Goddess of Marriage Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 Recap

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Tae Wook finally confronts Ji Hye and tells her that he doesn’t want to get married. Why? Because Ji Hye doesn’t want to marry him. But Ji Hye denies her own feeling and is blaming Tae Wook for throwing a tantrum. Tae Wook lashes back, the one who’s been throwing tantrums throughout these times is Ji Hye;  every time there’s something going on, she nit-picked and made any excuses to break off their engagement.

So how can he spend the rest of his life with her? Tae Wook is already bored and afraid of Ji Hye.

Tae Wook raises up one important issue: what does marriage mean to Ji Hye?

He confesses that while they’re preparing for their marriage, he learned lots of things; things that he never knew about. But he’s trying to accept it with open-heart, unlike Ji Hye who run away when things didn’t go her way. Ji Hye didn’t try to communicate and solve her issues; she prefer to shut herself out & escape from all the things which stressed her out. She didn’t realize that she’s hurt & humiliated other people.


Ji Hye apologizes for not picking up his call. She just has so many things to think about. But she can’t honestly tell all these things to Tae Wook. She just wants him to understand and think from her position, her point of view.

They only dated for one year, a very short time. Ji Hye finally let everything out to Tae Wook. Every single thing that they did – first movie, first dinner, first hugs, first kiss, even the wedding plan; nothing was done with her will. She feels like she’s been pushed like a magnet, before she could even consider her own feeling, Tae Wook decided everything for her.

It’s very suffocating for Ji Hye and she asks Tae Wook to give her a space so she can gather her own thought to justify the reasons why she must choose him. She’ll be like a fool if she marries Tae Wook, not because she loves him but because Tae Wook pushes her to the edge to marry her.

She apologizes again to Tae Wook and promises that she’ll pick up his calls from now on.

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Tae Wook arrives home as Mom just finished her aromatherapy session. She’s wondering where he’s been as it’s a very Sunday morning. Tae Wook’s gaunt face tells Mom that something happened. Tae Wook initially refuses to tell Mom but he finally let everything out.

Mom is surprised that Tae Wook met Ji Hye in the very early morning. It’s not long before their wedding and mom is wondering if they’ve already in the wedding frenzy and really need to frequently see each other.

Mom complains that he has done nothing right since he brought up his marriage plan with Ji Hye. Tae Wook then asks mom very politely the reason why she asked Ji Hye to not bring the wedding gift and trousseau. Mom tells him that all trousseau are things that already exist, so why they need to purchase the white goods again?

Tae Wook then asks, what about the gifts? Hmmmm… Mom is curious that Ji Hye’s pride was hurt again because of this issue. *of course Mom knows the best*

Mom advises him that Ji Hye is not capable to prepare the gifts to match with their standard.

Tae Wook tells mom that she’s preparing all the gifts according to her means. Of course, Tae Wook helped her, with that $1 million dollar gift. Mom knew it already. She’s the one who opened that bank account for Tae Wook and Tae Jin, so of course she always keeps an eye of those accounts. $1 million dollar missing without a trace, do you think Mom is a blind woman, Tae Wook?

If only he told Mom first before he handed over the money to Ji Hye, then all these things wouldn’t happen. And if only Ji Hye told Mom to be simple & frugal, that would’ve been better.

Tae Wook then asks Mom about Hye Jung’s wedding gifts & trousseau. Mom refuses to tell him.

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Meanwhile, Hye Jung is taking up boxing in a secret neighborhood. She’s a real knockout! Probably she’s boxing and expressing all her frustration at the same time.

Then she drives to a small neighborhood. On the way, she almost hit a young girl who suddenly run to the street. Anyway, she finally arrives at her mom’s place. She asks mom to wash her cloth for her and is throwing tantrum when the boiler needs to be heated up. She’s sweating so much, so she really wants a warm shower.

She looks at her father’s portrait with cold expression.

Hye Jung is not happy when she knows that her younger brother Hye Jin is home. Mom tells her today is Sunday, so of course he’s home. Her younger sister is also home with her cute baby.

Meanwhile, Tae Wook’s father is enjoying his Sunday doing couple rounds of golf. He can’t go out because he’s too embarrassed with Tae Jin’s politic plan. Hye Jung’s daughters are there playing with the maids.

