God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 11 Brief Recap

Don’t believe anyone, don’t believe in anything we see. The characters in this drama have their own secrets & hidden agenda. Some of them are shadier than the others. But at the end of the day, their goals are still the same: to protect their loved ones from getting hurt. Although I understand Ji Hoon’s dilemma, but I really hate him now.

This episode once again proves that Dong Chan is one of the best detective in K-dramaland & police force in Kdrama is useless! Like mother like daughter, Saet Byul inherits her mother’s bravery. Dong Chan carefully guides his smart “bride” to escape from a freezing truck, earning herself plenty of compliments & praises. =)

Episode 11 Brief Recap


As soon as Saet Byul arrives home, a mysterious person grabs & drags her, covers her mouth. Soo Hyun enters her pitch-black house, wondering why Saet Byul didn’t turn on the lights. Her house is in a complete mess.

She kneels down when she saw someone is holding Saet Byul with a knife on her neck. She pleads, asking him / her to calm down, let go of the anger and give Saet Byul back to her. She says exactly the same things as she said on episode 2 (when she begged the kidnapper on national TV, begging him to return Saet Byul to her).

This mysterious person turns on the light, screaming “then what about my child?” It’s Min Ah!

Min Ah asks what did her child do wrong that it died? Her unborn child died, because of Ji Hoon. And because her child died, so will Saet Byul!

Saet Byul hides inside the wardrobe, Soo Hyun protects Saet Byul, doesn’t allow Min Ah to open the wardrobe door / stab the door with the screwdriver.

Because she can’t hurt Saet Byul, crazy Min Ah stabs the screwdriver to her wrist, then she collapses. The neighbors and security guard who heard the commotion, rush into her house to find unconscious Min Ah laying on the floor. Ji Hoon takes Saet Byul away from Soo Hyun, and the police arrests Soo Hyun after her neighbors told him that she stabbed Min Ah. Nobody believes her that Min Ah stabbed herself.

On the way to the police station, Soo Hyun keeps telling the mysterious police that she didn’t do it. He places his right hand on his back neck, the same gesture as the tattoo-ed man. She knows she’s in danger, so she secretly calls Dong Chan, who’s on her speed dial. She smartly describes where they’re going and what she’ll do there. She tells him the fastest route to go to the station. The phone gets cut off.

She uses a paperclip she found in the car to unlock her handcuff. The mysterious man turns off the police radio call who panicky asks if officer Sung is okay. Of course he is not officer Sung.

Soo Hyun asks him what does he want. Suddenly she grabs his neck from the back, trying to suffocate him. He fights back. When she saw the tattoo on his wrist, she bites his arm. He’s fighting while trying hard to drive the car. In the midst of their fight, something drops on the floor.

Suddenly a car stops his car. Ah it’s Dong Chan! He takes Soo Hyun to his car safely, but she tells him to catch the “fake” police as he’s the tattoo-ed man they’re looking for. Unfortunately, the guy has already fled.

Because Soo Hyun was put on a criminal wanted list, Dong Chan & Byung Tae help Soo Hyun to escape from the police. She wants to take Saet Byul with her. Her daughter is currently in the hospital, Ji Hoon called the nanny, gives money to her and leave Saet Byul under her care.

Hoh Goo and Woo Jin find officer Sung in the car’s trunk. Woo Jin instructs them to put a search warrant for Soo Hyun, Dong Chan, Byung Tae & Jenny. Hoh Goo believes Dong Chan didn’t do this.

Ji Hoon knows Min Ah stabbed herself, he knows his wife too well. She confesses, telling him that she wanted him to feel the pain she’s feeling now. She wanted to give his precious wife and daughter scars that they won’t be able to wash away for the rest of their lives. He instructs her to tell the truth to the police.

She tells him that his house was already a mess when she came. She knows “that man”, the same man who threatened her that he would send the pictures to PD Kang, did it. She’s wondering why that man threatened her. Ji Hoon tells her that he’s trying to make the world into what he’s dreaming about, so please Min Ah, stop interfering with his plan.

On the way home, Ji Hoon receives a call from the police station which advise him that Soo Hyun escaped while she’s on the way to the station, they ask if he knows who took her.

Ji Hoon receives a new threatening message & image as a warning for him to hand over the item, if not, this person cannot guarantee his family’s safety.

He threatens the guy that if he dares to touch Soo Hyun, he’ll kill them all.

He finds Saet Byul’s helmet on the floor, but can’t find the jewelries that he hide there.

He checks the parking lot CCTV camera while the security guard can’t stop talking about his duties to protect them and to the nervous neighbors. They decide to keep this incident private. Anyway, he finds out Soo Hyun took the jewelries.

