Goddess of Marriage Episode 8 Recap

We go back to the long staring contest between Hyun Woo and Ji Hye at Ji Hye’s hometown the Blue Ranch. 2 people who are currently in a forbidden love who practically can’t do anything but surrender to the cruel fate.

Ji Hye’s father notices a stranger who’s looking very sad as the Tae Wook’s car drives away from the ranch. He greets Hyun Woo. He then invites him for a walk as he believes he’s one of the passersby who is here to visit the ranch.

He tells Hyun Woo the history of the ranch, he spent his whole life here. He had his struggle too, especially after his wife passed away 30 years ago. He wanted to sell the farm, move out and start afresh; but he’s been farming his whole life and he has nothing else he could offer and do beside farming. For the sake of his youngest daughter Ji Hye, he decided to work really hard, farming day and night to give the best possible life for his family.

Ji Hye grew up here; but Ji Sun practically raised herself alone as she moved to Seoul after she’s accepted at Seoul National University.

Dad shows the orchard trees’ shade – Ji Hye loved to play under these trees and read her books. Dad proudly tells Hyun Woo that his daughter is a very famous radio writer and when people type her name on the net, they’ll find her.

Dad invites Hyun Woo to have a meal before he leaves as his daughter has already gone back to Seoul with her fiance. He’d love Hyun Woo to accompany him. This will also give them more time to explore the ranch so Dad can show him more interesting places. Hyun Woo can’t refuse his warm invitation so he stays back.

Meanwhile, Tae Wook and Ji Hye arrive at Tae Wook’s place. Ji Hye politely greets Janitor Park, but Tae Wook swiftly takes Ji Hye to enter his mansion. Tae Wook asks her to stop nit-picking small things. When he’s told that Mom is still relaxing, he decides to take Ji Hye to the guest house (which will become their future home). He asks the maid the bring some champagne to the house.

The guest house is just across the road from the mansion, so it’s a short walk to the mansion. . It’s comforting that they will live in a cozy house, separate from Tae Wook’s family, where they can enjoy their family time together. Ji Hye likes it too, barely likess it. Tae Wook notices her unenthusiastic response; but Ji Hye responds that she doesn’t like making hasty decisions. And Tae Wook should know about it by now.

Tae Wook changes the subject and asks where should they go for their honeymoon. Of course it will depend on the time off he can get as he’s just been accepted as a senior prosecutor.

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But Ji Hye doesn’t care about her honeymoon nor the house; she only cares about Hyun Woo and her promise to meet him again.

So she hasty checks her mobile phone and is disappointed that Hyun Woo hasn’t sent any text message nor called her.

Tae Wook is discussing about how scary people are that no matter how successful you are, the society still weighs in your background. Like his senior who is very smart but came from poor family couldn’t climb as far as other people because he faced the biggest obstacle: money. At the end of the day, money still talks.

He notices Ji Hye’s trying to send a text message and not listening to him; so he takes the phone from her which startled her. He asks why she looks so scared, Ji Hye replies it’s nothing. He knows that Ji Hye’s been continuously playing around with her phone since they left the ranch and wondering if it’s a smart phone addiction.

He wants to have a look who she’s sending the text message to and suddenly Ji Hye erupts in anger. She wants her phone back.

Tae Wook looks at her suspiciously, so Ji Hye makes excuse that it’s work-related messages. She’s going to check for her schedules and the script.

He asks Ji Hye to concentrate on him while they’re together like this. As Tae Wook rarely do something else when he’s with her. Ji Hye apologizes and promises she won’t do this kind of thing again. So Tae Wook gives her phone back.

Anyway, it’s celebration time. It’s two months before their big day and they have decided the house they’re going to live in. Tae Wook feels really great that everything is going well. (*I don’t think Ji Hye has agreed to live in the house, Tae Wook!)

Tae Wook feels like Ji Hye is more captivating like this (being so difficult), as it provokes him to win over her. He knows that when they get married, their marriage life will be lively and not dull. And most importantly, he believe that she will be faithful.

He’s now pledging to live his whole life to the woman who’s now in front of him . He pledges he’ll become a well organized group, a family and to be at peace. So let’s cheer to their lives, their future and their upcoming marriage. Ji Hye stays silent until Tae Wook abruptly kisses her.

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At the ranch, Hyun Woo is enjoying a lovely meal together with Ji Hye’s father and the farm workers. Dad looks at him drinking his rice wine with a beaming happy expression.

Ji Hye gasps and she really dislikes Tae Wook is kissing her in this house. Tae Wook is embarrassed at Ji Hye’s firm rejection. Ji Hye tells him it feels like he raped her if they do it in this house, and she leaves.

