Goddess of Marriage Episode 9 Recap


It’s definitely not a coincidence that Hyun Woo and his business partner are having lunch at the same restaurant where Tae Wook, Tae Jin and Ji Hye are due to celebrate Hye Jung’s appointment. And it’s a defining moment for Tae Wook when he finally meets his rival. He introduces himself to Hyun Woo, and everyone can see the tension between these two men. Ji Hye is stunned, but still able to maintain her composure. Unlike Hyun Woo and Tae Wook who stare at each other like they’re long-time enemies. Tae Wook can feel Ji Hye’s utter shocked but he pretends (both pretend) nothing is wrong.

Hye Jung happily chats about her first day at work, she spent her morning greeting people in which her husband chips in that he received greetings for 3 – 4 days. She’s already had a headache because she feels like she’s not competent enough and needs to work extra harder. Hye Jung politely thanks Ji Hye and Tae Wook for coming. And she also mentions that she will need Ji Hye’s help after she’s married and officially enters Kang family. She warns her that marriage life is not easy, it’s as intense as going to work without getting any break. And they need a lot of co-ordination because they live with their in-laws. Tae Jin believes Ji Hye will do well, as she’s very sensitive, unlike Hye Jung.


Tae Wook drops a bombshell in front of his family, he wants to move up his wedding date and hold it in two weeks. He gives a perfect reason: he’s been appointed as a senior prosecutor and obviously he’ll be extremely busy. He mentions that in two weeks time, he’ll have 3 hours free time on Saturday and Sunday, so it’ll be the perfect weekend to hold his wedding. Hye Jung will check if he can make a reservation within such short notice, but it’s Tae Wook and Ji Hye’s wedding, so rest assured, anything is possible.

Ji Hye is flabbergasted. Tae Wook has made a very important decision without consulting her. To make things worse, he leaves her in a very uncomfortable position as he doesn’t want to discuss anything with her now.

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While they’re waiting for their cars, Tae Wook drops another bombshell – they’re getting married – next Saturday at 3PM.

Ji Hye complains that he made this decision without discussing it with her. Anyway, Tae Wook asks if she discussed it (her affair) with him. Ji Hye still doesn’t know that Tae Wook has discovered about her relationship with Hyun Woo. Tae Wook is not in a happy mood and bluntly tells her that if he says do it, then she must do it. Tae Wook is taking Ji Hye home. When she tells him that she has an appointment later this evening, Tae Wook asks her to cancel it. It’s better for her to stay at home.

Tae Wook mentions that Ji Hye has been doing lots of unexpected things lately, which makes Ji Hye curious. But he doesn’t say anything else, he just wants her to stay quiet and get married in two weeks.

Ji Hye can’t do it, she doesn’t want to do it, who in the right mind can even prepare a wedding in just two weeks?

But Tae Wook is ahead of her, he doesn’t buy her “wedding preparation” reasons; even if she’ll wear a swimwear on their wedding day, he’ll still marry her and take her home. He knows that there’s another reason which makes her doesn’t want to marry him.  If Ji Hye still insists, he will call Ji Sun.

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Ji Hye can’t stay quiet though, until Tae Wook finally loses his calmness and shouts for her to be quiet. He almost runs through the red traffic light, but thankfully he hit the break at the right time and his right hand instinctively protects a very shocked Ji Hye.   He warns her that if she speaks one more word, he can’t guarantee what he’ll do to her.

They arrive at Ji Hye’s house and Tae Wook promises he’ll call later tonight. He returns to work like nothing happened. On the way to work, he calls Ji Sun informing her that he has just dropped Ji Hye, but he’s left already. Ji Hye is shocked knowing that Tae Wook’s possessive behavior has started, he barely left and yet he’s already called Ji Sun like he doesn’t believe Ji Hye. Ji Sun asks why they would get married in 2 weeks. Ji Hye doesn’t know the reason, and probably there’s no reason at all.

Eun Hee is enjoying the moment when Cynthia’s high heel stuck. But her happiness doesn’t last long as she witnesses how flirty Cynthia is, with the two young men who help her. She put her hand on one man’s shoulder.