As soon as Tae Wook arrives to join him, Dad starts complaining about Tae Jin. He asks Tae Wook to empty a good prison cell for his brother. As he believes one day, someone as naive as Tae Jin will fall off and go to jail. Dad asks Tae Wook to take responsibility if something happens to his brother. As Mom is taking alliance with Tae Jin, Dad is going to take side with Tae Wook. He asks Tae Wook to choose one: if he’s going to defend Tae Jin, defend him properly; but if he’s going to throw him to jail, then do it correctly so he can’t come out from the prison forever.

Tae Wook believes that Tae Jin will do a great job, but no, Dad doesn’t think so. He believes Tae Wook will do much better than his brother.

Dad is now wondering why Hye Jung is not at home, curious, he’s calling her.

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Meanwhile, Hye Jung is enjoying her warm shower and she hears her phone ringing. She picks up her father-in-law’s call, tells him she’s doing errands for mom-in-law and promises to be back home as soon as she can.

She’s shocked to see Hye Jin’s looking at her as she picked up her father-in-law’s call. Her brother asks why she had to pick up the call. Anyway, he angrily tells her to wear her clothes.

Mom is busy preparing a warm meal for her family.

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In her room, Hye Jung looks at all her books and her goals to be Korea’s Barbara Walters. She smiles for a second, but she knows she must go back to her current life and buries her past life. And transforms herself as a cold, perfect Hye Jung again.

As she’s getting ready to leave, Mom asks her to have a meal since it’s been a while since she’s come home.

Hye Jung is asking Hye Jin when he’s going to start finding work. He’s been discharged from a military long while ago, but he still doesn’t put any effort to find employment. Mom comes to his defense believe that he’ll find work soon.


Hye Jin is not happy with his sister’s whinge and rudely asks if she can use her “wonderful husband” superior background and create a position for him.

Hye Jung has repeatedly advised him for not counting the favors from others; as the man who receives favors from other people is the most shameful and lousy man. If he can’t find something, then run an errand for Tae Wook, that’s what the majority of people start. How come someone who only has 2 year junior college experience plans to work a managerial job?

But what about you, Hye Jung? You, yourself are not a loser like him? She’s also living receiving favors from her husband and her powerful superior parents-in-law. And yet, she’s acting like  a mighty person. She rarely visits her own family since she got married. Her husband never visits them. It’s been such a very long time since Hye Jung’s mom see her own granddaughters Yoo Ri & Yoo Jin. Maybe Yoo Ri & Yoo Jin are not even aware that they still have maternal grandmother & family.

So, Hye Jung is not in the position to lecture her own family nor look down on them.

Mom reminds Hye Jin that Hye Jung has done so much for her own family.

The confrontation turns the  mood to sour, so Hye Jung decides it’s time for her to leave. She refuses her mom’s plea to eat dinner / lunch before she leaves.

She gives gift (aka money) to her younger sister, pretending it’s her husband’s gift for her newborn baby. She shoves the envelope on her sister’s hand. She also gives clothes to mom and her younger sister’s baby.

Hye Jung tells them that Tae Jin will soon start a campaign so they need to ensure that they live quietly so there’ll be no gossip comes from their family.

Anyway, Hye Jung coldly asks Mom to remove dad’s picture and to start anew.

Before she leaves, Mom asks Hye Jung to put her daughters pictures on her phone. Since she really misses them and it’s been a while since she saw them. She only show them once / twice a year.

Hye Jung tells mom that her in-laws haven’t fully accepted her as their in-laws, so she really can’t help her own brother. What her in-laws will think if she brings her unemployed brother & gives him a job? Mom tells Hye Jung not to worry about Hye Jin and to live her life well.

Hye Jung doesn’t want to put her kids’ pics on her mom’s phone, but she shows their pictures on her phone. Mom is overjoyed looking at her beautiful granddaughters pics.

Sunday is just like another busy work day for Hyun Woo and his staffs.


His work colleague / friend invites him for a drink after work; as someone would introduce a pretty woman to him. Hyun Woo looks at him disapprovingly. This friend is already engaged, so why would he play with a fire.