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At the mansion, Dad still firmly objects Tae Jin’s plan to enter politic and informs the family that the company won’t support him financially. Tae Jin personally decided it on his own, so he must be able to do it alone. Dad warns that if something happens to Tae Jin, he must understand that Dad won’t have anything to do with it. His business will be his, and Dad is Dad’s. So starting from now, he must take a good care of himself.

Tae Jin tells Dad that he’s scary, in which Dad replies that Tae Ji Will learn soon enough that the world is really scary.

Mom asks them to stop the argument, it dampens her mood. Today is her birthday dinner celebration, and she’s unhappy that Dad ruins her birthday by humiliating her precious son in front of the whole family.

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Yoo Ri, Yoo Jin and Hye Jung bring a beautiful birthday cake. Mom is really touched as she has previously mentioned she didn’t want to blow any candles this year. But Hye Jung believed that they would feel sorry if the cake was not without candles, she should have at least one candle on her birthday cake. Anyway, although she whinges, she still blows out the candles.

Ji Hye asks Tae Wook to take her home very quickly and she gets off alone. (this is the last scene from last episode). Tae Wook notices that she forgot to bring her bag so he drops it to her home. As Ji Hye is in her room, he decides to give it to her himself. But as he’s an inch away from her room’s door, he overhears Ji Hye’s talking to someone.

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Ji Hye apologizes to “someone” that this person was caught off guard and there was nothing she could do in that situation. She’s wondering why he turned off his phone and asks him to call her back – she’ll be waiting for his call.

Tae Wook is angry and upset, so he gives the bag to Min Jung. Now he finally knows Ji Hye’s secret.

Eun Hee has been discharged from the hospital and Ji Sun encourages her to face her husband with a big courage. She needs to get as much evidence as she can, as Eun Hee is in a very good position – her family even her society will support her. She needs to act as if nothing is wrong and to secretly search his mobile phone. And keep the evidence, write a memo so he can’t cheat again. It’s a relief that their apartment is currently under Eun Hee’s name.

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Eun Hee carefully and silently enters her house and is shocked. The house is very messy. She cleans it up and when Seung Soo comes home, he’s surprised to see the tidy & clean house. But as soon as he see Eun Hee, his anger erupts. He starts bombarding her with questions and Eun Hee informs him that she visited her sick middle-age cousin from her father’s side. It doesn’t sit well with Seung Soo. She left her husband & son to visit his sick distant relative for one whole week. And nobody couldn’t contact her.

Eun Hee tells him something happened; but she doesn’t want to share what happened with him during that week. Seung Soo is suspicious that she’s having an affair and she was with a guy for one whole week.

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When he bombards her with more questions; if she went to the sea and eat raw fish, Eun Hee can’t no longer hold her anger and lashes out. Seung Soo was the one who ate raw fish. He’s flabbergasted, inkling that Eun Hee might know something, but she doesn’t want to talk about this now, as she prefer to prepare dinner for Jang Woo who’ll be back from the academy soon.

Seung Soo complains that nothing works at home nor outside. He asks Eun Hee to make ramen for him, while he’s watching Cynthia presenting news on TV.

Eun Hee’s blood boils but she keeps cool, that’s until Seung Soo throws a small basket t which hit her head. She… can …. no … longer … keep… cool…

She screams, curses, runs to him then hits him repeatedly.

She let everything out and calls him a horrible person after she knew what he’s been doing all along outside (his affair). In the end, she successfully scratches his face with her powerful nails. The scratch left marks and self-conscious Seung Soo is really upset.

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Ji Sun is giving her resignation letter and informing her Vice President that she’s giving him one month notice. She really wants to leave now, but considering she has worked in the company in the last 25 years, she wants to finish up nicely. She doesn’t want to look at his “taffy” face again, she bluntly tells him what she thinks about his face. And swearing & giving her middle finger in front of him.

Eun Hee confesses what she did to Seung Soo, she couldn’t hold her anger and now they can’t find any evidence to support Seung Soo’s infidelity. She’s really down and doesn’t know what she can do to save their marriage.

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Meanwhile, Tae Wook is investigating Ji Hye’s phone records. He notices unfamiliar number and checks its owner: Kim Hyun Woo.

In a nice cafe, Ji Hye and Hyun Woo meet and have a lengthy heart-to-heart discussion about where they want to take their relationship to. She confesses she felt really bad and terrible when she left him abruptly. Hyun Woo tells her that it’s fine. Ji Hye asks why Hyun Woo came to see her that day. She’s curious, but now after she left him, she’s embarrassed & ashamed, she doesn’t know what to do. She begs him to tell her the reason why he came.

