God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 1-2 Hints

– Soo Hyun’s crossed legs -v- Dong Ho’s behavior change


He smiled when he saw Soo Hyun’s crossed leg. But when Soo Hyun’s twist her left leg back to a normal sitting position, Dong Ho suddenly became upset & violent.


The cafe owner’s mysterious background, her hairpin and picture with her daughter

I think her daughter was one of the women killed by Dong Ho 10 years ago. She couldn’t do anything to prevent her daughter’s death, hence, she is giving Soo Hyun a chance to save her daughter. If it’s indeed the case, her warning to avoid water makes sense too. Her daughter’s body was dumped in a lake.

But it can be seen as another hint that Saet Byul will also die because of water.



Mysterious accident, victim’s face was not shown

Green bracelet & pendant (angel of death? hercules trying to kill cerberus??)



– Very curious with these dogs (Mama Dog & Baby Dog) figurines by Young Gyu. Does it have any relation to cerberus graffiti? Or it is about his “birth mother”?

The mystery behind Saet Byul’s death

The autopsy report concluded that she’s passed away because of drowning 7 days after she was kidnapped. So it may mean the kidnapper didn’t mean to kill her, or he “kidnapped” her to protect her.

Red tape on Saet Byul’s fingers and the tape on Young Gyu’s sandal, somehow it’s related. But how and why?

The “clues”: a piece of puzzle, button from Saet Byul’s jacket and keyring.

– Saet Byul’s torn diary

– Saet Byul’s strawberry hairclip was in Dong Chan’s back pocket. Why he had her hairclip?

– (this is probably just Kim Soo Hyun and my wildest imagination 😀). The hair ties & hair accessories… When she saw the young girl from behind, she wore hair accessories that Saet Byul wore on the day she was kidnapped, but her strawberry hairclip was missing. But the young girl who was brought to the train station by the fake kidnapper only wore black hair tie.

Young Gyu’s camera and his testament that Saet Byul is still alive

I think Young Gyu is the key witness of Saet Byul’s kidnapping. He was in front of Saet Byul’s house during the day, so if he has seen something and took some pictures. The camera broke few days before Saet Byul was kidnap, so at the moment we had no idea if the pictures could be salvaged. The camera looked like an old camera which might still used a roll of film (not memory card).

That brings us to pictures which Ji Hoon received from someone. After he saw these pictures, he found out about the killer. So who sent him these pictures? And did Young Gyu take these pictures? Or the detectives sent them to him?

Young Gyu believes Saet Byul is still alive. This is very confusing. Does it mean that the body they found is not Saet Byul’s body? They didn’t show us the body, but Soo Hyun mentioned on episode 3 that they did the funeral & cremation. So obviously they saw their daughter’s body.

So who is the culprit behind these murder cases? It’s definitely one of them….

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