God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 12 Brief Recap

This episode highlights the supporting characters’ braveness and fighting spirit as they’re racing against the time to save & protect Saet Byul. Young Gyu deserves a medal for trying to protect Saet Byul. The nanny earns herself a pat on her shoulder for giving a signal to Saet Byul to run away. Byung Tae & Jenny although they failed to keep the secret, but they’re doing everything they can now to pay their debts to Soo Hyun.

Unfortunately, Dong Chan doesn’t appreciate his loyal assistants as much as they respect their boss. We discover his selfish side this episode. On the other hand, it’s heartwarming to see Soo Hyun gratefully thanking Young Gyu for keeping his promise.

Episode 12 Brief Recap


Ji Hoon promises that he will bring Saet Byul to her mom after his debate program finishes. Saet Byul is bored & upset.

He leaves Saet Byul with the make-up assistant while he’s answering a call from a mysterious person (unknown number) who wants to meet him at the empty lot as they usually did. He then calls Saet Byul’s nanny to take Saet Byul home. He instructs her to call once she arrives at SBC’s parking lot. The nanny initially refuses because her daughter has just given birth, but reluctantly she agrees.

The nanny’s son-in-law is showing his newborn baby the present from Saet Byul. The nanny looks really nervous as she’s looking at her daughter’s happy family. There’s a mysterious man behind her, seems like he threatens her.

Dong Chan is stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident. There’s a black bracelet on the side of the road.

Ji Hoon brings Saet Byul downstairs, promises her mom will be home soon if she goes home with her nanny.

The mysterious man calls Ji Hoon, advising that their meeting had to be postponed.

Saet Byul runs towards her nanny who’s waiting for her in the parking lot (exactly the same as what happened before the time warp).

Then, Soo Hyun’s junior work colleague (PD Han) comes to Ji Hoon, asking what he’s going to do about Min Ah.  He knew she’s pregnant and he just sent the video to Soo Hyun. Too bad, Soo Hyun already found out about it. He received the video from an unknown number, Ji Hoon orders him to delete it as it’s a defamation of character & invasion of privacy crimes.

The nanny shakes her head, giving a signal to Saet Byul to go back to her dad / run away. But when Saet Byul turns back, she overhears the conversation about her dad’s adultery.

Dong Chan arrives at the station, a black van (Te Oh’s van) leaves.

Soo Hyun wakes up, looks at the clock, it’s 7.30PM. She runs to watch Public Show on TV.

Meanwhile Dong Chan is looking for Saet Byul at the station.

The nanny informs Ji Hoon that Saet Byul is not with her, she instructs him to quickly find Saet Byul.

Soo Hyun and Ji Hoon both watch the creepy kidnapper breaks the news about their daughter on TV. Soo Hyun wants to find her daughter, but the doctors give her the sedative to calm her down. Ji Hoon run to the studio trying to talk to the kidnapper, but he hang up.

Dong Chan closed the parking lot’s gate, checking the cars which leave the broadcasting station. But doesn’t find anything.

President Kim Nam Joo is trolling his granddaughter. His assistant tells him to watch the TV, about Saet Byul’s kidnapping and the kidnapper’s threat about the President’s death execution promise.

Ji Hoon, Woo Jin, the nanny, Soo Hyun’s work colleague are looking through the CCTVs footage. The nanny insists she didn’t see Saet Byul at all. Just then, Dong Chan arrives – instructing them to check the CCTV footage in the parking lot. They see Saet Byul was running towards her nanny who’s waiting at the parking lot, but then she stopped. They zoomed in, Saet Byul was confused for a second, then she nodded as if she followed an instruction from someone she knows.

Ji Hoon leaves the broadcasting station to see his wife after he received a phone call from the hospital. Dong Chan trails him.

Soo Hyun blames Ji Hoon for losing Saet Byul, she orders him to discharge her immediately.

Dong Chan is still confused why he had Saet Byul’s hairpin before the time warp. What really happened? That night, he fought outside the bar, his cellphone rang but he lost his cellphone.

Soo Hyun is discharged, Ji Hoon apologizes for lying as he believed it’d be safe for his wife to stay in the hospital. She slaps him! She wants to pull out her eyes for falling in love with him, rips her lips which said she respected him and tears herself to pieces for trusting him.

