God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 13 Brief Recap

Soo Hyun and Dong Chan finally figure out the mastermind behind Soo Jung’s murder case and Saet Byul’s disappearance. They also find a very shocking discovery – the relationship between the tattoo-ed man & his mastermind. Everything comes back to one motive: to make Dong Ho disappears from this world so the perpetrators can cover up their crimes forever.

Episode 13 Brief Recap

This mysterious guy (patient) who came from nowhere is strangling Jin Woo until he can hardly breathe. It’s obvious he’s trying to kill Jin Woo. Soo Hyun throws a piece of glass to slice his foot.

When he’s trying to kill her, she’s able to break free and hit his back repeatedly with a metal IV stand. She wants to know who sent him here. Meanwhile, she orders Jin Woo to leave the room.

This mysterious guy escapes, then calls someone “I’ve failed”.

Jin Woo comes back to his room with a bleach, then locks Soo Hyun and himself there. He orders Soo Hyun to connect the black dots on his wall. He turns off the light to reveal a mural painting in green light (similar as the lights which surrounded her in the lake, which brought her back to 14 days before the incident). It’s a picture of a guy’s strangling someone to death. The killer then transforms into a scary monster.

D-4 before the incident

Jin Woo and Soo Hyun hastily remove the mural painting and everything on the wall. He cheekily scrabbles on Soo Hyun’s shoes using his special pen.

Dong Chan is still distracted with a group of man in the locked tiny corridor, doesn’t realize that two guys break the lock and secretly enter the wards. Jin Woo leaves his room. As he runs, he draws a line on the corridor’s wall, then he switches off the light.

Soo Hyun follows the glow-in-the-dark green line that Jin Woo drew, trying to find him. But instead of Jin Woo, she now has to face with the two guys who entered the ward earlier.

Jin Woo who’s behind these guys, come to her rescue – tries hit them with a fire extinguisher. He fails, thankfully Soo Hyun is very alert & quick. She saves him and they run away together.


Smart Jin Woo drew an arrow on the wall which makes the two guys think that there’s something up there. By using this decoy, they’re able to escape from the hospital. Jenny is already waiting outside with a car. Soo Hyun calls Dong Chan to leave, he was really busy fighting with those bad guys.

Jin Woo who deserves a medal for his bravery, is exhausted. Soo Hyun begs him to tell her who took the picture, but Dong Chan tells her they should ask him later, he’s not in the right state to answer anything at the moment.

They decide to go to Mujin. Soo Hyun calls Mayor Yoo’s wife, instructing her to come to Mujin reservoir now if she wants to save her son. She specifically tells her to come alone and she can’t tell anyone about this. Soo Hyun believes Jin Woo’s mother won’t tell the police, she knows a mother will do anything after she heard someone held her son a hostage.

Mayor Yoo’s wife hastily leaves to see her son, she’s shocked to see her son in that state, asking who did this. Soo Hyun tells her that the person who took the photo did it to him. When Soo Hyun asks if Jin Woo has any friend who’s limping, she nervously says she can’t remember.

Soo Hyun begs her to tell her, because that guy kidnapped her daughter and he also tried to kill Jin Woo today. She shows Saet Byul’s picture, Jin Woo’s mother remembers she saw Saet Byul’s picture on TV.

Jin Woo’s mother finally breaks her silence after she finds out Soo Hyun is Saet Byul’s mother. She explains that after that day (the day Jin Woo and his friends pose for that photo in the reservoir), Jin Woo would never leave the house, he stayed indoors all day long. He kept his lips sealed. Then five years ago they received the news that his friend passed away in an accident. Jin Woo’s condition worsened after he returned from his friend’s funeral.

She begs Jin Woo to share what he hides inside his heart. He suddenly speaks up “Mom, I want to draw a picture”.

He draws black dots, stabs the paper three times. He painfully says “he stabbed three times”. Before he can tell them who stabbed who, two cars approach their car.

They’re the same guys who Dong Chan fought earlier at the hospital. Dong Chan gets out of the car to handle these guys, while he’s preoccupied, three guys come to Dong Chan’s car and take Jin Woo & his mother with them. Dong Chan & Soo Hyun can’t chase their cars, they lose a very important witness in a split second.


