Goddess of Marriage Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 Recap

After embracing Ji Hye’s teary hugs in the middle of the night, Hyun Woo is taking Ji Hye for a very early morning walk. Ji Hye confesses her prejudice over men regardless of their races, colors, etc. She believes that guys were the worst among people. They don’t exchange their feelings with others nor they try to find out what others feel like; they only do the things they like. She initially thought men were cold, naive and selfish. But she believes her father is not this kind of men, she really respects and love him.

She asks Hyun Woo if she’s a bizarre woman or a woman who looks really easy to get to, in which Hyun Woo replies no to both questions.

Ji Hye then talks about novelist Leo Tolstoy and his famous piece of work, Anna Karenina. When reading this novel, she’s amazed that Leo could described women’s feeling so well. That’s why she really admires Tolstoy and she’s wondering if she could become such a great writer like him.

But it seems like Hyun Woo is not listening to her; as he suddenly grabs her and kisses her. Surprised, Ji Hye flinches to gather her thought. Then, she looks him in the eyes, and kiss him back, passionately.

Meanwhile, Tae Wook who looks like he didn’t get any sleep last night, is perplexed that Ji Hye still hasn’t replied his call. He grabs his mobile phone and leaves the house in the early morning.

After long steamy kisses in the gorgeous riverside, Ji Hye finally confesses to Hyun Woo that she has a fiance.

Breakfast time at Ji Sun’s house. Ji Sun calls her husband, her 3 kids and her nephew, and Jang Soo looks pretty upset that his own wife calls him by his name; worse, she calls him last.

The girls have already started fighting, Min Jung is taking her Min Joo’s pencil case. And she makes her cry by telling her that she should never be born.

Jang Soo seems like he doesn’t care about the chaos in his home, and he blames Suk Jin for acting the same way as their daughters. Anyway, Ji Hye arrives home and in a pretty bad mood. Jang Soo asks her where did she go and satisfies with her answer (that she stepped outside for a bit). But her sister can’t buy her answer. Ji Hye tells her that she’s going to rest and ignores her sister’s question if she’s going to work today.

Ji Sun is taking the kids to school and Min Jung is wondering if Aunt Ji Hye is cheating on her fiance. She’s asking why a woman who’s going to marry was out until early morning pretending that she took a morning walk. But she understands that many women would be unsettled before their big day, so probably her Aunt is experiencing the same thing. Her mom asks why Ji Hye would be unsettled, in which Min Jung tells mom that it’s because Aunt Ji Hye doesn’t love Tae Wook.

Min Jung raises up a great point, that marriage isn’t only for those who are in love. Marriage is a reality.

Anyway, Min Joo is still upset that Min Jung took her pencil case and asks her to give it back to her.

Mom is curious why her son Jeong Woo is really quiet. He wears a mask and pretends that he got a cold.

Jang Woo, Eun Hee’s son is sitting uncomfortably in the middle, in the back seat. Suk Jin tells him to be comfortable, but it’s hard when Min Joo keeps fighting with her sister who’s sitting in the front seat. Mom is trying who separate her girls and can’t concentrate on her driving anymore, that’s until she almost runs through a red light and almost hit the pedestrians.

Jang Woo is wondering when mom will be back.

Mom is currently still very busy, taking care of her own business in a seafood market in Busan. She peeks around while her husband and Cynthia are doing their preparation; and when Seung Soo feels like he sees someone who looks familiar, Eun Hee quietly leaves.

Eun Hee has been in the market for 2 hours, she keeps coming back to the same seller, repeatedly asking the same thing, much to the dismay of the seller. Eun Hee finally buys the fish to prevent the seller to tell everyone about her “weird” behavior.

When Seung Soo is filming in this market, Eun Hee is looking at him proudly.

Seung Soo, Cynthia and the crew are enjoying lunch in the restaurant. Seung Soo keeps flirting but Cynthia doesn’t want anyone to know about their secret relationship, so she asks him to keep his hands off from her.