The nanny calls to tell him that Soo Hyun (and her “gang” who often visit their house) came to take Saet Byul away. Ji Hoon orders her to contact the police because Soo Hyun is currently not on her right mind so she can’t take Saet Byul with her. One police hand is wrapped in bandage, he’s the tattoo-ed man!

Byung Tae distracts the police by pretending to be a crazy family member who wants to burn the hospital down because of a malpractice. Dong Chan, Soo Hyun, Saet Byul are now safe. But after Soo Hyun tells Dong Chan that she saw the tattoo-ed man, Dong Chan wants to catch him. Just then, Ji Hoon arrives. They hurriedly leave.

But they have to face another hurdle: intoxicant test. Jenny passes the test, but after checking her driver licence, the police orders everyone in the car to get out.

Dong Chan gets out telling them that there’s a sick child in the car, he points out to Saet Byul who pretends to be sick. The police reports that he found Soo Hyun & Dong Chan who’re under the search warrant.

While Jenny and Dong Chan are arguing with the police, Soo Hyun escapes with Saet Byul. Huh Goo and Woo Jin arrive at the scene, Huh Goo asks why Dong Chan seized police car and put the officer in the car’s trunk. He tells him he rescued Soo Hyun from that car then orders him to check the traces of blood in that car because Soo Hyun bit the kidnapper like a dog.

After they find out Soo Hyun and Saet Byul have fled, Woo Jin orders the police to arrest Dong Chan and his gang & confiscate their vehicle.

Saet Byul and Soo Hyun hide from the tattoo-ed man who keeps following them. He approaches them… but thankfully they’re saved by two police officers who’re on night duty. The tattoo-ed man escapes.

D-6 before the incident

Ji Hoon is looking for Soo Hyun at her mother’s place. He changes the story, lying that Soo Hyun ran away because she stabbed someone. And the police is currently looking for her. He asks her to call him first when she sees Soo Hyun because things will be getting complicated if he calls the police.


Soo Hyun brings Saet Byul to the countryside near the ocean, she’s wondering why that mysterious man is chasing her.

They play at the beach, Saet Byul asks mom to put the hairpin that Young Gyu gave her. They then take a cute selca. =)

Soo Hyun’s mom complements Saet Byul who enjoys eating octopus like her mother. Saet Byul corrects her grandma, her mother doesn’t like octopus.

Her mother pretends to grab a water, but she calls Ji Hoon from the kitchen.

Dong Chan begs Huh Goo to release him, but he can’t do that until they find Soo Hyun. And he doesn’t want to get fired. Dong Chan tells him that this is more important than his job, but for Huh Goo, his job is more important than anything else.

Soo Hyun’s mom assures her daughter that her son-in-law “Mr Justice” will solve everything, so don’t worry. But she confronts her mom who abandoned her when she was around Saet Byul’s age. Her mom didn’t come to take her back. She can’t fathom her mother, how could she abandon her own child?

It looks like her mom is misunderstanding and expecting something because Soo Hyun came here. But you’re wrong, mom.

Dong Chan steal the key while Huh Goo distracts his work mates until Dong Chan and his gang safely escape from the police station.

Byung Tae calls Saet Byul, but grandma takes the phone away from her. She did tell him that they’re somewhere near the ocean.

Soo Hyun calls Woo Jin, begging him to release Dong Chan because he’s the only one who can protect her & Saet Byul. Woo Jin was the one who advised her to stay right next to Dong Chan! At the moment she doesn’t know why that man wants to kidnap Saet Byul and her. She tells him she didn’t stab Min Ah. She’s innocent. He assures her he’ll look into all these then hang up.

The tattoo-ed man is standing beside him! Soo Hyun didn’t say where she is, so that guy orders him to give his cellphone. He calls someone, then put his phone on his pocket. The man grabs his collar shirt, Woo Jin threatens that if he dares to touch Soo Hyun, he will tell everyone that this man killed Bong Sup. The man threatens back, he’ll tell the world that Woo Jin shot Young Gyu! OMG.

Byung Tae is able to track Saet Byul and Soo Hyun’s whereabouts: they’re in Gangneung. He hurriedly erased all data on his computer when bad guys came to the office to find out about Saet Byul and Soo Hyun. They punch Jenny, she strikes back but collapses on the floor soon afterwards. Byung Tae finally tells them Soo HyuByul n’s location after they threaten to take Jenny away with them.

Saet Byul transfers the selca from mom’s cellphone to hers. She then overhears her grandma’s conversation with her friend who asks until when she’s going to live as enemy with her own daughter. And why can’t she tell Soo Hyun everything? But she doesn’t want her daughter to know that she couldn’t take her back because she got beaten up everyday.

