Goddess of Marriage confirms 4 episodes extension


The confirmation is finally in, SBS weekend drama Goddess of Marriage is extended by 4 more episodes, ending with 36 instead of the original 32 episodes. They’ve finished coordinating the actors’ overlapping schedules. With these 4 episodes extension, Goddess of Marriage will end its run on 27 October 2013.

Lee Tae Ran will have to juggle filming 2 dramas for 2 more weeks. She’s doing fantastic jobs in both GoM & Wang Family; although sometimes I feel like her character in Wang Family is Hye Jung’s past life. Maybe because she wanted to escape from the unfair treatment she received from her own family (especially her mother) and her lazy layabout husband, she married Tae Jin. ^__^

I’m not a huge fan of drama extension, because in most cases, it ruins the pacing as the writer will try to stretch out unnecessary plot. Hopefully, for the actors’ sake who’re doing amazing job in GoM, the writer will not ruin this drama.

cr: Nate


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