One ahjumma quietly enters the restaurant and sits on the table behind Seung Soo. He accidentally jostles his elbow to her. He keeps apologizing, and the ahjumma with a heavy accent tells him she’s okay. Of course he doesn’t realize that this ahjumma is his own wife.

Seung Soo and the rest of casts & crew leave the market. And poor Eun Hee is running, chasing the bus; she almost causes big accident.

Meanwhile, Ji Sun is having another crazy day at work (Btw I love her pink shoes :D).

She asks the guy with a mustache from a hardware supplies to sprint over as soon as he can. As she’s murmuring and talking about mustache, suddenly, she thinks of something and drives as quickly as she can to her son’s school.

At school, Jeong Woo is proudly “showcasing” his mustache masterpiece to his friends. He’s going to audition for an agency today. But no, he won’t! As his mom is now here, and she shaves his mustache right in front of his classmates.

Meanwhile, Tae Wook still hasn’t been able to get in touch with Ji Hye. He reminisce his first meeting with writer Song Ji Hye. The time when he confidently came to her office alone and boldly asked to date her.

When asked why he wanted to date her, Tae Wook replied that he liked her from the first time he saw her (he first saw her at the broadcasting & prosecutors party held one year before). He explained that he wanted to ask her out from the day they’ve met but because he just became a prosecutor, hence, he’s too busy and he believed he wouldn’t be able to treat her well because he’s really busy. That’s why it took him one year to ask her out.

Ji Hye asked why would happen if she dated other man during those one year. In which Tae Wook confidently told her that it won’t happen since they’re each other’s fate.

He had scientific proof that they’re each other’s fate. For example, Ji Hye wore the same clothes as the first time he saw her. A woman who does all the buttons even on such a hot day doesn’t date just any man. Although there would be men who would date her, but Tae Wook was confident that she would protect herself well and resist the temptation.

Tae Wook is still in the flashback mode. He remembers the time when Ji Hye told him that she didn’t think she loves him, hence she couldn’t marry him. But Tae Wook told her that it’s okay as there’s no need for both of them to be in love. It made sense for him as there’s a couple in his circle of friends who’ve been  in love for 10 years. Their families opposed their marriage so this couple made threats that the girl would eat poison and the guy would jump off the roof. In the end, their love melted their families’ heart and they got married. But their marriage failed in just one year, they told others that because their hearts changed. They didn’t know that their other half was a person like that.

Tae Wook told her that love is only something as worthless & vain as that should only be done by one person. If both people go crazy, then their relationship / marriage will end up in ruins.

Ji Hye then asked him why he did something as worthless and vain like this to her. He told her it’s because she didn’t love him and that he’s confident that he wouldn’t change.

This made Ji Hye’s really upset and angry; and brought up her prejudice about men. That Tae Wook only did things as he liked, he controlled others and thought nothing about others.

But Tae Wook bluntly told her that she’s a stiff woman who lacks sense and acted as if she’s good at anything. But Tae Wook would accept her unconditionally, only if she accepted him too.

He then changed the subject and started praising her beauty. Not aware about Ji Hye’s personal feeling at all.

Tae Wook finally wakes up from all his memories when his driver knocks his car’s window.

At his home, his sister-in-law is nowhere to be seen and his mom is having a very heated argument with his dad.

Mom is still going to support Tae Jin entering the political world. Dad tells mom that she doesn’t know anything about this world and he won’t gain anything from it. But Mom cries her heart out and started to bring up the past. That she gave birth to Tae Jin alone while her husband was busy building condo and stayed overseas for one whole year. But Dad lashes back. Mom stayed in a VIP room, 3 months before giving birth, craved for fruits that weren’t available in Korea; although her husband was overseas, but he did everything he could to ensure Mom received the most luxurious care.

We can see his blood boils as Mom keeps pressuring him to give Tae Jin a chance and that he’s going to have his interview today.

