God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 14 Brief Recap

Woo Jin deserves a braveness medal, although he was a coward for letting his pride to take over his life and “framed” Dong Chan as the scapegoat, but he redeems himself this episode. More truth are being revealed, we finally find out the real Saet Byul’s kidnapper and Ji Hoon’s secrets.

Episode 14 Brief Recap

President Kim Nam Joon begs Soo Hyun to let his granddaughter go, she’s very scared. Just then, her dad, president’s son jumps to Soo Hyun and gets stabbed while trying to save his daughter.

The light goes off, Soo Hyun escapes. Woo Jin arrives as the guests are leaving the banquet.

Soo Hyun is safe with Dong Chan. He turned off the light, and found Soo Hyun because of the glowing dots on her shoe (thanks to Jin Woo who drew that on her shoe last time).

Dong Chan is lecturing Soo Hyun for her impulsive action. She’s gone through the same thing, so how did she put a knife to a child’s neck?

Soo Hyun was not making a rash decision though, she actually wrapped a banana in a napkin, it was not a knife. But at least President Kim Nam Joon won’t be able to make any rash decision from now.

Because this incident happened only a few hours after they announced the execution enforcement, the government will try to lay low now. If not, the citizens will criticize the government for compulsively enforcing the execution. Dong Chan believes the government will try to keep this a secret.

Soo Hyun doesn’t believe him, so he tells her to check the current news. They don’t report any breaking news. She’s safe, for now.

Dong Chan plans to hide, make a plan and watch carefully. Soo Hyun is worried because their opponent now is the President. But he is not afraid, he believes they will save both Saet Byul and Dong Chan.

Shin Yool (President Kim Nam Joon’s son) is okay, it was just a light stab (who stabbed him? Definitely not Soo Hyun because she didn’t hold any weapon, only a banana).

Like Dong Chan predicted,  President Kim Nam Joon decided to keep this under wraps. His chief secretary has already told the guests and the victim families to stay quiet, if not, this incident could cause the government to revoke the execution enforcement, so they know they must be careful.

Unfortunately, the incident has reached the media. A victim’s mother recorded and uploaded the video on SNS. Chief secretary advises it’ll be better for them to immediately clear up this incident .

Ji Hoon is watching the segment where they’re trying to figure out the reasons why Soo Hyun held President’s granddaughter hostage:

1) the death penalty execution enforcement before the kidnapper is caught and Saet Byul has fallen into more danger

They think Soo Hyun did it out of anger & frustration.

2) President’s approval rating which suddenly fallen, maybe the “government” kidnapped Saet Byul to gain approval rating

The President might be the instigator of Saet Byul’s kidnapping. Moreover, Saet Byul is Lawyer Han’s daughter who opposed President Kim Nam Joon during his presidential election.

They announce Soo Hyun’s search warrant is out.

Frustrated Ji Hoon deletes message on his cell phone.

Dong Chan is at the convenience store where he gets a call from Woo Jin, but he doesn’t answer his call. He also sees the news about Soo Hyun’s warrant and then receives a text message informing that Mi Sun (Soo Hyun’s mother) is critical.

He takes out the battery from Soo Hyun’s cellphone, then urgently drives her to the hospital to see her mother. But Soo Hyun refuses, as she was locked in the mental hospital because her mother called Ji Hoon and told him where she was. Because of her, she lost Saet Byul. The only time she asked her mom’s help to look after Saet Byul, she couldn’t do that.

Dong Chan finally breaks the truth – the reason why her mom is sick. She was trying to save & protect Saet Byul.

Mi Sun’s husband spots them. He calls someone to tell him / her that he knows where Soo Hyun is, then asks how much the reward will be.


Woo Jin warns someone to bring Saet Byul to him, if not, he will reveal his/her identity. Police radio call advises that Soo Hyun, the suspect of the VIP’s assassination is currently at Jae Il Hospital.

Soo Hyun and Dong Chan arrive at Mi Sun’s hospital room, on the way there, he told her what happened when she and Saet Byul ran away from the guys and hid in the freezer truck.