She refuses to go home with Ji Hoon, and decides to leave with Dong Chan.

Frustrated Ji Hoon calls the mysterious person, angry that he just answers the call now. He promises to hand over what that guy wants, so please let Saet Byul go. He arrives at the empty lot, but that person is not here yet.

Saet Byul is locked at the same shack (in Mujin) where Saet Byul was locked before the time warp. She wails “mom”. Then, two people arrive, she think it’s her mom & Dong Chan. But when they arrive, Saet Byul is not there! 🙁

D-5 before the incident

Soo Hyun wants to report to police, but Dong Chan put some sense into her. Will the police believe that Saet Byul was / will be locked in this shack?

He orders Byung Tae & Jenny to stay in the shack, but he’s reluctant to go because Jenny is hurt. But after Jenny told him to keep quiet, he tells Dong Chan it’s nothing serious. Not wanting to hear any more explanation from Byung Tae, frustrated Dong Chan orders him to come, as they have to save Saet Byul.

Byung Tae is wondering why Jenny really likes Dong Chan. He gets up and goes to Mujin as per Jenny’s instruction.

Dong Chan is wondering why Saet Byul didn’t run after she saw the tatoo-ed guy, has she seen him before? From what he saw in the CCTV footage, Saet Byul looked scared. Before the time warp, Saet Byul ran to her nanny, smiling.

They decide to re-check the CCTV footage.

Woo Jin has been assigned to take charge of Saet Byul’s case. President Kim Nam Joo visits him and his team, orders them to do their absolute best for the sake of the mother who lost her child and people who’re praying for her safety. He checks the sketch drawing, asks if it’s accurate.

Soo Hyun and Dong Chan arrive at the police station. The President apologizes that it happened because of him. Soo Hyun tells him that the man in that sketch drawing is not Saet Byul’s kidnapper, the real kidnapper is… she shows him Soo Jung and her friends picture, then points out to the man wearing blue shirt. So please, catch him.

Dong Chan has to drag Soo Hyun to the room to calm her down. Inside, he lashes out, how could she easily show that guy’s face to President Kim Nam Joo and the homicide team? It’ll put Saet Byul in more danger if they do a public search on this guy.

But Soo Hyun knew the President won’t believe in her opinion that easily. He has to weigh-in the pro&cons. If he instructs public search on this guy and he’s not the criminal, how would he deal with the aftermath? He will not do something dangerous, but he can’t ignore Soo Hyun either. If it’s proven that he’s the criminal, he has to catch him. They believe the President will secretly investigate this guy.

Woo Jin is curious with the picture & the guy that Soo Hyun showed to the President, she tells him it’s nothing. She wants to check the CCTV footage from the broadcasting station.

The President looks at the picture that Soo Hyun gave him earlier. He’s nervous.

Soo Hyun tries to compare the CCTV footage on the day Saet Byul was kidnapped before the time warp and after the time warp. She remembers the same black van was in the footage last time. Dong Chan recalls this car left when he arrived at the broadcasting station.

So they go to Te Oh’s house because Soo Hyun think Saet Byul might hide inside Te Oh’s car again, like what she did few days ago. The manager confirms after Saet Byul’s incident, they always check the car before they leave. Nobody was inside the car yesterday.

Woo Jin wants to check the car & his house, although the manager refuses, but Te Oh let them to check his car.

There’s a huge puzzle of Te Oh and his group in his car, but one piece is missing. Soo Hyun remembers a puzzle piece that the police found.

The detectives didn’t find anything suspicious in Te Oh’s car.

Soo Hyun insists Saet Byul is here. Dong Chan is able to break through and run to Te Oh’s house. But Saet Byul is not here. Reluctantly, they leave. Dong Chan tells “strawberry” Te Oh, they will meet again soon.

Soo Hyun suspects that Te Oh is the kidnapper. Dong Chan think he will go and hide Saet Byul somewhere.

Byung Tae arrived at the shack, but didn’t find anything suspicious.

Soo Hyun draws the pattern that Saet Byul drew on the shack’s wall, trying to figure out what it is. She’s wondering about the piece of puzzle, key chain with a red ball and a yellow button that they found inside that shack. Currently, the only hints they know is the Nemesis logo and the puzzle.

