Goddess of Marriage Episode 7 Recap

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Flashback to Ji Hye’s surprise arrival at her hometown. Her dad is a very sweet kind-hearted father. He beams with pride and welcomes his “one and only child” with a big bear hug. So adorable and sweet. Ji Sun won’t be happy though 😀

People who work in her father’s fruit farm are also very happy to see her. They tease her father who can’t breathe without her. Unfortunately she can’t come to the farm more often as she’s a very busy writer. When they ask about Tae Wook, she hesitates for a moment then smiles.

This shows that Ji Hye grew up in a very loving environment, glad to see the lovely and cheerful people around her.

Ji Sun then calls dad, she knew that Ji Hye was going to his place so she asked her to bring dad’s allowance. But Dad doesn’t care about his allowance, he wants to know the reason Ji Hye is here and why Tae Wook is not coming with her. He believe something happens between them, but Ji Sun reassures him that nothing happened.

Dad then asks if Ji Hye’s marriage preparation going well. Ji Sun also reassures him that everything has been taken care of, and he should not worry about anything.

Dad requests Ji Sun to take care every single details so they won’t embarrass Ji Hye’s in-laws. Dad hangs up as Ji Sun’s trying to say I love you to Dad. We can all see that Ji Hye is his precious daughter.

Ji Hye and Dad are now enjoying the meal that Ji Hye cooked while listening to Ji Hye’s radio program. She left the manuscript before she came to the farm.

The radio announcer (DJ) reads JH’s script “Saying that it’s too late to start something is just an excuse for being lazy. Age is like the strong roots of a tree. If you think of your age as a support, then we can all start again.”

Dad complains that the DJ can’t digest JH’s writing really well so he can’t really feel the emotions that Ji Hye’s trying to convey to the listener. Aww Dad, you really love your precious daughter.

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In Seoul, Hyun Woo is also listening to the same program. He couldn’t reach Ji Hye at all as her mobile phone is turned off. After the program finishes, he calls the radio and is told that Ji Hye is currently at her hometown to get fresh air because she has so many things on her mind. She’ll be back in one week.

On the way home, Hyun Woo can’t make up his mind. But suddenly his mom’s words to hold on to the person he loves come back to him. So he turns his car around and drives to Ji Hye’s hometown.

Meanwhile, Tae Wook is having meeting & dinner with his work colleagues.


Seung Soo arrives home and is unhappy that Eun Hee is still not home. His son also doesn’t know where Mom went. The house is very messy, and there’s no food so Seung Soo has to cook ramen for him and his son.

Ji Sun tells Seung Soo’s son that she’ll wait until tomorrow before reporting Eun Hee to the police. Seung Soo panics that she’s going to report Eun Hee as a missing person. Ji Sun asks what kind of business trip that took so long. Seung Soo can’t give any clear answer. But he believe Ji Sun and Eun Hee gang up together and Ji Sun is currently hiding Eun Hee.

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They argue, Seung Soo keeps complaining and yelling to Ji Sun until Ji Sun loses control of her car.

Btw, where is Eun Hee?

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She’s in the hospital, still really sick and no-one knows about her guardians / family because they doesn’t know her mobile phone’s pin. She was unconscious for 2 days and when she finally wakes up, she begs the nurse to allow her to rest in the hospital for a bit before they contact her guardian.

Ji Sun arrives at a karaoke room / meeting place. She’s here with her Vice President to discuss about a very important business deal. She’s flattered when the two businessmen praise her beauty and she bluntly tells them that she has 3 children. She doesn’t want to accept any bribes.

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Unfortunately or fortunately, her son Gyong Woo is on the way to the karaoke room. He’s part of a group “Eagle 5th Degre” who is currently preparing to debut as official singers.

Although they try their best to entertain Ji Sun and her business partners, but they don’t pay any attention to this “unknown singers”. Business deal is much more important than entertainment.

Only the Vice President is enjoying them, so Gyong Woo asks him to join the dance.