She finds a letter on Saet Byul’s red jacket. Sweet Saet Byul wrote that she feels sorry for her grandmother, so don’t hate her, mom. She wrote what she heard before. Just like Soo Hyun loves Saet Byul, her mother also really loves her. She did it because she wanted to protect Soo Hyun, she didn’t want her husband who beat her everyday would hit her daughter too. That’s the reason why she left her and never came back to pick her up.

Saet Byul tells mom to repair her relationship with her mother. She wants mom to promise her, please don’t hate her, mom.

Flashback to young Soo Hyun who came back once to see her mother, begging so she could live with her. But she asked her to leave. Young Soo Hyun promised to study hard, to do everything mom told her to do. But her mom locked the front gate.

Soo Hyun grew up as a rebellious teenager, she refused to call her “mom” again. For her, she’s an orphan now.

But after she found out that her mom was trying to protect her, and saw bruises on her mom’s hands, she’s shocked. She begs mom to fight, to live. Dong Chan reminds her that they have to leave now.

But they’re too late, the police are here to arrest them.

Outside the hospital, a car is waiting to take them. Just then, another group of man also try to arrest them. As they’re arguing who’s supposed to arrest them, one guy grabs Dong Chan & Soo Hyun, then orders them to enter the car. He’s speechless when he finds out that Woo Jin is on the wheel.

He warns them that their opponent is not an easy opponent. Dong Chan think Woo Jin is one of the accomplice, if not, how did he know?

When he finds a safe road, he opens their handcuffs. He promises he’ll save Saet Byul, no matter what’ll happen. He tells her to stay close to Dong Chan. Huh Goo will take them to a safe place. He’ll deal with the guards to buy them time, so they can escape and hide. He sincerely apologizes to Dong Chan.

He bravely drives back to face the minions aka the guards.

But there are too many of them, Woo Jin loses the fight 🙁 With cherry blossom petals falling down, he knows he’s done everything he could. He has redeemed his past mistakes.

D-3 before the incident

The guards drag him to his car, sarcastically asks him how dare a dog  tried to bite his own owner. They leave him dying in the car, alone. Turns on the car’s engine to disguise this incident as car accident.

Huh Goo knows that by helping Soo Hyun and Dong Chan to escape, when he goes back he’ll lose his job. He tells Dong Chan that he put the file from Woo Jin in the car, then urges him to leave now. Huh Goo can easily hitch-hikes a passing car, he’s policeman – protector of this nation, someone will give him a ride back to Seoul. Dong Chan is worried for Huh Goo, but he knows he must leave now. Huh Goo hopes he won’t blame Woo Jin too much.

Dong Chan drives to a secluded place, then takes Soo Hyun to his brother’s hideout. The place is clean because her mother frequently visits & cleans it. After ensuring that she’s safe there, he goes to see Byung Tae & Jenny who’ve been camping in Mujin. Byung Tae found out that 10 years ago President Kim Nam Joon was a political in the limelight and Chairman Choo Byung Ho was his political supporter. They are the co-founders of Angel Foundation.

5 years ago, Angel Foundation suddenly collapsed so Chairman Choo separately funded Angel Foundation and this foundation is still under his management until now.

Tattoo-ed man Hwang Kyung Soo was Chairman Choo’s right arm, he lived like his real son. But during the Presidential election one year ago, he shifted to President’s side and worked as secret security service agent. Jenny explains that Chairman Choo lobbied against execution, so this might be the reason why he moved to the side who promised death penalty execution.

Byung Tae also found out that Choo Do Jin (Chairman Choo’s son) lived in the US when he was young. Kyung Soo was his driver and bodyguard when Doo Jin visited Korea.

He drove Doo Jin and his friends to Mujin 10 years ago, then it’s possible he killed Soo Jung.

Woo Jin told Byung Tae to give NFS investigation results to Dong Chan who’s shocked to find the truth behind Young Gyu’s incident. This is why Woo Jin apologized to him.

Dong Chan lived in guilt for years, he can’t accept Woo Jin’s apology. He calls Woo Jin, 119 worker picks up his cellphone to advise that the owner got into an accident – his car fell under the bridge from a car accident. Woo Jin was thrown out of the car when the car was rolling down, he’s very critical and is going to be transferred to hospital now.