They planned to meet in a cafe across the road from Cynthia’s office. It’s an awkward meeting though. Eun Hee trembles when she asks Cynthia if she knows why she wanted to meet her. Cynthia confidently replies that yes, somewhat she’s aware something’s going on and offers her to speak up. Eun Hee still trembles but she’s finally able to ask the very important question, why is she doing this to someone’s husband. Why is she touching someone else’s husband.

Cynthia thinks that Eun Hee is ridiculous and she starts speaking in English. She usually speaks in English when she’s frustrated. Anyway, she admits that she is closer to Seung Soo more than her other work colleagues. However, it’s not like what she thinks. They’re office spouses – like a married couple in office, business partners.

Eun Hee explodes, how come this can’t be classified as adultery when she saw everything. Cynthia still maintains her composure and challenges her to tell what she saw.

She also asks a very daunting question, how many hours in a day she spends with her husband and communicate with him. Cynthia and Seung Soo spend 15 hours per day. And thanks to her husband, she’s living comfortably from the earning that Seung Soo makes. So she should be grateful to Cynthia. As she’s the one who discovered him and took him to the prime time news. Their prime news program has maintained a very strong viewership rating, their teamwork really work. So should she tell the newsroom chief that because of Seung Soo’s wife delusion, it’s best for them to fire Seung Soo or for Cynthia to change her work partner? What Cynthia said actually make sense.

Eun Hee regrets that she couldn’t defend herself and fight against Cynthia’s sharp words. She couldn’t even answer her question, especially when Cynthia spoke English.

So Eun Hee decided to learn English. She comes to the English academy and is determined to learn English. The receptionist is surprised to see her again and teases her why she paid for one whole year tuition fee but only attended for one month.

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Eun Hee takes the course material and joins the class who’s going to recite the lines from Toy Story 2. Her classmate is not happy to see her, she didn’t come to the class for 2 months and now she came late. He’s also not happy that she would become his conversation partner for today’s class.

The teacher is encouraging the class to feel Jessie’s emotions after she’s been abandoned.

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Eun Hee is touched and she reminisces all the great memories she had with Seung Soo – the times when he loved her. Then she recalls the harsh reality when she found out her husband is cheating on her. She’s been abandoned by her husband. Lonely and forgotten, just like Jessie.

Cynthia asks Seung Soo what should they do now since Eun Hee has found out about their “secret” relationship.

Ji Sun is frustrated that Eun Hee couldn’t confront Cynthia according to their plan. And why do they need to be grateful to Cynthia who claims that she’s Seung Soo’s office wife. They’re using their jobs as an excuse to cover up their affair.

Eun Hee starts tearing up – she heard a very sad song and movie, and the girl in that movie experienced the same thing as her – abandonment. She believes Seung Soo is going to dump her, like a boring old toy and he’s going to throw Jang Woo and her away. But although she’s an incompetent wife, she’s not a toy that her husband can easily throw away when he’s tired of it.

Meanwhile, Ji Sun is visiting her sick Vice President in the hospital. She brought lunch boxes for him and her mother-in-law who’s hospitalized in the same hospital. VP mentions that it’s not that bad to have an office spouse. Ji Sun is annoyed that he’s trying to crawl over her kindness. But don’t worry Ji Sun, his office spouse idea is 180degree different with Seung Soo & Cynthia. During their 25 years working together in the same company, he’s never been attracted to her. Apparently he doesn’t have a close relationship with his own wife, and he prefer it that way.

As Ji Sun is still babysitting her Vice President, teary Eun Hee is taking care her mom-in-law. Mom-in-law whinges that Eun Hee prefer to watch sad movie in the morning and cry in front of her hurt mom-in-law. She complains that nothing that Eun Hee do which pleases her. She wants to know when her son Seung Soo is going to visit her. Eun Hee really wants to tell the truth, but instead, she makes up excuses that he’s really busy. Mom is very proud of her newsanchor son, she hopes he will remain popular and keep making lots of money.

Hye Jung’s mom-in-law’s friend is humiliated when her membership card is rejected at the spa & fitness club at her hotel. Mom-in-law think that it’s all Hye Jung’s fault and she informs her that it’s her small token of appreciation after they gave her a birthday present last year. Hye Jung calmly apologizes and mentions the real issue behind the declined membership card, apparently her friend has already exceeded the limit by 30 – 60%; but she will immediately rectify her friend’s membership card.