The creepy security guard eardrops two detectives’ conversation who’re wondering why a mother is not staying at home when her daughter is kidnapped. They also talk about the rumor on the net which people thought the mother is the strong suspect of her daughter’s kidnapping. The guard tells them that it’s impossible because she’s so well-mannered and she really loves Saet Byul. He tells them a secret about a guy who’s glued to her like a piece of gum nowadays. Last year, he came into her house to collect money from her.

Soo Hyun draws the picture that she saw in Jin Woo’s room and shows it to Dong Chan. She think the person on top (most likely the killer) is Hephaestus. Dong Chan realizes they’re Dong Ho & Soo Jung.

Flashback to Dong Ho’s re-enacting what really happened on that tragic night.

Soo Hyun connects the dot and concludes that Yoo Jin Woo is an eye witness to Dong Ho & Soo Jung’s incident. Because when she told him to draw something, he immediately drew that picture. So there’s another witness beside Dong Chan that day.

Soo Jung was stabbed nine times, so why did Jin Woo say “he stabbed three times”? Did he witness another murder case?

He’s also wondering about Saet Byul’s hairpin that he found on his back pocket before the time warp. A taxi driver honks the horn which agitates Dong Chan. But then he remembers he tried to catch a taxi that night. He believes he rode a taxi, but where did he go?

The detectives are arresting Dong Chan as the suspect of Saet Byul’s kidnapping. They found him everywhere in the broadcasting station’s CCTV footage. Soo Hyun tells them that he was there because she instructed him to look for Saet Byul as she knew her daughter was in danger.

When Ji Hoon arrives, she sarcastically tells him and the detectives that they should do their thorough investigation first before holding on to an innocent person.

Ji Hoon apologizes, explaining that his wife is mentally very unstable. He shows her doctor certificate from a mental hospital, then takes her home. He tells her that she’s not doing anyone favor by keep insisting to do whatever she’s doing now. Soo Hyun doesn’t care what other people said, she just wanted to find Saet Byul. But he tells her that Dong Chan won’t be released and she’ll be arrested as a suspect too if she keeps going like this.

He instructs her to go home and waits for Saet Byul there, so nobody will suspect her.

When she’s in Saet Byul’s room, she overhears Ji Hoon’s telling the nanny to keep an eye of her and ensure she doesn’t leave the house.


Soo Hyun read what Saet Byul wrote on her diary the day she got kidnapped. Saet Byul wrote that she saw the tatoo-ed man at the broadcasting station. She remembered mom said that he’s a bad man so she had to run away from him when she saw him. She wanted to go back to her father, but she’s scared because he was fighting with uncle (PD Han). She’s relieved when she saw Te Oh’s van but she’s worried that he looked really sick. And his manager seemed to hate her because she secretly entered his van, he left her on the street alone although she told him she’s very scared. The taxi driver told her to get off at the street because she didn’t have enough money. But she felt better after the photo studio owner gave pictures to her, although she doesn’t know what kind of pictures they are. She was going to ask her mom about these pictures.

There’s a camera in Saet Byul’s room, recording her every step. Soo Hyun rips off the page from Saet Byul’s diary She pretends to faint, so they bring her to hospital. She sneaks out to see the photo studio owner before Ji Hoon arrives at the hospital. Ji Hoon receives a phone call from a mysterious guy who tells him that he has found it.

Fortunately the photo studio owner still keeps the negatives film of the photos that he gave to Saet Byul. It’s a very old & damaged film, but he’s able to salvage three photos. Soo Hyun is shocked that the postures of the two people in one photo is exactly the same as what Jin Woo drew. She notices it’s Dong Chan! So it wasn’t Dong Ho who did it, but Dong Chan. Is Dong Chan the Hephaestus?

She keeps the first two pictures, doesn’t realize there’s another picture is still being developed. The last picture of the picture of those four people but from a different angle.


Soo Hyun shows these photos to Dong Chan, explains she got them from Young Gyu’s camera and most likely Dong Ho took them. Dong Chan initially thought that it was his brother wearing his jumper, but no, it’s him. He insists someone wore his jumper and killed Soo Jung, he didn’t kill her. He can’t believe Soo Hyun is now suspecting him!

She tells him that if he’s the culprit, then he’s Hephaestus, the person who was involved in these murder cases and Saet Byul’s kidnapper!

