God’s Gift 14 Days – Episode 1 Brief Recap

Prepare your heart, you’re in for a thrilling ride! This drama has set the right mood right from the start (with the illustration of a mother who did everything to save her child). This symbolizes the heartaches and difficult journey Kim Soo Hyun will have to take in order to save & protect her daughter.

Episode 1 Brief Recap

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Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) is reading a bedtime story to her 8 years old daughter Han Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Bin) about a mother who went through difficult tests to save her child who’s been kidnapped by the Grim Reaper. When the goddess of night asked her to give her pure eyes, without hesitation she pulled her two eyes out and threw them into the lake which separated her & her child. That’s the end of bedtime story and Kim Soo Hyun doesn’t answer Saet Byul’s question if the mother found her child / if the child was alive.

The next morning, Kim Soo Hyun and her family are watching the news about a dead child who’s found floating in a reservoir. The policemen believe he’s the kidnapping victim which horrified the whole nation a week ago. The public blame the policemen for being incompetence for their lukewarm stance in dealing with this case which cost someone’s life.

Scriptwriter Kim Soo Hyun is currently dealing with this case on her program and her lawyer-husband Han Ji Hoon (Kim Tae Woo) tells her to capture the kidnapper. Ji Hoon probably forgets that his wife is a TV scriptwriter, not a detective nor a policewoman.

Kim Soo Hyun instructs her over-trusting daughter for not following any strangers and don’t trust people she knows. Jokingly she asks what about dad, can she trust him? Soo Hyun is upset that her daughter jokes over this matter, she doesn’t realize that the world out there is very scary.

When she drops Saet Byul at school, she tells her that the nanny will pick her up to take her to the English academy. She’s having her English level test today and Soo Hyun motivates her to do well.

At work, Soo Hyun’s show is currently airing and the team received a head-up about this kidnapping case which has unfortunately turned into a murder case. Meanwhile, Ji Hoon is debating about the enforcement of the death penalty in which he takes the offender’s side and disregards the victim family’s rights. After the debate ends, one woman hysterically asks if he will still defend the offender if this happens to his own child. He will definitely ask the same question – why that murderer is still alive!

Ki Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo) and his team are raiding someone’s place.

The nanny drops Saet Byul at home alone – as she’s rushing to go somewhere else. She promises she’ll come back in one hour. But when Saet Byul arrives home, she’s not alone. Two people are partying and then there’s unfamiliar face asking who is she. Yupe, Dong Chan and his team have made themselves comfortable at Saet Byul’s home.

Kim Soo Hyun is interviewing a killer, Ki Dong Woo (Jung Eun Pyo) who’s on a death row and pretends acting stupid to prevent the death penalty. He violently killed women several years ago, the evidence is clear – but his mom Lee Soon Nye (Jung Hye Sun) hasn’t given up hope – she believes her son is innocent. Ironically, the only witness from that murder scene is the killer’s younger brother, Ki Dong Chan!

Soo Hyun asks if Dong Ho misses his child. When he replies yes, she shows the picture of a mom who really misses her daughter but unfortunately will never see her child again because he killed her. Soo Hyun wanted to see the killer’s reaction and if he still has guilty conscience. He smiles at first but then violently trying to grab her.

She ends her interview and sees Lee Soon Nye outside to visit her son, she’s done this everyday in the last 10 years. Soo Hyun understands the mother’s pain of having a son who’s behind the bars and another son who witnessed this murder scene.

Soo Hyun receives a call from her home – but instead of her family or someone she knows, she hears unfamiliar voice. It’s Dong Chan who orders her to come home with a stack of cash and threatens her for not calling the police.

Worried that this guy might hurt Saet Byul, she rushes home. But at home, Saet Byul is having a lot of fun with Dong Chan – singing, jumping, dancing together to Saet Byul’s favorite band “Snake”.

Unfortunately, it was all a mistake. She took him to the police station and he’s locked behind bars. Soo Hyun in fact didn’t own him / his boss anything, it’s her house previous owner who did that. Saet Byul cutely tells mom that the ahjussi is not a bad guy, she wasn’t shocked, so please just let him go. But Soo Hyun doesn’t care, she takes Saet Byul home leaving Dong Chan fighting for himself behind bars.

Ki Young Gyu (Baro) who doesn’t live in that neighborhood keeps sitting in front of the villa so the security guy instructs him to leave. But because he’s just sitting there and not breaking or coming into the villa, Soo Hyun scolds the security guy who tries to explain that Young Kyu made the residents feel uncomfortable especially for people who have kids.