They wait outside Te Oh’s house. They hide when Te Oh’s fanatic fan “Heidi” arrives at Te Oh’s front gate, he shows a video on his tab and they open the gate for him.

He’s surprised that Dong Chan is behind him. Straight away, he takes the tab from him; it’s a video recording (fancam) from last night at 7.20PM when Te Oh entered his van. Soo Hyun recognizes Saet Byul’s red shoe, she was inside Te Oh’s van!

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun rush to see Te Oh, but this time the  manager doesn’t let them in. He tells them that Te Oh knows nothing.

He then explained what really happened last night. Te Oh was really tired and exhausted, he took his pills (drugs). Then, the manager heard Saet Byul’s sneeze.

Saet Byul begged him to save her from the crazy guy who has a strange drawing on his wrist. Her mom told her to run from this man no matter what. The manager ordered Saet Byul to get off. She asked if Te Oh was sick, because he looked really pale.

The manager told Saet Byul that she can’t tell anyone she hide in the van and that Te Oh was sick. She can’t tell anyone that she saw him. She promised, but she begged him to take her home. Because the manager was busy, he told her to go to the main street to catch a taxi.

But the manager changes his story to Soo Hyun, telling her that Saet Byul asked him to let her out so he left her on the main street because she told him her house was close.

Soo Hyun notices a CCTV camera on the main street, so together with Dong Chan & Te Oh’s manager, they check the footage. They see Saet Byul catching a taxi, Dong Chan zooms-in the taxi’s plate number.

The manager only cares about Te Oh’s career, if people know Te Oh takes drugs, it’ll be the end of his career.

Soo Hyun is wondering whose voice was it during the broadcast. Because Saet Byul was in Te Oh’s van at that time. Soo Hyun recognizes her own daughter’s voice, she knows it’s Saet Byul’s voice. The same nervous scared voice when Min Ah put a knife on Saet Byul’s neck that day.

Her instinct is spot on! The kidnapper played Saet Byul’s recorded voice during the live broadcast!

They find out the taxi driver. He stutters, he recognizes her who gave him the direction to her house, then gave him 1000won for the taxi fare.

He dropped her off on a busy street because she didn’t have enough money to pay for the fare. Then he lies to Soo Hyun that the child asked to be dropped off there.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun arrive at the street where Saet Byul was last seen. A police & detective are interviewing a camera store owner, he saw Saet Byul last night after he returned from his meeting and drunk.

He recognized Saet Byul who went there to fix Young Gyu’s camera before. He gave her the picture that he extracted from Young Gyu’s camera. Then, Saet Byul left, she crossed the road.

He reported that he saw Saet Byul last night to the police after he watched the news on TV this morning.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun are tracing Saet Byul’s path, if she crossed the road and walked straight up, she would arrive at home. But the annoying security guard insists he didn’t see Saet Byul.

They check the villa’s CCTV footage and find Saet Byul entered the front gate, but then she left. The guard blames the villa’s president who asked him to pick up laundry detergent, hence, he wasn’t there when Saet Byul arrived.

Soo Hyun reports this finding to Woo Jin, Saet Byul came home. They’re going to investigate the CCTV footage now.

Before the time warp, they didn’t find Saet Byul on any CCTV footage. So this time around, the situation is different. Even Saet Byul’s image on the CCTV footage from the broadcasting station also changed.

They discover Saet Byul met with Young Gyu last night!

Police are already at Young Gyu’s house, but he hasn’t returned home from last night. They accuse him of running away.

A radio call from the police station, they’ve arrested Young Gyu and he’s now at Gangnam Police Station. Dong Chan orders his mom to stay at home.

Soo Hyun anxiously asks Young Gyu about Saet Byul. He tells her that he wore the shoes (that Soo Hyun gave him) to run after Saet Byul.

He was looking for his grandma last night, when he saw a suspicious man wearing a mask walking very fast. He grabbed a rock, trying to distract this man. He told Saet Byul who just arrived to run away.

He fell, he grabbed the man’s leg, held onto it, but the man was stronger than him. He punched Young Gyu. The mysterious man ran towards Saet Byul.