Hye Jung has relinquished her housework duties to the maids. An ahjumma who worked in their hotel’s Korean restaurant for 20 years is taking charge of tonight’s dinner at Kang’s household and mom-in-law notices that her fermented soybean paste stew (Doenjang jjigae) is not as delicious as what Hye Jung usually made. The fried fish is not crispy. She nitpicks small things during dinner.

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Her son Tae Jin is enjoying lovely dinner with Nam Mi Ra. She mentions that it’s not easy to get a job after she graduated with art major from Hongik university. She buried her dream to study overseas because the cost was too high. So she took up part time jobs as instructor until one day her senior introduced her to a very wealthy daughter and asked her to tutor her so she could enter university. Because this girl was neither smart nor good-looking, Mi Ra suggested her to undergo plastic surgery. Anyway, she did everything she could and her effort paid off when this girl succeeded to enter the university. Her mom paid Mi Ra with a very hefty bonus and she also introduced Mi Ra to her friends. From thereon, she’s able to teach wealthy housewives and open her own painting business.

Tae Jin praises her for being honest, but Mi Ra knew that he already run a background check on her. She fully understands why he did that, as they’re currently dealing & discussing about a project which worth $600,000. Mi Ra has also conducted background check on him, though. So she knows that he likes paintings and he wants to get into politics, most importantly, he really likes women.

Mi Ra arrives home and is shocked to see Hye Jin’s waiting in front of her house. Hye Jin was told to come and wait for her. He asks when he can start working, Mi Ra informs him that he’ll start when she asks him to start and he’ll come to work when she asks him to come.

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Hye Jung is still at work to deal with her mom-in-law’s lavish expenses. She calls secretary Yoon, who is currently the chairman’s assistant executive secretary.But she mostly works for mom-in-law. Hye Jung hands her the hotel’s financial data and the records of mom-in-law and her friends taking advantage of the hotel. They have never paid their hotel bills. Hye Jung informs secretary Yoon that abusing their power as an owner for personal gain will end from today. She wants secretary Yoon to pay all the outstanding bills from mom-in-law’s credit card by tomorrow.

Mom-in-law / her friends stayed in luxurious suite for 36 nights in a single year and Hye Jung wants to put a stop on this. The hotel has many VIP guests from overseas, when they couldn’t accomodate them in the suite, of course it made the hotel lost tremendous amount of money. The hotel won’t accept any suite’s reservation from mom-in-law  until further notice. Secretary Yoon warns Hye Jung that Madam will call, Hye Jung reassures her that she’ll take care her mom-in-law herself.

As an employee, it’s Yoon’s responsibility to follow the company policy which applies to all other clients / hotel guests, there should never be any special exception made for the Chairman / Chairman’s wife.

Moreover, she also asks Yoon to stop leaking company’s information to her Madam. When Yoon tells her that she’s Madam’s person, Hye Jung tells her that maybe Madam doesn’t think the same way as she did. Hye Jung has done her  research and found out about Yoon’s secret affair, she’s dating a married man who’s currently working in the secretary department. She bluntly informs Yoon that dating a married man is a very poor move, it’s rare for married man to leave his wife and start a new life with his “girlfriend”.

The HR department already knew about her relationship, but they’re keeping it as a secret because she is one of Madam’s right-hand. But if Hye Jung leaks this info to her mom-in-law, then she will definitely fire her and her secret lover. As she doesn’t like any young woman to have a secret affair with a married man. Hye Jung asks her to follow the procedure, and she will guarantee her job in this company.

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Ji Hye receives a very sweet message from Hyun Woo who’s worried that she’s having a hard time because of their “surprise” meeting this afternoon. Ji Hye reassures him that she’s okay. Hyun Woo tells her that when he met face-to-face with Tae Wook, he finally realized he did something foolish, it’s a very rude awakening. Ji Hye agrees with him, she cheated on her fiance, she fooled around with another man. Hyun Woo is surprised that Ji Hye belittle their “short relationship”. Ji Hye sarcastically thanks Hyun Woo as she’s getting married sooner, it’s all because of Hyun Woo. She’s going to agree with Tae Wook’s proposal to move up the wedding day because it’s better than their current situation.