His friend tells him that he’s just going to spend a day with a pretty woman, he’s not going to have a relationship with her. He asks if Hyun Woo doesn’t like pretty woman, in which he replies of course he does.


Ji Sun, Jang Soo, their 3 children, their nephew and Jang Soo’s parents are enjoying their lunch. They eat bibimbap from the one big bowl. When Ji Sun complains that mom-in-law made too much, mom lashes back and that it’s because Ji Sun rarely visits them. They live in the same apartment building, yet she only visits them once a week. Mom-in-law is very happy everytime Jang Soo’s family come to her house.

Min Jung finishes her lunch as she’s going to an announcer academy. Ji Sun is surprised that there’s that kind of academy and is suspicious that Jang Soo gave Min Jung the money to enter this academy. Of course he did.

Ji Sun’s son is leaving too. He tells everyone that he’s going to study room to study for the upcoming finals. But Mom is suspicious he’s going to another audition. The reason why she doesn’t let him to become an entertainer, is because he still hasn’t set a clear goal of what he wants to be. Does he want to be a singer? A gagman? An actor? or what? He just wants to dye his hair, talk to some stars and do nothing else.

He chases his dream of becoming an entertainer halfheartedly without any goal. It’s much better to go to professional school and work like any other people and live quietly as normal citizen. Ji Sun believes the entertainment companies who use the current situation and cast untalented people should reflect. Entertainment industry is only for people who have real raw talent.

Dad-in-law is amazed at Ji Sun’s ability to think cleverly like this; in which Jang Soo is questioning why she can’t become a director then. Ji Sun doesn’t want to discuss about her promotion issue. So she asks her husband to be quiet.

He then turns his attention to his grandson, Jang Woo, who sits quietly like a lost kid. Nobody knows where his mom is at the moment.

So where is she? She’s on the train to go back to Seoul and apparently she’s still in too much shock after finding out about her husband’s infidelity. She’s having a seizure.

Meanwhile, her husband and Cynthia are going back to Seoul by plane. Still flirting like crazy.

Unconscious Eun Hee is being taken to the nearest hospital.

Jang Woo reports to Aunt Ji Sun who’s at work attending work’s party that Mom’s phone is off and she’s still not back. But Dad called and said that his business trip got extended for one more night so he’ll be back tomorrow.

Dad Seung Soo is enjoying his “extended business trip” with none other than Cynthia.

Ji Sun tells Jang Woo that she’ll take care of this after her work party finishes. Because her Vice President is there and she can’t make any mistake if she wants to get her promotion. Maybe she should try her husband’s tip: flatter her Vice President like her other work colleagues.

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So she gathers up her courage, takes the microphone and starts singing lively songs in the karaoke. She dances in front of her Vice President, grabs his tie and she almost chokes him to death. Her flattery goes way beyond what she intended (I think), but in the end, she scores a one-on-one personal time with the Vice President.

She pours her heart out. Telling him she’s not perfect and apologizing for all her past behaviors.

She drives him to his condo, but she gets more than what she bargains for. His wife is currently on a trip, so he invites her to “accompany” him.

Ji Sun politely refuses his “offer”.

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Thankfully, he’s just teasing her! He’s now aware that she’s a very genuine worker, so he advises her to be loyal to the corporate culture and becomes a person who can go along with others’ moods.

He compares her with the other “unskilled” directors and surprisingly call her Director Song. She’s just secured her promotion!

Hyun Woo comes home really drunk and he has the worst hangover. Mom is visibly worried.

After he recovers from his hangover, he can now think clearly and he remembers all the moments he spent with Ji Hye, starting from the bombshell that Ji Hye’s engaged to all the sweet memories they experienced together in Jejudo.

The next day, Ji Hye is apologizing to her superior that she can’t think straight lately so she’s going to take a few days break to get a fresh air & to clear her mind. She promises she’ll send a remarkable script as soon as she can.

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She calls Tae Wook and asks why he hasn’t called for one whole week. She was going to answer his calls as he’s promised. But Tae Wook feels that it’s so degrading to make such a silly promise just to keep in touch with each other. That’s why he hasn’t called yet.