Young Gyu is very upset that he didn’t hold him more firmly. He knows he shouldn’t let this man go. He apologizes to Soo Hyun that because of him, Saet Byul wasn’t able to run away, he couldn’t protect her. Because of him, that man hit her.

Everything Young Gyu said is true. A witness came up, reporting that one child ran away and the other was hit. Dong Chan is frustrated that there was a witness who stood there just watching this incident without doing anything last night.


Just then, a detective reports that they found Hongcheon murder suspect’s DNA and Saet Byul’s DNA at a vinyl house in Gyeonggi-do. The DNA came from the cigarette butt is the same with the DNA they found in the previous murder cases. The child’s hair that was found matches with Saet Byul’s hair. 

They check the CCTV footage from the store where the couple were killed. But the suspect’s face wasn’t captured on the CCTV, making it harder for them to catch him. He doesn’t have a tattoo on his wrist, he’s shorter than the tattoo-ed guy.

But Dong Chan spots something, his bracelet! The same bracelet he saw from the guy who got into accident last night.

Te Oh reads his brother’s diary, where he wrote he could no longer deal with this sin & he was going to turn himself in. The only thing more scare than the world’s blame, is my little brother getting hurt. He apologizes to Jae Min (Te Oh).

He looks at Saet Byul’s drawing and her picture, then recalling the moment when Soo Hyun told him that her daughter could die by that person’s hand. And the time where she came to his house a day after Saet Byul was kidnapped.

Dong Chan tells his findings to Soo Hyun, the suspect died by road traffic accident last night. It’s the same as Bong Sup’s case, so he figures out someone deliberately killed him.

The second victim Bong Sup killed, the one that was stabbed 14 times, if there’s no accomplice, the only person who could know who the principal person (mastermind) is…  the culprit’s accomplice or the first people who can find out what happened (ie. the police)

Te Oh instructs Dong Chan and Soo Hyun to see him at his house without the police because he might know the kidnapper. He shows them the diary and tell them that he just found out recently the secret about his brother’s death.

He’s going to tell them, but detectives arrive with a search warrant. So he hides Dong Chan and Soo Hyun in a secret room in his closet.

There’s a secret box behind the photo frame in that secret room. It contains a DVD “The day I sent my brother away”. Dong Chan put the box back and go back to Te Oh’s room after the detective left. But the  note is missing, Dong Chan think someone who knew they’re here, took it.


Soo Hyun and Dong Chan check the DVD, a recording of Te Oh’s brother’s funeral. One of the guy is the one they’re looking for. Dong Chan is curious why there was a garland (flowers) from Grandpa Choo, how did he know Te Oh?

Te Oh is arrested because of drugs. His lawyer shows him the picture of him & his girlfriend & tells him that she was pregnant. So he has to be extra careful now.

Dong Chan insists to meet with grandpa Choo (Chairman Choo) at his office. The security guards advise him that the Chairman is overseas, but grandpa was at his house yesterday. He begs them to tell the Chairman that Ki Dong Chan is here.

Soo Hyun recognizes the same red symbol as the keychain. It’s a logo of Angel Foundation, Chairman Choo’s foundation.

There’s a picture of Te Oh and Chairman Choo, Te Oh was the ambassador for this foundation.

But what shocks them is the next picture. The tatoo-ed man and Chairman Choo’s picture. The text written on the picture: “Chairman Choo Byung Woo and the late Choo Do Jin.”

Wait a minute, he’s dead? And he’s Chairman Choo’s son!

Chairman Choo once said to Dong Chan that he reminds him of his dead son when he looked at him.

Chairman Choo tells someone that they can’t tell what he’s going to try and he has to watch him carefully.

Dong Chan concludes that the “wrist” they’re looking for was not Choo Do Jin. They’re trying to figure out if it’s related with Te Oh’s older brother’s death. Yoon Jae Han passed away 5 years ago due to traffic accident caused by a hydroplane. At that time, Choo Do Jin & Yoo Jin Woo (ex-mayor’s son) were fine. Choo Do Jin took his own life a week later the funeral and Yoo Jin Woo was admitted to a mental hospital one month later. Among the four people in that picture, 3 of them died and one is in mental hospital.