Seung Soo tries to convince Eun Hee that his relationship with Cynthia is just a mere office couple, it’s not adultery. There’s no true feeling, they only maintain a relationship which are related to their work. He’s a big liar, isn’t he? Several days ago, he bluntly told Eun Hee that he wanted to get a divorce because he loves Cynthia and he wanted to live with her. His defense, at that time he was really mad because Eun Hee didn’t believe him, so he had to make up those excuses. Anyway, he doesn’t want Eun Hee to come to his office to meet Cynthia. If she does it again, he’ll definitely divorce her.

Eun Hee’s blood boils, she saw them with her own eyes, yet they act like two innocent people.

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Somehow Eun Hee’s got her husband’s phone and together with Ji Sun, they’re trying to unlock his mobile phone. Thankfully, Ji Sun’s son Gyong Woo just arrives home, so they “kidnap” him.

He knows that the pattern will be related to someone very close to Seung Soo, and although she’s very reluctant, but finally Eun Hee tells him that woman’s name. He tries to unlock the phone using “cynthia” pattern and they’re in! They discover more than 100 text messages between Seung Soo & Cynthia.

It’s a very upsetting discovery for Eun Hee, her 13 years marriage broke like this. Gyong Woo finds out that there’s a location tracker on his uncle’s phone so they turn it on. (wise move, now Eun Hee can locate her husband’s whereabouts anytime she likes).

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Ji Sun and Ji Hye’s sweet father is in town. Dad wonders why Ji Hye and Tae Wook moved up the wedding date, Ji Sun tells him the same reason – Tae Wook just appointed as a special prosecutor and he won’t have any free time until end of the year. His family didn’t object his decision. Ji Sun believes that the only objection they have would be about the furniture & gifts for their family. The venue will be easily secured as they’ll have the wedding at Tae Wook’s family hotel. The gifts and furniture should be given to them after the wedding.

Tae Wook has already called dad-in-law and invited him for dinner. Dad has no issue with the wedding day, he really liked Tae Wook from the first time they met and is overjoyed his daughter will marry him in less than 2 weeks.

Ji Hye is still upset about Tae Wook’s decision to move up the wedding and that he does everything his own way. She then asks what will happen if she doesn’t follow his will when they’re married? Is he going to hit her? If he wanted to hit her, he would already hit her during their a year long relationship. So, Tae Wook asks her to stop all these nonsense and unproductive talks. He might not be a great guy, but he’s been a good guy.  T

He’ll send his driver to pick up Ji Hye from work and they’ll have dinner together with Ji Hye’s dad.

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Ji Sun is at the hospital and is making a very rush last-minute plan to prevent Vice President’s wife from seeing her own husband who’s currently hospitalized. He doesn’t want his wife (whom he hasn’t seen for the last 3 years) to see him in that state, she might divorce him. So Ji Sun to the rescue. She pretends to be a nurse, has to answer all his wife’s questions about his illness and listen to their conversation.

It struck to her how lonely his life is; he’s been abandoned by his own family. His two children both live overseas since they’re young; and his wife is busy visiting and taking care their children who live in two different countries. No loving relationship in this family. His wife leaves after 10 minutes visiting her sick husband.

He tells her that this is the reason why he doesn’t want Ji Sun to experience the same thing. He knew her ambition to become a Director. But his loneliness started after he became a Director. He became busier and his family became like strangers.

Meanwhile, thanks to the location tracker, Eun Hee knows that her husband is currently staying in a hotel. She tried to see him, but is escorted out by the security because she just barges in to the hotel. Nobody believes her when she says that she’s there to see her husband.

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Ji Hye is on the way to the restaurant to meet Tae Wook and her father. She’s browsing the magazine in Tae Wook’s car, one page is folded and she’s very shocked to see Hyun Woo’s picture on that page. Now she realizes that Tae Wook is aware of her secret.

Very intense atmosphere when she meets Tae Wook outside the restaurant. Tae Wook takes her to a private room first and pours drinks for her. He reassures her that they’re not going to talk about (Hyun Woo) but Ji Hye can no longer hold it and starts by asking how Tae Wook found out about HW.