Soo Hyun is at the convenience store to buy chocolate milk as Saet Byul requested earlier. But then, a group of medical personnel take her to a mental institution. Her husband put her there!

Soo Hyun’s mother shows Soo Hyun’s drawing book, she used to draw well but doesn’t do it anymore. She also tells Saet Byul that young Soo Hyun was bad in spelling, like mother like daughter =)

Saet Byul innocently asks grandma why their relationship turned bad, she tells her because she did lots of bad things. The wise granddaughter advises grandma that if she apologizes sincerely when she did wrong, then that person will forgive her. A sincere heart will always move other people’s heart. That’s what her mom always tells her and she wrote it on her diary.

Saet Byul helps grandma writing her heartfelt apology. Her mom lies that she’s living well, and that the Ahjussi is really nice to her. Saet Byul remembers what she heard earlier, that the Ahjussi beats up her grandmother everyday. She promises to give this letter to her mother.

Suddenly a group of men rushed into the house, grandma is able to escape with Saet Byul and hide inside a freezing truck. Grandma steals one frozen fish, ready to hit one of the guys, but they run when they heard a police siren. The truck driver locks the compartment and drives away.

Soo Hyun is locked in the mental hospital, the nurse hands over her belonging to Ji Hoon. He rushes to his car, finds the jewelries he’s looking for, takes the pictures of the jewelries, sends it and calls the mysterious man. He threatens him that after today is over, he’s done!

Huh Goo and Dong Chan are worried they can’t get in touch with Byung Tae and Jenny.

Woo Jin is reminded that he has to prepare to appear on Public Search today. Dong Chan is confused, he thought this week’s show has been cancelled. Huh Goo advises him that because they found the eyewitness so this show has been rescheduled and will be aired tonight citing it’s “emergency” case.

Woo Jin opens Dong Chan’s handcuffs, orders him to go and protect Soo Hyun. Min Ah has changed her statement and confessed she stabbed herself, so Soo Hyun is now free from the arrest warrant.

Saet Byul warms up her grandma by blowing on her arm, lights up the lighter she brought. She then calls Byung Tae and thankfully Dong Chan just arrives at his office & picks up the phone.

She complains she’s cold and grandma is sick. She doesn’t know where mom is, but she’s inside a freezer truck with boxes of seafood. Dong Chan calls 119 (rescue worker) to report there’s a child locked inside a freezer truck. He gives them Saet Byul’s cellphone number so they can track her location. He assures Saet Byul that people will rescue them, so please wait for them.

But the rescue worker advises him that the number he just gave is not supposed by the GPS, hence, it’s impossible to track its location.

Frustrated, he tells Saet Byul to look around her and tell him what she sees on the box. She reads “Joomunjin squid”. She also remembers grandma said earlier that they’ll arrive at “Norangyi market” soon. Dong Chan is confused for a second, then asks if it’s Noryangjin (fisheries wholesale market).

He then orders the rescue worker to search any truck from Joomunjin to Noryangjin. Dong Chan rushes to find Saet Byul.

He plays game with her so she won’t fall asleep. He instructs her to call out the names of all the fish’s friends in the fish box near her. She gets up, opens the box and calls out the name. When she calls out “super big octopus”, he’s wondering if it’s a devilfish. He orders her to take out the big octopus out of the box, but it’s frozen. Saet Byul tells him she has a lighter, so he instructs her to carefully light up the lighter and put it up against the octopus’ head. She has to target the head directly. It’s getting soft.

He instructs her to put down the octopus and walk to the compartment door. He asks if she can turn the circular thing on the door. She tries, but she can’t turn it.

So he orders her to find anything sharp around her. She sticks her hairpin in there, but it’s not working. He encourages her by telling her that he likes a super strong woman instead of a super pretty one. He silently whispers “good job, my bride”. So she gathers up her strength and is able to unlock the door.


He instructs her to take her octopus “friend”, and to poke the ink pocket lightly with her hairpin. Then, take the octopus to the door, squeeze the head lightly to the door to release the ink, he wants her to pour the ink around the gap of the door to blow up the door. He praises her that his bride is scarily smart.


He tells her to find the strongest & sturdy box, then hit the door knob really strong. He guides her until she’s able to unlock it!

The driver stopped the truck after he discovered seafood fell out from his truck’s compartment. He’s shocked to find a kid and grandma there, then he sent them to the hospital in Seoul. Dong Chan arrives at the scene. The truck driver thought Dong Chan is Saet Byul’s father, so he hands over Saet Byul’s hairpin and grandma’s sweater to him.