He tries to convince Soo Hyun that he’s innocent, he shows the scar on his neck. Soo Hyun wants to believe that he’s innocent. But he needs to confirm that he wasn’t at Soo Jung’s murder scene. She remembers he told her that he was with his friends at the time she was killed.

Soo Hyun hands these photos to Huh Goo – as they’re trying to prove his innocence. They check the CCTV footage from Soo Jung’s neighborhood 10 years ago. The culprit wore a watch, so they knew the time Soo Jung was killed. He was with his friends that time. He didn’t wear his jumper. So he’s cleared now, he didn’t kill her. And neither did his brother. So now she believes the person who killed Soo Jung is the same person who kidnapped Saet Byul.

Dong Chan is freed now after Huh Goo saw him in the “Public Search” CCTV footage. He hurriedly leaves to see his brother in prison.


When asked who’s the guy in that picture, Dong Ho tells his brother “it’s me”. He insists he’s Soo Jung’s killer, unable to tell the truth to Dong Chan.

Dong Chan asks if that guy was him. He urges his brother to look closer. He asks if he killed Soo Jung, and if he did, then why Dong Ho is behind bars? Why did he tell people he killed Soo Jung? Why?

He tells his  brother because Dong Chan is hurt. T_T

Dong Chan has an illness that he has a blackout when he’s drunk and he can’t remember anything when he wakes up in the morning.

So Dong Ho thought that Dong Chan did it, and he took the blame! He didn’t know that his brother might not be the killer, that the killer might be someone else who stole Dong Chan’s jumper.

Dong Chan tells his brother that he was with his friends at the time Soo Jung was killed. He wasn’t drunk that day, he was okay!

He begs Dong Ho to go out now, they’re both innocent.

Soo Hyun now realizes why they went back to 14 days before the incident. For her, it’s to save Saet Byul and Dong Chan to save his brother.

Soo Hyun gives all files related to Dong Ho’s case that she found in Ji Hoon’s office to Dong Chan. The pictures of the first 2 women. One woman wore green earring. She also found two names: Dong Jun Hyuk, J.H. and Jung Tae Hee, T.H. Interestingly, Cha Bong Sup had their personal belonging at his house. Did he kill these two women? Did he also kill Soo Jung?

Dong Chan notices that the killing  method is different. The two women died because of excessive bleeding from multiple contusions, it’s the same killing method as the Gangnam serial killing cases. But Soo Jung’s body was damaged because of strangulation.


They find out that one woman, Kim Jae Kyung had an abortion. Jung Tae Hee had a record of leaving her child at an orphanage. These murders are consistent with Bong Sup’s who targeted women who abandoned their children. Soo Jung wasn’t Bong Sup’s target, the motive & killing method are different. So there’re two different killers in Mujin’s cases.  Hephaestus killed Soo Jung and Jin Woo witnessed her death; while Bong Sup killed the other two women.

Bong Sup insisted to meet  Soo Hyun last time, most likely to tell her what really happened 10 years ago. So the reason why he was really surprised when Dong Chan told him that the woman in the picture he kept, is his mother, was because he felt guilty he used Dong Ho as the scapegoat. And the reason why he took extra care of Young Gyu was because of his guilt as well.

Before his tragic death, Bong Sup repeatedly asked Dong Chan “why he did that”. He wanted to know why Dong Chan accused his own brother of killing Soo Jung.

Dong Chan now realizes that Hephaestus knew his hideout and Bong Sup’s confessions. He knew how many times he stabbed his victim. He also placed the murder suspect’s DNA and Saet Byul’s DNA in the vinyl house.

Now Soo Hyun is considering that Hephaestus could be a police officer or someone from police force who’s helping him. Dong Chan think that this perpetrator wants Dong Ho’s death penalty to be executed soon. When his plan failed because of what happened with Bong Sup, he hired Ki Tae to kill Bong Sup so the execution could happen sooner. He moves his plan forward to kill Saet Byul and his brother will be executed soon.

Because they found evidence from Mujin’s cases, it’s possible that the cases will be re-investigated. Then, to hide again, he’ll appear as Hephaestus. They have to catch him before it’s too late.

Soo Hyun is wondering where did she lost the jewelries that she found in Saet Byul’s helmet. She remembers she put them on her clothes. Did she drop it in the mental hospital? She changed her clothes there.