Soo Hyun sleeps, but she keeps calling out Saet Byul. Worried Dong Chan covers her with a blanket. When she wakes up, he tells her to rest a bit more while he’s going out to buy food.

Soo Hyun checks the news of the Chief secretary addressing the press. They’re questioning the government who tried to cover up the incident. The chief secretary explains they’ve already settled this incident because it “happened” when a mother who lost a child was in her weak state of mind. Moreover, the suspect didn’t have any weapon, nobody was harmed. Although the President’s son got injured, but it was not an act done by Soo Hyun. They put a warrant because the police self-administered the search.

When asked why Soo Hyun told the President to give back her daughter (implying that the President might kidnapped her), Chief secretary believes that maybe because of the announcement of the execution enforcement, it triggered anger to the kidnapper & Saet Byul’s family which caused So Hyun to think that her child won’t return. They have to meet with Soo Hyun to know and understand her exact reason.

The press is shocked because of breaking news that someone found what could possibly be Saet Byul’s shoes and bag in front of Haneul Park.

Flashback to the time before the time warp when Soo Hyun begged the kidnapper on live program, then, breaking news that they found Saet Byul’s shoes & bag (exactly the same breaking news as Soo Hyun and the whole country are watching now). Soo Hyun recalls that Saet Byul’s body was discovered a day after her belonging was found. She only has one more day to find and save Saet Byul!

She quickly run, but fall down the stairs and accidentally step onto a basket of plant (I think it’s Garden Balsam / bongseonhwa). Soo Hyun then remembers the red dye on Saet Byul’s fingers when they found her body before the time warp.

She then remembers all Soon Nyae’s conversation which she wanted to do anything she could do to save her innocent son who’s going to die from wrongful death. She begged Soo Hyun to persuade Ji Hoon because he knew something.

Dong Chan is buying  medicine when the store owner spills a secret that his mother came to buy medicine for a child who caught a cold, but he told her to take the child to hospital.

When Dong Chan arrives at the hideout, Soo Hyun already left. Soo Hyun found Saet Byul’s drawing inside a box in that hideout.

Ji Hoon is addressing the press in front of his villa as Soon Nyae is looking from afar. He explains his wife’s hasty action and his harrowing feeling after his daughter’s shoes & bag are found. If his daughter won’t come home alive, it’s all because of rash decision that Kim Nam Joon’s government made. Hence, they must take full responsibility for their action.

President Kim Nam Joon is pressured with Ji Hoon’s warning, Chief Secretary assures him they’ll find Soo Hyun soon. They’ll find out her motive soon. But President orders to release her search warrant immediately.

They’re cornered now. Saet Byul’s bloody shoes have been found, then her father did a press conference blaming the government. Their approval rating goes downhill, there’s nothing else they can do except releasing Soo Hyun now.

Soo Hyun is waiting at Soon Nyae’s home and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t tell her where Saet Byul is. Suddenly Dong Chan is here, he asks if his mom is crazy for kidnapping Saet Byul.

She wails, yes, she’s crazy, but she can’t stay still while her innocent son will be executed soon. She can even kill a person to save her son. But Saet Byul is not with her anymore.


She explained what really happened that night. She went to Ji Hoon’s house, but met Saet Byul on the way. Saet Byul was happy to see her, begging her to save her from the bad ahjussi. She couldn’t think straight that night, so she took Saet Byul with her.

Saet Byul called her dad from a public phone. Soon Nyae threatened him to hand over Dong Ho’s files or tell the truth. He told her he had to prepare materials to prove his innocence, so he told her to wait. Soon Nyae was happy that Dong Ho would be saved. She then brought her to Dong Ho’s hideout.

Saet Byul was proud that Ahjussi is protecting her, she’s now safe hiding in the secret hiding place that Dong Chan made for his brother.

Soon Nyae advised her to wait for her father here. But Saet Byul wanted to go to hospital with her mom, she wanted to help her with something (to patch her mom & grandma’s broken relationship). Soon Nyae lied, she told Saet Byul she’d call her mom.

Young Gyu arrived, Saet Byul who saw his ripped sandal, sweetly fixed it up for him with a sticky tape.

