seo.

Yeon Seo is in Seoul to look for her husband, he hasn’t returned to Jejudo. But it’s not a big issue for Yeon Seo, she believes her husband is enjoying his moments with this friends somewhere in Seoul.

She’s concerned about Ji Hye; as she had previously told her that she’s not interested in Tae Wook. So why she’s marrying him then. She wants to know when she changed her mind.

She tells her that although they’ve known each other for 3 years, but they dated only for like 1 year. Tae Wook was the one who kept chasing her and she finally gave in.

However, she doesn’t think that she loves Tae Wook. Yeon Seo is confused; then she asks if Ji Hye loves someone else.


In the hospital, Hyun Woo’s mom finishes her shift, Hyun Woo picks her and they go leave holding each other’s hand.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc18 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc19

On the way home, Mom notices Hyun Woo’s happy mood. So she asks if he just came back from a date. She begins asking what kind of woman she is who can make his son blushing like that.

Meanwhile, Ji Hye finally tells Yeon Seo about Hyun Woo and that they slept together.

Yeon Seo is berserk that her engaged best friend slept with another man. Ji Hye tells her that Yeon Seo did the same thing with Dae Han when they first met. But of course it was a very different thing. She slept with him as they were passionate young couple; but Ji Hye is an engaged woman, she’s going to marry her fiance soon.

Ji Hye tells her that she basically has to choose between a guy that she’s known for 3 years -v- a guy who she’s only known for 3 days. It’s confusing.


Yeon Seo tells her that that’s the dilemma of a soon-to-be-bride. Sometimes they are wondering if this man is the right one for them. But, they must stay committed to the guis guy. Overall, a guy who she’s known for 3 years is better than a guy who she met in a dirt road.

But Ji Hye tells her that she really connected with him; like they’ve known each other for a long time; even before they exist, it feels like they’ve already destined to meet. Like a soulmate.

Yeon Seo sees Ji Hye’s book “Etiquette for newly-weds”, she’s skeptical about this book. Nobody can learn about marriage from a book. This may be the reason why Ji Hye keeps thinking and doing nonsense things; maybe she’s over-stressed with her upcoming marriage.

Ji Sun is busily preparing for Ji Hye’s wedding; now she’s organizing the blanket for her. It’s a very high quality blanket that needs to be beaten by hand. so it’ll be very lightweight, soft and smooth. All details must be done by hands, the silks must be very high quality. The whole bedding set is very expensive and this special made-to-order bedding set is very popular for people who are marrying into a Gangnam family.


While she’s busy complaining about this expensive bedding set, her Vice President walks pass her. She’s in trouble.


Another gloomy day for her work colleagues as Ji Sun is looking really disconsolate. Then she remembers her husband’s advice to win over her boss. If she can’t do that, then, it’s much better for her to stay at home.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc24 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc25

No, obviously, she can’t stay home so she begins imagining all the possible scenarios to win over her Vice President. Like carrying his heavy golf equipment, hiking together with him; etc.

Her imagination stops there, as Vice President is now standing in front of her while she’s winking his left eye to him. Huahaha.  Her mobile phone rings; but she rejects the call. But the caller is very persistent as she calls Ji Sun’s work phone and leaves message to her work colleague who promptly tell the message to everyone, including the Vice President.

Vice President observes that she’s really busy preparing for her sister’s marriage, during office hours. So, it’s done deal for him; he’s going to report her to the President & Human Resource and she’ll receive disciplinary action. He’ll also sue her as she sexually harassed him by winking to him, following him around and touching his hands.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc28 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc30

Meanwhile, Ji Hye explains that it’s hard for her to have the same feeling with him. And she can’t think seriously about him; he’s just someone who she met during her vacation, so developing feelings above that is burdensome for her. She asks him to think that all those were mistakes, that both of them made mistakes.

Hyun Woo can’t buy this excuse, it doesn’t make sense.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc29 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc31

Ji Hye apologizes that she has to go preparing for her program, so she ends the discussion and tells him to live well from now on.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc32 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc33

Meanwhile, Seung Soo is packing for a very special trip to Busan, they’re going to shoot a special episode to celebrate 20th Birthday of Korean TV.

She wants to come along with their son; enjoying sashimi and beach in Busan. But no, Seung Soo doesn’t want her to go with him. Eun Hee is suspicious and she looks at all the underwear he packed.

All is packed and he’s ready to leave for a 3days trip. He’s wary that she’ll be following him to Busan, but she tells him that of course she won’t follow him. Seung Soo asks her to lock the door well and stay with their son.

Eun Hee is thinking hard and she has an idea. She asks Seung Soo to drop her at the market. But she’s not going to any market, she’s following her husband to Busan. She’s taking the same high speed train with her husband, Cynthia and the news’ team.

Meanwhile, Jang Woo stays with his aunt, Ji Sun.

Ji Sun is discussing about Ji Hye’s wedding gifts and Ji Hye tells her just do things as she think appropriate. Like she doesn’t care about anything about her marriage anymore Ji Hye then bluntly tells her sister that she doesn’t want to get married, she’ll just tell Tae Wook that she can’t get married.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc34 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc35

Next day, Ji Hye and Tae Wook meet with Tae Wook’s mom. She tells Ji Hye that she doesn’t need to bring any wedding gifts and marital trousseau. They can just simply get golden ring and wear it. Tae Wook tries to interrupt, but Mom asks Hye Jung to take him out. It’s women’s talk so he doesn’t need to be here.

Mom can prepare the diamond ring and Ji Hye is free to ask anything she wants (car, purse, anything).

Ji Hye wants to bring gifts for the elders; but Mom tells her that their family doesn’t exchange gifts during their sons’ marriage. Hye Jung looks at mom-in-law coldly.

Ji Hye just needs to bring her body. Extravagant gifts are not needed.

She abruptly ends the discussion and opens the birthday gift from Ji Hye. She looks at it quickly and tells her that it’s pretty.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc36 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc37

Ji Hye is really upset and she hurriedly leaves the house. Tae Wook’s mom has deeply hurt her pride. She tells Tae Wook that he has killed her twice.

Mom asks Hye Jung to check with few people who’ve been assigned to prepare for the wedding gifts and marital trousseau. Mom won’t allow Ji Hye to prepare these kind of things at her level. She’s not good enough for this family.

Ji Hye ignores Tae Wook’s calls. While she’s waiting for the traffic light, she laugh & cries as she remembers all the sweet memories she had with Hyun Woo in Jejudo.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc39 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc38

Ji Hye had a suffocating dream, so she calls Hyun Woo in the  middle of the night (2.30AM) and invites him to  meet her.

Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc40 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc41 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc44 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc42 Goddess_of_marriage_ep4_bc43

In an empty road, she parks her car. They stare at each other, then Ji Hye runs to him and hugs him tightly. She begins to cry and Hyun Woo gives her a reassuring hugs.

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