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The fun stops as soon as Ji Sun see her son in front of her. Gyong Woo’s trying to escape from his mother’s rage and he accidentally hits her business partner on his very “sensitive area”.


At Ji Hye’s townhouse, Dad is discussing about Tinker Bell’s one-sided love with Peter Pan. She’s hurt that Peter Pan only likes Wendy. And Dad asks if we can control love. Obviously, there are the one who we love and the one who we don’t care about.

Dad then shows his favorite book, about Madam Chatterley. He understands that she takes another lover after her husband became impotent while in a battle.

Dad is apparently very lonely that he read these kind of books, so Ji Hye offers to accompany & live with him here.

Dad is curious and asks if she doesn’t want to get married. Ji Hye replies yes, she doesn’t want to get married. She’s been wanting to write a novel here while living with her dad. She smiles and tells dad that she can write lots of stories more interesting that those books that he likes so much.

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Dad doesn’t want to hear more about this from Ji Hye and tells her no. Why does a young woman like her insist on living with her aging father? What will happen with her job?

Ji Hye tells him that she can simply quit her job, she’s been working there for 10 years and sick of it.

Dad asks if she won’t marry Tae Wook.

Ji Hye replies that Tae Wook is not the only man in this world.

Dad is agitated and tells Ji Hye that there is no other guy who is as good as Tae Wook. He’s mad that Ji Hye wants to dump him. *hmm dad, she already dumped him once*

Dad wisely tells Ji Hye that he’s seen many other men but he hasn’t seen anyone like Tae Wook. He’s respectful to elders, he’s polite, humble and he treats Ji Hye really well.

Dad feels Ji Hye is ungrateful and he wants Ji Hye to get married with Tae Wook, have babies with him, work diligently at the radio station and live happily ever after.

He’s living this long to see all these things happen. He really likes Tae Wook, second after his precious daughter Ji Hye.

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Tae Wook arrives home and he looks at the house across the road, the place he and Ji Hye will call home after their marriage. He notices all the windows are open. So he enters this house and looks around at all the new furniture in the living room. He’s told that the windows are opened to give the house a fresh air. He decides to stay here for a bit.

Ji Hye is taking a long walk at night. She’s thinking back of Hyun Woo’s proposal to start over and slowly getting to know each other and the moment when she really missed Hyun Woo and they met in the middle of the road. All the lovely moments they spent together kept coming back and obviously, she can’t get rid Hyun Woo out of her mind.

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Just as she rests from her long walk, her phone rings. It’s Tae Wook. But Ji Hye asks who’s calling. (not sure if she can’t recognize his voice because he’s drunk or because her mind is still wandering all over the place).

Tae Wook asks if she’s currently taking a revenge because he didn’t call her for one week. So she’s acting like she doesn’t know him. No, says Ji Hye, it’s because she didn’t recognize the phone number. He tells her that it’s his home phone number and he calls just to ensure she’s arrived safely at her hometown.

He confesses that he’s nothing special, he could only lasted for one week. He was really nervous when he’s against her and decided for not calling her for one whole week. He’s scared that his woman would run away, go on strike or worse, he’ll really scared that he’ll lose her forever. He confesses that he really loves her. He loves her so much that he think he’ll die if she’s not there.

Ji Hye asks if he’s drunk. Tae Wook is dismayed with her response.

Tae Wook is currently at their future home and he lets her know that his mother has finished furnishing the house. And as he’s lying down in their bed and talking to her on the phone like this makes him think more about her and he really wants to hug her.

But Ji Hye coldly asks him to stop saying all these strange things and to go to sleep.

Tae Wook then brings up the fact that everytime he tried to hug her, she pulled back. He’s wondering why she did that. But it’s okay, he takes it as part of her shyness and since they’re getting married soon, it gives him huge anticiption.

He challenges Ji Hye to tell him that she loves him, he really wants to her Ji Hye says that word to him. Then, he promises that he will live like a dog who listen to her, he will even lick her shoes for the rest of her life.

