God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 10 Brief Recap

What an awesome intense episode. They focus to solve the mystery behind the picture Young Gyu found in Te Oh’s house; which lead them to the right track. But they have to be more vigilant because the mastermind is still watching over them very closely. One small mistake may cause them to lose Saet Byul for the second time. Saet Byul, please be a good girl for your mom and stop running away alone!

Episode 10 Brief Recap

Soo Hyun discovers one of the person in the picture is Ki Dong Ho (Mujin serial murder case). The real estate agent tells her that Dong Ho is the first son of the family who ran a photo studio. His wife recognizes Yoo’s genius son was in that picture. Yoo was Mujin’s mayor 10 years ago.

Yoo’s son immigrated to America and his father has cut all the ties with him. He doesn’t know his phone number nor his friends, he believes his son doesn’t have any friend in Korea since he lived in America since he was young. His wife’s gaze is a bit suspicious though. It looks like she knows something.

Soo Hyun is relieved that Saet Byul is by her side, Dong Chan assures her that they will change the fate. Everything will be over after the kidnapper is caught.

Tonight is the day Saet Byul was kidnapped. Soo Hyun asks the store owner’s grandma so she can watch “Public Search” program, but it’s pre-empted because of President Kim Nam Joo’s speech.

The President addresses the public outcry about capital punishment, hence he announces that the government will now initiate a full review about reviving capital punishment.

Saet Byul is reading “Mother’s Story” storybook because she’s curious with the ending. Soo Hyun takes the book away from Saet Byul and orders Dong Chan to throw it away. But he reads it and scribbles something on the book.

Soo Hyun, Saet Byul and Dong Chan stay for the night at guest houses owned by the store owner’s grandma. Saet Byul is upset that mom took away her book, she wants to stay with Ahjussi tonight.

Saet Byul is still thinking about the book’s ending, upset that the child might die, so Dong Chan read it for her.

Grandma knows Soo Jung, Soo Hyun asks if she knows her house. Grandma says that after Soo Jung died, for 3 years her mother went crazy, roaming around then disappeared. Nobody knows what really happened to this lady who’s talented in arts. Some said she died. Her house now becomes like a haunted house.


Soo Hyun is shocked to find a picture of Soo Jung and her mother. Her mother is the clairvoyant, Destiny’s cafe owner! Grandma mentions that she’s a half-psychic who was able to accurately predict the day her mother-in-law died. But she didn’t know when her daughter would die.

Soo Hyun is baffled with all these coincidences, she decides to go back to Seoul tomorrow morning.

D-7 before the incident

Dong Chan almost runs over an elderly man who’s riding a bike, he has lost his focus after he saw picture of Soo Jung & her mother. The grandpa is furious, but he recognizes Dong Chan – the youngest son of “Brothers Photo Studio”. He dodges the question, and drives away.

Soo Hyun is trying to put the puzzle together… Ki Dong Ho – the first son of the family who ran a photo studio.  Ki Dong Chan – the youngest son of “Brothers Photo Studio”… Are they related?

Dong Chan drops them off, he coldly leaves.

Soo Hyun calls Woo Jin who answers her suspicion: Ki Dong Chan has an older brother, and it’s Ki Dong Ho.

Soo Hyun is back at her office, looking for documents related to Ki Dong Ho’s case. She finds out that Yoon Jung Gook was the defendant’s attorney.


Dong Chan is troubled because he didn’t say something he should say, but now he believes now Soo Hyun knows his secret. He asks grandpa for advice if it’s better for him to confess or wait for her to ask him.

He advises that when we share our secret, we’re giving that person our freedom. He knows his heart is currently in prison, so go tell her to set it free.

Grandpa receives a phone call from an insider that the government is currently working behind the scenes to bring the capital punishment back.

Ji Hoon initially dodges Soo Hyun’s question regarding Soo Jung, one of the victim from Mujin murder cases. She wants to know if the three people who were in the picture with her were included in the list of suspects. Ji Hoon tells her that they were excluded from the list of suspects because of their solid alibi that they were in Seoul the day before the incident. All three of them were students from Seoul.