At the police station, Dong Chan is screaming, complaining with this unfair treatment. Explaining that he took care Saet Byul well, fed and entertained her. He asks if the policeman knew someone who has power – who can release him. Just then… Hyun Woo Jin (Jung Kyeo Woon) – the new homicide detectives team director arrives.

Young Gyu is still sitting in the villa’s entrance, Saet Byul gives him a new sock because she saw his ripped sock earlier. She goes somewhere by bus.

Oh… Young Gyu is waiting for his grandmother – Lee Soon Nye. Ah so he is Ki Dong Ho’s son.

Finally Dong Chan and his accomplice are released, thanks to Ji Hoon who called the Major in person asking for a favor.

A ray of sunshine, fresh air; but his freedom doesn’t last long. His mother comes to see him, she gives him money and begs him to go to Young Gyu’s school for his fundraising event. He has to go with his family / friend. But he leaves his mother alone. He doesn’t want to see his mother again.

Young Gyu saw Saet Byul’s bus passed by and gestures to her that she missed her bus. But Saet Byul knew it, she didn’t want to go to her English class because she doesn’t understand a single thing. Everyone speaks in English and nobody talks to her. She’s happy to see Young Gyu wearing sock she gave him.

After finding out that Young Gyu also doesn’t have any friend, so she asks if he wants to be her friend. Young Gyu is questioning why Saet Byul is not avoiding him – he’s stupid (mentally disabled). But her friends have been calling her stupid too, so they’re quite similar in this sense. Both of them are going to Young Gyu’s school fundraising event.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun is worried because she doesn’t know where Saet Byul is. She finds a brochure “Michael Vocational School for Disabled Persons” and tries to put things together… She remembers she saw it on Young Gyu’s yellow jacket.

As soon as she saw Saet Byul there, she drags her daughter out. Saet Byul whinges and cries that she doesn’t want to go to the English academy. She firmly orders Young Gyu for not hanging around Saet Byul ever again. Because she’s scared, Saet Byul wet her pants so Soo Hyun takes her to a nearby store who just opened today – a very mysterious cafe & store called “Destiny”.

Saet Byul sees a beautiful portrait of the store owner with a young woman – she’s her daughter. To commemorate the opening of her store, she takes a polaroid picture of Soo Hyun and Saet Byul.

When Soo Hyun is going to pay for the hot drink, the store owner (cameo by Lee Yeong Kyung) warns that she will soon lose something special in the world, and no matter how much she run & step on it, destiny will follow her no matter what. There’s no point in escaping because one of the two must disappear for this to end. So fight for it instead of escaping from it. She then adds that Kim Soo Hyun must avoid water.

New President is elected – new government is formed. They’re declaring war against violent criminals.

One year later…

Today is Kim Soo Hyun’s birthday.

Kim Soo Hyun’s very strict parenting is very clear here. She fills her husband and her daughter’s glasses with water then asks which cup has more water. Saet Byul shyly answers it’s her cup, but mom scolds her that because her dad’s cup has bigger dimension – hence it has more water. Dad then drinks some, so Saet Byul’s cup has more water now. Cute.

Soon afterwards, series of unfortunate incidents happen. Saet Byul accidentally trip on a cable, then cut her finger. While tending to her daughter, Soo Hyun left the hot iron and she burns her arm. Soo Hyun almost run over a woman when Saet Byul shows her a cool pen which can shoot a laser in the back. When Soo Hyun is asking if the woman is allright, Saet Byul sees their portrait picture on the car floor mat – this picture plus other documents dropped to the mat when Soo Hyun suddenly stepped on her car’s brake. Saet Byul put it back.

Ji Hoon instructs his wife to check the birthday present (it’s money) he’s prepared for Soo Hyun. He’s really thankful for his wife – for being born and for marrying him. Once again, that fateful polaroid picture makes its appearance. Soo Hyun then recalls the store owner’s warning.

Dong Chan’s client deliberately spiked his drink. The next morning, he is shocked waking up in someone else’s bed – spending the night sleeping with that client. He carefully and very quietly leaves that house.

An old man who’s been sleeping outside Dong Chan’s place says that if he get his mind straight, do what is right and live like a human being, he will give him 10 billion won. He warns him that if he lives like this, he will regret it. So, please be a good son to his mother and live well. He angrily tells him that she’s not his mother.

Saet Byul is not at home (again), so Soo Hyun checks her laptop and finds the schedule of her favorite kpop band, Snake. She’s crazy about Snake.