The nurse tells them she didn’t find anything valuable. Dong Chan shows his police badge, so they can gain access to the CCTV footage. They find the tattoo-ed man entered and left her room. Unfortunately, if he stole the evidence, now Dong Chan & Soo Hyun are back to square one.

Dong Chan suggests to retrace Hephaestus’ steps from the first place he showed up.

He recalls the night when Bong Sup died. Before he passed away, the police van rolled over to the cliff and he told the truck driver to call 119. He didn’t call 119, but he gave signal to Bong Sup to escape. Bong Sup escaped, but Ki Tae hit him with a bat. Then, someone shot Ki Tae’s motorcycle, knocking him down. Then, there’s a car pushed Ki Tae. Dong Chan remembers an ornament in the shape of a feather & bell in the car and the sticker in the car is the same as the logo of Chairman Choo’s Angel foundation.

Dong Chan is trying to get some information from the car’s driver who’s now been framed as the hit-and-run driver. But he didn’t do it, the car disappeared after he stepped away to use a bathroom. All the CCTV cameras and the car camera were broken, and the only fingerprint they found was the driver’s fingerprint. Angel Foundation is listed as the owner of this car, and although people on the case can use the car, but after investigation, they found that everyone’s on the case have proven alibi.

He orders Byung Tae to hack into Se Jung Won Group and check the person on the security team. Jenny gives a signal to him to do it.

Dong Chan is wondering about the gloves that he hid in the warehouse on the day Soo Hyun was kidnapped. Only Woo Jin, Huh Goo and him knew about the gloves.

He’s trying to solve the riddle now: the person who interrogated Bong Sup was team leader! Huh Goo doesn’t want to suspect Woo Jin.

Woo Jin eardrops their argument, then he calls someone “you have the child?” That guy warns him “don’t get in my way”.

Byung Tae is able to hack into the security system, Dong Chan finally finds the security guard who took Jin Woo.

The security guards inform Chairman Choo that the two people who came to his office before, are here again today.

Dong Chan shows a picture of this security guard, begging them to let him to see to him. Soo Hyun browses the company’s magazine and she finds the picture of the tattoo-ed man.

He’s the husband of the woman who threw tomatoes to Ji Hoon at the broadcasting station. He’s the victim’s (Hwang Min Woo) father from the case 10 years ago.

Dong Chan rips the page. He’s then told that this guy quit the company last year.

The Chief is reading the files from the murder cases of Ki Dong Ho, Lee Min Seok, etc when his son, Woo Jin arrives. He kneels down, apologizes when he confesses he did something he shouldn’t do. He will step outside of this dark fate.

Flashback to the day Young Gyu was held a hostage. Woo Jin accidentally shot him right on his head.

Te Oh is released. His lawyer hands him the picture of his brother, Soo Jung, Woo Jin and the other guy. He tells him to keep this picture safe.

He asks his manager about Saet Byul and if they’ve found her. He then gives Te Oh the boarding pass, as he was instructed to prepare for him.

Soo Hyun and Dong Chan arrive in the tattoo-ed guy’s house. Soo Hyun remembers she came here to investigate 10 years ago. Dong Chan finds Nemesis video game.

They go outside and hear a song from the storage room. The house keepers are there, cleaning the tomatoes. The guy whinges that the mother kept going into the river to jump and went crazy after that. The father worked in Seoul but his wife didn’t like him work there.

He doesn’t know what his job in Seoul, but he heard a rumor that he was selling his body and goes around wearing black everyday – killed people.

A breaking announcement from President Kim Nam Joo addressing Saet Byul’s kidnapping and his promise to catch the criminal. He promises to return Saet Byul to her parents.

His minister announces that the first execution will commence. Department of Justice will decide on the execution list.

The house keepers agree with this decision, these murderers should have died long time ago.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun rush back to Seoul after the house keepers remember that the parents mentioned they would go to Seoul.

On the way back, Soo Hyun confirms his suspicion that the perpetrator kidnapped Saet Byul to push the President to enforce the death penalty – so Dong Ho will be executed.

Dong Chan is agitated that this same guy who killed Soo Jung, then made his brother into a murderer, wanted a revenge because of what happened to his son’s case 10 years ago. He even kidnapped Saet Byul.

He’s not working in police force, and although one / two police officers help him, he would never roam free until this long. So Soo Hyun think that someone with more power is backing him up.