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Hyun Woo honestly tells her he didn’t know why they became like this and asks if Ji Hye wants him to grab onto her tightly. But can she forget about her marriage with Tae Wook? He understands that Ji Hye can’t do that, hence, this is the reason why he didn’t pick up her call after he came back from the ranch.

He shares that after Ji Hye left, he went looking around at the ranch, the place where Ji Hye grew up. He believes that a person who grew up in that clean innocent & beautiful place can’t cancel her promises and make her aging parents feel hurt. She’s too nice to stab her lover who truly loves and cherishes her. Hence, Hyun Woo chose to forget his and Ji Hye own feelings; as they can’t hurt other people because of their feelings.  Moreover, he doesn’t want to force Ji Hye to do things that she doesn’t want to do. He resents that they met each other so late, fate is really cruel. He confesses he has cleansed his feelings and requests Ji Hye to do the same.

He advises Ji Hye to remember him as someone who she met on some trip. He won’t even blame her if she will remember him as a bad person.

With heavy heart, Ji Hye tells him she understands.

Tae Wook gathers up his courage and calls Hyun Woo. He finally hears the voice of the man whom his fiancee has been talking to.

Meanwhile, Tae Jin is flirting with his other woman. His perfect wife is doing household as usual.

Mom finally knows her husband’s secret – that Hye Jung has been appointed as a director. She confronts Hye Jung, tells her she’s very scary that she didn’t say anything to her about her appointment. Such an innocent scary woman.

Dad defends Hye Jung, telling mom that he instructed her to keep this as a secret.

Tae Wook sits very somberly in his dark guest house (his future house).

Mom is still upset that Dad made decision without consulting her. Daughter-in-law is her responsibility, Dad should never interfere. She doesn’t understand why Dad had to choose Hye Jung. All women who work in this kind of field are all wives / daughters of chairmen. There’s no family who let their daughter-in-law be appointed as a director and work in the company. Mom is wondering why Dad would teach Hye Jung business. What if she has other thoughts / motives.

Dad asks if Mom still doesn’t believe in Hye Jung after she worked really hard in their house for the last 7 years. Of course not, says Mom. They will have to wait more to see if she has indeed worked really hard or they just went easy on her. To her, Hye Jung is not her own daughter and she will never groom & train her for any business. Dad ignores Mom’s complains as the appointment has already been decided. Case closed.

If she wants, then, they can make a daughter now. And Mom agrees to make a daughter… tonight. Huahaha…

Hye Jung overhears all their conversation from outside their room.

Tae Wook and Ji Hye both are drinking; not in the same place unfortunately. Ji Hye is waiting for her sister in front of her house, and Tae Wook is still hiding in the dark guest room.

Ji Sun is having a problem at work so Ji Hye plans to cheer her up and talk through. Her voice sounds different, so Tae Wook asks why. She tells him she’s a bit depressed and she’s having a hard time too. When Tae Wook tells her that he’s not having a hard time, sarcastically Ji Hye replies that it’s because he’s a fortunate rich person.

Tae Wook sounds really angry, but he keeps saying he’s fine. He repeats what Ji Hye said about him being fortunate then hang up.

Ji Sun is still at home, preparing dinner for her family. Her Vice President calls her and she informs him he’s invading her privacy. It’s not office hour, yet he’s calling her about work issue.

For the last 25 years, Ji Sun has contributed so many things to the company, she even came up with all the ideas. Unfortunately, her Vice President took her ideas, presented them to the president claiming they’re his own ideas. So the Vice President position belong to Ji Sun. So how could he send her to the countryside?

Let’s just skip Cynthia and Seung Soo’s scenes. 😀 *honestly, i really hate them*

Anyway she requests Seung Soo to take care his wife himself, and to stop her from coming to the broadcasting center. He’s thinking of divorcing Eun Hee and asks if Cynthia wants to live with him afterwards.

He’s living with Eun Hee for 21 years and according to him, living with the same woman for more than 20 years doesn’t make sense. Cynthia challenges if he has the gut to divorce his wife.

Seung Soo arrives home and asks for a divorce. He confesses he has another woman who he really loves and he wants to live with her. Eun Hee can’t say anything, she just looks at him with disbelief tearful expression. 🙁

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Ji Hye asks Ji Sun the meaning of marriage. Ji Sun advises that marriage is not a fantasy, it’s real, it’s dreadful and sometimes it’s hell. She wittily says that it’s also mixed fried anchovies hehe. She made mixed anchovies for dinner and her family madly enjoying it before she left to meet Ji Hye.