Ji Hye maybe forgot that Tae Wook is a prosecutor so it’s his special ability & talent to investigate people.  It’s also incredibly hard for him to pretend he didn’t know what she did. And it won’t change whether he knew or not. The fact is still the same. Ji Hye abandoned him and their marriage. Ji Hye wonders if he’s being cruel or kind.

Both, says Tae Wook. She was cruel to him, but despite that, he was kind to her. His kindness is not reasonable for Ji Hye. But no, Ji Hye, her mistake is the one that is no reasonable.

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Tae Wook explodes in anger when Ji Hye confesses that it wasn’t a mistake. Just be quiet, Ji Hye. Stop talking. She’s insulted Tae Wook who never thought a girl who never allow his finger to touch her could fool around with a bastard. Her coolness and sensitivity would turned off anyone as crazy as him.

He admits that he knew why Ji Hye likes Hyun Woo when he first saw his picture on that magazine. He’s Ji Hye’s ideal guy. He doesn’t know where and how they met, he doesn’t care.  He believes they were able to communicate well because she’s a woman who fell for men’s words. An architect usually is a sweet-talker, unlike Tae Wook who can’t any say romantic words to Ji Hye who has writing talents. Meeting a guy like Hyun Woo is like a fresh water quenched her thirst. On the other hand, her fiance only talks about the guy he’s going to catch and prison sentences. He’s in a different league with a man who talks about things she adores, such as literature, art, paintings, etc.  Tae Wook admits he lost but he’s tired of her sensitivity. But he’ll let all this pass and think as if a high school student likes her male teacher. So he asks her to wake up from her “dream”, and get ready for their marriage.

But Ji Hye challenges him and confesses that this is not the emotion of a high school girl that Tae Wook thought of. Her feeling is genuine.

Tae Wook doesn’t want to hear anything else from her, there’s a limit even he can forgive, bear and overlook it. So don’t put up with it, says Ji Hye.

He’s really upset that everything he devoted to her in the last 3 years, got shattered into pieces. His heart is ripped apart and she never apologizes to him.

Ji Hye tries to accommodate his heartbreak, she felt sorry towards him so many times . Sometimes she couldn’t even bear to look at his face. She’s not qualified to be his wife. She’s not qualified to marry him. So, let’s break off the engagement, let’s cancel the wedding. But Tae Wook doesn’t care about her qualification, he’s the one who decides whether she’s qualified or not. It all depends on whether he wants her or not.

Now, Tae Wook really explodes and shouts, asking explanation how, when and how long she has been dating HW. How can she’s so clueless to abandon a guy who stayed with her in the last 3 years and choose a guy she just met a few days ago. She will definitely regret it if she chooses that man.

Ji Hye: you will also regret this as what you are feeling now is obsession and not love.

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Tae Wook doesn’t care if it’s love or obsession, but if she’s going to complain about this, then she should has complained before their engagement. What’s important now is that she chose to get engaged to him, she chose to marry him and that’s the promise she has made with him. Moreover, this is also her promise to her parents, Tae Wook’s parents and all her relatives. She has to keep this promise. Tae Wook will do everything to make sure they will walk down the aisle. No more excuses, no more argument.

Brief Comment

This episode is really hard to digest and watch, Tae Wook’s controlling and abusive behavior is driving me crazy. He uses Ji Hye’s “mistake” to his own advantage, and I really hate the way he treated & obsessing over Ji Hye. She’s not the only woman in this world, so if he truly loves her, then he needs to take her feeling into account. Releasing her to get her own happiness is much better than trapping her inside a cage. The relationship can still work if Ji Hye & Tae Wook work together to overcome their differences.

I feel really bad for Ji Sun as she’s trapped between her younger sister who doesn’t want to get married, her sister-in-law who’s on the edge of a divorce and her Vice President. Thankfully, she has a very supportive and loving husband. Hopefully their marriage will keep strong and the writer won’t throw any unnecessary plot to wreck their marriage.

The theme for this episode definitely about loneliness and abandonment. I now see the Vice President on very different light, a successful businessman who’s been abandoned by his own family. He’s lucky that Ji Sun was there for him, and I think he’ll definitely help Ji Sun to fulfill her ambition. Seung Soo and Cynthia; urgh, I don’t like them. I don’t think Eun Hee can save her marriage though, she deserves a much better man that Seung Soo. But time will tell.

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