Anxious Soon Nyae called Ji Hoon, to ask how long she had to wait. Soon Nyae explains to Soo Hyun & Dong Chan that if Ji Hoon gave the documents to prove Dong Ho’s innocence, she would to return Saet Byul. But Ji Hoon kept her waiting in limbo.

Soon Nyae put garden balsam on Saet Byul’s fingers (which explains the red mark) to dye her fingers (like a manicure).

Saet Byul got a high fever after eating acorn jelly. Soon Nyae didn’t realize she had peanut allergy. She called Ji Hoon who rushed to Saet Byul’s side.

He injected medicine. She had a nosebleed, blood dripped to her red shoe.


Ji Hoon took Saet Byul with him, Soon Nyae begged him to help Dong Ho. She knew she committed a mistake by trying to kidnap Saet Byul.

Young Gyu went with Saet Byul and her father. Ji Hoon brought them to a safe place and put two guards to look after them.

Soon Nyae came to Ji Hoon’s place earlier to ask him about Young Gyu. But she couldn’t talk to him because of the reporters.

As Saet Byul is safe with her father, now Dong Chan can focus to save his brother. If he can catch the tatoo-ed man, find the evidence that they found in Bong Sup’s house and reveal Soo Jung’s killer, his brother will be saved.

Byung Tae is on the way back to Seoul because Dong Chan told him that Saet Byul is safe. So he can’t help him to find CCTV footage from the mental hospital.

Soo Hyun confronts Ji Hoon, slaps him because he lied. He tells her it’s for Saet Byul’s safety. And because he couldn’t reach Soo Hyun after she disappeared from the hospital. Then she made a commotion which led the police to issue a search warrant for her. He tried to protect Saet Byul and to release his wife from the search warrant.

Soo Hyun is relieved when she hears Saet Byul’s voice.

One guy who Ji Hoon asked to look after the house, steals memory card and calls someone, letting him / her know about Soo Hyun’s whereabouts.

Ji Hoon used Saet Byul’s shoe and bag as an extreme measure to release his wife from the suspect list. He’s her father, he explained why there’s a blood stain on her shoe.

Young Gyu suggests to play hide-and-seek. Ji Hoon specifically told the guys who look after them, to do whatever the kids wants to do. So, they are playing with them.

Dong Chan begs his detective hometown friend Seol Kyu who’s specialized in adultery to help him checking the CCTV footage, starting from the mental hospital. Unfortunately, the tatoo-ed man’s car plate is hidden.

In the parking lot footage, Dong Chan discovers Ji Hoon’s car. He figures out that Ji Hoon registered & admitted his wife to mental hospital. He also paid the nurse to stay quiet.

After checking another footage, they find Ji Hoon walked out of the hospital carrying Soo Hyun’s clothes. Seol Kyu recognizes Ji Hoon, the guy he caught on his affair.


He also took a picture of Ji Hoon with the gangster when the “Brown Bear”‘s wife hired him to catch the scene of his affair!

Dong Chan is carefully analyzing Ji Hoon’s secret meeting with the gangster. He gave the pieces of evidence to him, then told him to reveal the culprit’s face if something happens to Ji Hoon.

He goes to see the gangster, instructing them to hand over the evidence to him.

Saet Byul and Young Gyu are bored waiting for the guys to find them (this hide-and-seek game went way too long). Suddenly, someone opens the wardrobe door, covers her mouth and kidnaps her!

Young Gyu is sleeping, doesn’t realize Saet Byul is missing.

Soo Hyun and Ji Hoon arrive, Young Gyu greets them politely. He tells them that Saet Byul is hiding somewhere.

Earlier Ji Hoon said that the reason he hid Saet Byul was to clear Soo Hyun from the warrant list. But she wasn’t a suspect back then. What’s going on here, Ji Hoon?

He explains that Mujin was his first assignment after he’s appointed as a new prosecutor. He dedicated himself to solve this case, but after he met with the suspect, he noticed something was wrong. So he tried to re-investigate the case and told someone about his intention.

He handed over the files (evidence, etc) to him, explaining he found many strange things. But he couldn’t re-open the case because the suspect himself admitted he did it and they had a witness. So the case closed.