Soo Hyun is wondering why Ji Hoon didn’t give her Ki Dong Ho’s case files. Is he hiding something?

He throws a bundle of document (and a picture of Dong Ho’s family, his mother Soon Nyae & his son Young Gyu) to his wife, explaining that he didn’t give it because of Ki Dong Chan. He tells her that Dong Chan sent him the threatening emails. It may mean Dong Chan intentionally approached Soo Hyun for a hidden agenda. He might also asked his mother to get access to their house by pretending to work as a house maid, and asked his nephew to play with Saet Byul.

He didn’t know Dong Chan is Dong Ho’s brother, he only found out after he received the threatening emails. Dong Chan insists that his older brother didn’t kill the two women who were murdered before he killed Soo Jung. Hence, although he confessed with his own mouth that his brother killed Soo Jung, but he feels it’s unfair that his brother is labeled as the serial murderer. It might be the reason why he threatened Ji Hoon.

Soo Hyun is now looking back at all the past events where Dong Chan might intentionally let Cha Bong Sup lived.  And why did Soo Hyun’s kidnapper let Dong Chan live?

Now she think Bong Sup wanted to tell her about Dong Chan. She finds it strange that Dong Chan joined the crime scene investigation. Woo Jin shows her a picture of Dong Chan’s family which he found at Bong Sup’s house. He explains Dong Chan wanted to find out why Bong Sup has a picture of his family, that’s the reason he joined the investigation. Moreover, he tells Soo Hyun that Mimi is Young Gyu’s birth mother.

He believes in Dong Chan, because he always risks his life to protect the ones he loves. He advises Soo Hyun to stay closer to him. She takes the picture with her and leaves.

Just then, a mysterious man calls Woo Jin, asking what did she want to know. He warns him that he won’t stay still any longer, so don’t touch Kim Soo Hyun.

Soo Hyun visits Soon Nyae who shares that Dong Ho adopted Young Gyu who was very smart before that freak accident. Dong Ho saw him when he was living as a beggar on the street after he ran away from the orphanage to find his birth mother, so he brought him home to give him food, but their bond proved to be unbreakable so they put him in the family registry and Young Gyu started to live with them.

She believes Dong Ho is a very kind man, he wouldn’t kill those women. She begs Soo Hyun to persuade Ji Hoon and to meet him in prison then she’ll see that he’s not a murderer.

Soo Hyun recalls her meeting with Dong Ho last time when she was talking about revealing the truth and suddenly Dong Ho went berserk.

She investigates the CCTV recording and the police advises that Dong Ho went crazy because of his pet mouse which slipped out his pocket so he’s afraid she was going to step on it, not because of Soo Hyun.

Dong Chan comes to Soo Hyun’s house because she hasn’t picked up his calls. He bangs her front door, and knocks down the security guard who orders him to leave. His mom calls, confesses she told the truth to Soo Hyun and she’s currently visiting Dong Ho in prison.

He rushes to stop Soo Hyun.

Ji Hoon asks the nanny to look after Saet Byul because they don’t know where Soo Hyun is, and he has to go to court today. He then calls the concert hall’s lost & found department to find out if they’ve found a helmet with Han Saet Byul’s name on it, but they didn’t find this helmet.

He remembers Young Gyu told him in the car that they went to Te Oh’s house that night. He asks someone to find this address for him.

Dong Chan wants to know why Soo Hyun has been avoiding her. She can’t believe him, he hid the most important fact: Dong Ho is his brother. And he threatened Ji Hoon.

He saw it with his own eyes that his brother killed the woman he loved.

Flashback to the day Soo Jung was killed.