Ji Hye then asks the ideal man to marry in order to have happiness. She replies someone like her brother-in-law, Ji Sun’s husband. He’s cheerful and energetic, not sensitive, healthy & sound. He’s the perfect man to live with a bad temperamental woman like Ji Sun. But Tae Wook is not like him and is a bit worrisome.

Ji Hye seeks Ji Sun’s advice, which one is better, marrying someone she loves or marrying someone who loves her?

Of course it will be better if both love each other, but if Ji Sun had to choose one, she would choose marrying the man who loves her. As she recently discovered the ugle truth of someone who married the one she loved (Eun Hee) and it’s suffocating.

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Eun Hee insists she doesn’t want to get a divorce. She begs and holds on to his foot, it’s so sad to see her like this. Then Jang Woo comes from his room and he tearfully asks what’s wrong with his dad. Mom asks him to go back to his room, stop crying and don’t come out. He comes back to his room, closes the door & cries his heart out.

Vice President is having a hard time finishing up his task and he can no longer depend on Ji Sun. Suddenly he takes a “powerful precious medicine” from China, a gift from his friend.

Early morning and the employees have already gathered at Tae Jin, Tae Wook and Hye Jung’s house. They came early to greet Hye Jung and wish her well on her first day working in the company.

Dad tells Hye Jung that he’s already planned to put her to work after the birth of her third child. Nothing bad will come from her although she’s going back to work sooner than he expected.

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Dad asks about her salary’s expectation. Hye Jung hesitates for a moment, then confidently asks him to pay her by shares. *smart move, Hye Jung!*

Hye Jung promises to do a great job, she’s aware that she can be fired although she’s his daughter-in-law. Dad asks her to manage the hotel, the best hotel in the country.  It’s more than Hye Jung wants or bargain for.

As soon as she arrives at her new workplace, she calls mom and asks about Hye jin. Mom tells her that Hye Jin’s been working hard at his brother-in-law’s place.

Mom is wondering why Hye Jung can call in the middle of her housework ditues, Hye Jung doesn’t give any answer but she hopes Hye Jin will work really hard.

Hye Jin is working at the art supplies store; he’s doing this because of Hye Jung.

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Nam Mi Ra, a regular customer of this store is currently here to purchase supplies for her painting business. When she see Hye Jin, she politely greets him. Of course she knows who he is, and his relationship with Hye Jung.

Tae Wook is finding out more information about Hyun Woo in the magazine, Hyun Woo is Min Woo Construction’s President, he’s been hailed as Korea’s Construction New Wave.

Ji Sun’s mother-in-law is currently hospitalized as she got hit by a stuntman while she took part time work as a TV extra. She insisted to take the job although her family asked her not to do any part time job.

Then a screaming patient is wheeled in the hospital corridor, Ji Sun is shocked to see her Vice President screaming in agony so she follows the doctors & him to find out what happen.

Apparently, it’s the side effect of the medicine that he took 27 hours ago. Doctor tells him that he can’t take just any medicine, especially if it’s made in China. It’s a huge relief that he didn’t get any seizure.

Doctor think that Ji Sun is his guardian (aka his wife) so he explain what truly happe.ned and his diagnosis to her.

Ji Sun is ballistic that her Vice President abuse that drug. But he blames everything to her, it’s because of her crappy analysis that he had to rewrite everything and he decided to take the medicine to re-energize him.

Meanwhile, Tae Jin and Tae Wook are going to celebrate Hye Jung’s appointment. Tae Jin has sent her a huge flower basket earlier that day. Tae Wook is aware that their mom hates the fact Hye Jung’s been appointed as a director and Tae Jin nods, he initially didn’t like his wife working outside. But now, he think of it as a huge advantage. He can use her when he need someone who can help him at the company. Their father can no longer help him, everything in this world doesn’t occur according to what we want.

Ji Hye arrives at the hotel parking lot and Tae Wook escorts her to the restaurant where they will meet Tae Jin and Hye Jung. Ji Hye complains at the last minute notice, as she had to broke important appointment. But Tae Wook coldly tells her that his whole life is broken, because of her. So please stop complaining and follow him to congratulate Hye Jung.

While Ji Hye & Tae Wook are on their way, Tae Jin meets a familiar face, he’s President Kang (Hyun Woo’s business partner) who is having dinner at the same restaurant. Obviously, he is there with none other than Hyun Woo.

Tae Jin introduces Kang & Hyun Woo, Presidents of the construction company that he works with.


Now, the moment everyone’s been waiting for, Hyun Woo and Tae Wook’s first official meeting. Ji Hye is surprised to see Hyun Woo here, and Tae Wook looks at him with a very cold expression.

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