Goddess of Marriage Filming Site – Dumulmeori, Yangpyeong-gun

A gorgeous place by the river, this place recorded many special memories for Hyun Woo & Ji Hye. On episode 4, they had a beautiful long walk as they opened up about their respective families. On episode 5, Hyun Woo took Ji Hye for early morning walk, and he (forcefully) kissed her. Ji Hye then confessed that she had a fiancee.


These scenes were shot at Dumulmeori, Yangpyeong-gun. This place is well known for its three 400-year old Zelkova trees that appear as one giant tree. Hyun Woo and Ji Hyee kissed near that trees.


More info about Dumulmeori:

“Dumulmeori literally means ‘two water area,’ and refers to the place where Bukhangang River and Namhangang River meet. The dock for an ancient-style ferry and weeping willows add to the rustic beauty of this area.

A privately owned place, Dumulmeori remains as a popular site for shooting Korean TV dramas, movies, commercials, wedding pictures as well as nature pictures.”


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