Soo Jung was annoyed Dong Ho kept following her, she ordered him to stop. He smiled, he followed her because she’s pretty. They went inside the house, leaving Dong Ho alone outside. He played his guitar…

He tried to kiss her, but she abruptly asked if he’s going to college in Seoul. He initially refused to answer, he wanted their relationship to progress to the next level… 😀

He knew he couldn’t leave his mother, his brother and his nephew (that he wasn’t destined to have) in Mujin? He would not go to Seoul. He wanted to stay in Mujin and got a job here. He could live in Mujin together with Soo Jung. But Soo Jung refused to live in this shabby place.

Suddenly, Dong Ho appeared with his camera.

Soo Jung was questioning why her life had to be restrained by that stupid person. She insulted Dong Ho in front of Dong Chan. Dong Ho’s actions creep her out. Dong Chan had enough, he told her to do whatever she wanted to do. Go to Seoul if he wanted to. He’s done with her.

Dong Ho was waiting for him outside, he ordered him to go home. But he sneaked into the house.

Dong Chan was with his friends, he spotted a CCTV camera which was installed after two women got stabbed in that area. He’s worried for Soo Jung’s safety, so he left early.

Somewhere, he saw his brother carried Soo Jung and walked towards the creek. He ran, but Dong Ho already threw the body to the lake. Dong Chan tried to save Soo Jung, but it’s too late.

He asked if Dong Ho killed her, he confessed he did.

Based on his story, Soo Hyun realizes Dong Chan didn’t see his brother killed Soo Jung. He’s furious that she doesn’t believe him, like Soo Jung who also didn’t believe him.

Dong Chan decides to visit Dong Ho with Soo Hyun, straight away he asks who killed Soo Jung. Dong Ho confessed he killed her. Dong Chan shouts that Dong Ho ruined his life, he ruined his mother’s life. Police have to drag Dong Chan out of the room.

Ji Hoon investigates the jewelries which Soo Hyun found at Bong Sup’s house.  The earring, the ring JH ❤ TH, Te Junior?

His assistance tells him they found Jo Min Ah. He rushes to see her, drags her to abort her unborn baby much to her resistance.  She loses her grip, then fell down the stairs.

Ji Hoon shares that he found weapons with the victims’ blood in the hideout which he made for his brother. Soo Hyun is wondering why he didn’t try to re-investigate the case, he’s a detective. He confesses he didn’t do it because he wanted to erase this incident from his memory, he wanted to escape from it. His brother killed Soo Jung, that’s the fact.

Soo Hyun mentions the sleeping pill she found under his bed, and his nightmares. Dong Chan got prescribed sleeping pills again because this memory (which he thought almost gone), came back. He’s upset that Soo Hyun suspected her and didn’t believe him.

He asks about Saet Byul, Soo Hyun believes she’s with her dad. So she calls Ji Hoon, but he’s in court. She calls Saet Byul who tells her she’s with her nanny.

Soo Hyun rushes home, orders the nanny to leave.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun are investigating the picture, Soo Hyun think Jin Woo’s father was lying because she saw a picture that Jin Woo drew in 2008 in his house. If he cut contact with his son for 10 years, then, why does he have this picture? Ji Hoon mentioned that Jin Woo was questioned as a testifier.

Soo Hyun plans to go to Mujin alone because she thought he doesn’t want to go back to Mujin, and will leave Saet Byul with him.

Byung Tae set up CCTV camera in Soo Hyun’s house, she leaves Saet Byul under Byung Tae’s care while Dong Chan, Jenny and her go to Mujin.

Dong Chan notices one of the guy in the picture is left-handed because he wore his watch on his right wrist. Moreover, there’s an ink stain on his left sleeve. To tattoo man that they’re looking for, is also left-handed. Based on the picture, he thinks this guy is around 185cm tall, same height as Soo Hyun’s kidnapper. The jawline looks similar too.

Jenny suggests to put a flyer with this picture, but Dong Chan doesn’t think it’s a great idea. The tattoo man may see the flyer and send someone else to kidnap Saet Byul.