Meanwhile, Hye Jung, the most obedient wife is getting ready for her first exclusive interview after her marriage. They interview her while she’s doing her groceries and she’s a very eloquent elegant woman. Then after she finishes her grocery shopping, they move to another place. The interviewer asks if she has any thought to return to the broadcasting world, in which Hye Jung answers she doesn’t. As she’s currently very satisfied with her life, living as a wife, mother, daughter-in-law is very precious for her. She doesn’t miss her old life. Her daughters only know her as someone who does laundry & housework.

Her husband Tae Jin arrives and joins the interview. Hye Jung awkwardly welcomes him and Tae Jin also awkwardly hugs her.

The interviewer asks him about his upcoming plan to enter the political world and he tells her that Hye Jung scolded him as she doesn’t want him to go into politic. He tells her that he’s helplessly living under her. She threw a pillow to him when he told her that she really want to do this.

Tae Jin then shows off their daughters pictures; Yoo Ri – 7yo and Yoo Jin – 5yo.

The interview finishes. Hye Jung is not happy that Tae Jin shows their children’s pictures to the public. Moreover, she’s upset that Tae Jin made up stories during the interview. She never threw pillows to him. He’s not helplessly living under her either. Tae Jin teases her that she still has a great sense and she should start working in the broadcasting world again.

Tae Wook has lost his patience and he leaves a voice msg for Ji Hye to call him back (hopefully as soon as she can). He’ll wait for her.

Ji Hye still can’t make up her mind and is still resting restlessly at home.

Earlier that day, Ji Hye confessed to Hyun Woo that she’s engaged to a man, but there’s a very huge gap between their personalities & their families. Ji Hye told him that they’ve promised to break up before she went to Jejudo. And while she run away to Jejudo, she met him. Wires got crossed between them and when she returned from Jejudo, her fiance came back to her and told her that he couldn’t keep his promise to break up & cancel the wedding. She told Hyun Woo that her fiance is someone who’s her family & her work colleagues know, both their families have agreed with their marriage.

She knew that she looked like a very devious dishonest woman, and she apologized to Hyun Woo.

Hyun Woo can’t think straight, his mind keeps coming back to Ji Hye’s abrupt confession. But thankfully his work keeps him really busy and crazy at the same time.

Tae Wook finally calls Ji Sun and asks about Ji Hye’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, their house is in chaos, as usual; with everyone’s whinging and complaining.

Ji Sun promises that she’ll talk to Ji Hye. While Ji Hye insists that there’s nothing happen between Tae Wook & her. Anyway, Ji Sun tells her to just get married nicely, or not if she doesn’t want to.

Ji Sun’s parents-in-law are at Ji Sun’s house and they also concern about Ji Hye. When Ji Sun raises up the possibility that Ji Hye may not get married with Tae Wook, mom-in-law doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want to get married to a great family who has lots of  money.

They brag about Tae Wook’s family and Tae Wook; they’re not lacking in anything. Ji Hye is a really dutiful daughter as she’ll marry into a great family. It’s the best rewards any parents can receive, raising their child well and marry their child into a great family.

In Busan, Eun Hee is waiting for her husband in front of his hotel. She texts him that she’s currently in Busan to visit their cousin who’s suddenly hospitalized. She tells him that she’s in front of his hotel and it will be great if they can go back to Seoul together. She ends the message with lots of hearts, so sweet.

But Seung Soo’s phone is currently off. She’s so disappointed 🙁

Suddenly her phone rings and excitedly she picks up the phone thinking it’s her husband. But no, it’s her homesick son Jang Woo who asks when she’ll be back and where is she now. She tells him the same lies that she’s in Busan to visit her sick cousin.

Eun Hee hides as soon as she sees a bus coming into the hotel, she knows that her husband is there. Jang Woo still wants to talk with Mom, as he’s alone in that chaotic home, bored and scared. But Mom really wants to meet her husband who has just stepped out from the bus and entered the hotel’s lobby.

She has a hard time chasing her husband, because she brings fresh fishes. She has a clever idea and takes the staff elevator with the F&B Staffs.