They can’t visit Te Oh who’s arrested on a drug related crime, he definitely knows something. Dong Chan believes someone has taken extra measure to ensure Te Oh won’t say anything and the same person might be the one who took his notebook.

They only have this DVD as the evidence, for now. They’re looking at it again, hoping they’ll find another clue.

Soo Hyun spots the tattoo-ed man who sat behind Choo Do Jin. Dong Chan realizes none of the guys in the picture wore any ring.

But the guy who drove the white car wore a ring, it looks like a wedding ring. The three guys were students, so it’s clear now that there was one more guy who took the picture that day! He’s the driver, and the tattoo-ed man who they’re looking for.

They go to see Yoo Jin Woo and asked Jenny to help them. She wears a hat, doesn’t want Dong Chan to see her bruised & pale face. She tells them she fell, but Dong Chan doesn’t buy her explanation. Straight away he calls Byung Tae who tells him that because they didn’t want to tell Saet Byul’s whereabouts, those people beat Byung Tae & Jenny. Maybe they’re the tattoo-ed man’s minions.

Dong Chan orders Jenny to go to hospital and rest. But Jenny think the reason Saet Byul got kidnapped was because of them. Because they said where Saet Byul was to those people. So she’s going to pay her debt to Soo Hyun now.


They go back to see the doctor, Jenny is pretending to be crazy, keeps slapping her face. The doctor think she hurt herself, so he’s going to closely examine her and ask the guardians (Dong Chan & Soo Hyun) to leave the room.

Dong Chan is unable to open the locked gate, he shakes it which causes the alarm to go off. While fighting with the guards, Dong Chan is able to steal & pass on the right key to Soo Hyun, she closes the gate after she unlocked it, and runs to see Yoo Jin Woo alone. Dong Chan locks Jenny somewhere close, while he handles the guards alone.

Jin Woo is writing on the wall when Soo Hyun arrives. She begs Yoo Jin Woo to tell her who took the picture.  Because he doesn’t answer her, she takes away his colored pen. But he grabs the pen back, breaks it in half, then aims the pen to his neck. He stutters: “It’s that man”.

Just then, he sees someone is behind Soo Hyun. That man hit Soo Hyun on the back of her head.

He rips a bed sheet, and use it to strangle Yoo Jin Woo. Soo Hyun faints.

Brief Comment

Although Dong Chan and Soo Hyun cannot change the fate of Saet Byul’s kidnapping, but things have changed. Soo Hyun was able to change her fate, Ji Hoon was the one who lost Saet Byul this time. Saet Byul didn’t get kidnap at the broadcasting station thanks to her nanny. Saet Byul was able to go home and Young Gyu was able to keep his promise to protect her.

It’s clear now that the same person who ransacked Soo Hyun’s house last time, is the same person who announced on national TV that he kidnapped Saet Byul. So he hasn’t left when Min Ah held Saet Byul a hostage. He was still there to record Saet Byul’s voice that he used it during the live broadcast.

After 12 episodes going in circles, Dong Chan finally figures out who the tattoo-ed man is. That’s if the writer won’t throw another suspect out of the blue. But I think he’s right this time, the tattoo-ed man is the guy who took the picture of the foursome, and the same guy who disguised himself as the mental patient who strangled Ji Hoon. He’s like an invisible man because he knows exactly where Saet Byul and Soo Hyun are, as if he put a tracking device on their bodies.

The relation between Chairman (Granpa) Choo, his son, Te Oh and Te Oh’s brother are quite puzzling. And the note that Te Oh’s brother left could pointed out that Chairman Choo might be behind all the murder cases. When he said he was going to turn himself in because he could no longer bear the sins, it could mean the sins of hiding secrets. Maybe someone killed him and made it looked like an accident before he could turn himself in and tell the truth. The killing method might be the same as Bong Sup’s death and the suspect who wore the black bracelet. All were killed in accidents, so nobody would suspect anything.

The mystery is getting deepen now. The detectives found a hair strand which matched with Saet Byul’s hair and the suspect’s DNA in that vinyl house. They haven’t found her body, so Saet Byul is still alive. Before the time warp, she escaped from the shack and wandered around before she’s found drown in the lake. So they must find the culprit by analyzing his DNA before it’s too late. The question is, where is Saet Byul now?

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