They stop at the visitor’s center because Dong Chan notices the watch he wore was a freebie from Mujin’s fishing festival, so he believes the picture was taken during this festival. He also has the same watch at home.

Jenny becomes a golf caddy for the day, she sends secret messages to Byung Tae. The guy in the visitor center is curious why they’re shifting through old photo albums although the event wasn’t even reported to the media. Dong Chan tells him that it’s part of their research for tv show about finding missing people. Soo Hyun finds the picture of them in a white car, Dong Chan steals this picture.

Back in Seoul, Byung Tae tries to zoom-in the sticker in the white car, it’s a university’s logo. They’re students of this university. It will take a while to find them in the university’s alumni database, so Byung Tae took a shortcut and posted their pictures in the university’s SNS.

Dong Chan is hospitalized and is hand-chuffed. The police tells worried Soon Nyae that he self-inflicted himself after his brother’s visit.

They finally discover something: a phone call from Director Kim which notifies that someone’s son had a seizure. Byung Tae tracks the phone’s location, it’s a mental hospital in Gyeonggi-do.

Dong Chan pretends Jenny is  “his sister” who went crazy because her boyfriend dumped her to distract the doctor while Dong Chan & Soo Hyun look around the mental hospital to find Jin Woo. Dong Chan stole a doctor’s lab coat, ID, key & wears a mask, so nobody will suspect them.


They find him in a locked room, the wall is full with his drawing. When Soo Hyun shows him the picture, he gets really anxious, trembles saying he didn’t do it, that he slept after eating a candy.

Abruptly, he blurts out “Hephae… scary” He gets really upset & agitated, so Dong Chan & Soo Hyun hide behind the door. They escape when a nurse enters Jin Woo’s house to look after him.

Hephae sounds like a jellyfish, Dong Chan is wondering if there’s a jellyfish flavored candy 😀

Soo Hyun discovers about Hephaestus. The son of Zeus & Hera, the most skilled craftsmen of the gods, crippled and ugly. He has a limp on one leg when he runs in a hurry.

The tattoo man had a limp too.

A girl (nickname “Heidi”) commented on a picture Byung Tae posted on the SNS. This person asks why did he put a dead person’s photo up. She will report him to the police.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun visit this girl’s home, but are surprised to see a guy who tells them they came to the wrong house. He’s “Heidi”. Straight away Soo Hyun shows the picture and asks if that person dead. But he recognizes her, the crazy ahjumma who jumped on Snake during the concert. He’s going to call the police, but stays silent after Dong Chan shows his “police ID”.

“Heidi” is wondering if Te Oh is okay, the person on that picture in Te Oh’s older brother.

He wanted to preserve the precious CD so he put it inside a kimchi container and keep it in the freezer (he’s a bit weird, he’s a fanatic fan?).

Te Oh’s older brother was a singer without-a-face, Yoon Jae Han. Te Oh composed “Heaven” for his older brother. He sings this song to them 😀 When asked if he knows Te Oh’s house, he doesn’t want to tell them. Eagle-eye Dong Chan spots a map on his wall, he tries to cover it, but it’s too late, Dong Chan already saw it.

After finding out from Byung Tae that Te Oh doesn’t have any schedule today, they go to his house. Te Oh is famous for staying at his home when he has no schedule.

Te Oh is mad that a stalker keeps pressing the bell, orders him to leave or he’ll call a police. Dong Chan shows the picture and he let them in. He accuses them of stealing this picture.

Soo Hyun tells him that her daughter might be killed by the person in that picture, so if he knows who those people are, please tell her. She slips a Saet Byul’s picture on Te Oh’s hand.

Then, security guards and his manager come to escort them out. The manager hands over Saet Byul’s helmet which he found in Te Oh’s car.

A mysterious caller warns Ji Hoon that they can’t guarantee his family’s safety if he doesn’t hand over the item.

