God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 13 Text Preview

Rough Translation – Episode 13 (14 April 2014)

Soo Hyun and Dong Chan see the mural painting in Yoo Jin Woo’s ward which make them think that he could be the witness of Soo Jung’s murder case.

Meanwhile, after reading what Saet Byul wrote on her diary the day she was kidnapped, Soo Hyun hastily runs to the photo studio…


I saw this screencap on baidu, this may be the mural painting that’ll make Soo Hyun & Dong Chan think that Jin Woo was present when Soo Jung was murdered. 


The photo studio owner developed photos from old film he found in Young Gyu’s camera and gave them to Saet Byul on the day she’s kidnapped. After she received these photos, she walked home. The CCTV footage recorded her coming and leaving the villa’s complex, so she came home (probably wrote something on her diary), then left because of unknown reason. I think these pictures may hold a clue to her disappearance and Mujin murder cases. Hopefully the photo studio owner didn’t give the old film to Saet Byul, so he can redevelop it and help Soo Hyun to find Saet Byul before it’s too late.


cr: SBS & baidu

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