Suddenly he remember (before the time warp) that he found the same hairpin on his back pocket. He tries to recall what happened before, he remember he put on the pant that he wore to the club a day before that day. But how did the hairpin get there?

Ji Hoon calls Soo Hyun’s mother, but the nurse picks it up. She tells him that his mother-in-law is critical. She asks him to bring Saet Byul’s clean clothes. He brings Saet Byul’s clothes that Soo Hyun was trying to throw (the clothes she wore on the day she’s kidnapped before the time warp).

Ji Hoon has to go to the broadcasting station, so he promises they’ll get So Hyun that. Saet Byul wants to meet her mom, she begs dad to take her to see mom.

Soo Hyun begs them to release her, Ji Hoon creepily tells her that this is for her own good. She’s currently not normal, she went around for days insisting that their daughter would die and then she stabbed someone. She needs absolute rest now.

She’s surprised when Ji Hoon tells her that Saet Byul is here. He’ll let her to see Saet Byul only if she promises she’ll behave herself in front of Saet Byul.

He asks Saet Byul for not telling about her grandma to her mom because her mom will get upset.

She promises, so he allows her to see her. She’s surprised Saet Byul is wearing the clothes she has thrown away. Ji Hoon tells her that the guard brought the clothes back. She forces Saet Byul to take the clothes off and to stay with her.

Ji Hoon tells her he’s taking her to the broadcasting station. Saet Byul doesn’t want to go to the station – she wants to stay with her mom, and Soo Hyun doesn’t let him take her.

Soo Hyun tries to chase Ji Hoon & Saet Byul, but the doctors catch her and locks her inside her room.

Dong Chan arrives at the hospital to find out Ji Hoon took Saet Byul. Her grandma is still here, an ahjussi is looking after her. He introduces himself as the acquaintance of the grandma’s daughter.

Dong Chan asks the nurse to call him in case something happens to patient Jang Mi Soon (finally we know her name =)) He receives a message about the broadcast, then another message from Soo Hyun who begs him to save Saet Byul who’s in the broadcasting station.

He arrives at the station, although he’s not allowed to enter the studio, but he let himself in.

Soo Hyun is awake, she asks what time is it now. It’s 7.30PM, the time when Public Search is aired. She runs to the hospital’s public area to watch TV. Shocked to hear similar message (as she heard from Saet Byul’s kidnapper before the time warp). But his voice is different this time.

Then, she hears Saet Byul’s heartfelt cry “Mommy”.  The kidnapper laughs creepily.

Brief Comment 

Noooo…… How did Saet Byul get kidnapped again? T__T

This episode started pretty weak for me, I sympathize with Min Ah’s sadness & anger, but I’m baffled that the “suspicious” security guard & the neighbors who put the blame straight to Soo Hyun. Without asking her any question, they made their own assumptions. And how did the tattoo-ed man get there? I think he ransacked Soo Hyun’s house to find the jewelries, maybe to prevent Ji Hoon to send the picture of these jewelries to that guy so nobody will know that he killed Bong Sup. This tatto-ed man knows that Woo Jin shot Young Gyu, so it’s clear now that he’s related with Mujin serial murder cases. I hope we’re getting closer to find the mastermind behind these murder cases & kidnapping, because he / she has been manipulating so many people for his / her own advantages.

Heartbreak after I found out that Dong Chan didn’t shoot his own nephew. Woo Jin hide this secret because he’s scared his father might kill himself if he finds out about his fatal  mistake.

Love Saet Byul and Dong Chan’s amazing teamwork. The way he carefully guided her and how she really trusted him, it’s very sweet. I still believe Dong Chan is innocent, especially after Woo Jin’s secret is out. But I think Saet Byul saw Dong Chan at the broadcasting station on the day she was kidnapped (before the time warp).

Soo Hyun’s bitterness towards her mother because she abandoned her is heartbreaking. She didn’t know that her mother tried to protect her 🙁 I hope her mom wakes up and she’s able to explain & apologize to her. I got a feeling Soo Hyun will only find out the truth through her mother’s apology letter.

Ji Hoon, you earned few bad points this episode. First, he left Saet Byul with her nanny. Second, he locked his wife inside a mental hospital (I can’t forgive him!). Third, he brought Saet Byul to the station although he’s busy! Why did he insist of taking Saet Byul to the station if he’s going to leave her with someone else?

Last time, Soo Hyun took the blame of leaving Saet Byul with Min Ah which led her to get kidnapped. But this time, it’s all Ji Hoon’s fault. I don’t know if the tattoo-ed man is Saet Byul’s kidnapper, but one thing we know for sure, this kidnapper never let Ji Hoon’s family out of his / her sight.

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