Soo Hyun is worried because Saet Byul’s handphone is turned off, Ji Hoon tries to calm her down. But something is bothering her, and she can’t pin-point why.

As soon as they arrive, Soo Hyun is frantically looking for her daughter. Then she receives a call from the police station – Saet Byul and Young Gyu were there. Upset and worried, Soo Hyun slaps Young Gyu warning him once again for not hanging around her daughter.

Saet Byul tells dad that she accidentally fell into the water during the band’s performance so her handphone broke. She confesses she hates mom. 🙁

The next day, Saet Byul who prefer to go alone, goes to a repair shop to get her camera fixed. Meanwhile, Soo Hyun bought her daughter a brand new handphone. Then she receives a call from Saet Byul’s head teacher who tells her that Saet Byul has been showing test paper sheet to her friend. But the thing is, Saet Byul is not in the position to “help” others. Both her and her friend received the lowest scores.

Soo Hyun brings Saet Byul to her office because their nanny was away. After helping Saet Byul with her study, she goes downstairs to pick up the guest for her show – leaving her daughter with her work colleague, Min Ah.

A mysterious delivery guy bumps into Soo Hyun and she drops something on the floor. Hyun Woo Jin picks it up for her, she’s surprised to see him here. He tells her that he’s here instead of Choi Kyung who has something else to do. He asks if she can have a cup of tea if she has a spare time before the show starts. Which she obliges. He tells her that he’s still single.

7PM – Soo Hyun’s live show starts

Saet Byul runs to a woman who looks like her nanny in the parking lot. Soo Hyun’s work colleague has an urgent thing she must do, so she left Saet Byul alone.

Hyun Woo Jin – the special guest for today’s program dissecting the urgent murder case. Soo Hyun is mesmerized with her ex-boyfriend charm, doesn’t pick up her phone which keeps ringing.

7.17PM Soo Hyun finally picks up her phone. It’s the nanny who panicky informs her that Saet Byul is nowhere to be seen. The nanny has been waiting downstairs for 20 minutes, but she didn’t see Min Ah nor Saet Byul.

Then, a mysterious person is calling the live broadcast and his voice is echoing in the studio & the recording room.

“You are looking for me?

Why would you look for me when you don’t even know my face?

You think you can catch me with that lame montage?”

When asked if he has the evidence that he’s the real culprit behind this murder case, he challenges the MC asking if he doesn’t believe him. Screeching sound…

He confesses he killed three women. And it gets a little boring so he decided to try something new now.

He urges someone to say something.

Soo Hyun’s heart drops when she hears her daughter’s voice calling her “mom”.

The killer warns the president that this child is going to die because of him.

Soo Hyun runs to the studio, trying to talk to Saet Byul. But the killer disconnects the phone.

Tears streaming down her face.

Brief Comment

What an awesome pilot episode. It’s fast, well-packed, nicely directed, great cinematography & acting. They dived straight to the main plot – the kidnapping.


Kim Soo Hyun is dealing with the murder case which will cost her – her own daughter’s life. That makes the whole drama very interesting, yet scary at the same time. Can’t imagine her conflicting pain & heartache knowing that she’s the one who caused her daughter to be kidnapped 🙁 The mysterious store owner, who is she? Maybe she’s the one who’ll give Soo Hyun the gift to travel back into the past.

I love the family dynamic in this drama. A very strict mother who wants her daughter to excel in her study & life, a loving father who always protects her daughter when her mother indirectly / directly hurt her feeling, and a cute 8 year old daughter who has a kind heart and is a fangirl of a kpop band. Kim Soo Hyun’s strict parenting is nicely balanced with Ji Hoon’s warm & loving personality. It’s refreshing to see a husband who really loves and adores his family. This is a dramaland though, I hope he won’t throw a mysterious bomb which make the viewers despise his character.

We briefly saw Dong Chan, the investigator who has no direction in life and is holding his grudge towards his own mother. I’m looking forward to see his character’s growth and the turning point which lead him to Saet Byul’s case.

Young Gyu, Saet Byul’s only friend who unfortunately has a painful family life. I think we’ll see more of his family in the latter episode, curious to see if his father was the culprit behind this kidnapping case. Or if he is really an innocent man like what Young Gyu’s grandmother believes for the last 10 years. Somehow I think these cases are related. Maybe Young Gyu’s father was just a mere scapegoat and the real killer is the one who kidnapped Saet Gyul. Too many suspicious people in this drama, who’s the real killer?

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