A while ago, Ji Hoon discovered new evidence from Mujin murder cases. The ring & earring that Soo Hyun found in Bong Sup’s house, belong to the female victims of these murder cases. He was trying to threaten someone… it’s none other than.. the Chief Secretary Lee Myung Han who was the assistant professor that 10 years ago received Mujin case files from Ji Hoon.

Lee Myung Han is currently the leading candidate for Minister of Justice, so if public found out that the Mujin serial murder cases are wrongful conviction, then everything he works for, will collapse.

Soo Hyun is frustrated that her husband “used” Saet Byul to blackmail the Chief Secretary. He explains he didn’t realize they would harm Saet Byul & Soo Hyun.

His phone rings, threatening him to hand over the jewelries because he has Saet Byul with him. Soo Hyun asks how can they give these items, someone stole it from the mental hospital.

Ji Hoon confesses he has the victims’ jewelries on his possession. Soo Hyun is shocked that her own husband, Saet Byul’s father, was indirectly the culprit behind Saet Byul’s kidnapping. If he handed over the victims’ possession straight away, none of these would happen. And if he doesn’t hand them over, then Saet Byul would die.

She urges him to give the evidence to her, Ji Hoon calls someone (most likely that gangster) but is told that Dong Chan took the jewelries.

Dong Chan is relieved, his brother will live now. Cha Bong Sup’s crime evidence, he has it on his hands.

He then throws the evidence to the river. (Nooooo, don’t do this, Dong Chan T_T)

Soo Hyun arrives, begging him to give her the evidence. Without it, Saet Byul would die. The culprit will only let Saet Byul live if they hand over the items.

He asks, then what about his older brother?

Because of him, his older brother will die unfairly. He can’t let this to happen.

He apologizes to Soo Hyun, he can’t give the piece of evidence to her. Soo Hyun wails, then my Saet Byul will die!


The cliffhanger! Can’t blame Dong Chan, his only motive is to save his older brother from a wrongful death. But if his brother lives, Saet Byul will die. They must make a very hard decision, it ain’t easy. Soo Jung’s mom prophecy that one must disappear in order for the other one to live. Does it mean that either Dong Ho or Saet Byul must die? T_T What can Dong Chan & Soo Hyun do so that both of them live and the bad guys die? Will these conflicting personal motives break this dynamic duo’s relationship?

In order to reveal the truth behind Mujin’s serial murder cases and to save innocent Dong Ho, Ji Hoon indirectly put his family in danger. He’s sucked into his “own” plan, he can only stop until he wins the case. Pride and personal agenda are the main culprit behind all these mess. But who can stop these people who hold the power on their hands?

If Ji Hoon reveals Mujin’s wrongful conviction, Dong Ho will be saved but on the other hand, the public won’t trust the justice again. They will blame the government, lawyers, prosecutors, police, it’ll bring chaos and distrust; the whole nation may collapse unless there’s another strong government ready to take over and handle these mess. At the moment, there’s no back-up plan as far as I know. Moreover, after what happened with Saet Byul, Ji Hoon’s personal motive has switched from saving Dong Ho to save his daughter. By handing over the evidence, Mujin’s cases will be closed forever and Saet Byul will be saved. However, if Dong Chan & Soo Hyun can prove that the tattoo-ed man aka Kyung Soo killed Soo Jung, then, Dong Ho will also be saved.

Woo Jin who spent the last few years in fear because of his cowardliness, sacrificed himself this episode. He’s an honorable man who had to fight with his pride, he didn’t want to disappoint his father. But he knew what he did wrong, he confronted his own selfishness and repaid his past mistakes to Dong Chan. It will be hard for Dong Chan to forgive him, but hopefully time will heal all his wounds. I think Woo Jin will be okay, he’ll survive. He was alive before the time warp, he was the one who gave Saet Byul’s belonging to her parents and was there when Ji Hoon & Soo Hyun came to see her body.

But will it be possible that he dies in place of Saet Byul?

The gangster, Dong Chan had to deal with him before the time warp.

With only 2 episodes left, there’re lots of unanswered questions to be answered. But I believe this drama will surprise us, as it has always been.

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