Her eyes brimming with tears as she says that magic words “I love you”. Tae Wook thanks her for her courage.

Ji Hye breaks down in tears, unable to contain her own feeling. She definitely can’t confess what’s in her heart.

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Hyun Woo arrives at the Blue Ranch farm (Ji Hye’s father farm) in the middle of the night.

As Hye Jung is preparing her husband’s clothes, she recollects her conversation with her father-in-law. About her appointment as one of the director in the company.

Her father-in-law was talking about his 3rd child (and I don’t even know who’s this 3rd child, I thought he only has two sons: Tae Jin & Tae Wook). Anyway, he asked her to start working in the company as soon as the 3rd child comes back. He wanted Hye Jung to keep this as secret from her husband & mother-in-law. She obliged.

He’s fully understood of all her hardship for the last 7 years obediently serving this family. Through all her persistence, she has sufficiently passed as one of their family member. However, there’s one more thing that she needs to accomplish – a baby son.

She apologized as she told him that the timing didn’t match.

He’s aware of his son’s infidelity so he told her that she didn’t need to apologize. He knew that he has caused a lot of heartache to Hye Jung. But he really wanted Hye Jung to have a son, so they can train him to be the heir of the company.

He blamed his eldest son who ran away to overseas when he wanted to train him to become the heir and he went to a countryside in the United States. He gave up hiss privilege and position to an employee. It’s been 3 years and he’s given up on him. He also disowned his own grandchildren who live with Hye Jung’s oldest sister-in-law;.

Hence, his only desire is for Hye Jung to bear a son, train him hard to be the heir of this company. He believes Hye Jung is more than capable to accomplish this task. Hye Jung is really determined to complete this “task”.

She also keeps her promise and only tells her husband that her father-in-law didn’t say much when she came to his office earlier, he only asked her to pay attention to Ji Hye.

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As her husband whinges about his father etc, Hye Jung is getting ready to “seduce” her husband. Her husband loves it and I think we’ll hear about her pregnancy really son.

Hye Jung is cutting the vegetables and then she think of the first time she met her mother-in-law. It wasn’t a pleasant meeting, her mom-in-law wasn’t happy that her son met anchorwoman Hye Jung who bluntly told her that she loved Chief Kang (Tae Jin).

Sarcastically, mom-in-law laughed and told her, love? There’re lots of girls who sat at the same seat Hye Jung sat and they said the same word. Everyone said they loved him. He’s a very lucky man. But these women who said they loved him all left after they received 1 apartment, condo, officetel, foreign car. There was even one woman who got $1Million.

She then asked Hye Jung how much would it take to get rid of her. She persistently asked Hye Jung her original motive so they could finish up the deal.

But no, Hye Jung didn’t have any motive / objective. She really loved him.

Mom-in-law asked what they did yesterday, in which Hye Jung said that when she told Chief Kang that she craved for noodles, he bought it for her.

Mom was shocked that her son, chief of a conglomerate was eating noodles with a girl.

So she’s curious if Hye Jung’s pregnant. Hye Jung didn’t say anything which made mom-in-law believed she’s indeed pregnant.

Back to the real world, Hye Jung accidentally cut her finger as she continues preparing the vegetables.

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In Blue Ranch, night has passed and the new day begins. Hyun Woo walks in the beautiful fruit farm and at the same time, Ji Hye is walking towards him. Their eyes meet. This is not a dream, right? Such a beautiful (forbidden) reunion.

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Hyun Woo asks if she’s been well and Ji Hye looks at him with disbelief expression. Hye Woo tells her that he’s here because he has something to say to her.

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At the same time, a car is approaching the ranch and here comes Tae Wook. He happily greets his excited father-in-law. However, Ji Hye is not at home, dad wonders where did she go.

Hyun Woo tells her that he arrived late last night and he knew Ji Hye is here when he called the radio station.