Ji Hye tells him that she’s going home for few days to clear her heads and to see her dad whom she hasn’t seen for a while.

Hyun Woo is at the hospital to see his mom. Mom invites him to have lunch together at the hospital’s canteen.

Hyun Woo is avoiding eye contact with Mom and Mom asks why. He makes excuses that it’s because he’s been drinking so  much lately. Mom wonders how time flies as when he was young, all the problem went away when mom bought him a cutlet. But now, maybe she needs to buy him a drink before he can share his secret with her. Mom guesses it has something to do with woman.


Mom reminisces the past and discussing about her marriage with Hyun Woo’s dad. She tells Hyun Woo that it was her who initiated the marriage. She’s the one who asked Hyun Woo’s father to marry her because he’s so shy and indecisive. Although he’s a very dedicated doctor who could easily decide what to do with his patients’ treatment within seconds.

Personally, he’s very indecisive. He couldn’t easily confess his feeling to her and ask her out. So, Mom initiated the first step. But he just dated her and wouldn’t ask to marry her. So mom confidently asked him to marry her.

Hyun Woo takes after his father’s personality. He’s shy and indecisive. So mom challenges him to be determined and take the first step.

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Mom tells him that if she gave up on her dreams, then the amount of time she spent with her husband could have been shortened. So although it wasn’t norm for a woman to ask a guy out and to ask for marriage; but she’s glad she did it. She’s thankful she spent lovely time with her husband before he passed away, all these became lovely memories which won’t fade over time.

She tells Hyun Woo to hold on into time and his loved ones very tightly. Because life is not long. It flies by very quickly.

Hye Jung comes to Tae Jin’s office building and her husband is surprised to see her. But she’s there not to see him, but her father-in-law.

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Her father-in-law drops a bomb. He’s appointed Hye  Jung to the board of directors starting from today. So he asks her to handover her household works to someone else. He can no longer trusts his own son Tae Jin, so he wants Hye Jung to start learning the rope and if something happens, she’ll step in to fill the hole created by her husband.

Hye Jung is shuttered and shocked with her father-in-law’s proposition.

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Meanwhile, Ji Hye is enjoying her well-deserved break in the countryside. But her peace may not last much longer as Tae Wook is now here. He politely greets his father-in-law and goes to see Ji Hye.

Another familiar face is also here, enjoying his walk in the fruit farm.

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Ji Hye is surprised to see Hyun Woo standing in front of her.


Brief Comment

This episode is sooo good, except the affair part. I honestly fast-forwarded all Seung Soo’s scenes because I couldn’t stand watching him enjoying his carefree life while his wife is suffering from one of the biggest shock in her life and his son is upset that both his parents are nowhere to be seen.

I’m glad that Tae Wook and Ji Hye tried to sort out their differences. It’s not easy as both of them have different standards and expectations; but at least Tae Wook now knows how suffocating Ji Hye is (was) throughout their relationship. I’m still holding the hope that they’ll get back together, although deep down I also want Ji Hye to be with Hyun Woo. If I’m in Ji Hye’s shoes, I also don’t know who should I choose. It’s very complicated.

Hyun Woo and Mom relationship is so loving and pure. I love how mom really understands her son’s heart and her advice definitely sparks Hyun Woo and gives him the boost he really needs to make up his mind.

It’s nice to see the other side of Hye Jung and we finally meet Hye Jung’s maternal family and it’s heartbreaking to see Mom trying her best to defend all her children. I can feel Hye Jin’s hatred as his sister’s words are very contradicting with the life she’s currently living in. She accepted her husband’s family favor yet she asked her family for not accepting favor from others. It’s upsetting that Tae Jin’s family doesn’t treat Hye Jung’s maternal family lovingly, and hopefully grandmother will get to see her granddaughters soon. I can’t wait to see what Hye Jung will bring to the table as one of the director.

Ji Sun finally able to win her boss. Good on her for believing in her husband’s advice but still maintain her dignity and loyalty.

It’s definitely not a coincidence that Hyun Woo, Tae Wook and Ji Hye are in the same place; it’s about time they meet with each other. Tae Wook needs to know Ji Hye’s deepest secret and hopefully she’ll reveal it to him very soon.

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