Chairman Choo is checking with his minion about Jin Woo, he instructs them to watch him well and ensure it won’t go to their hands.

Then, someone steps into his room, he’s Kyung Soo (actor & musical actor Choi Min Chul), the tattoo-ed man. He bows respectfully to Chairman Choo who’s happy he came.

Te Oh is looking at the CCTV footage and finds out that Dong Chan & Soo Hyun took the photo from his vault.

After he heard the news that Te Oh has been released, he called him. The chief (Woo Jin’s father) is there. Of course, Chairman Choo was the one who “help” to release him.

Te Oh notices that Dong Chan & Soo Hyun saw his brother’s funeral. Chairman Choo says that they’re almost there. Te Oh is wondering if they can reach the end.

Kyung Soo told Chairman Choo earlier to stay out of his way. He doesn’t want to make the person who served him to suffer. But if he keeps getting in his way, he warns him that he will not be safe. He orders him to stop blocking the death penalty.

Chairman Choo advised him that when he think that running around like what he’s currently doing is the best for his son, then he also believes what he’s doing now is the best thing he can do for his son.

Te Oh is disbelief that Kyung Soo betrayed Chairman Choo and went to the other side. Chairman Choo believes now it’s the right time to stop doing this.

Even if his disgrace will be out in the public, he’s not afraid of anything. And if it wasn’t for them, then, Woo Jin (the chief’s son) would have been killed in their hands too. The chief understands.

Te Oh (aka Jae Min) has sent Min Woo’s mother abroad. He’ll take care things and will soon move to the Min Woo’s mother’s side. Chairman Choo will start to reveal the truth to their hands.

The netizens are protesting outside the President’s house, shouting “it’s murder murder murder”.

Dong Chan and Soo Hyun arrive, Soo Hyun shows her family picture to prove that she’s Saet Byul’s mother and the guard let her in. Although she tells them that Dong Chan is her personal bodyguard, but they don’t let him in. Soo Hyun promises she’ll call him as soon as she discovers the perpetrator’s identity.

Grandpa Choo calls, instructing him to come to his office if he wants to find this guy. So Dong Chan rush to see him.

Grandpa Choo left an envelope for Dong Chan, inside he finds a picture of the tattoo-ed man & the President.

Soo Hyun enters the reception room after going through the tight security check and the guard sealed her phone’s camera. But there’s no sign of the Hwang’s family. She’s then told that he’s not coming, but the President and his family are here, so she can’t leave.

President Kim Nam Joo shakes hands with the victim’s families. One mother tells him that death penalty is not everything, what she really wants to know is the truth.

Dong Chan calls Soo Hyun to tell her that the tatoo-ed guy is working with the President. He tells her that Saet Byul’s kidnapping was all a show. What Saet Byul drew in that shack was the tail of a phoenix.

Just then, the President, his family and his bodyguards come to Soo Hyun’s table. The tatoo-ed man is there, as his bodyguard. President Kim Nam Joo greets her.

Soo Hyun looks down to the ring on his finger, it has the same phoenix picture that Saet Byul drew on that shack. She stands still, stunned, shocked.

Then, she grabs a knife and holds the president’s granddaughter hostage. She threatens them to bring Saet Byul back to her if he wants his granddaughter to live.

The guards are pointing their guns to Soo Hyun who’s not scared of guns nor death. President Kim Nam Joo tries to calm her down.

Suddenly, someone tackles her from behind and the light goes off.

Very Brief Comment

I’m glad that this episode proved Dong Ho’s innocence. From the very beginning, it’s clear that someone used him as a scapegoat. Was a bit worried when Dong Chan mentioned that he doesn’t remember anything when he’s drunk, but at least we know now that Dong Chan is also innocent.

The President is working together with the tatoo-ed man to push forward the death penalty. While on the other hand, Te Oh and Chairman Choo are working together to hold this death penalty.  Soo Hyun’s and Dong Chan’s families got entangled into this political madness and someone gave them a God’s gift to uncover the truth, hence, they went back to 14 days before the incident. From what Te Oh said, it looked like the tatoo-ed man moved to the President’s side after Ji Hoon’s debate where he addressed the negative points of death execution.

Soo Hyun will get arrested because of attempted kidnapping / assassination, will be interesting to see how Dong Chan, Chairman Choo and the Chief (Woo Jin’s father) will save Soo Hyun from this.

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