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But Ji Hye has to leave as her father calls her. Hyun Woo grabs her hand, not allowing her to leave, then she asks Hyun Woo to wait for her there and she’ll come back as soon as she can.

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She holds his hand, reassuring him she’ll be back. She repeats her own request and asks him to wait for her there. Hyun Woo promises he won’t leave.

Ji Hye panics when she’s told that a visitor from Seoul comes to see her. Her expression turns cold as she sees smiling Tae Wook in the living room.

Ji Hye’s father is treating him extremely well, like his own son. Tae Wook is here to take Ji Hye back to Seoul to belatedly celebrate his mother’s birthday and to meet his father-in-law. He apologizes for taking Ji Hye back only a day after she arrived. Father-in-law says it’s okay, he had a great night with Ji Hye.

Hyun Woo is still waiting for Ji Hye patiently.

Ji Hye is unhappy that Tae Wook insists she has to go back now. He tells her that it’s his father’s instruction to gather all family members so they can celebrate mom’s birthday s. Moreover, he’s aware that Ji Hye came here because of him. He promises he won’t give her hard time again and as he told her last night, he will live like her dog forever.

Dad also asks her to go with Tae Wook, it’s her mom-in-law’s birthday, she must be there.

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With a smiling proud face, Tae Wook escorts Ji Hye to his car. Ji Hye’s father gives boxes of fresh fruits to Tae Wook.

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While waiting for Tae Wook, Ji Hye looks straight into Hyun Woo who’s waiting for her. Their eyes meet from afar and yet they are unable to do anything to escape from this reality.

Dad bids goodbye to Ji Hye and Tae Wook.

Hyun Woo quietly lets them go. He politely bows to Dad when he’s curious why there’s a stranger there.

Tae Wook is happily telling Ji Hye that Dad praised him he’s a “lady Chatterley’s lover”. He’s amazed dad knew that kind of book. Teary, Ji Hye tells him that Dad read that kind of book because he’s lonely. Tae Wook promises he’ll go to visit him often so he won’t be lonely.

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Ji Hye starts crying, making excuses that she’s feeling sorry for dad.

In the office, Ji Sun is apologizing to Vice President while informing that everything has been taken care of. All damages have been paid. And she’s already punished his son. But unfortunately, the $20Million deal went to another company. That’s something that they can’t undo nor take care off. To make things worse, Ji Sun has been transferred to Gyong Nam ChangWon regional office.

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In tears, she calls her caring husband and asks him to pick her up. She’s too shocked and can’t drive. He picks her distraught wife with his motorcycle. As she’s still crying, he takes her for a ride. She holds on to him tightly.

As she’s still feeling really down, he treats her for a nice meal and begs her to eat.

She mentions how determined she’s to become the Executive Director. She worked so hard so she can achieve her goal. Because of her work schedule, she couldn’t take a really good care of their 3 kids. Their youngest daughter Min Ji even burned her forearm when she tried to make ramyun herself.

Transferring to a regional office means they forced her to resign and leave the company.

A very supportive husband Jang Soo asks if he should go to the company and blow it up as her company surely doesn’t know how to treat their loyal employees.

In the middle of their conversation, Eun Hee calls Ji Sun so she runs to the hospital and finally meets with the distraught Eun Hee.

They watch TV in the hospital, and Ji Sun abruptly changes the channel to watch Seung Soo and Cynthia. When Cynthia appears on the TV screen, Ji Sun asks if she’s the woman who stole Seung Soo from his family. She throws her noodle to the TV screen and is going to rip Cynthia apart.

But Eun Hee tells her that she doesn’t have the power to do anything. She doesn’t know how to handle this situation. Ji Sun advises her that she should kill both of them.

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Ji Hye and Tae Wook arrive at her home. She hurriedly leaves Tae Wook, goes to her room, and calls Hyun Woo. Hyun Woo hesitates to take her call. He then decides to reject it and turns off his phone.

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