She finally arrives on floor 13, the floor where her husband, Cynthia and the rest of the crew stay for the night.

She puts on her make-up, happily she dances around to go to her husband’s room. But she’s one step too late, as her husband is quietly approaching Cynthia’s room and he whispers like a cat. Cynthia opens her room’s door and the affair begins, right in front of Eun Hee.

It looks like her soul has left her body, she stands there with a very heavy heart. Then, she gather sup her courage and gallantly walks to Cynthia’s room, begging her husband for not breaking her heart. Jang Woo is still really young, so she kneels down, begs, cries her heart out; while her husband & Cynthia are inside the room, having fun without like they are the only people live in this world.

Because she doesn’t receive any response from her husband, Eun Hee goes to the beach and cries her heart out there.

Hye Jung comes to the broadcasting station and starts to dictate the producer. She tells her that her mom-in-law likes sashimi, so when she has craving for particular food, Hye Jung has to get it. Fruits in their house are imported from California, meats from Gang Won Do, fish from Japan. But after the earthquake, she changed the fish from East to West Sea although her father-in-law told them that it doesn’t matter where the fish come from, east / west sea, it still comes from the sea. So they changed it back to East Sea. Whenever Hye Jung receives a call for a wild catch, no matter what time it is, it’s her job to pick up the fresh fish.

She tells the producer that she’s not living in luxurious life like others thought. The producers bluntly acknowledges that she married into a very interesting family.

She is aware that the reason Hye Jung told her all these things is because she wants her to keep the secret from Hye Jung’s maternal family, from her nephew & niece. She promises that she won’t say a word, she’s not a gossiper and she’s very angry that the arrogant Hye Jung asked that kind of thing from her.

Tae Wook finally able to see Ji Hye, he’s waiting outside her apartment. He tells Ji Hye that it’s better for them to cancel the engagement and break up.

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Brief Comment

I’m glad things are moving very quickly in this drama. I think Ji Hye is still in a very confused mind to choose the best possible path. I believe she really loves Hyun Woo and vice-versa; however, she has to be true to her own feeling. She can’t live in a limbo like this; she has to gather her courage, overcome her own pride and end the relationship with Tae Wook if she doesn’t love him.

I interpret Ji Hye’s confession to Hyun Woo as a way to show that Ji Hye has opened up her heart and started to trust him. As Hyun Woo now knows about Ji Hye’s prejudice against man and her current personal life; then he should be able to think rationally and to decide the best possible action. We don’t really know about his personal life, except that he’s an architect, has a really warm loving relationship with his mom. We don’t really know if he has ever loved a woman and his experience with love. So it’ll be good for the writer to dig deeper into these; and to hopefully highlight the differences between Ji Hye and Hyun Woo’s perspective about love.

Tae Wook is a naive man; marriage is a reality, but I don’t think people can get married without love. Love can grow over time, but love can also wither as quickly as flowers wither. I applaud his courage for accepting Ji Hye unconditionally; for trying to protect her as much as he could; however, he is still a child of a powerful chaebol family. So his protective nature can’t win against his controlling mother. On the other hand, he’s a selfish man too, as he doesn’t care about Ji Hye’s own feeling. I think it’s much better for them to start anew, or if they can’t, to go their own ways.

Hye Jung and Tae Jin’s family, what can I say. I think Hye Jung will try to free herself from Tae Jin’s controlling family and honestly, when I watched GoM first episode, I really wanted Hye Jung and Ji Hye to team up and fight against their in-laws. Hehehe, I know it’s easier said than done since daughter-in-laws must respect their elders, especially their in-laws.

I don’t like Seung Soo’s infidelity. So will skip his part. He doesn’t deserve Eun Hee and Jang Woo. He deserves to be exiled to a very exile island and live there alone or with Cynthia if she wants to follow him there.

Ji Sun and Jang Soo family are the most dynamic, probably because their children have such very distinct personalities. I love how easy Ji Sun & Jang Soo talk to each other about anything; although their household is very chaotic.

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