Dong Chan is baffled with their new discovery. Yoo Jin Woo is locked in a mental hospital, Yoon Jae Han (Te Oh’s brother) passed away 5 years ago. They have zero information about the last guy in that picture. But he believes they’re on the right track, that’s why Saet Byul has started to appear in the polaroid picture.

Soo Nyae wants to know what did Dong Chan say to his brother which made him hit his own head. Did he want to kill his brother?

They decide to leave the mother-and-son alone, Soo Hyun didn’t realize Ji Hoon called her. Soo Hyun and Saet Byul go home. Soo Hyun accidentally drops Saet Byul’s helmet and finds the jewelries that Ji Hoon hid. Saet Byul run home alone to go to the bathroom. Just then, Joo Hyun (I think she’s the new writer who replaced Soo Hyun after she abruptly quit) calls, advising that team leader Hyun Woo Jin will be coming to the broadcast tomorrow instead of Lieutenant Choi who had a schedule conflict. The suspect of the Hongchun murder case killed another person, so they decided to air the show although it was supposed to be cancelled.

Soo Hyun arrives home, is surprised that it’s very dark. A thief’s ransacked her house. But she discovers the biggest shock of her life: he is holding Saet Byul a hostage!

Brief Comment

The cliffhanger!

Today is supposed to be the day the day after Saet Byul was supposed to be kidnapped! OMG, the suspense. Why did you let Saet Byul to walk home alone from the parking lot, Soo Hyun? T_T She might accidentally let the guy in, or the guy threatened her to let him in. I’ll be surprised if this guy is someone Saet Byul knows well. Monday, please come sooner.

Dong Chan’s brokenness is something that he can’t escape. He might feel guilty that he left Soo Jung alone with Dong Ho while he hang out with his friends; but I think he still can’t believe it that his own brother is a killer. Curious with the weapons that he found in the hideout place he specifically made for his brother. Did anyone else know about this place? Maybe one guy who was in the picture with Soo Jung framed Dong Ho. Just like Soon Nyae, I still believe Dong Ho is innocent. Dong Chan didn’t see his brother killed Soo Jung, he only saw him carried her body and threw it to the lake.

Jin Woo’s confession that he slept after eating a candy is very suspicious. Who gave him the candy? Was it the same candy as the ones Young Gyu and Saet Byul ate while they hid at Te Oh’s house? And why Jin Woo’s father lied to Soo Hyun? He knew his son is in a mental hospital, but why he said his son immigrated to America? He’s ashamed of his own son? As he was a Mayor, I think he’s somehow politically related with President Kim Nam Joo who’s pressured to revive the capital punishment.

So the reason why Ji Hoon didn’t want to hand over Dong Ho’s case was because he knew Dong Chan is his brother. It’s sweet of him to think about his wife, but he’s still shady. Who is this mysterious caller who keeps threatening his family’s safety? Probably someone who’s related with Mujin serial murder cases, it can be the mastermind who would kidnap & kill Saet Byul. The mysterious tattoo man, the guy in the picture who has similar height & characteristic as the tattoo man.

Soo Hyun wavered after she found out about Dong Chan’s family, but when Dong Chan shared what really happened that day, she began to gain the trust back and decided to stay by his side. Woo Jin who knew Dong Chan well believes in Dong Chan, but I’m still a bit suspicious because he tends to forget and lose his memory when he’s drunk.

It’s obvious Dong Chan was really madly in love with Soo Jung, but not sure about Soo Jung. When she insisted to move to Seoul because she didn’t want to live in a crappy house, when she insulted her boyfriend’s brother, when she didn’t want Dong Chan to kiss him; I don’t think she really loved him. A girl who loves her man will accept his family wholeheartedly. I wonder if Dong Ho did something to her which made her really angry & upset. And I’m wondering if she’s in love with a guy who was in the picture with her. Moreover, why did her physic mother warn Soo Hyun about Saet Byul? Where is she now? I hope Soo Hyun and Dong Chan can find her to find out more about what really happened with Soo Jung and her “prediction” about Saet Byul.

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